UMvC3 Video Roundup Weekend Edition

By on December 4, 2011 at 11:53 am

This weekend’s roundup is a great mix of stylish and effective. Today you’ll find some quirky Doctor Strange loops, an effective combo for leveling up Frank West, and your daily dose of Spider-Man goodness. Remember, we’re always looking for interesting submissions, so if you have something new and exciting to share, don’t hesitate to send us a tip at

Zeohawk posted another practice session, showcasing some cool tech with a couple of different teams:

lucianheat compiled some footage of his recent stint on Peaceful Jay’s stream:

Doctor Strange is the focus of this combo video by tortonon, showing off some sweet loops and synergy options:

DietPlain displays a nice way to continue a combo after using Strider’s Legion hyper:

Danke of Team Brown Town uploaded a preview of his upcoming edition of Superior Tech, which includes some neat tricks with Spencer, Nova, and Iron Man:

Angelglory presents an impressive Amaterasu/Nemesis/Trish synergy video:

galboil discovered a neat combo that gets Frank West to Level 4 using Doom’s Hidden Missiles and a single meter:

It seems every day yields some new Spider-Man combos. Thanks to TheTang225 for this one:

(featured image via Marvel)