PS1 Version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 Hits PSN Today

By on October 18, 2011 at 1:01 pm

The Playstation 1 version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 is being re-released today on the Playstation Network as a PS One Classic today. Aside from the three different fighting styles, huge number of characters, beautiful artwork, and memorable soundtrack, players who missed out on Alpha 3 back in the day will find what might be the most robust and interesting single player mode ever in a core SF title. World tour, go!

  • shut up sega fanboy. the 2d fighting games on psx was amazing. street fighter alpha 3 on psx was the best port. psx is a very good system for 2d fighting games, i enjoied marvel vs capcom, the last blade, guilty gear and all the king of fighters games on playstation.