Latif Signs With Razer

By on December 14, 2011 at 10:25 pm

Evo 2011 Super Street Fighter IV AE 2nd place finisher Latif announced on Level|Up’s Wednesday Night Fights stream that he has signed a sponsorship deal with gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer. Latif was accompanied on stream by Evan Bradshaw AKA Razer|Nomad, who stated that Razer has been looking to get involved with the fighting game community following their plans to release an Xbox 360 arcade stick, and given his placing at Evo, Latif was an obvious choice for sponsorship. It’s great to see another top-class player added to the ever-growing list of those getting something back for all the hard work they put into their game. Best of luck to Razer|Latif!

Source: Level|Up Live