Kayane Joins Team eLive.pro

By on November 19, 2011 at 7:52 pm

Team eLive.pro continued its recent hiring spree with the announcement that they will be sponsoring French Soul Calibur/Street Fighter IV player Kayane. On her personal site, Kayane explained her plans for the future:

I will do my best to promote the team and fighting games and of course, being in the top for Soul Calibur V !
I will still play SSFIV AE but secondary, because my main goal will be SC5 where I will invest a lot to promote the game and become one of the best in the world. !

Kayane has historically been an extremely strong player in Soul Calibur, so this is a valuable acquisition for team eLive.pro. Below, see a 10-year-old Kayane beating up the American Soul Calibur 1 champion, Fetz, back in 2001.