Street Fighter: The Beast is Unleashed – 8-bit Remix

By on August 19, 2011 at 12:54 pm

Here’s a Friday treat for you all! How do you make the most famous fighting game moment in Street Fighter history better? You remix it 8-bit style!

EVO Moment #37 8-bit Remix

Presented by Shoryuken and Kineda!

EVO Moment #37 Original

  • Kapwan13

    I love this. I think we need this for PR Rog’s Level 3 Tron and other great Evo moments.

    • Deddjay

      I second that!! I’d love to see an 8-bit version of PR Rog’s lvl3.

  • Jasonx816

    I couldn’t stop laughing.

    • b3nz0r


      • Newtype_


  • DanAdamKOF

    Reminds me of when I was in middle school, and dreaming of a port of Third Strike to the NeoGeo Pocket Color (which was 16-bit but still). That joypad on it was the best…

  • DeaDshoTs

    I love the seating of the two players at the end, classic. hahah

  • MWisk_2

    Megaman style sprites can turn pure awesomeness into pure MAGIC! ^ ^

  • SNK_Forever2001


  • Reaper Vahn

    This… is amazing.

  • whodatninja

    gonna sound like a noob here but was that the last match of evo2k4 or were there more games to play afterwards?

    • Rioting Soul

      That wasn’t the grand finals. Daigo went on to play… RF… I think. It was a Yun player and he beat Daigo.

      • whodatninja

        i should have probably just looked up the 2k4 results, but thx all the same.

      • hismit

        He lost to KO at grand finals, RF was never a well-known 3rd player.

  • Raz0r

    The L train goes across town it never goes downtown.

  • Minerva_SC

    I never noticed the guy saying “3rd strike!” at the end till I watched this.

  • Sleazoid

    why is jwong so obese at the end lol

    • voodazz

      Historical accuracy? But yeah, he’s one huge sprite.

    • Karlito504

      lol he’s huuuuuge

    • The Game mario316

      justin was big back then….

  • Teh_Axi

    I don’t get it, it looks exactly the same?

  • broz0rs

    must be a jwong hater, he made him so god damn obese.

  • Kankuri

    I fell out of my chair when I saw Dan standing to the left.

    Good shit.

    • xero15

      rofl Im glad I’m not the only one who did that. It was priceless

  • Zallazor

    No one notices the Dan at the end?

  • aoneone

    Haha billiant!! Will you be doing mvc3 with viscant and that jaw dropping comeback by pr? Hahaha.

  • Theli

    Wasn’t Justin sitting on the floor? :p

    • TheFragile


  • chronocide

    hahaha adorable. should be next, imho.

  • ken123103

    lol at dan on the left hand side

  • Immortal Koi

    someone needs to make a MUGEN game using these 8 bit sprites

  • eperelez

    LMAO! Amazing! 😀

  • LeeRockU

    Better than the original.

  • Hogosha

    Dan is, hands-down, the best part of that video. Too good.

    • glenburg89

      Okay, I’m not the only one that noticed Dan.
      Wow, this video made my day!
      SRK should do an 8-bit remix for every famous moment in Evo history!

  • NervousTwitchyGuy

    This is all kinds of awesome, brilliant and godlike.

  • Nuts


  • Enumasam

    Epic video but how much more does Justin have to live this moment down? He probably JUST now stopped having knightmares of this moment.

    • Affliction

      Yeah sure but we know J. Wong is godlike!!! Never give up part 1 on mvc2 was amazing and so was Never Give Up part 2 on mvc3 at Evo this year.

  • Revek

    i love how he even did the way the tv flashes when its recorded with a camera

  • GomuGomu

    Tbh I was expecting 8-bit music to go with it as well. Great video though.

  • booda

    Yeah, Mega Man sprites are cool…

  • ziggybgw

    Funny Stuff. Me Likey.

  • Saionide

    I wanted to see an 8-bit justin wong mashing while doing chun li super

  • KomboKaze

    Like how kineda got all the details , even down to the whiffed grab

  • skooboy74

    dope.. lol

  • YanDaMan

    I love how fat they made Justin in his 8bit version LMAO.

  • Stuart Hayden

    Jwong probably doesn’t even care about this moment anymore. He and Daigo probably get annoyed as hell everytime people bring it up. It happened 7 years ago. Move on.

    Also, Daigo didn’t even win that EVO. KO destroyed him with Yun in the finals.

  • Diernes

    hahaha awesome

  • donsanity

    8-bit Epicness

  • Amoni

    @45: Typical Daigo haters. What kind of destroy was that when Daigo lost 3-2. Lol.

    And funny thing is that Daigo lost to K.O twice in the Evo Grand Final, 2003 and 2004, yet he kick K.O ass in SBO 2005 Final, making K.O until know, one of the 3rd strike gods along with RX that has not ever won SBO.

    P/S: Sorry for my English, not my native language

    • Stuart Hayden

      What? I don’t hate Daigo. I just don’t ride his nuts. I think he’s a great player. But I don’t nut ride top players because it’s a fucking video game.

      • Amoni

        If you dont hate him, then why would you made up that “destroyed” thing. Prob Wong fan.

        • Stuart Hayden

          Wow. You are so retarded. Why do I have to be a fan boy of a player in order to say something? I just enjoy the game. If a player is good a player is good. I don’t dick ride because it’s fucking dumb.

    • Detox_RXT

      There is nothing funny in what you say, and as the top players say “anything can happen.” But you know what is funny ? comparing Kenzo to daigo in 3rd strike…..

  • CannonSpike

    Quite possibly the best thing I have ever seen. Ever.

    • Stuart Hayden

      there are better ones out there. the only reason that makes this video good is the crowd reaction. watch Pyrolee vs. AMF.

  • Veoshock

    Lmao. nicee vid

  • igniz13

    What’s moment #37 ?

  • Mr.Chang

    Where’s Justin’s impossible comeback in MvC2 with Cyclops?

  • Cereal and Milk

    Anyone noticed dan from sf4 on the left of the 8bit

    • Turbo2Tone

      Dan from SF4? You mean Dan from Street FIghter. Dan came in Alpha 1. It is a minor detail, but it does sounds weird.

      Also LMAO at people watching this for the first time in 2011.

      • The Game mario316

        and saying stuff like that lol…

  • araider08

    Yeah… Dan’s definitely from SF Alpha…

  • BORS

    Mega epic!

  • Gonzo

    this gives me chills every time i watch it XD

  • pootnannies

    holy….. freaking awesomeness!

  • liana-c

    You guys should seriously consider recreating some more ‘8bit Moments’ for EVO 2012! 😛


    pro as fuck!

  • James Manning

    It gave me chills even in 8-bit.

  • DemonDukk

    So incredibly awesome! More 8bit moments please!!!

  • Jberry05

    LET’S GO JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!

  • RedMist

    I think this is the best thing I have ever seen in my life!!!! Can someone now make a playable 8-bit version?

  • DR Jam


    It looks ever better in 240p.