Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Version 2012 Changes Part 1 – Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Honda, Blanka, Zangief, Guile, Dhalsim, Bison, Balrog, Sagat, Vega, and Viper

By on August 22, 2011 at 7:55 pm

The developer’s blog is back, listing changes for version 2012 of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. The characters covered in part one are Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Honda, Blanka, Zangief, Guile, Dhalsim, Bison, Balrog, Sagat, Vega, and Viper.

Thanks to Azrael, Arc-rail, and Curbeh for the translation (more will appear as it becomes available).


Increased the vertical hitbox on U2 for better anti-air/full animation.
Can combo full U2 after counter hit Shakunetsu Hadoken. So if gets absorbed by a FA, Ryu can do EX Fireball, FADC U2 for 500 damage. If Ryu is close range he can hit EX Fireball -> U2 without FADC.

The “brake” frame on air Tatsu decreased by 3 frames, if used on this frame the trajectory will change.
Solar plexus 40+60 for 100 total damage.
If he hits S.RH counter hit on a crouching opponent he can combo sweep after it.


Head stomps will come out on DF, not just D. They note that DB won’t work though.
Kintekishu (B+MK) +3 advantage on counter hit, easier to hit confirm into the second hit.
Sweep 150 stun.
Kikoken startup 9F, easier to use as AA/use in combos.
They are fixing the bug where characters fell out of the U1 juggle in AE.


Target combo hits easier on crouching opponents, can also delay the inputs.
EX Shoryuken damage 80+30+30+50, 190 total.


Jab headbutt gets its upper body invincibility back.
Strong headbutt loses it, so it works the same as Jab Headbutt did in AE.


Each ball gets an extra 10 in damage, so Jab 110, Strong 120, Fierce 130, EX 120.
For Fierce and EX Ball, if it hits on the second frame (same frame where FA cancel is possible), it causes blow-back damage. Will be easier to follow-up EX Ball with additional hits if FADC’d.
Charged Rock Crusher gives Blanka a 5 frame advantage, so he can do Rock Crusher, C.MK, FP Ball as a combo.


Jab SPD 150 stun.
EX Backfist damage 90+50 for a total of 140. Stun 100+50 for a total of 150.
Adjusted the hitbox on c.jab, so that it hits more easily off a jump-in against characters it formerly didn’t. Hurtbox for c.roundhouse reduced in height, making it easier to pass under certain attacks.


Balance adjustments centered around the changes made to him from Super to AE.
The frames in which Guile could be counter-hit after Sonic Boom have been eliminated? (Not 100% sure)
Air throws 3F startup.
Spinning backfist 100 damage.
Can’t be thrown out of upside down kick from the 6th frame until the last active frame.


Yoga Inferno damage 75 x 2, 60 x 3 for a total of 330 damage.
EX Yoga Blast damage 90 + 50. First hit gets 20 more damage, second hit 20 less, so if Sim only gets the first hit he gets the better damage.
S.jab active for 4F. But other frame info unaltered.
Hurtbox on Yoga Blast reduced.
Can follow up Yoga Blast with additional moves for combo.


Headbutt damage fixed back to Super, strong 120, Fierce 140, EX 150.
U2 damage 399.
Hit properties on Dash Overhead changed so that it can combo into c.strong on all characters.
Close stand fierce hitbox extended downwards so that it hits crouching characters that it used to whiff on.


Angry Scar Tiger Uppercut damage increased: LP, MP, and EX get +10


-MP Thunder Knuckle 120 -> 110 damage
-EX Thunder Knuckle startup reduced to 25f, but +2 recovery
-EX Seismo 120 -> 100 damage
-U1 -> 441 damage
-U1 hitbox improved so it’s easier to hit fully after air burnkick and HP Thunder Knuckle
-U2 damage increased to 410


-cr.HK damage increased to 110, same as Super.
-+1 more frame of hitstun on the opponent after cosmic heel, making it -3 at worst.
-Sky High Claw causes blowback when it hits a grounded opponent (same words as the blanka ball change)
-U1 hitbox after it hits on the way up increased drastically so that it doesn’t unexpectedly miss.
-U2 startup changed to 8f.


-Scissors stun changed to 100/50 (150 total) on all strengths
-First hit causes 1f extra hitstun, so if you FADC the first hit you can have +5 advantage at best.

  • KarateLincoln


    • CocoJjang

      Since your body is ready, I’ll use it just to have my comment near the top of the page.

      WIN for BOXER changes back to normal. Having U2 range would be a true buff / balance change.

      Can someone justify the Viper nerfs? Seriously, just because Latif did well or something? Maybe because top fighters in Japan wanted Viper nerfed. IDK, but it’s no different than from David Stern fixes NBA Playoffs. It’s like they have favorites and just cater to the select “top” evo players.

  • EcKo Zero Cool

    oh snap

  • NEWkidCJ

    This is better then…. Yun players dropping combos lol

  • CoXLaP6

    sum1 get to translating.. i cant read spanish

    • No_Cigar

      I can read spanish but it doesn’t help…….

  • Meiru

    Oh boy here we go

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    • Rhio2k

      Here we go again
      Here we go, go, go to the temple of consumption
      Get your gear and start to spend
      Here we go, go, go with total dedication

      • havaji

        Please refrain from quoting Stacka Bo on this site.

