Introducing Fight Stick Artisans: Takeda01

By on November 27, 2011 at 8:50 pm
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Welcome to Fight Stick Artisans; where the creators of unique and fascinating fight sticks in the Shoryuken community are highlighted. Each installment will feature a different community member and their stick will be showcased.

Our first “stick” is brought to us by Takeda01. As you can see, Takeda01 tossed out the joystick and opted to use a less traditional button layout. Since he used such an abnormal design, I tracked him down to talk about this interesting stick.

What made you decide on this style of stick?
After using a number of different sticks and styles I caught a glimpse of one online one day. With the way that I play I kept getting blisters in-between my fingers so I thought that it would be a nice change and sure enough it was! Everything about the stick just felt right to me.

How do you feel about hitbox sticks?
For the most part I like them. I’m not really fond of the big thumb button or how the thumb button is the up button, but the design works for some people so more power to ‘em!

Is there something in particular that made you choose keyboard over hitbox?
It’s not really a keyboard; more like a hitbox with a keyboard layout. For me it just feels better after playing the classic Street Fighter games on my pc so I think that that has something to do with it.

How long did it take you to build the stick?
My first stick took me about two weeks to build. Being my first time a lot of research went into it. I also kept asking myself if it was something that I would actually use.

What type of case did you use for your fight stick and why?
For mine and for most of them I use white pine. It’s a great wood that’s easy to work with and it’s great to look at whether it’s all natural or holding paint. It’s also light but durable.

What kind of buttons did you use and why?
I like using Happs! They’re great buttons that are super easy to both work with and repair. They might not have the color selection but you would be amazed at what you can do with creativity.

What was the most difficult part of building your stick?
The artwork and colors. I can build boxes all day long. The colors and that artwork are the parts that really make the fight stick truly yours.

What inspired you to take up stick building?
Honestly to help other gamers! After my brother and I were talking about the fighting game scene I realized that for a good quality stick some people have to pay $300+! I know that most of the gamers that I hang around and talk to don’t have that, so I decided to start building quality sticks for cheap for gamers that want to get into the scene and don’t have the money.

How long have you been building sticks?
I’ve been building for about a year on and off. It’s been in the last six months that I have really been buckling down and really building hard.

Who are your favorite stick builders (if any)?
Off of the top of my head I would have to say Project Giant Sword and B15. These two are the ones that really inspired me to really get into it. They were also really great at answering any questions that I had. But there are tons of people out there that have done amazing work.

What is the most challenging design you’ve had to work on?
That would be my own design. It’s not done but when it is it isn’t like anything that’s out there right now.

Can you give us a sneak peek into your upcoming fight stick? What makes it stand out from everything else?
(Laughs) Sure! This is the basic design for the stick. It’s something new that I am working on to be my full time fight stick. The design will be on the market when it’s ready but for now it’s still in proto stage.

What’s your favorite stick you’ve made?
My brothers Mega Man stick. It’s made for the Wii but the casing is an XBOX360 with a full mega man vinyl wrap.

Do you plan on making more fight sticks? If so what theme would you like to go with?
Absolutely!! And the theme is whatever I’m feeling at the time or whatever the customer wants! I’m always trying out new things and new cases.

What suggestions do you have for anybody else looking to build their own stick?
Go for it!! Do your homework and take your time but it’s really a great hobby and it’s really fun to learn. The community is always there to back you up, and the people couldn’t be nicer. There’s nothing wrong with seeing new designs or seeing how other people thing outside of the fight box. (Laughs)

Thanks to Takeda01 for his time and be sure to keep up with him at Strike Lion Sticks. If you are or know of a Fight Stick Artisan leave a link below in the comments. Maybe next time we’ll shine the spotlight on you!