UMvC3 – Dr. Strange and Nemesis!

By on August 16, 2011 at 2:06 am

The Gamescom trailer for two new characters has made it’s way on to the internet. Dr. Strange and Nemesis make their way into Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Be on the lookout for gameplay trailers later on today.

Ninja Edit: And there they are!

  • Dragoomba



    • Airtola


    • Panic Ave


    • JTSNOW6

      OMG THIS!!!!!!

      The new characters look fucking SICK btw!! X-Factor Oroboros FTW!!!!!!

      • Stitchking

        Uroboros didn’t show up til RE5. Nemesis was in RE3.

        • Valaris

          Ouroboros is Strider’s level 3 super.

          • UltimateKisame27

            I thought his level 3 was Ragnarok O_o

          • MegaMettaurX

            v Ragnarok and Ouroborus are both his level 3. He has more than one.

        • Spectaa

          Relevant infos for the win.

      • Brucewest85

        Thank god i was waiting for this =) they both look godlike. Nemesis with his 80% combos and Dr. Strange they look crazy!

    • Vector_C

      Also this. Both of them look so good. Some of the new moves look cool too like She-Hulk’s lamp post. Now I only have one problem with all of this…

      How am I supposed to go to sleep, now?!

      • Brucewest85

        C VIPER HAS LASERS!!!!!???!!!!?!?!?

        • maChubbyBeaver


          The Doc looks amazing and hot damn those Ouroboros are fast in X-factor..

  • Airtola

    STRAAAAANGE!!!! *nerdgasm*

  • Gorehound


    Awesome to the Max!

    Oh Crap!

    Dr Strange is going to be the new Mags and Nemesis is the new Q from 3s :O

  • xero15

    wow viper is now cyclops and captain commando? dumb… in a good way

    • F0xhound009

      if u think viper is captain commando you are fooling yourself. word on the street is Phoenix Wright is gonna be mvc3’s captain commando because he’s gonna be callin out helpers to assist him for his move sets

      p.s. Dr. Strange looks awesome, Nemesis looks alright

      • xero15

        who said anything about helpers? I was referring to her optic blast and the fact her seismic hammer, which I heard was suppose to hit higher now. Other than that she plays NOTHING like the two.

        • Shaeknbaek

          What you said is that she was both characters and that means everything. So yep, you said helpers. One move =/= another character.

  • Freakmasta

    Nemesis is HUGE!! He wasn’t THAT big in RE3. But disappointed he doesn’t say STARS.

    • MisguidedAngel

      He’ll say it when he’s up against Jill, or Chris. Dur!

      • Spectaa

        If he says stars against everyone it will be dumb and lame.

    • Doc Strange

      I wasn’t expecting much from Nemesis, but he is looking awesome. I only wish he’d put his bazooka away when he wasn’t using it. Don’t know why it bothers me.

  • Takari

    Nemesis and Strange!! Who would have thought?!

    Nemesis looks nastyyyyy, I like it.

    • Takari

      Also, yay for gameplay!

  • frustratedsquirrel

    Nemesis is fucking sick as hell. Or maybe I’m just biassed because I called his level 3.

  • LosCakes

    To use a much over-used but much too appropriate line: My body is ready.

  • Dios


  • bpunk

    DR Strange is tooo cool to look at explosions

  • Takari

    Well, that Strange video is disappointing. He gets beat up right at the start and only returns at the very end with his Lvl 3… Nemesis’ is done so much better. Ah well, get hype anyways!

  • IceKitsune

    Strange looks like hes going to be really,really good. Will have to give him a try.

    • Mad Mistress

      How do you get a custom pic on here?

      • King Sky

        I believe you have to pay for a certain type of membership for that

        • Zmoney2006


      • xesaie and sign in with your email.

        It’s buggy as hell though.

        • Pedosmile

          The stupidity is tremendous

  • tortonon

    Like I dreamed since MvC2.

    I now main Doctor Strange, no matter if he turns out good or bad.
    By the looks of it, he is also quite awesome. 😀


    • InfamousElement

      I hear ya. Out of the 12 characters they announced only ones that interested me the most was Dr. Strange and then vergil. Can’t wait to main him too.