  • Caustic

    The anticipation is killer

  • upup_downdown

    nerf everyone cept akuma πŸ˜€

  • pkrstdnt

    Google translate is totally crappy lol

  • hdxeno

    Viper U1 damage nerf to 441
    U2 damage buff to 410
    EX Seismic 120 ->100

  • blackmamba

    i just used the google chrome translate feature and it looks like honda got some buffs. very excited.

  • HighOnPCP

    buff bison…he’s stuck with being a “good” character but he really is not

  • Eternal Darkness

    Couldn’t understand a thing from translating from my Web Browser. But all I got was C.Viper has got a damage nerf.

  • xShonuffx

    Who’s gonna do the translation I wonder?

  • Good Game Player

    Viper nerf proves that they still don’t get it. Anyone who wins needs nerfing in their eyes.

    • thwak

      This is why I’m dropping SSFIV once and for all. Why should I play a game that’s terrible when I could play other better games?

      • dommafia

        no u wont.

        • thwak

          With 3rd Strike online coming out, not to mention kof XII and UMVC3 coming out as well, is it really surprising someone’s gonna drop this game?

      • TerraZero

        Such as?

      • GuyWithNoHat

        “I’m dropping SSFIV once and for all”
        Iill also pass on UMVC3 and SFxTK. 3so is a must have because my ps2 stick doesnt work anymore but except for 3so im going to quit buying recycled crapcom games. Games like GG and even BB offer alot more depth and way more interesting characters.

        • Dreamcastman21

          i completely agree. street fighter 4 is turning into damn rerun every time i turn around. he needs to be nerfed, she needs to be buffed, this cycle is ridiculous. capcom has been making street fighter for over a decade and they still cant get these damn hitboxes right. downright pathetic. i have absolutely 0 hype for sf x t and any other version of ss4 they pull out of thier asses.

    • Obanye

      As soon as every USA player in top 8 in evo was a viper I knew she was getting nerfed. I expect Seth to follow suit as well same reason Dhalsim and Honda got nerfed.

      • Phantom Angel

        It wasn’t even like that. Flash only used her twice, and lost both times. He made it to Top 8 w/ Gief. Latif and Krone made Top 8 with Viper but, how many Viper players were even at Evo? A lot less that Fei and Yun, I’ll tell you that much.

  • Drakonvlast

    β–  Gayle
    The center portion was changed from a spa in the spa IV AE IV,
    made ​​to fit the overall balance of readjustment.
    [Sonic Boom] abolished the decision was left under the counter attack after the occurrence of decision.
    Throw in the air [Meyer] Flying and Flying Buster Drop [] of
    the occurrence was changed to 3F.
    In addition, special skills – Spinning Back Knuckle – has been adjusted to 100 damage.
    As this new adjustment, reverse spin kick [] the decision to end an attack from the first throw invincibility 6F start of the operation has become.

    Holy Fuck Guys

    • SugaFree

      Gayle is going to the spa.

      • defghui

        on the 6th floor or the 3rd floor?

  • Caustic

    Got that same Guile translation. Those boys at Google are doin a great job.

  • EcKo Zero Cool

    did dictator get buffed or not ? i only got a rough translation ?

    and what about guile ?

  • xDarksolx

    i read it

  • k4polo

    Yun getting buffed guaranteed.

  • CoreySword

    Best part of having chrome translate the page: “E.Honda: This is synonymous with the character – super butt – was adjusted.”

    • Breeze

      What about his super head?

      • CoreySword

        Nope. Only mentions of -super butt-, weak -super butt-, in[[butt super, butt super weak, and -in super butt-

        • 3rd strike

          It’s saying the weak/LP headbutt is the same as vanilla version? Upper body invisible on the weak version?

      • blackmamba

        it says that his lp headbutt has upper body invincibility

        • Breeze

          No, it says INVISIBILITY. Get your facts straight!

          • blackmamba

            lol what

  • 3rd strike

    Seems like Ryu’s U2 is getting a good buff

  • k4polo

    Viper damage nerf to no surprise.

  • chickenbutt

    Hope Rose is in the next one.

  • Wil

    Fei Long till the end!

  • nuRadical

    Am I the only who found himself cheering for these updates? lol

  • ken123103

    BALROG GOT HIS HEADBUTT DAMAGE BACK!!! yaaay no more nerfs! and it seems he got a little more damage on his ultra?? lol srry but my japanese is pretty bad. . . .thats all i could make out

    • hdxeno

      Dash Swing Blow -> Crouch Midium Punch can connect all character

  • BeastLeHulk

    Yun is getting stripped of his ultras, normals, and is left with just his lunge punch and
    Ginei Jin. He’ll still be top tier.

  • ken123103

    also his standing strong’s hitbox has been buffed so its easier to use from farther distances and on easier to hit on smaller characters!

  • Foolinfection

    Whoo. I went through several online translators with this and I thought it was saying that Ryu’s normal dp was getting buffed. I was like “WHY!?”. Glad to know that it’s just his U2. lol

  • Pertho

    How about Ryu gets that old cr. foward back?

    • Foolinfection

      I don’t see how that hurt Ryu. Ken got the same nerf I believe and it’s hardly noticeable to me.

      • Cryoh

        Of course Ken wouldn’t notice. He’s got F+MK and F+HK to aggressively close the distance in conjunction with his c.MK.

