News and Video Roundup – 8/21/11

By on August 21, 2011 at 10:09 pm
  • Planet Zero’s SBO qualifier for SSF4AE is over, with Hsien Chang and Banana Ken taking the spots. Congratulations, and we all wish you the best of luck in Japan.
  • Error1 discovered that in the PC version of SSF4AE, Oni has EX Air Dashes in his command file, but isn’t normally allowed to perform them. After modding the file to allow them, he put the results in a video.

  • Laurent Rossi completed a short original animation featuring Gouken vs Akuma. This is super bad-ass and will take less than a minute of your life to watch.

  • LiangHuBBB released Funny and Cool Moments episode 40, featuring SFxT and MK9 clips alongside the usual SF4-series fare.

  • ChocoBlanka did a short interview with Xian. Poongko makes an appearance as well.

  • mubress released a short Rufus combo video for SSF4AE.

  • Persona has a very damaging Spencer combo that you can perform if you can get Bionic Arm to trade with a cornered opponent (and you have five meters). Combo video stuff, but very cool.

  • Lordofultima put together a video filled with Evil Ryu gimmicks in SSF4AE.

[contributions to this roundup from Noel V]
  • Togakure Ninja

    Half of that Gouken video was credits.

    • PlayingKarrde

      Send him an email asking for your 30 seconds back.

  • Stumblebee

    Keits! We need an episode of WakeUp SRK at Evo 2k12! Inkblot thinks it’s a great idea! Make it happen!

  • shinquickman

    4:33 on the Funny and Cool moments had me ROFLing.

  • redmetal

    cha laaaaaa! head cha laaaaaaaa….

  • Riot Guard

    EVO and SBO still recognizing Planet Zero events?

    • Warpticon

      What does EVO have to do with anything?

      • arstal

        SBO will recognize whoever pays them.

        EVO is open qualification- it doesn’t matter.

        The real question is are these guys still banned by SRK? This shouldn’t have even been mentioned on this page personally- PZ scams should be ignored entirely, and the winners shouldn’t even be considered part of the US community.

        • fokkusuhaundo

          PZ has been trying to get back on the community’s good side since the event that they held where they invited John Choi and Tokido, but of course we’ll believe it when we see it.

          Neither Hsien nor Banana Ken are a part of the PZ and Houston scene, and they won the SBO spot, so that’s a start.


    are there any more SBO quals for usa?

  • Shindrah

    They should have left the ex air dashes in the game from the looks of it. Would give Oni the shenanigans he needs to be a good character.

    • ruff0123

      AE 2012.

      • mc-fine

        one can only hope. The air dash is pretty meh in its current form.

  • pootnannies

    that animation was bad-ass!

  • King9999

    4:52 of the cool and funny moments vid was just unfortunate. :rofl:

  • charlie88

    What about max’s assist me preview there is a HOT JILL thats definitely Front page worthy

  • huggiebear9710

    Lmao what is up with the porn music on E. Ryu’s vid?

    • Astar

      lol Right?

  • Lance Michaels

    This Oni is banned! Obviously though it would make him more legit if he had this. Hope he gets this in the new revision. (Also hoping that Balrog’s Dirty Bull is improved too.)

  • starmine92

    wait so there will be 4 usa teams for ae??

  • Matt C.

    Congrats to Banana Ken! Hope you kick ass in Japan, man!