  • Mad Mistress


  • b3nz0r

    Digging the aircraft carrier type stage. Nice and bright but not too busy. Good stuff.

    • b3nz0r

      Burning Wesker’s Lab looks sick too.


  • Tinacious

    Nemesis…I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

    • bitCrusher

      you dont have to see much hentai at all to know where its going, LOL

    • TooItchy

      you’ve seen enough hentai? That isn’t possible!

  • BiGGDaddyCane


    • InfamousElement

      I second that lol

    • GuyWithNoHat

      I could not have wished for a better Doctor Strange, hes a perfect adaptation to his comic ego.

  • NeoTeTsuo

    So hyped for this game now Dr Strange looks awesome, and Nemesis looks amazing.

  • Robo-mitsu

    Dem Level 3’s… Holy shit…

  • Digital Masta

    Dr. Strange is going to get picked up by everyone. And I’ll be one of them.

  • Lazerproof

    Dr. Strange…everything i want in a character…zoning…speed, projectile crossups, and his assist….ooooo yeah….anti air for Dormammu baby!…but his health has me worried…a single combo from that BEHEMOTH named NEMESIS dam near killed em outright no xfactor. All i know.. i’ma have 3 teams.. Team Triple D’s (Dr. Strange, Dormammu, Dr. Doom), Team Resident Evils (Wesker, Chris, Nemesis, and sometimes Jill), and Team Rocket Raccoon (Rocket Raccoon and whoever dares assist him in his most EPIC of journeys into the fighting game universe.)

  • MREX

    Dr. Strange looking great, looks like he had some Trish style traps and a teleport and an awesome mystic kit!

  • tortonon

    And what about the reflector and firing at it for the bounce projectile?!


  • Soplox


    Dr. Strange has an OTG super pretty much like Zero’s Rekoha thats nice!

  • tali

    still waiting for ken

    • frustratedsquirrel

      troll of the day award goes to…

  • defghui

    what the flying fuck?
    viper has optic blast now?

    and doom’s molecular shield cant block shit anymore?

    fuck it im done with this game

    • Dude130

      “Doom’s molecular shield cant block shit anymore?”

      Use the block button & stop being lazy jeez.

      • Juece

        There’s a block button? Holy shit!

        • Panic Ave

          Fucking lol’d

        • Dude130

          holding back on the arrows on the D-pad depending on which side your on.

      • Exalted-1

        Because unnecessary nerfs will always be defended by some ppl. Like they are scoring points with Capcom or some shit. And how is pulling a move out lazier than holding block anyways lol

        • Dude130


          Scoring points has nothing to do with it. This dude is mad because he can’t block with that move anymore so he’s done with the game instead of holding block the old fashion way.

      • Shaeknbaek

        Because you can block during Molecular Shield.

    • CharlieNashTooEasy

      Actually I think it’s a buff for Morrigan’s Soul Fist special move. That and Doom is getting super buffed in UMVC3. So stop crying.

    • Chindogg

      That’s Morrigan’s new fireball move. It beats out pretty much all projectiles and eats meter. Stop being a scrub and learn some new tricks.

      • Nooneyouknow

        Doom’s rocks only have 4 durability(4 rocks at 1 each) once they’re in the air like that, Soul Fist would beat it now.

  • ProjectNeo2501

    Nemesis reminds me more of Venom’s gameplay than Q.

    • xero15

      Nah too slow. Only few similarities

    • roosterIllusion

      Yea I can see the animation similarities there. Fingers crossed he turns into the Capcom Sentinel. Fingers crossed soooooooo haaaarrrdddd

  • Dragon Of The East

    I hope They announce more at NYC Fight Club, If not I wonder when is the next Announcement.

    I’m eager to see – Vergil, Nova, & Iron Fist. I don’t really care about the rest.

    • vinylricci

      This all day.

    • Exalted-1

      Yea I have such high hopes for Nova

  • Akusoru

    Nemesis does SO MUCH DAMAGE. me and him are gonna be new best buds :D. can’t wait to see Vergil and Iron Fist

  • OnlyWingedAngel

    It’s 6:23AM,i’ve been up all night.

    this was worth it…STARS!!! STARRSSSS!!!