        • Foolinfection

          Not trying to start an argument,but I think that Ryu still has more solid aggressive tools than Ken does.

          • MrSoada

            Good, because you would lose that argument.

          • Foolinfection

            How so? Everything Ken does can be considered a gamble and it takes much more work than it does with Ryu.

          • MrTIM

            Ryu does not have more solid aggressive tools than Ken. Ken can close distance faster, throw you twice as easily, and do nearly every hit confirm that Ryu can, not to mention his has much higher priority. It actually takes less effort to be aggressive with Ken than it does with Ryu.

          • Foolinfection

            It is quite debatable,MrTIM. Ken is made to be a very aggressive character,but everything is still a gamble because if he gets blocked or whiffs then he’s screwed. Sure,Ken’s kara throw grants him range,but that doesn’t make throwing someone any easier if they’re good at teching. Ryu has a more safe aggressive style while Ken is more reckless. Most of Ryu’s moves have better invincibility and recovery than Ken’s moves. Ken is indeed good at being aggressive,no doubt about that. But,he is way more risky than Ryu is. I’m not talking shit about Ryu players,it’s just that I don’t see how the nerf hurt Ryu when he still has other tools that are still good. Care to elaborate for me please? ^_^

          • GuyWithNoHat

            This is not debatable so please do not try to make it soun ddbeatable. the fact that you said that ryu has more solid aggressive tools already shows your level of knowledge about this game. stop stating bullshit as facts or debatable standpoints cause bs will always stay bs.

          • tali

            i noticed the nerf on kens
            also ryu doesn’t have more aggresive tools then ken, ken has more aggressive tools while ryu has more tools which allow him to zone better then ken.

          • Foolinfection

            Sorry that my knowledge I’ve gained from this very site is wrong,man.
            It’s been debated to death on the forums ever since vanilla hit consoles years ago. All I was curious about was as to why the nerf apparently hurt Ryu so much when he still has other great tools. No need to talk shit to each other,but then again this is the internet. Now would anyone helpful care to elaborate on my question for me?

          • Foolinfection

            Ok,Tali I’ll settle with you on that if it’ll end this unnecessary argument. Not everyone wears the same color glasses,know what I mean?

          • azarel_7

   is Ryu’s best poke. They cut some of the active frames so it actually is harder to zone or keep an opponent out with it. Only other poke is cr. mp, but the range on that is nothing compared to the original If as a Ryu player you rely on for pokes the opponent is already too close. Makes it difficult to anti-air etc. That distance is Ken’s strong point….Kara throw, mixups, DP combos etc….basically, Ryu best keep out option was weakened..

  • sksksksksk222

    By the way this is looking, it seems like Capcom is focusing on buffing all the characters. I’m very curious about Rose’s changes; maybe new combos, or changes to her frame data such that the majority of her damaging combos aren’t 1f links. It’s a wait and see :).

    • Acku

      true, very good move of them. Community will accept buffs better than nerfs. Seems that Viper, Fei and Yun will get some minor nerfs but mostly the rest will get buffed.
      Great news, as buffs rtend to revive old characters

    • Flook

      Buffing all the characters? Here, let me show you to the Viper section. As far as i’m concerned, it takes so much work to be that effective with her, she should keep her damage. Increased U1 hitbox is for scrubs. Anyone who is actually a viper player doesn’t need it, and U2 will still be a joke with the damage buff.

  • Czigga

    Man the google translate is really funny.

    Shimashita controlling for the details that might be considered slightly better hope that those who use the Balrog after.

    Props to Azrael for the translation. This turned out to be a nice treat for the evening.

  • Smoove187

    bricks have been shat.

  • Joey Miggs81


    • azarel_7

      Yeah…that’s the no.1 thing Ryu really needs back…I’m really hoping that someone points that out to them..

  • Bottom Tier Hatman

    Another good one from Google translate : “Go climb a tornado storm”

    That’s for Ryu, for anyone wondering.

  • Worm III

    I speak a little japanese…
    YUN: frames 1-64 completly invincible on hk upkicks, damage increase to 210
    -hk up kicks doesn’t whiff on anyone crouching or not
    – AA lk upkicks can juggle ultra mid screen now
    – walk speed increased
    -can now fadc divekicks so unsafe divekick > fadc > divekick to blow up throw mashers is now possible
    -command throw is now normal and throw invincible

    • EcKo Zero Cool

      yun got nerfed :O

    • ReturnOfSanta

      I’m in tears thank you for that

    • CocoJjang


  • DanDan

    C’mon baby… Super Turbo far S.Strong for DeeJay… *crosses fingers*

  • hdxeno

    Buff: Honda,Blanka,Boxer
    Slight Buff Ryu,Ken,Chun-li,Guile,Zangief,Dhalsim,Vega,Sagat,Dictator

  • Rockman85

    ^^ Thx dude. I think you missed the part where we can play as boss evil ryu. Can you confirm?

  • Darc Requiem

    Mike Ross will be happy about having his jab headbutt AA back.

  • shatrian talon

    didn’t know so many people wanted viper nerfed. oh and thanks for all the troll trans. on yun.

    • GuyWithNoHat

      the only ones wanting viper nerfed are the ones who laways want everything to get majorly nerfed if they cant beat it.

