Updated – Bloody Roar says “Me too” in 2012 (Hoax)

By on October 3, 2011 at 9:25 am

Update – Hudson Soft appears to have announced that this was a hoax. Well, at least they know they had fans. How many remain after this is unknown. Zohair Zahid says that the twitter account this came from was a fake to begin with, and that the real Hudson twitter hasn’t been active for a year.

Hudson Soft announced today, via their twitter, that a new installment in the Bloody Roar series is in production. They note that more will be revealed soon, and use the hashtags #BloodyRoarProject2012 and #BloodyRoar5. This leads me to believe that they are aiming for a 2012 release date, making them just another game in the massive list of fighters set to debut in the next year and a half. Lets hope they can achieve something special with their were-beast-brawler.

[tip from Jeramiah P]