  • DaFeetLee
    • Akusoru

      whoa whoa whao now….Dr. Strange has a shit ton more than he does on those videos here : O. he looks like The Sorcerer Supreme he should be.

    • Vector_C

      Thank you!

  • tortonon

    Like I suspected on the first vid it shows.

    He has a projectile counter-hyper.

    That is just awesome. No more chip from lvl3 xfactor with dem random hypers.


      unless you don’t have super bars and get chipped to death 🙁

    • Tetszuru

      I’ve genuinely been wondering when they were going to do that. A projectile super only makes sense when considering the all physical supers I whore so hard.

  • elboborey

    Should have been Mr. X instead of Nemesis. Mr. X is the best Resident Evil villian after Wesker.

    • Substantial

      It wasn’t titled Resident Evil 2: Mr. X for a reason.

    • gammabolt17

      Nemesis is actually a more perfected version of Mr. X. Mr. X is nowhere near as smart as Nemesis, and he also has no personality.

  • Surfer87


    Dr. strange looks BADASS, WOW !!!!

    • InfamousElement

      Hell ya he does.

    • MegaMettaurX

      Now you know why Dormammu is so good. He has to fight Dr. Strange so many times.
      Now if Shuma Gorath wasn’t so ass.

  • tortonon

    Ok, no one said it, I’ll go and say it:


    • Pete278

      We already knew about that, for quite some time. Its qcf+s for the meter stealing one.

    • Panic Ave

      Yeah. It seems it has quite a bit of startup compared to her regular Soul Fist. Or at least I’m hoping, otherwise there’s no reason to not spam it. ._. Awesome Phoenix counter, fucking annoying otherwise.

      • NyuBomber

        What we DIDN’T know is that it seems to be MEGA-durable, it literally ate through Doom’s Molecular Shield!

        • Nooneyouknow

          Doom had already launched the rocks, that’s 4 at 1 point each. Normal Soul Fist already has 5.

      • efex23

        also an awesome phoenix anti snap in counter 😉

  • redmetal

    goodbye gravity squeeze, hello hoary hosts of hoggoth!

  • quartercirclebk

    Glad to see Hsien-Ko still getting destroyed without being able to land a hit in that second vid. I know it’s “trailer quality” players, but still…

  • orochizoolander

    Nemesis taking out 2/3 of leilei’s life with a simple 8 hit magic series LOL and people thought sent did too much damage in vanilla.

    On the other hand strange’s peach rings tracking+teleport mixups look nasty and he even has a super that beast sodium force wow.

    • ZeroX03

      It’s a counter hyper.

  • ukyo_rulz

    I’m hype for the new moves and balance changes… but I don’t really like any of the new characters,

  • akuma31

    Team Resident Evil just got a huge boost. Hell fuckin yeah! Oh and I’m picking up Dr Strange for sure. He looks way too good.

  • GoldfishX

    Dr. Strange might well be the new Phoenix. So many tricks. I’ll give him a try, most def.

    Nemesis looks like he might be occupying the garbage tier. I really didn’t see anything from him and he got zoned out hard by the Ghost Rider player.

    Um, and less damage please? Or I guess, more health please? People were dying faster in these videos than they were in the earlier ones.

    • frustratedsquirrel

      Sentinel isn’t garbage tier is he? Nemesis seems to have a lot of what makes Sentinel good outside of flight. Don’t tell me you didn’t see that full-screen jumping normal he has right? Not to mention the damage, huge aerial hitboxes, and a fullscreen OTG super that leaves him in a prime position to X-factor and kill anybody.

      People were dying faster in this video because Nemesis hits like a Truck and Dr. Strange has poor HP, I’ll bet.

      • roosterIllusion

        You sir, are awesome. Strange may have some nifty tricks, but Nemesis looks easily capable of taking down a lot of the cast with one simple punish. Can’t forget about those tentacle command grabs a-la super skrull that lead to a ground booounnncceee. It looks like he’s even got Chris level health instead of sentinel health. People are going to die. A lot.

