Feng Shui Engine V2.12 – A Juri AE 2012 Combo Video

By on December 18, 2011 at 1:02 pm

 brings us this new combo video which showcases some of Juri’s changes in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012. He includes combo notes so you can keep up with exactly what is going on. Also, keep your eyes peeled for an extremely damaging Zangief bonus combo.

Combo 1: Ex pinwheel xx Lvl 2 FA to Ultra 2, Juri can now combo lvl 2 focus off of ex pinwheel, the ultra is there just as filler to open up the video lol.

Combo 2: Lk pinwheel FADC to close medium punch combo, this extends the basic lk fireball bnb for extra meter.

Combo 3: Another combo extender to her basic fireball link BnB.

Combo 4: The highest damage variation of her midscreen fireball BnB, you could probably spend 4 bars for another pinwheel FADC but i figured it looked cooler to end in Ex pinwheel. Also notice the cr.mp link off the fireball, this only works on a few characters but Abel is obviously one of them.

Combo 5: 3 Meter corner combo based on the previous combo, does 465 damage, which is quite alot.

Combo 6: Some troll combo where you can combo 3 lk pinwheels in a row with 4 meters, I would actually use this just to style lol.

Combo 7: Close.Mp starts in 3 frames now so its very practical to link off a light, since it moves right into your opponent ex pinwheel after fireball store becomes alot more viable to use as a followup becaue your close enough to get all the hits.

Combo 8: Blanka Ball punish extender for 3 bars using lk pinwheel FADC.

Combo 9: Showing off the ex pinwheel lvl 2 focus again…you know incase you forgot…

Combo 10: Ex pinwheel FADC mk pinwheel, yeah it works lol ex pinwheel on the second hit has alot more hitstun now.

Combo 11: I use the close mp teleport glitch that was recently discovered and added abit of flash to it.

Combo 12: Mk pinwheel FADC while holding down 2 fireballs (this is hard incase you didnt notice), i make distance with the first fireball and then use the extra frame advantage on the high fireball to combo into an Ultra 1 series.

Combo 13: Full screen corner carry combo with no fireballs, just 4 meters.

Combo 14: 400 dmg overhead combo, character specific.

Combo 15: Meaty fireball combo, dashing up actually combos off the fireball, its also a blockstring if done right (LOL!)

Combo 16: Sakura escape tatsu punish.

Combo 17: Dhalsim Yoga Sniper punish (ON HIT!), yes the forward dash is amazing.

Combo 18: 500 damage overhead combo in the corner, expends 3 meters.

Combo 19: Vega Ultra 2 escape punish using the overhead to hop over the ultra.

Combo 20: Seth Sonic Boom punish, the dashs low profile gets under the projectile with ease and covers dumb distance to get the punish from ages away.

Combo 21: Overhead combo using a held down lk fireball to combo into Instant Air J.Mp to finish the combo.


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