SRK Showmatch #1, Live Today at 8:00 PM PST!

By on November 23, 2011 at 5:09 pm

Quick reminder that this Saturday is SRK’s first ever showmatch exhibition. Eight of Nor CA’s finest will battle at Southtown Arcade in San Francisco for a winner-take-all prize of $1000. The festivities will be streamed by on the SRK Live channel. Here’s some more information about the players competing at the event.

1. Filipino Champ, Top 8 MVC3 EVO 2011

coL. CC. F. Champ who is typically known for having the best Dhalsim in North America — possibly the world — is easily NorCal’s most consistent Marvel 3 player. He has won multiple tournaments locally and placed top 8 at many majors including EVO. Filipino Champ is said to have one of the only “real” Phoenixes, cleaning up the competition sometimes with Jean Grey alone!

2. CurtyPie, STA MVC3 Ranbat Champion

Emerging from SF State’s Rack-n-Cue during the Golden Age of CvS2, Curtypie is no stranger to fighting games. Representing Team Dannation, he recently has been making his mark in the NorCal MvC3 scene, placing high at several local tournament series including an undefeated and overall first place finish at Southtown Arcade in its inaugural ranbat season. With his signature point Haggar backed by a strong Trish and Sentinel, Curtypie quickly corners his opponent and employs a set of ambiguous mix-ups, inescapable traps, and dirty resets – not to mention a few unconventional tricks to inflict lethal damage, earning him the title, “Mayor of NorCal.”

3. GC Dacidbro, 1st Place Tight Or Fight

Dacidbro, known as a top player in BlazBlue, has transitioned over to Marvel 3 to become one of NorCal’s most serious threats and best commentators. With his recent win in Ultimate MVC3 at Tight or Fight he let it be known that he is just as fierce on the stick as he is on the mics!

4. Hi Im Nasty, UNVC2 Winner

Even at the young age of 18 years old, Matin “Hi I’m Nastyy” Vega is making waves in the competitive Marvel scene. Known for his Super-Skull expertise and tutorials which helped him take 1st place at Ultimate NorCal vs Capcom 2 by defeating coL. CC. F. Champ.

5. Mine, Top 8 EVO 2011

Tinh “Mine” Ngo us a long time player here in NorCal who is proficient at many different games but has really made a name for himself by placing Top 8 in MVC3 at EVO2011. Known for his methodical play, he doesn’t need to be flashy to get the wins!  Regrettably, Mine has no friends to hold a camera for him, hence this horrible head shot.

6. Chrisis, Top 8 Devastation 2011

Chrisis has had a long history with fighting games, traveling all over the bay area to play SSF4 and MVC2, though has only started playing competitively with MVC3. Winning countless local tournaments with his signature C. Viper and placing top 8 at Devastation 2011, he is one player everyone should keep and eye on.

7. Honzo Gonzo, Top 8 UNVC

At 19 years old, Carter “HonzoGonzo” is a relative newcomer to the scene playing only online prior to the release of MvC3. Starting off by streaming online sessions and eventually coming out to the Starbase Arcade weekly sessions, Honzo has made a name for himself by defeating some of NorCal’s top talent in local tournaments with his signature runaway style. He is aiming to win a major in 2012 and eventually get sponsored!

8. K Beast,  SBA MVC3 Ranbat Champion, Best TVC Player in the World

Kevin “K Beast” Baigan is no stranger to competitive play as he is one of the best Tatsunoko vs Capcom players around. Known for his flawless execution and having one of the best C. Viper and Magneto’s in the Bay Area, he has taken those skills to not only place well at multiple local tournaments but to also become Starbase Arcade’s MVC3 Ranbat series champion.