    • Zmoney2006

      Personally I find Strange what a proper Phoneix without the whole DP transformation characteristics and normal health would be like. I think if we had an option for a normal, non-transforming Phoenix with average health, these two would be counters to one another. Each with their own toolsets for taking the other out. And man… those two on a team… YO! lol

      • efex23

        cosigned bro. A strange/ phoenix looks dope . who u gonna kill first ? strange and risk dark phoenix or jean and risk the eye of agamotto lol

  • TheDarkPhoenix

    Very impressed. Game looks like it gonna be much more balanced as far as effective zoning and rush down goes.

  • Bellbane

    Seems like they copied Magneto/Sentinel moveset made Dr.Strange/Nemesis …

  • NyuBomber

    So hype for both these guys.

    The damage is still too high though. D: All in favor of making Low damage the tourney standard?

  • del1rium

    I like the subtle changes to the announcer (seriously!)…

    • MartianOrbit


  • RidianFable

    Dr. Strange looks like white jesus

  • Josh-TheFunkDOC

    i like how they can’t decide on what name to use for the gargoyle. red arremer imo…it just isn’t firebrand without the demon’s crest powers

  • MrTIM

    Keits, you haven’t actually linked the character trailers.

    • MrTIM

      lol, why did I assume Keits posted this?

  • DarklingSinx

    LOL! Dr,Strange lv 3 Power Ranger special

  • efex23

    i can see it now strange/any other projectile character/phoenix which one u gonna kill first ? lol

  • Zmoney2006


    I am not one for large, cumbersome characters (hence my turnoff towards Sentinel) but I know for a FACT that I will definitely be maining Nemesis on point for at least one of my teams. With all the big characters in this game never once until now have I watched and heard a hit from them that actually sounded and FELT like there was real power behind the hit. When Nemesis hits, YOU FEEL THAT HIT! Plus unlike another main of mine (no names shall be mentioned) it doesn’t feel like he can be easily zoned and have a 0/10 matchup against anyone with even the slightest mobility. (*cough* mayor *cough*). SOOOO looking forward to NOvember. Gonna have me a “Big and Bad” team (Nemesis, Haggar, Sent… nah HULK!!!)

    • sumoslamman

      You took the words right out of my mouth! Give me a Hulk Gamma Tsunami DHC into Nemesis’ rocket hyper which puts the big mother RIGHT BACK IN THEIR FACE! I cannot even express how amazing that hyper looks. It hits OTG from a screen away and then gets him in close for more mix-ups? So awesome.

  • Zmoney2006

    Oh also, I can tell already that ghost rider mains are gonna be HELLA annoying with the full chain whip zoning combined with a zoning assists like Strange/Sentinel. Imma need to make me a teleportation team to counter.

    Also, Dr. Strange’s Level 3… Most epic way to finish a match of all time! OF ALL TIME!!!

  • Slayerslice

    Dr. Strange is Rose-like from SSF4, like his level 3 is very similar to Rose U1, when he turns around and expodes behind him

    • MegaMettaurX

      Lol, No. No it’s not. Stranges level 3 looks nothing like Rose’s U1.

  • x_Rock_Lee_x

    Awesome, can’t wait for the rest of the crowd, Nova/Iron Fist

  • Raging StormX

    That was tight as hell……but I am leaving my excitement for Vergil and Iron Fist.

  • Krimson Cheshire

    That was just naaaaasty! Looking forward to this even moreso now. Would love to see a build with an updated HUD, though.

  • Evaded_Death

    Holy shit this is awesome.

  • MasoDx

    LOL the overall big dmg is still there .
    Wtf with C.viper and his eye shooting laser ?

    Nemesis seems to have dmg similar to vanilla sentinel . basic combo removing more than half life on most charecters

  • Vidness

    Real gangstas don’t watch explosions!

  • Xisorz

    When did Cyclops let Viper borrow his powers ?

  • RaHavic

    I knew Dr. Strange would come out high tier, whatever that move is he used to crumple Strider at the end looked messed up, and the zoning ability with teleports + traps??!?! Good god. He might replace someone on my team day 1. Still curious on if he flies though, you would think so no?

