Namco’s FilthieRich Talks Soul Calibur V

By on October 26, 2011 at 3:08 pm

The US Playstation Blog put up a really nice interview with Namco-Bandai Community Manager FilthieRich focused completely on Soul Calibur V. With the game practically right around the corner all of the sudden, you’ll want to hear things from Rich’s perspective as a long time competitive player. How do meter and super moves affect the flow of the game?

PSB: Speaking of Critical Edge, it seems to have a big impact on the flow of gameplay. How does this uber-attack change your tactics in a fight?

RB: You’re managing all these different things: Your life bar, your opponents’ life bar, and now your Critical Edge meter. You can divvy it up however you want: you can rush in and use half your bar to perform a Brave Edge attack, or save it up for one Critical Edge finisher. Everything that affects the Edge Meter is completely dependent on the player: The Guard Impact, Brave Edge, and Critical Edge all take away from it.
The Critical Edge and Brave Edge add to the diversity of the game. They let you develop habitual defensive patterns for when your opponent notices you’re conserving your Edge meter [in preparation for a Critical Edge or Brave Edge]. I think it’s really healthy for this series, even though it’s different from what Soulcalibur players are used to. But I know they’ll enjoy it because the depth of the game is going to be taken to a new level.

Head over to the Playstation Blog to read the rest.

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