UMVC3 – Anytime Throw Tech Is a Glitch, Will Be Patched Out

By on December 8, 2011 at 9:51 am

Ryota Niitsuma has been responding to questions on his twitter feed again, this time addressing some fans’ worries about being able to tech a throw at any time in UMvC3, even during a move. It turns out that this was actually not intentional, but rather was a bug in the game that showed up after they fixed another bug in Vanilla MVC3. So don’t get too attached to this throw tech freedom, because Niitsuma said that it will be patched out in the coming update that will hit before the end of the year.

Niitsuma was also asked if Heroes and Heralds was going to come out with the patch that will hit before the end of the year, but he didn’t say one way or another. Instead he said he will be able to talk more in-depth about Heroes and Heralds soon, and then asked us all to be patient a little while longer.

He also said that players will be able to transfer their data between the PS3 console and Vita versions of UMVC3, but not completely, vaguely saying that that data can be transferred in some ways but not in others. He said he would give us more details in an upcoming publication, so I suppose we will just have to wait.

Source: Niitsuma’s Twitter

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