X-Play’s Hands-On Skullgirls Preview With First Gameplay Footage of Valentine

By on December 13, 2011 at 5:44 pm

X-Play just posted a short hands-on demonstration of Skullgirls, along with a quick Q&A with Mike Z. The topics in the interview aren’t all that new. Mike goes over the infinite prevention system and his inspiration in making the Skullgirls battle system; it’s all stuff you have heard before. The real treat is the Skullgirls footage that is playing in the background throughout the piece. It shows the newest Skullgirls character, ninja-nurse Valentine, in action for the first time ever. I noticed some good stuff including some really long range and multi-hit air and ground normals, air dash canceling to cross-up, and more.

Source: X-Play

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