I Play Ryu – A Look Into The London Fighting Game Community

By on November 18, 2011 at 10:05 pm

WinnerStaysOn is a weekly tournament held within HMV’s GamerBase in London, Piccadilly Circus. The event has been going on for about a year and it has helped a lot of players level up their skills. Aside from Ryan Hart and Zak Bennett, there aren’t many household UK names that are known by the rest of the world so I took it upon myself to try and capture some of the other players along with the laid back vibe that’s felt within the tournament. For those who read my editorial, you will know that I am really big on the personalities that dwell inside our fighting game community. “I Play Ryu” is an attempt at bringing some of the lesser known players into the spotlight, not just because they are great players but because they are fun and likable people. For now it’s just a one off video but I would like it to become a series if the feedback is good.

The video isn’t the shortest thing in the world but there are some nice things to see here in the form of both gameplay and peoples opinions on the scene as it is right now. Those of you that tune into the ArmsHouse stream may especially want to take a look as you will get a slightly closer look at who these players are.

Topics covered include: Canada Cup, game balance, UMvC3, London slang, money matches, streaming and the future of fighting games. [ There is a slight amount of NSFW Language ]