    • RaHavic

      Him + Doom who I already main = <3

  • Cylith

    I’m a HUGE fan of Dr. Strange (next only to Captain America) and i can’t wait to use him!! Oh and I hope that as an alternate costume, they have his Long Coat of Levitation. Here is a link to its design.

  • Cyphen

    Man, I really hope that Dr. Strange gets a Dr. Orpheus costume…

    • xesaie

      That… would be brilliant.

  • Vinyl_Ricci

    Yes lawd

  • xesaie

    I still hope he gets crimson bands outside of his level 3 (although maybe they kept them out so he wasn’t TOO magnetoish)

    it also looks like his prisms don’t actually hit… I wonder how many can be out. (also lol@3 projectiles so far, sword, bouncy shot, homing disks)

    • Chaos Dimension

      5 Projectiles. Swords (That also seem to have a swiss-cheesish rapid hit up close). The eye of agamotto light sphere thing. The pouncy Prism thing. The twin lightning attacks. AND Homing Disks.

      November couldn’t come sooner, man..

  • Deps

    Dr Strange looks AWESOME. Love his GG Venom style orb projectiles.

  • LegendaryDJ

    Nemesis looks straight up beastly, and Strange is so tight.

  • Tiger_Claw

    DR. strange looks really cheap

  • SiriusBlack

    Nemesis looks like he’s going to get raped by every character with an instant overhead, but nonetheless looks like an interesting character.

    Dr. Strange looks like a complete character with every possible tool and it looks like he’ll have a lot of spells to play with which is awesome, similar to Dorm powering up liberation.

    • nameingway

      learn to block, jump, and/or pushblock? nemesis seems like a great addition to the current roster of characters and the lack of big dude representation has me wanting to check him out.

  • DemonDukk

    Strange will definitely be a favorite among players, much like Mags or Doom are. Nemesis looks kinda cool. Either way, with every announcement I get more pumped. Can’t wait for Iron Fist! Loving Ghost Rider too.

  • saowhit

    They’re both so sick! Dr. Stranger seems like hes gonna be totally annoying to play against, i love it

  • eat the cookies

    Nemesis does so much damage that quite frankly its ridiculous. In his reveal trailer, check out how much damage he does to Dormammu with just two rockets. I’m hype.

  • Darksteel

    Strange looks fucking scary, Nemesis looks kinda meh TBH.

  • Kankuri

    1:50 @ Video 3

    Now I see why Ouroboros is a level 3 Hyper. Just…damn.

    OT: I’m hyped as hell for Doctor Strange. Dude looks like he has a toolset that is set up to rape anything thrown at him.

  • Young and Reckless

    This looks fuckin’ tight as hell. My only concern is how fucked will Magnus be in Ultimate?

    • Deps

      Magnus is better in Umvc3 than he is now.

  • Teh_Axi

    Dr Strange looks completely homo. Its no wonder you guys go nuts for Kayo

    And LuLz at Nems tentacle rape hyper.

  • lesiothain

    Great to finally see Morrigan’s absorb fireball in action, looks like she’ll be the ultimate (dark) phoenix killer.

    OPTIC BLAST !!! Hell Yeah

  • Chaos Dimension

    Oh man I nerdgasm’d all over the place watching that.

    Dr Strange is definitely mained but… I’m really not feeling how it seems to take no effort to wipe out characters. I mean look at how easily Hawkeye and Strange get own’d in one bnb.

    Still.. OMFG STRAANNGE. He looks nice and challenging to play.

    • TooItchy

      Yes. Damage is too fucking high in this game. Capcom is lying when they say only 5 or so characters had health changes/damage is the same. Damage was either raised, or every single character has almost no health. This is not ok, What is the point of actually learning characters combos now, when everyone dies in 2 magic series?

  • Vastago


  • Suppage

    I’m hype for Strange legitimately now. Dr. Strange/Dr. Doom/Nova team.

    And there’s no denying the sick color combination of Dr. Strange/Magneto blue primary+red cape.