  • shongotskills

    “When Vega has his mask on, projectiles will reflect off of his body”

    • DanDan

      The power of beauty!

  • dataDave


    “Sometimes it is quite a character now boasts a high performance,
    The form of adjustment is almost the status quo.
    The only adjustment point, the damage] [post] Tiger uppercut charge – Angry
    Weak, medium, and was up by +10 version EX.”


    All charged Tiger Uppercuts +10 dmg buff? That’s it for Sagat?

  • arstal

    The only nerf Viper needed was buffs to her bad matchups. A big reason she did so well at Evo was that most of the chars who gave her fits were nerfed to oblivion.

  • Mugenpunch


    Scissor kick stun: 100+50= 150
    Now he has 1 extra frame of advantage after first hit of scissor kick, so Scissor kick->FADC after first hit->dash forward gives +5 frame advantage

    • Hotdogmarchant

      Damn it! I read my crappy translation as the EX version being +5. That would have made me one happy camper. Oh well, still really good changes!

  • gilbertchris123

    i have a feeling rose wont get much…

  • Karsha

    So from super to AE they nerf one right thing to guile(the air throw) and a lot of wrong things,and now what do they do?They fix the thing that should have been nerfed and leave the others as they are!Tsk
    Hopeful Cody and Hakan get some buffs,and a 50 health bonus so Seth too

  • mega_buster

    well all rose needs is faster start up on u1 lol anyways ryu can do ex fireball to u2 at close hmm thats good an ken got a buff as well

    • chuchoyei

      Rose needs her ultra 2 from super, if you end up in the corner against mak, the twins, zangief, fei its over she cant get out. I wouldn’t ask for anything but if everyone is getting buffed I dont see why she can’t be too. Ryu having his super trap back in AE makes me salty to no end too because they took that away from rose too. You get +4 after ex soul spark I doubt you’ll get what you are asking for since her ultra 1 has a startup of 12 frames right now.

      • the mossad man

        I dont’ know if Rose U2 helps in that situation. If you need an ultra just to get out of the corner, there’s a problem. She needs something other than that cheap ass wakeup ultra from SUPER. Its actually risky to use it now just like all other Ultras. Whiff or mistime them and you’re fucked. Oh no not with Rose U2 from super. Doesnt’ matter if you fuck up the timing or use it on wakeup or whatever. Hell no. U2 invulnerability was a sorry excuse for an ultra, especially on wakeup. However, I will agree that she needs SOMETHING though. As a Mak player she is one of the characters that I fear the least.

        Or don’t get into the corner. I mean Mak is the same way. Get into the corner and she’s done son.

        • chuchoyei

          1.-Play rose against a character like mak, the twins or fei.
          2.- Try to avoid the corner.
          3.- … Dammit I told you to avoid the corner.

          And no even mak has more defensive options now with fukiage, rose only has c.hp and Both of them depend heavily on spacing unlike fukiage which hits anyone who is stupid enough to jump at makoto, and you have if he jumps in front of you. And you are right in not fearing rose she has a terrible matchup against mak. And after a knockdown maks overhead punch beats everything rose has even ex spiral.

          If capcom wants to make ex spiral fully invincible ill be the happiest rose user ever but i doubt they’ll do that. I’m fine with them giving ultra 2 its invincibility back, you know that it can be safe jumped right, also it can be baited and does shit damage.

          Rose does shit damage, her bnb has a one frame link and all her damaging combos have two or more one framers. To top it all off you need three bars to combo into ultra 1. I only use her because I love her pokes and her playstyle fits me.

  • Psyclone18

    I find it funny how people put viper on such a high pedestal the fact that viper has some of the worst normal and really slow special and for her to be safe she needs meter people always complain about her ex seismo and bk but are to stupid to relize those things can be easily beat/punished/avoided and if you block a bk why should viper not get rewarded for taking that risk. Vipers BK are not free ,all the complainers need to learn how to play the game. and krone and latif put a lot of time into the game thats why they got top 8 at evo not because they play viper

    • klairvoiancy

      Couldn’t agree with you more.

      Coming from a Viper main, I’m fine with the damage nerfs. But why couldn’t they fix the hitbox on her c.MK?? It pains me to have it whiff when you clearly see it making contact with the opponent.

      • Psyclone18

        I’m fine with the damage nerfs too but i was hoping they would give her some better normal’s make her forward better or something so she can actually play footsies.

        • AmigoOne

          If you’re using viper and trying to play footsies, you’re playing the wrong char.

    • joe taylor

      I respect every viper player I meet it takes skill and patience to use viper unlike flow chart ken lol

  • funwithfire

    just fix cammy and i don’t care.

  • arstal

    These seem like pretty good changes.

    Honda strong headbutt nerf seems just out there and nonsensical, but it won’t matter. I wish they had buffed his EX grab though.

  • solidxpanda

    Why are they making Viper’s U1 easier to combo into?

    • Dj Antman

      You must not use her then >__>

      • Crabcakes410

        She hits it almost every match.

    • klairvoiancy

      Not that I mind, but I hope this means that as long as you land the first hit of the U1, the rest will combo. It sucks when you’re lured into that false sense of security after seeing the first hit of U1 land, only to whiff the next 4 hits.

  • ShadowOS

    Where are Vega/Claw changes? πŸ™

    • ShadowOS

      nm i see them now >_>

  • Tactics

    Someone needs to translate the dictator and claw changes.

