King of Fighters XIII Console Version Change Notes Part 3

By on October 27, 2011 at 10:54 am

SNK Playmore released the 3rd part in their series of changes notes concerning the console version of the King of Fighters XIII. SonicTempest from Orochinagi came through with the translation, so read on to see what is happening to some of your favorite characters, and view the video with some examples.

Change Notes

– DM damage can be scaled down to a maximum of 40% in combos now (as opposed to 50% before). However, scaling for NEOMAX DMs is unchanged, making them a better choice for ending HD combos. Moves that were unaffected by damage scaling in the arcade version continue to do 100% of their damage in the console version.
– (shown in video) You now get more meter when you are hit by or block an opponent’s attacks, making it easier to escape from a rushdown situation using a guard cancel attack or something similar. It may be better to go for simple HD combos and to keep to combos that do fewer hits. (NOTE: This is something that Dune pointed out in one of the interview videos that Kane317 did recently).

– (shown in video) Chin can do a close C from his d,d+K stance
– (shown in video) The weak version of his counter now has the attack come out faster than before and can connect into his rolling attack (HCF+K). As a result of this the counterattack almost never whiffs anymore, and there are very few situations in which he can’t follow up.
– (shown in video) He has less lag after his normal throw (both when in his stances as well as normally) and he can actually do followups in the corner.
– Chin’s defense no longer decreases when he has drink stocks
– The active time of his counters has been decreased. The normal version now has the active duration of the arcade’s EX version, and the EX version’s is shorter still.
– His EX counter does less damage.

– (shown in video) All versions of Genie stay on the screen longer.
– (shown in video) Sans-culotte (ABCD) has had its damage scaling adjusted. It scales more overall.
– Floreal (forward) (b+B) has faster startup and can be comboed from light attacks.
– B version of Nivose (d_u+K) has had its invincibility increased. The invincibility ends as soon as the hitbox appears.
– EX Genie now knocks away while retaining its juggling properties
– (shown in video) Germinal now takes no gauge
– (shown in video) Thermidor’s startup is faster
– (shown in video) The version of EX Genie done using both kicks tracks the opponent.

– (shown in video) stand CD has faster startup
– You can’t roll recover after being hit by his NEOMAX
– (shown in video) LK Hien Shippuu Kyaku has faster startup, such that it can be comboed from light attacks.
– (shown in video) his f+A floats the opponent upwards if done by itself
– (shown in video) EX Genei Kyaku has less lag afterwards. In the corner you can follow up afterwards without using a drive stock.
– EX Ryuuko Ranbu has more lag after being blocked.
– (shown in video) EX Ryuuko Ranbu has had the damage for each of its hits adjusted. The entire move does the same damage, but its damage in combos has been buffed. The finishing hit now does 100 damage by itself.
– Haoh Shoukou Ken has faster startup and will combo from strong attacks.

– (shown in video) Strong version of Mayhem has less lag. If you hit with the edge of it you can do a strong attack as a followup.
– (shown in video) Added a new chain combo D -> D. Only cancellable in HD mode.
– jump CD is faster.
– (shown in video) EX Mayhem has faster startup.
– (shown in video) Strong version of Decide can be comboed into the Strong version of Mayhem.
– EX Decide has less lag and is easier to followup with normal attacks.
– (shown in video) Splash (including the followup version) can be super cancelled into Overkill AFTER it hits.
– (shown in video) Overkill can be MAX Cancelled.
– Overkill’s command has been made easier. If the last input is in any downward direction it will register.
– Damage adjustments:
* Her f+A (when cancelled) does 45 damage (down from 70)
* Her Overkill does 200 damage (down from 220)
* Her EX Mayhem does 120 damage (down from 160)

– (shown in video) Weak Poison Breath has less lag. When it hits you can followup with his command throw
– Adjustments to Super Drop Kick (lol)
* Charge times have been increased.
* Invincibility removed
* Guard crush ability has been reduced
* Can no longer be connected after a guard cancel attack
* Knocks the opponent away.
– Jump D’s hitbox has been strengthened to hit downwards. It should whiff less often on short opponents
– (shown in video) Giant Bomb (feint) has less recovery
– EX Raiden Bomb’s forward travel distance has been reduced.
– (shown in video) Raiden Bomber now has complete invincibility.

– (shown in video)Strong Burning Hammer has less lag. You can combo it into his C Gatling Attack without needing to cancel.
– (shown in video) During Vulcan Punch (all versions) Ralf can move forward.
– (shown in video) EX Burning Hammer has faster startup and can be comboed from strong attacks.
– (shown in video) Both versions of Galactica Phantom can be charged.
– crouch D has less lag.

– (shown in video) Jump D stays out longer
– (shown in video) close C has faster startup
– (shown in video) D Venom Strike (air) has a smaller recoil
– far D has less lag
– (shown in video) Slide can be cancelled without being cancelled into

KYO (a new color was shown on the video)
– (shown in video) 88 Shiki (df+D) moves forward more. As a result, stand C, df+D, QCF+K now does the full four hits.
– Kototsuki You (HCB+K) has more lag on block
– (shown in video) B version of 75 Shiki Kai (QCF+K) can now be followed up with other attacks. On the ground you can only follow up with an uppercut, but on a mid-air hit you can do more interesting things.
– (shown in video) Added an EX version for his mid-air Orochinagi. It does 3 hits and 300 damage. Unlike the ground version it has no invincibility but is very fast, so you can use it in combos or in air-to-air battles.
– far D has less lag.

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