World Premier: “Moments”

By on August 8, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Tournament players, casual gamers and spectators all know – Sunday is the day at the EVO World Finals in Las Vegas. The third film of three that Richard Li produced is an inside look at the excitement and range of emotions that takes place on the final day of the tournament.

For each game, it brings 8 unique players together, representing themselves, communities and oftentimes their countries in front of the eyes of a sea of fellow competitors and fans. With so much on the line, including huge prize pots, affirmation of talent and the priceless value of community respect, it culminates into a perfect storm of energy that rarely ever is reproduced. Whether you were right there live in the ballroom or 10,000 miles away watching on the live stream, spend a few minutes to relive these EVO moments from a unique perspective that are absolutely indescribable.

Miss the first two films? Check out “Hype” and “Community” here.

Interested in creating a film? Contact the director Richard Li at hedayli [at]

  • Nuts

    Another great short. That makes 3 for 3.

  • RaHavic

    SO HYPE! Best one yet. (of course until next year lol)

  • nicknacknob

    Just made an account to say how amazing this was. awesome, awesome, awesome. nuff said

  • witebuddha

    I’m enjoying these, I’m trying to collect a few good ones to show a friend of mine who’s interested in going to a major just to see what it’s like.

  • jaib83

    Love this video, i almost cried,,,,,,,jaja

  • Master Chibi

    This was the best of three by far.

    No words, all heart.



    What was the deal with the one guy standing up by himself at 0:49 looking like “what the fuck” and then turning around to look at the crowd behind him?

    I remember being the one to do that at ECT when some real Phoenix bullshit went down, and stood up like “WHAT THE SHIT” and then I turned around to look at the crowd because I felt like I was the only person in the entire ballroom acknowledging the huge amounts of bullshit that just happened in front of all of us but nobody made a peep as if it were legit. It was like staring at soulless cows.

    • starmine92

      i dont know what that was about but that was the best part of the vid

  • Tokairu

    So I’m the only person that the plethora of recycled shots bothered?

    No wonder you guys are hyped for UMvC3 lol

  • Demon Jim

    All of these shorts are some of the best mini films I have ever seen. Big props to the director.

  • jo_who_jokevin

    i like how this movie doesn’t need words to describe the hype of the moments

  • Thirtyfour

    Spooky looks like a beast

  • WindNinjaDW

    How about that Latif?

  • SonicKaos

    I just want to see Poongko’s full “intro” if you will to the Diago match lol. That was hilarious, and got the crowd so hype for the match.

  • mPariah

    As good as these videos are, they’d be a lot better if they’d stop using the same footage over and over again.

    • joker101

      Um, no they wouldn’t. These are the best moments, only the best should make it. What the hell else would they show?

  • dark-hybrid

    Just got to love the way the action was presented there. Great shorts

  • AmedoS310

    Good video. Just too much capcom on screen.

  • ruff0123

    At the end when Latif was crowd surfing, anyone besides me notice the “WHAT THE FUCK, GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE” look on Dieminion’s face before he gets kicked in the face and shoved out of the way. The front page has a picture of it too.

    • TehBryMan

      I saw that from a previous video, and I LOLD.

  • HASJ

    By far the best of the three, a tear shed for this beauty.
    EVO 2012. Let’s go.

  • LKX

    Can’t wait for next year’s EVO, I hope I can make it.

  • LKX

    Oh btw, I think the best part of the “Moment” for me is seeing the Japan crew getting super HYPED! If you don’t know already, Daigo said that Japanese arcades and tournaments don’t particularly go for loud celebrations or even excessive cheering. I hope this HYPE catches on over there (doubtful, but I know the group that made it to EVO 2k11 and even the gathering at GodsGarden viewers loved the HYPE).

  • munchkin

    EVO = Hyper fighting

  • Cereal and Milk

    Man fuck youtube for not putting this in my sub box. That is why i have you Shoryuken (=

  • Nemo4ever

    So what’s the deal with the “BIG FAT PHONY” signs?

  • Skone

    Oooo OOoo Yipes is a Monkey OOoo OOOo

  • RyKnocks

    Pretty much every Top 8 in AE and MvC3 appeared in this except for NorCal’s X-Ray and Mine (both MvC3)…Both made it to top 5 at NCR this year where Mine sent Justin to losers and X-Ray eliminated FChamp. Just because they don’t show up on every stream doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the attention.

    What’s up with that?

    • Panic Ave

      This reminds me, I felt really bad for Mine getting booed before his Top 8 match, but at the same time, the less Phoenix teams in top 8 the better. Still respect him though and I wish the crowd wasn’t so harsh at that point and time. And I honestly don’t remember X-Ray much. My bad.

      • RyKnocks

        X-Ray eliminated Clockwork to get into Top 8 and probably has the best Ammy out there because he utilizes all 3 Ammy stances.

  • Vicioushellsing

    Man I love watching this. I get to relive the greatest weekend ever without spending another weekend doing it. Evo was so amazing this year can’t wait for next.

  • dariru

    This either gave me chills, or I’m just cold…

  • saowhit

    it was deff the chills, awesome video

  • Kaos Lyon

    I concur with many. Best of the 3 vids. Good shit, Richard Li.

  • rubixgroove

    Mmmmm… tasty music there. Great breakin’ beat on the banjo. Also – this short was filmed incredibly well. +1 to the other “good job” replies. 🙂

  • Katt

    NO MK9 Love??? Not suprised. Crapcom d1cc riders.

    • Hanzo_Hasashi

      I saw that and also no T6 or BB…

  • Tea

    I really liked the shot of Noel by himself.

  • Zekey

    Great films, I enjoyed watching all 3

  • LittleJimmy1983

    If you mute this video and listen to the touch while watching it the video becomes epic.