  • Karlito504

    I am quite satisfied with the changes so far πŸ™‚

  • Crescent

    Hey let’s take the most crippled character in the game….

    Claw: +1 hitstun on one move


    • Rizhall

      Most crippled character in the game? Give me a break. -3 at worst, +1 if you actually know what you’re doing. +1 is MUCH better than 0. Vega got nothing but buffs, yet here we are, still crying. ugh

    • Fenor

      and let’s make it still punishable. now we all know capcom don’t know how to do his job

      • AmigoOne

        Let’s make everything non punishable!
        Try playing a character thats actually shit and shut up.

  • Crescent

    Yun: he didn’t have a fireball so we added one for him.


    • Fenor

      his fireball do 250dmg and 300 stun with a startup of 3 and 100 i-frame.

  • Nando


    • Brucewest85

      i know im so happy it took 3 versions to get a solid blanka. i just wish his links could be a little better =)

      • joe taylor

        i know right lol he does look good now

  • NeoBlood

    -MP Thunder Knuckle 120 -> 110 damage
    -EX Thunder Knuckle startup reduced to 25f, but +2 recovery
    -EX Seismo 120 -> 100 damage
    -U1 -> 441 damage
    -U1 hitbox improved so it’s easier to hit fully after air burnkick and HP Thunder Knuckle
    -U2 damage increased to 410


    • Traumatisch


      fucking retarded. And that’s undercutting it.

    • Affliction

      I actually though her nerfs were gonna be a lot worse. I can live with them. I’m still pissed though. All of my hard work of learning Viper is going down the drain.

      • AmigoOne

        damage nerfs=gameplay changes

        she plays exactly the same. Grow up.

    • klairvoiancy

      At least they didn’t touch her stun output..? =/

  • NaokiB4U

    I know this list isn’t complete yet, but already im pissed. They’re buffing characters who needed no buffs! Bison? Balrog? Vega? Really? Where the fuck are Hakan, T.Hawk, and Rose? Unless they are getting some badass buffs this game is already worse than Strawberry AE.

    • gilbertchris123

      this is only part 1 of the blog. those characters will come in another part

    • Zephyr

      They have to buff more than the characters you want to play as

      • GuyWithNoHat

        bt they dont have to do it the most idiotic way possible

  • Tactics

    Gotta love how everyone cries over their characters instead of actually trying to have a balanced game, so far the buffs are fine not too excessive, though I do question the viper nerfs…..should have only nerfed TK stun imo and left her as is!

  • SpiderCrawl

    Some more stun and 1 plus frame on FADC scissors… Bison is GOD TIER!!!!
    PSYCHO POWER!!!!!!!

  • V-ismatic

    Hmm, I may pick up Chun-Li again.

  • ThePiedSniper

    What is “blowback”?

    • Tactics

      Is that troll bait i smell?

      • indebtfolife

        to tactics: do you even kno the answer or are you just trying to coverup your own ignorance with sarcasm
        to thepiedsniper: i cant say i know 100% but it says “blowback damage” on one and just “blowback on grounded char” on other, so possibly some kinda hit state that causes less pushback on hit but large stun, seeing as blanka can now combo better off of it. any1 kno for sure

  • HASJ

    Nice how Viper wins EVO and they nerf her when on AE she had almost no change.
    If no one noticed, Hakan is a Dan character.

    • Psyclone18

      Fuudo won evo with Fei long

  • Brucewest85

    Im liking blankas buffs

  • ReturnOfSanta


  • GrantLe

    As long as Chun has DF headstomps, I’m a happy camper!

  • Panic Ave

    All I want to hear about is Rekka nerfs. That is all.

  • indebtfolife

    at this stage in the game i just want them to fix the glitches and char oversights if this is gonna be the last update at least finish the product. just sick of all the elephants in the room

    [looking back thru dev blogs] was giefs short jump suppose to be shorter? cause super > AE no change

  • Nybb

    Small damage buffs, a few stun increases, and silly oddities fixed? And one of the stupid vortex characters gets damage nerfs? I really like where this is going so far.

    I’m pretty sure these aren’t final though — I saw somewhere (I think on Unity) that these are just the changes that will be in place for the upcoming location tests.

  • kisaku1218

    Really? so Bison gonna KEEP his crap scissor push back distance??
    I really wish they only increase his M/Fierce scissor distance on hit, but not light scissor……..he need minor buff, I mean NOT DAMAGE buff, is some other stuff like hit box/hurt box or frame or distance, he is space/distance depending, and his no anti air was unique like Claw, and they buff Claw….why leave bison some strong powerful but no chance to use weapon system? they either give him 1 more defensive option or 1 more safer/easier get in beside scissor.

    • Fenor

      where do you see claw so buffed? he got less buff then any other char and most are bug fix that must not be there in fist place. and nothing that really help claw in a real match

  • dhoushi

    All changes I like. Also: Thank god they fixed honda, the AE nerf was nasty to him.

    • ThePiedSniper

      Overall he’s still “fixed” in the veterinary sense of the term. As a Honda main since Vanilla I’ve learned to live with his U2 now being complete garbage, and his damage nerfs, but I really hope he gets his old jumping MP hitbox back!

