Off Stream Seasons Beatings Matches in MvC3, 3rd Strike, and Vampire Savior

By on October 23, 2011 at 9:55 am

ZAPSRK took a ton of his personal time at Seasons Beatings Velocity last weekend to run a recording station. He was able to capture a huge number of Marvel vs Capcom 3 money matches and the 3rd Strike 3v3 tournament finals. In MvC3, you’ll see matches like BT IFC Yipes vs BOX Viscant, Filipino Champ taking on NEO, and Chris G vs Brightside.

If you head over to the ArcadeLegacy youtube page, you can see every single match that took place in the Seasons Beatings Vampire Savior side tournament. MightyMar, Kajoq, and EG.fLoE put on a tremendous show as usual.


Third Strike 3v3 Finals:


Marvel $$ Matches!:

Vampire Savior Playlist