MK9 – Freddy Krueger and Free Costumes for Sub-Zero and Cyber Sub-Zero August 9th

By on August 5, 2011 at 9:48 am

On August 9th, Mortal Kombat players will be able to download compatibility pack #4 or the Freddy Krueger DLC. No matter which you get, you’ll get two free alternate outfits. Retro Cyber Sub-Zero and Klassic Unmasked Sub-Zero are free to use, and you can see them in action below.

  • Gorehound


    Awesome to the Max!

  • CaptFern

    Just need the MK1 outfit for Raiden now and i’ll be really happy

  • ChibiMana

    Wow! I don’t play either character but these costumes makes me want to.

  • cadnexus

    This game lacks 1 important thing, it needs a computer versus mode. I like the idea of controlling who I can fight against, it’s fun.

    • BriYen

      in practice mode you can fight a chosen computer all day long :), and put them on expert mode also

  • Yin

    Classic robots are best robots

  • King Sky

    Mortal Kombat is just winning right now; and it might just be me, but personally I feel like it’s fighting game of the year. They made a dope fighter, with a dope single player (which we ALL KNOW is rare), with dlc characters that didn’t take years to come out (cough, cough BB,MVC3, SSFIV), and they give away free costumes!?! Dude, if they don’t win an award I will be ever so pissed.

    P.S Yin is right Classic Robots are best Robots 😀

    • ahdonye

      long way to go, the MK had far fewer viewers during evo than SF4, if I remember correctly on Friday when I was watching MK had about 7,000 and SF had over 30,000. I don’t think this has to be a contest, anyone who is playing any fighting game is a better person than someone who doesn’t play fighters.

      • King Sky

        Well I definitely am not one of those people who bash every game but the one their playing, I own every fighting featured at EVO this year, and love them all; I was just saying that if there is an award for best fighting game of the year MK dserves it in my humble opinion, because so much effort has obviously went into the game, and free stuff helps 😀

      • Good guy

        Evo has no influence in the odds of a fighting game getting a award at the end of the year.

      • Doc Strange

        I don’t think that should have a bearing though, when I think fighting game of the year, I think fighting GAME of the year, so even if competitively MK may not be the most popular, as a total video game package it’s by far the best product to come out this year.

      • Aukmaud

        I was actually really disappointed when I found out I had to sit through MK9 finals, but it turned out to be great. Way better then SFxT and SF3 exhibitions lol. If MK9 had more of a crowd, it would definitely rank up there with MvC3 and SF4 hype

      • SWBeta

        MK had the 2nd highest # of viewers during Evo. It had more viewers than Marvel, Tekken, and BBCS.

      • YanDaMan

        Evo view counts doesnt dictate a game’s worth as a package for a GotY award.

        Compared to the lackluster SF4/MvC3 content/packaging. MK9 wins hands down.

        I agree with the other guy, this should be Fighting game of the year, not MvC3.

      • xShonuffx

        Rewards for Fighting Games do not rest on the hinges of High Level Tournaments, it’s all about quality and sales.

        If Mortal Kombat wins Game of the Year it’s gonna be because of it’s content, quality, accesibility, and gameplay. SSFIV AE will NOT win GotY and MvC3 is uncertain because it lacked many features compared to MK…unless UMvC3 knocks it’s features out the ball park because Spectator Mode alone is not enough.

  • guitalex2007

    It’s a shame they have to put costumes into their compatibility packs as incentive to download them instead of making patches. I can still find people who don’t have ANY compatibility packs installed in either PSN or Live. Then I can’t play as the characters that I paid for. Especially annoying since I main one of them.

    They are not that big, people. 80MB each.

    • ahdonye

      ah, so this is why I couldn’t use Rain online lol. I spent 2 hours learning him when I bought him and went online and couldn’t use him, haven’t played it online since.

    • King Sky

      I don’t think it’s a shame they give incentive for that, would you prefer they were like they didn’t do anything and just let you download it? I sure don’t; nevertheless it is true that the compatibility packs are small, so just download them people, they come with free stuff what else do you want?