  • kisaku1218

    Ok to be short as Bison player can said:

    I want something solid that the PRACTICE can’t improve, I can improve my practice for scissor FADC scissor, but I can’t practice scissor FADC into Ultra because there is non.

    either give him more buff on his st.fierce and keep his lag nerf, or improving scissor distance and further nerf its damage, I don’t use scissor punish anyway, is just chip to get in and + c.short knock down on corner don’t make no difference at all, most of his stuff are unsafe beside scissor, I don’t mind it gets 50 damage 50 stun…..

  • double F

    just transalated the last part, and it says something about Adam Sessler as the new announcer voice?

  • And One

    Can’t wait to see what they’re gonna do with Mario! He nneds his jump buffed back to what it was! That should help him more with the mushrooms and make the Donkey Kong match a little more balanced. Wait…which website am I on again??!! Oh F@#k ! My bad…

  • Nedo

    Boxer getting buffs? Oh wow… What about Cody? πŸ˜€

  • Maskedburrito

    HOLY BALLBUSTING SHIT, just delete viper from the roster and put me out of my misery. They couldn’t just leave her alone. They had to nerf her while defensive/zoning characters get buffs. Where is the OP viper army bodying scrubs at majors? Oh shit! It doesn’t exist! That’s because the only people winning with her are the same masochistic jerks who had the nerve to stick with her since Vanilla! LAWD JEEZUS GET THE WATTA!

    • mc-fine

      jeez over react much? SJ burn kick, ex seismo into burn, feints and all the wonderful mixup options that make her awesome are still there. Plus U2 which is relatively easy to combo into now does much more damage and U1 has better hitbox so less of the random wiffs after juggles.

      Good Vipers will still be good and she still packs a big punch.

  • Rezarektah

    You nerf Viper because two people had success with her? She isn’t even that good unless you know what the fuck you’re doing. Oh, and seriously, that’s all you give Vega? Fuck you Capcom. Eat a dick.

    • Psyclone18

      It was just damage nerfs and they made the hitbox on her u1 better so it won’t miss as much they didn’t make her useless so i’m ok with it.
      And it’s stupid how people think viper is top tier because two players made top 8 at evo with her they just ignore the fact that those two player practiced so much and viper hasn’t been changed from vanilla through ae but only now is she over powered.

      • klairvoiancy


  • Dragonfall

    God, I don’t want to re-re-learn this game yet again.

  • Acku

    Viper crows is vocal. I don’t see any of the changes changing her gameplan at all though, and some changes actually make her more solid.

    Really like that they go for minor buffs instead of major nerfs

    • chuchoyei

      The thing is she is gonna suffer her nerfs and all the buffs of all the other chars, see a ssf4 tier list for reference.

    • Flook

      Like chucoyei said, it’s not just her nerfs. Her terrible matchups are getting re-buffed again. I’m fine with it, because i’ll learn how to deal with them. About changing her gameplan, her bnb U1 combo, let’s say in the corner, will do ~70 less damage. That’s *another* unsafe mixup/risk she has to land in a round. Also, please explain which part of that Viper section makes her more solid.

  • Traumatisch

    For the love of god fucking Viper nerfs. I don’t even care about the damage nerfs, I just want something fucking new to play around with, plus there is PLENTY of shit that they could do with some of her normals to make her more of a complete character. Not to mention fixing her goddamned up knuckle being throwable.

    • Psyclone18

      i don’t care about the damage nerfs all i wanted was some better normal’s so she can actually play footsies and a reliable anti air.

  • TheBlackHombre

    Ken gets buffed again. Oh yeah <3

  • Dances with Ninjas

    Lol at the lazy Viper nerfs. “Uh, she does less damage. BALANCED.”

    Extra lolz at the people crying about the Viper nerfs. “Two moves do slightly less damage. I HAVE TO COMPLETELY RELEARN EVERY SINGLE MATCH-UP.”

    • Rezarektah

      It’s more along the lines of there was no reason to nerf her. I don’t even use her, I main Vega. It’s completely retarded.

      • Zenfluence

        Completely retarded? Hyperbole much? Give me a break Viper mainers in the forums aren’t crying so you should stop yours too, especially if you don’t even play the character-_-.

  • MrTIM

    All these fuckwits bitching about Viper have completely overlooked the buffs she’s receiving.

    FASTER EX Seismo? The increased recovery doesn’t mean shit when you’re SJCing them 90% of the time.
    Improved hitbox on U1?
    Damage buff to U2?

    Get over yourselves, for fucks sake. She’s being IMPROVED overall, not nerfed.

    • Marshall

      Only changes to EX Seismo is reduced damage
      EX Thunder knuckle is now faster, but we’ll have to see how much faster it really is to determine if it’s a buff or not since it’s largely unused anyway.

      • MrTIM

        My bad, I read that list totally wrong. Still, a buff is a buff, although I doubt the speed up will truly make any real difference.

        • Psyclone18

          ex tk started in 27f in ae2012 it starts in 25f if you have played a viper you know that that move is almost always a mistake that move is still gonna be useless and if you took time to learn viper you would know that she has some really bad things (bad normal’s ,slow specials ,not reliable anti air) she basically needs meter to be a good character

  • Immaculate

    So much whining. Capcom should stop updating their games lol

  • J-Goz

    Capcom should ragequit

  • Traumatisch

    Lazy nerfs is right. It’s like Capcom just fixes numbers nowadays and assume everyting will be fine. Broken moveset? Just tone down health, Couple of Viper players doing well? Less damage, etcetc.

