Sony Smash Bros. Screenshots Surface Straight from the Developer

By on November 26, 2011 at 3:54 pm
sweet tooth

Earlier this week, we posted a rumor about Sony working on a fighting game similar to the Smash Bros. series. It looks like the rumor might actually be true. A poster on NeoGAF found some test screenshots of the game on one of the developer’s twitter accounts. The images show a character model of Sweet Tooth from the Twisted Metal franchise and another image mentions Kratos in a line of debug text. Chris Molina, the level designer over at SuperBot Entertainment (the development team rumored to be working on the title), also posted a few tweets teasing the unannounced game.

  • Our capture station and waiting area – Parappa is a permanent resident [image]
  • The character artist sitting a row ahead of mine is modeling polygonal female boobies. Carry on…
  • Our studio fighters getting their brawl on [image]
  • Racing to finish a level design doc for today’s review – map layout is looking spiffy if I do say so myself.
  • Slam! Second level design pitch approved by our studio leads! Now onto Sony Santa Monica for a final green light.
  • In the middle of a skype video interview with a level design candidate from Osaka, Japan.
  • New Sony Playstation commercial vaguely foreshadowing our soon to be announced title
  • Checking out the original art assets from a Sony IP title we’re appropriating for my level – very cool seeing this environment in raw form.
  • F*** you clown!

The first image shows someone working on a female model. Could it be Nariko from Heavenly Sword?

This image clearly shows Sweet Tooth pointing at the screen and laughing. Could this be one giant troll attempt or something more?

The last screenshot might look like a mess but it names both Sweet Tooth and Kratos in the debug text. The build date says 9/28/11, so it’s fairly recent.

Here’s the commercial that Chris Molina claims foreshadows the announcement of their game. It features characters from all major Sony franchises and also includes characters from third party developers.

It looks like Chris Molina is trying to cover this all up. His twitter account no longer mentions the company he works for and most of the images have been removed from his feed. Unfortunately for him, the internet never forgets.

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