  • NotsyFTW

    nemesis is going to make me cry 🙁

  • booda

    Did anyone else see Strange lay a trap and shoot a fireball to it?

    • MegaMettaurX

      Yes. You’re talking about the thing that made the fireballs hit from behind right? I had to watch that twice, because it was too amazing.

      • booda

        He throws a red one, then a yellow one, then it looks like the yellow one turns into a fireball and travels to the red one then to Akuma.

        Then in his trailer, he throws three yellow ones and they all connect somehow and a purple beam comes out.

        Dr. Strange = wtf?

        • xShonuffx

          He is a projectile counter character. In MvC3 thats a PLUS.

          Sorry Hsien Ko but if I don’t see anything unique by you soon your getting replaced. It was a nice journy to 3rd Lord with you though.

  • Doc Strange

    Confirmed: Strange mains Mu in BB.

    • Soviet Afro

      Strange is going to be sick if he has flight, an 8 way airdash AND that teleport with all of the stuff he has going on the screen.

      Nemesis looks like he’s gonna be pretty nasty with a good protective assist to make people not press so many buttons (like Hulk/iron man B-repulser blast in vanilla)


    MORE NINJA EDITS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KowtowRobinson

    Goddamnit, Dr. Strange should have been in from the start. I want to play him but I can’t give Capcom my money after they blatantly lied to us and basically called us stupid right to our faces.

  • TooItchy

    Yep, again, the damage is way too fucking high in this game/the health is way too low. I’m not OK with a game that basically rewards ABCS BBCS without a super, 80% damage. Capcom needs to fucking wise up, real quick and give everyone their health back because this scrub friendly game just got 1000x more scrub friendly.

    Oh, and Nemesis+Strange do look fuckin sick, but what’s the point of actually learning characters anymore, a simple magic series practically kills now. Goodbye actual combos…

    • MrTIM

      A simple magic series from NEMESIS practically kills, you mean. Not from most of the cast.

  • boogityboy

    Nemesis totally looks like a Hulk with a projectile. Which is good cuz the big guys have always been my fav in marvel games (Hulk, Colossus, Juggernaut)

  • Malal

    Strange looks so good…
    I bet his bounce projectiles give him great reset or even unblockable setups with certain assists. And maybe a good way to abuse phoenix transform 🙂

    And for Nemesis, his gameplay looks like he devoured hulk and dhalsim. 😛

  • boyonweed

    LOOOOOOOOOOVE the new attacks and characters, and pretty much everything about this game.


    The first 24 seconds of that first trailer (Gamescom) were pure homo. Bunch of rainbow silhouettes and gaybar energy-beat music. I swear Japan just can’t make good soundtracks for fighting games anymore. Someone bring back the guys that did KoF ’96, Toshinden 2, Street Fighter EX and Psychic Force 2 because this new-wave shit is awful. It’s got no fighting spirit, heart or even coherent melody.

    Also, Dr. Strange’s neutral position looks 99% like Storm (look at the feet) and Nemesis stands too upright and looks stiff (like Wesker) which is very unlike his depicted posture in Resident Evil 3, a game that I’m sure only 6 people on have played for longer than 10 minutes. Recycled 3D-model bullshit for new characters sounds just like something Capcom would do these days.

    • frustratedsquirrel

      The music’s fine. You’re just old.

    • darth_nevermore

      shut uuupppp!

      you whine to much, nemesis looks fine,he always walked tall and this is from someone who finished re3 about 5 times.

    • TooItchy

      Wow, a little homophobic are we? Or is that your hatred of your hidden sexual tendencies being taken out on a video game trailer. I’m going to assume the latter, as will anyone who reads your comment. Embrace yourself, you’ll be a much happier person.

  • Defilus

    I was really hoping nemesis would be a great character, and I’m not disappointed yet. A hyper that goes THROUGH other hypers?! And that rocket combo/stomp hyper? The command grabs? Projectiles?! November CANNOT come soon enough.

  • CaptainFran

    Dr. Strange = Magneto on Viagra

  • Diernes

    New characters look fucking retarded (bar strider) thanks capcom but I am not falling for this shit a second time.