    As the guy above me stated, damage reduction is irrelevant. Them failing in every opportunity to make the character more complete, isn’t.

  • sam1456

    akuma to be top tier
    double fireball
    ex invincible double fireball
    raging demon goes through fireballs no matter how far the range
    light punch into heavy kick loop is back works as an infinite again
    teleport is invincible no matter what the situation
    akuma can custom combo into every move limit to a combo is infinite )

    • magocyber

      I think I love you, if only u were the producer, I agree Raging Demon should go thru fireballs, I also would have like to see, some kind of air grab like he used to have on some other street fighter games

  • CharlieMurphy

    there better be much more buffs and nerfs.. gief needs a nerd and guile needs a buff.

  • 0103953

    Bison has more frame advantage off scissors FADC? Let’s be honest, that isn’t the greatest buff in the world considering the damage scaling means FADC combo is pitiful anyway. Lets put some thought into this capcom. Just remove far St.HP so that we can use close St.HP as a viable anti air. That’s all.

  • Veoshock

    Wow capcom really. Just buff some of the lower tier characters like Hakan, Gen, T hawk, Dan, etc. Nerf Fei, and twins just alittle. N there u go. I agree, as hard as it is to beat a great viper, it also hard to use her n her health is aweful. so I wouldnt nerf her. N give ryu his crouching medium back.

    • MrTIM

      she’s not being nerfed, overall.

      • Psyclone18

        All viper really has is her damage and her mixup/cancel game now that her damage is gone it will be a little bit harder to win with her but the great viper players out there will still be winning viper isn’t a brainless scrubby character she takes a lot of skill to play and the player that have that are still gonna do well it will just take more work.

        • magocyber

          I still find it ridiculous the fact that she does not have to FADC after a seismo, and this changes won’t change anything, she is the one character who basically still the same, only changes from SUPA to ARCADE was her ULTRA 2 hitbox, which nobody uses, I agree with the fact that she isn’t an ‘easy’ character but still no reason to complain this changes

  • Sprint

    “Blowback” = mistranslation.

    It’s saying Blanka’s Heavy and EX roll will launch the opponent if they hit during their first frames, and you can juggle after the EX version if you FADC it.

  • Nitro263

    “Solar plexus 40+60 for 100 total damage.”

    Holy shit, they nerfed Ryu AGAIN? ROFL, what’s the fucking point?

    • NickBel1022

      wasnt it 40+50 in AE? not a nerf…

  • onyx

    I await Juri changes


    Most of Guile’s changes are like “oops, we shouldn’t have done what we did in AE. Our bad.”

  • ohayo1234

    We need new animation.

  • Malal

    The disappointments havent ended yet, promise ;>

    As a Balrog player i like the changes, though they are more like fixes..
    His rushdown game is still going to be crappy… so hello chun, youre looking really fine now! πŸ™‚

  • cris25


  • efex23

    I just want rose to be more powerful. common in the story shes among one of the strongest fighters . Make her better capcom !!

  • nickdekline

    yay Honda!, shame I stopped playing you, hopefully Juri and Rose get some good shit

  • shapeshifta

    Viper is my main and I have a feeling we won’t know the full extent of viper changes until we get to play it. It seems that they are making it easier to actually land U1, which can be pretty ambiguous at times. I not saying I’m a pro and can land vipers bnb everytime, but sometimes I wonder why U1 would miss when it appeared to be timed correctly(or vice versa, it hits when i think it won’t). If this is what they are fixing, then I don’t mind the slight nerf in U1 damage. It’s not the startup or the damage that will ruin viper’s game, it’s the missed opportunities and punishes that will. Slightly faster EX TK is interesting, but +2 recovery kinda negates if it’s blocked.

    • Kaos Lyon

      ^This. +1

      Stop the Viper overreactions for God’s sake.

    • klairvoiancy

      Exactly. It’s not Viper’s “nerfs” that I really have a problem with, but more so the changes to her already bad matchups.

      Sure, cut the damage from MP Knuckle and EX Seismo. At least her stun output wasn’t touched (for now hopefully..)

  • King Sky

    How did the changes made to Yun and Yang NOT make it into this blog? You know that’s the first thing that everyone wants to know about LoL. I see some people saying that they are going to drop this game, and unless Capcome gets it right this time you can expect more of those type of comments.

    Honestly, this needs to be the last balance patch, unless somebody is so fucking out of whack that playing them is like having a win button; if they keep patching, and patching, and patching this game you start to burn people out, because they can’t really learn their character of choice, because every other week shit is different.

    I know that this a patch that the people asked for, and to be honest it was needed, but anymore updates to this shit without a perfect reason for doing so, and I’m done with this shit too -_-

  • marcusg

    I wonder what buffs Makoto will get. She better get buffs.

