UMvC3 – Phoenix Wright and Nova Reveal Videos, Gameplay, and Screenshots

By on October 13, 2011 at 8:36 am

Here they are! Phoenix Wright is the law, and Nova has that cosmic touch. We have character trailers and a little gameplay video, so sink your teeth in below. Thanks to Capcom-Europe!


Phoenix Wright has some sort of character specific mechanic. It looks as if the three folders need to be filled with evidence in order to activate his level 3 hyper combo. The symbol at the end of the folders seems to relate to some of his normal attacks, changing them in certain ways. Finding evidence fills the folders, but throwing evidence empties one folder.

Nova looks strong, converting nearly every hit and throw into big damage. He can move at interesting angles very quickly, but looks to be a very vanilla character at this time. Perhaps there is more hiding beneath the surface.

[thanks to MvC3Answers for Gameplay Video 2]