World Premier: “Moments”

By on August 8, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Tournament players, casual gamers and spectators all know – Sunday is the day at the EVO World Finals in Las Vegas. The third film of three that Richard Li produced is an inside look at the excitement and range of emotions that takes place on the final day of the tournament.

For each game, it brings 8 unique players together, representing themselves, communities and oftentimes their countries in front of the eyes of a sea of fellow competitors and fans. With so much on the line, including huge prize pots, affirmation of talent and the priceless value of community respect, it culminates into a perfect storm of energy that rarely ever is reproduced. Whether you were right there live in the ballroom or 10,000 miles away watching on the live stream, spend a few minutes to relive these EVO moments from a unique perspective that are absolutely indescribable.

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