SSF4AE – Multi Character Combo Exhibition

By on August 9, 2011 at 2:08 pm

Entitled “DreamKing Combo Video #3”, Dreamking brings us a wonderful Arcade Edition combo exhibition that displays pretty unique and entertaining combos for a huge variety of characters. The video is recorded without lifebars or super meters showing, so if it wasn’t already clear, these are not performed for damage. The bars were removed for a more cinematic feel, and the combos are meant to show what is possible. Dreamking included a combo transcript in the video description as well.

  • sf4answers

    Anything that uses Nujabes work, especially from Samurai Champloo is pure win.

    • Zallazor

      Beat me to it…

    • K.O.

      Glad to see people know what’s up with dat Nujabes.

  • Kaizer Rose

    great combos, great music, plus a transcript. what more could you ask for?

    • Zuly

      Health bars and damage data? :I

  • Minerva_SC

    Great song……..that doesn’t fit the video at all. You had a lot to choose from too, smh…

    • alvare

      I agree, Nujabes (RIP) would be better in a CvS2 combo vid, SSF4AE is too 3D for this music.

  • caiooa

    chrono trigger sleep time in the end?
    loved this

  • samirerre

    why wont this game just die

    • Fllexo

      Oh, silly… Video games aren’t alive.

    • Travis Epic

      I’m digging those Sagat Combos

  • Ajtucker22

    Mmm…. that SMRPG opening.

    • b3nz0r

      THAT’S where that’s from. I was going crazy trying to figure it out.

  • kogonagi

    omg some one used the ending credits from smurai champloo. don’t care if it is a song from a recording artist. i just noticed because i was watching both at the same time. wtf

  • KempoMan

    Seriously? This music is SHITE.

    • PKSkyler

      Do you mean THE shit? Cuz yeah, if you dont like Nujabes theres something wrong with your soul.

      You do know that he does the greatest beats ever, and that this is one of the few songs where someone was singing over it rather than rapping?

  • TearsOfTheSky

    Came for the Chun, stayed for the Shiki No Uta.

  • CoXLaP6

    deejay is the only one without an intro… when will the racism stop!!?

    • dallencore

      he did get one though, no racism…

  • AmigoOne

    Everybody getting boners just cause its Nujabes..
    It’s a good song.
    But it doesn’t fit, anyone who thinks otherwise is lying to themselves.

    • Nitro263

      It doesn’t fit, but Shiki no Uta is a wonderful song, and the end theme to one of the greatest anime in recent memory, so I don’t care.

  • Hace

    Turning lifebars off is actually a really good idea for combo videos, I wish more did that.

  • Ironreaver7

    samurai Champloo music loved that shit

  • JgBeast

    good video. R.I.P nujabes