Dreamhack Winter 2011 Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Results and Archive

By on November 26, 2011 at 3:28 pm

The Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition portion of this year’s Dreamhack Winter tournament has recently concluded. As an event not solely dedicated to fighting games, it’s always an interesting gauge on how this genre fits into the eSports mold. And thanks to WorstGiefEver, an archive is available for those that missed the tournament. It drew considerable participation from some of Europe’s top players, including Ryan Hart and Starnab, as well as Infiltration and Laugh from Korea. These two cultures eventually clashed in the finals and, as you can see from the results, Infiltration’s Akuma won the unfavorable matchup against Ryan Hart’s Yun.

1st – Infiltration (Akuma)
2nd – Ryan Hart (Yun, Ryu)
3rd – Cuongster (E. Honda, Yun)
4th – Laugh (Ryu)
5th (tied) – StarNab (Fei Long)
5th (tied) – Problem X (Seth)

While this video only covers the later matches in the tournament, you can watch the rest in the stream’s archives.

Watch live video from armshouse on Justin.tv

(featured image via Dreamhack)