Banana Ken Says SBO was the Worst Tournament Experience He Has Ever Had

By on September 22, 2011 at 2:52 pm

TheFightersAlliance is playing host to an article written by their own Jose “Banana Ken” Llera all about his experience this year at Super Battle Opera. As you’ve likely heard, the people behind SBO made a mistake of some kind that cost Banana Ken and his teammate their spot in the official top 32 teams in the tournament. Now that the dust has settled and the air is clear, Banana Ken is declaring SBO the worst tournament experience he has ever had.

It seems that I, along with my teammate, Hsien Chang, as well as the Kuwait and Taiwan teams, were caught up in the center of a relatively big scandal that took place during SBO. Now that I took some time to think things over, look at what different parties had to say and reflect on what happened, here’s what I have to say: SBO has been one of the worst tournament experiences I have ever had.

To many people, myself included, participating in SBO was the chance of a lifetime to represent the best the US has to offer. I was very happy to hear from many players that our team had the best chances of at least getting past the first round. I was very excited to see how far our skills can take us, even in such a brutal format like single-round, single-elimination teams like SBO. As a graduate student, I had to do work ahead of time, cancel meetings, and skip a couple day’s worth of courses to make the trip to Japan. I paid just over a thousand dollars for the ticket, and I separated another thousand to make sure I had enough for food, travel and other expenditures. We were ready to give our 100%.

Except we never got to try.

Jose goes on to talk about Daigo refusing to fight his team, and SBO’s apology not being good enough. You’ll definitely want to continue reading at TheFightersAlliance…

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