Steampunk Themed FightStick by B15SDM Designs

By on September 12, 2011 at 2:02 am

B15SDM held nothing back when building this amazingly detailed steampunk themed FightStick for a fellow SRK member. Pipes, gears, hand cut engraved brass and even a Sanwa JLF stick with a real wind up pocket watch were all a part of this intricate design. Check out the full details and pics below!

If you’re interested in getting a custom stick built by B15SDM, head over to his website for more info.

  • Solid full clear acrylic case with hardwood cladding with brass screws to match theme
  • Hand cut and engraved brass sheet below top plexi panel.
  • Hand cut and roughly sanded bottom stainless steel panel for underside
  • Genuine clock work parts for internals
  • 8mm copper piping to hide/tidy cables
  • Random silver wire acting like cable tidy
  • Seimitsu PS-14-KN buttons all round with copper leaf inserts with simple light up LEDs on activation
  • Sanwa JLF stick with a real wind up pocket watch. Sadly, I ruined it when I was drilling the hole for the threaded insert. A little crumb of plastic fell into the gears and stopped it from working.
  • Datel/Paewang pcb for xbox 360, ps3 & pc support.

(Tip by Majinhurricane)