    • joker101

      You fascinate me.

      • Bomberman3000

        Don’t worry, he’ll turn around and buy this the moment it comes out like everyone else, and then troll some moar!!

    • TooItchy

      lol, doctor strange looks amazing, incredibly creative playstyle, amazing character design. And Nemesis is fucking NEMESIS. He is awesome.

  • Tetszuru


  • Budukai

    “Yield Dormammu you are defeated”

  • Cuuri

    Can’t wait to play Dr. Strange, he looks like fun.

    I hope they’ll make all 3 lifebars readable before release, maybe drop the bling overkill on the X while they are at it.

  • o0shane0o

    LMAO!!!On the last vid Hulk comes in and says Hulk Sma……………Nemesis is like aaahhhhhh Shud up!!!

  • Cuuri

    Looks like Strange can create an unblockable by attacking from both sides by shooting at his own orbs.

    • frustratedsquirrel

      blocking doesn’t work like that in this game. As long as you block the point character you can block any projectile coming from behind.

  • ThreeSided

    Nemesis looks boring as shit. There’s nothing interesting about him! All they did was make him another short-but-high-damage-comboer like hulk. Personally, I think they should have made him a very slow, surprisingly combo-oriented character with may quick, low damage tentacle attacks that combo easily, maybe one that OTGs, and then several EXTREMELY powerful moves that cause wall/ground bounces to extend the combo, but also therefore end it if you use them more than once.

    • frustratedsquirrel

      Um, you just kind of described him. His tentacle attacks are quick, fullscreen. He has some slow, but very powerful rushing wallbounce strikes that lead into combos and end if you use them more than once. He also has several ranged command grabs, and an OTG super, as well as a super that goes through hyper armor. Did you even watch all the videos? Including the third one they didn’t post here?

  • FighterX

    Strange looks awesome~! He has met my expectations thus far.

  • obey

    Both characters look amazing. HYPE.

  • Scapegoat

    Eat Chain

  • tempbast

    oh man, i was gonna sleep, but now I’m hyped.

  • Emdimian

    NEMESIIIIIIIS!!!! Who’s that other guy? OH is he that guy from scooby-dooh? YES the one with the book. Awsm.

  • Cylith

    Shouldn’t Dr. Strange’s lv 3 Be the the Light of Agamotto? In the comic it was his last resort/ultimate spell.

  • hensin-go-go

    oh gosh give me vergil NOW!

  • CharlieKun

    Imagine the hype there would have been if we DIDN’T know what characters we have coming. Really sucks that Capcom failed to keep the lid on things…

    oh well..


    • voodazz

      Pimp enough to give Nemesis a mystic pimp slap!

  • Bloodnova

    —> request: Juggy and Cable please hell even Bishop would be cool. But Seriously I think that Capcom is giving us what we want as far as the characters are concerned however we have to understand that this is not just a game for the fans but a game made by developers who are fans as well of other Capcom and Marvel content. I think its a bit selfish to talk down on characters like RR and Firebrand when they are providing you with a decent roster of your choice to begin with let alone new VS content. To be honest I never thought I would see another Marvel vs game again given the length of time between games and the popularity of CVS2 and SF4 I just assumed that we would be getting a Capcom vs Tekken which I was right or Guilty Gear. No real complaints from me here i am happy with whatever…..ok maybe just a little more Darkstalker love would be nice :).

  • Tiger_Claw

    strange is not gonna be as good as we think. he doesn’t seem to have air dashes or double jump.

    his main air fireball is kinda terrible by itself. he needs to set multiple glyphs to make the fireball effective, and without air dashes or a double jump he’ll have trouble making his little maze of glyphs to make his fireball more effective. then the glyphs disappear after being used by a fireball.

    he seems like he can get rushed down for free.

    • Splash_d0sh

      He also doesn’t seem to do all _that_ much damage. In the third video he only took about half of Dante’s health off before the X-Factor.

    • Baconman

      I second this. He most likely be in the upper half of the roster, but it seems like his list of options ia like a piece of swiss cheese…There are some pretty big holes, especially in some key areas.