UMvC3 – High Res DLC Costume and Color Artwork, Additional Combo Videos

By on November 13, 2011 at 5:34 pm

Remember Krisan Thyme and Global-Trance, the guys who hacked into the original Marvel vs Capcom 3 to reveal that Jill and Shuma were partially completed and playable on the disc? They are back at it with Ultimate, but according to them there isn’t really anything to discover in the new game. All of the DLC costumes are, however, already on the disc just waiting to be unlocked. The two of them ripped the victory artwork out of the game for each character in every single color and costume and uploaded them to their webspace (This has now been taken down by Capcom’s request). This solved the mystery of why Arthur was in boxers to start in his DLC outfit. Now we can see that his gold mode has him in awesome Samurai armor, and his boxers mode has you playing as a skeleton!

Here are some other interesting videos released today.

Quicky combos for Ghost Rider, Vergil, and Rocket Raccoon by Maximilian:

Tagging out after Iron Fist’s crumple attack by Pimp Willy:

Vergil combos by EnvyHD:

Vergil’s normals cancel projectiles by Deelaneejah:

More Firebrand combos, teamed with Ryu and Sentinel, by RayRay:

High damage Frank West and Iron Fist combos by Stewartbrad: