Now Viewing: Canada Cup 2011 Youtube Replays

By on November 18, 2011 at 1:45 pm

For those that missed Canada Cup 2011, the replays of the tournament and 5v5 team exhibition tournament are being uploaded. Outside of videos taken by hand cameras and stream archives, there has been little footage of what was one of the most exciting fighting game events of the year. Now, CanadaCupGaming’s Youtube channel has provided videos for some of the event. Easily one of the most international tournaments to date, it had a lineup of star players from Canada, USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Europe. CanadaCupGaming’s channel features HDR, MvC3 and the full playlist of the  international exhibition match replays. It can be argued that the international 5v5 was the most exciting event and finally, it can be seen on replay with little effort.  There is sure to be plenty more videos showcasing more matches for the major, so keep checking the channel.