KOFXIII – Day One Iori ’98 Tech

By on December 9, 2011 at 4:16 pm

Interested in what King of Fighters XIII’s newest DLC character Iori ’98 can do? sends us this video showing us some powerful day one tech for the crazy flaming psycho. All of these combos were created and completed within twenty four hours of the character’s release, and for an added bit of coolness, all were performed on a Hit Box stick-less joystick.

Vesper Arcade also joins in on the classic Iori fun by completing all of Iori ’98’s trials. He says that the KOFXIII trials are some of the hardest trials he has ever completed, and has included tips and tricks to help you complete them as well. The video also comes complete with a handcam so you can get the exact timing down.

Trial 3

After the command throw you must dash in slightly to connect all hits.

Trial 5

The last 2 QCB+LP has to hit only on the second rep, the first one whiffs.
You must input the super extremely quickly as soon as it connects.

Trial 6

There is a super overlap with DP+PxxQCF+PP, you can prevent this 2 ways. You can input the QCF+PP as late as possible before iori leaves to ground to prevent input storing. The alternative is to do a perfect DP motion without going past DF. HCB-F+P is not a option since that is the command of his throw.

Trial 9

You must cancel each DP as late as possible to prevent overlapping of inputs
doing a super by accident.

Trial 10

After each command throw you must dash slightly after to be in range to continue the combo.

Source: Vesper Arcade

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