Post EVO and Super VS Battle Interview with Ryan Hart

By on August 30, 2011 at 5:15 pm

Ryan “Prodigal Son” Hart took some time to answer questions sent in by fans about his experiences at EVO 2011 and Super VS Battle 2011. He goes over your basic topics before discussing some interesting stuff, like how tournaments have changed over the years.

RH: Yes there have been big changes, sponsorships, company backing, becoming a part of e-sports, player branding, so many things have happened that are all great. One thing I’m not sure about that I’ve noticed is how all the tournaments appear to have the same rules pretty much wherever you go now especially for SF4. Back in the days organisers weren’t as connected so rules would be extremely different. Sometimes this was bad as well as good but there were differences. It was always interesting to see what kind of players won and lost depending on what rules were dished out.

Now on SF4 for example it’s nearly always double elim (or single for SVB) and it’s always best of 3 matches but this is so strange for me because the better player cannot be decided for sure in just two games (or one game when it’s a team event). It’s a shame first to ten or a full league takes so long, making those formats impossible to utilize at tournaments.

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