    • the mossad man

      -Throw invincible EX command grab like the rest of the cast who has a command grab
      -HK Tsurugi is now an overhead
      -EX Hayate now goes through Fireballs, but only travels 1/2 screen (so must Kara)
      -LP Oroshi startup now 5 frames (possible to combo off of standing HP)
      -c.LK startup reduced to 3 frames, and now rapid fire capable
      -Back dash reduced to 25 frames down from 27. Still cancellable @ 22 Frames. Still travels the same distance
      -LP Hayate 0f on block
      -All air normals are cancellable into Tsurugi, but formatted like C.Viper (eg, some only cancel on Neutral jump, some only cancel on forward jump)
      -Fukiage now hits grounded opponents
      -U1 Full animation off of Juggle (so its now possible for, in the corner, Karakusa, s.HP, HP Hayate, FADC, s.LP, s.MP, s.MP, EX Hayate, Fukiage, U1)
      -Super now also grants the ability to Parry, but loses the ability to block
      -Ultra 2 now fully invincible until the first active frame

      Yeah that just about covers everything [/trolling]

  • tod

    Selling a copy of Super SF4. Any takers?

    • Obanye

      Nah pretty sure everyone else isn’t a whiny quitter.

      • Poe22222


  • Grand ichi

    Kool.Im looking into using Chun in AE now and that U1 shit is annoying.Glad they trying to fix it.

  • Layson

    Most of these changes are good, i don’t agree with the post evo nerf on viper or the ken buffs.

  • nickdekline

    how about a nerf to players that run away all the time, if I had a dime for all the runaway Vipers and rushdown characters I’d be rich

  • Good guy

    Dan, T. Hawk, Hakan and Gen, those are the characters that need help ASAP, Capcom, make it right this time, those characters are in the bottom since ever.

    • SadismEngine

      Gen doesn’t need as much help as he need people who’ll just take the time to master him. Can’t tier what you don’t see.

  • SadismEngine

    Need to know those Juri changes…

  • Amerika

    I too believe Viper shouldn’t really be touched but there were buffs mixed in with the nerfs too so it’s not all bad. What I do find hilarious is the people who are acting as if she won’t play 99% the same way and not understanding that damage got shifted around as opposed to being completely taken away.

    “ALL MY HARD WORK DOWN THE DRAIN”…Really? That’s just stupid.

  • The 4th Letter

    Rumor has it that anybody who ISN’T in this list is going to be receiving MAJOR buffs or MAJOR nerfs.

    Deejay, Dudley, Gen, Dan, T-Hawk, Juri, Cammy, Abel, Adon, Cody, Guy, Sakura, Ibuki players rejoice

    Yun, Yang, Fei Long, Akuma, Evil Ryu, Oni players… FUCK YOUR LIFE!

    p.s. I made it all up. Stop crying.

  • Black-Toof

    @The 4th Letter
    I’m gonna cry cause even on your imaginary list you left out Gouken! :'(

    • AmigoOne

      i think that says a lot…… very shitty but just right out of being last… the worst place ever since no one pays attention.

  • Doc Strange

    This actually sounds good, I like that the buffs far outweigh the nerfs and I hope they keep this philosophy for everyone, it’s about time SF started up-balancing, instead of failing and down-balancing everyone whose pants aren’t puffy.

  • DeathGun

    [quote[If he hits S.RH counter hit on a crouching opponent he can combo sweep after it.[/quote]

    He already can do that in the current version. Learn the game, capcom..

  • adv1k

    feels like theyre changing shit willynilly

  • Eternal Darkness

    Please don’t touch Cammy too much. I love her to bits and she is perfect as she is.
    And hopefully in this rebalanace I can use Dudley again. For some reason in AE I just couldn’t use Dudley at all…

  • mosritemecha

    I don’t know why I even bother to read the comments on posts like this anymore since I know everyone will just cry, cry, cry. Come on folks. No matter WHAT they do, someone will bitch.


    Well, maybe so – but probably not just because of that. Remember that top level play with show a character in a light that a developer could never have foreseen. It’s not necessarily a matter of “oh, viper won, so she must be too good.” It’s more a matter of the developers being able to see ways she can be used and saying “hmm, we did not intend for it to go that far.”

    She’s getting slight nerfs that don’t affect the way she plays at all. Strong vipers will still clean up with her. It makes sense; since super, SF4 has been quite low damage, but viper can still do immense amounts of damage once she gets going. They are just bringing her down a little closer to the average damage level.

    And to think I felt it was worth celebrating that the VAST majority of the changes listed here are buffs. It sets a very good precedent and shows that Capcom are listening to the common “everything is getting nerfed to oblivion” complaint. Is every SRK poster going to agree with the particular buffs that were given? Obviously not. They can’t do that. But just be glad rebalancing the game again doesn’t mean everything is getting worse again.

    • Affliction

      Trust me, whatever character bodies daigo is gonna get nerfed. Seth and Viper. As a Viper main, i really dont care about the nerfs but why in the hell would they buff her bad matchups and nerf her?

      • klairvoiancy


  • SFighterlove

    Any word on when the next batch of information will be released? more specifically Gouken!

    • mosritemecha

      There should be updates all week, if I’m not mistaken.


    Concerning Viper I’m determined to kick ass with her and won’t complain about anything except fix her c. mk hitbox and make her standing mk controllable meaning back and mk makes it the vertical mk and neutral and forward is the standing horizontal mk. I’d love for this to happen, Capcom.

    • klairvoiancy

      I like this a lot. Never thought of “controllable” MK…

  • TrueFist

    As long as they Leave Gief and Honda alone I don’t give a shit. If anything Honda needs buffs.