Dead or Alive 5 News: 3.1 Style Sidesteps, Moves Going Through Holds, Winter 2012 Release Window

By on December 14, 2011 at 7:47 pm

Our friends over at FreeStepDodge have translated some interesting Dead or Alive 5 related news from Team Ninja’s twitter.  The team is apparently implementing DOA 3.1 style sidesteps in the game.  This is welcome news as DOA 3.1 (the updated Japanese version of DOA 3) is considered by many to be the most competitively viable iteration of the series. Another important bit of gameplay news is that there will be attacks that will go through normal holds, specifically the new Power Blows that the team is implementing for DOA5.  These same attacks however will not go through “Expert Holds.”

In addition to this, the FSD folks have pointed out that Tecmo-Koei’s European website has recently listed the game for a “Winter 2012” release.  This isn’t really a surprise considering that game’s current state of completion.

Source: Team Ninja’s twitter and Tecmo-Koei Europe via FreeStepDodge.

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