Wakeup, Shoryuken E073 – The Ghosts of SBO Past and Present

By on September 21, 2011 at 11:54 am

Today’s double-size cup of Wakeup SRK covers a little controversy from SBO 2011 and even a few years before. One of the men closest to the action, Fubarduck, joins us to tell the entire story in vivid detail. This is one crazy cup you cannot afford to miss!

Unfortunately, the video version of this week’s show was corrupted and unrecoverable, so please enjoy our normal audio-only format. And I missed a curse word in editing, so I guess we are NSFW this week. You’ll survive!


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Timestamps bu Kurdijef
00:00 – Shoryuken! Guest intro by Nick Accristo (new intros are welcome!)
01:15 – Chit-chat
01:54 – Jump-in to the News
01:58 – Razer to produce an arcade stick (for 360 only)
03:13 – Street Fighter Volt (iPhone) now has Fei Long and Yun
03:36 – LG gets exclusive rights to SF4 on Android phones
04:10 – PlayStation Vita-version for Street Fighter x Tekken will have shared DLC
05:13 – SFxT: Pandora and Gem-system explained
07:25 – Dead or Alive 5 revealed
09:18 – Interview with Kensou: SBO & Planet Zero-history
11:57 – First Planet Zero-controversy in 2008
17:52 – 2009 SBO-qualifiers
19:05 – 2010-qualifiers and the “incident”
27:18 – Kensou’s take on SBO 2011-controversy
30:32 – Kensou out
31:52 – Introducing Ryan “fubarduck” Harvey
34:35 – SBO 2011 before the drama
36:24 – SBO to split into two events a year
38:49 – fubarduck’s experiences at Taito Station pre-SBO
43:32 – Calm before the storm
49:45 – “I need to talk to you guys about something. Can you please wait a minute.”
59:25 – “YOGA!”
62:00 – Swept under the rug
67:40 – 2chan’s reaction
73:12 – How to move forward
78:21 – SBO’s role and how it possibly should evolve
88:04 – Controversy of SBO last chance qualifier-rules
94:41 – Amalgame TV (http://ja.twitch.tv/frieda0914… – You can visit iplaywinner.com for the summary and translations
96:35 – fubarduck’s brief answer for Salty Runback http://iplaywinner.com/news/20…
99:05 – Comments (featuring fubarduck)
111:23 – Closing out