Kuroppi Interviews ST Legend Jason “AfroLegends” Nguyen

By on December 12, 2011 at 11:23 am

Kuroppi recently posted an interview he conducted with long-time Super Turbo veteran Jason “AfroLegends” Nguyen, the latest in a long line of such interviews. The questions range from Nguyen’s beginnings in the fighting game community and his early training with Alex Valle to character choice and ST’s longevity in the scene. This is an incredibly in-depth interview that serves as a terrific read for seasoned players and newcomers alike.

kuropppi: You are considered the top Dee Jay player in the US and historically, he has not been a popular character here at all. What attracted you to him and become a main character of yours?

Afro: What attracted me to him at first was his killer combos and the ability to chain small attacks into another. I also loved the fact that he had so many great anti air options with his insanely good normals. He was just a lot of fun to play due to the fact that you can beat your opponent by playing patient and just countering whatever they do or changing the pace up and bombarding them with a great offensive assault. He’s just a really balanced, all around character that I felt was underrated at the time due to his similarities to Guile.

Source: kuroppi

(images via Karaface)