      • Doc Strange

        MK compatibility packs are a sad and accurate representation of just how ungodly lazy people are. It’s sad when you basically can’t pay someone to wait 5 minutes for a download.

  • Planche

    I just realised this is actually the regular UMK3 ninja outfit that human Sub-Zero is wearing, basically Classic Sub-Zero without the mask, not his actual MK3 outfit which has some differences like no front flap. On the other hand, they basically killed two birds with one stone since they could easily do UMK3 ninja outfits for the others at a later date by just adding the mask.


    Normally I don’t like to bring up Capcom in MK discussions, but they should be taking notes right about now. This is how you do appreciate your fans.

    • YanDaMan

      The only thing Capcom appreciates are our wallets. They dont give a shit about their fans. Seth Killian do, thats doesnt mean Capcom do.

      • xShonuffx

        I think Capcom DOES appreciate their fans, the problem is they are soooooo old fashion. the way they make games it very old school, US and European game developers understand their fan base in the 21st centrury much better than Japan. Japan is still catching up. They have just as many fans in the US as Japan so it’s a big culture shock. Your best bet is to keep communicating with Seth and Sven so Capcom gets the picture, keep plugged into the loop through them.

        • Doc Strange

          Absolutely this. Capcom is a Japanese company that up until SF4 hadn’t had a real fanbase outside of Japan for over a decade. Japan has a far different philosophy when it comes to the fans and comparatively they respond to us extremely well. People need to take into consideration that Capcom’s literally on the other side of the world before they start bitching about them not caring about the fans.

  • tmt

    Block, Block, Run, Block, Run

    subzero’s best fatality ever, i wish they would have brought that back too? oh well still badass =)

    • IPlayVideoGames

      i wish they would have just brought the run button back

      • Aukmaud

        ya, I hate wasting my time block dashing when I could just use the run button in MKT

        • Diernes

          fuck the run button seriously…. and unmasked subzero is still gay as fuck…

  • NyuBomber

    Major props to NRS, even though I’ve yet to get around to getting into MK9. The Evo showing for the game was golden and they seem to be holding down the fort on updates.

    Awesome year for fighters, mmhm.

  • deviljin102

    lol, I love how they say that skin is for cyber sub-zero, when it’s smoke’s from mk3.

    • Good guy

      Yeah, because Cyber-Smoke was blue…

      • Good guy

        …that time, but they didn’t have much of a choice now i suppose, even if it do reminds, the classic Cyber-Smoke


        • TheAlphaChurch

          Actually, wasn’t Robot Smoke Purple?

      • Affliction

        Actually cyber subzero name was Hydro in the classic mks

        • Doc Strange

          …Wut? There was no Cyber Sub-Zero before this game. Hydro was just a random character that showed up in 2 panels of the old Goro comic Malibu put out in the 90’s.

      • Doc Strange

        He was in the official art.

  • SVN4

    Yeah i agree with that about mk1 Raider (or 2 then). And the same for other veteran characters.
    It would be very nice if they could remodel the returning guys to exactly their original form (especially Jax, Sonya and Quan Chi)

  • DR Jam

    awesome NRS rocks!

  • Cibernetico

    Not that I have a problem with free stuff, but the Classic Sub Zero costume is already in the game. If anything, they should have called this costume MK3 Sub Zero instead.

    As for Cyber Smoke’s new costume, I love it. The classic robot costumes have always been way better than their MK9 and 3D MK game counterparts.

  • Juri Licious

    They should give Smoke a costume to where instead of being a blue robot he’s a gray robot.

  • FaceMeAndBeBroken

    The color of Cyber Smoke depended on what system you played. LOL.

    SNES – gray
    Genesis – purple
    Arcade – blue

    different available pallettes FTW.

  • randomjohn

    Isn’t that klassic costume for Sub Zero like the brother of the “ninja sub zero?” Or is it what I said is some B.S. they made up in the Mortal Kombat movie haha?

    • STAXXX

      You are right, according to the canon story the sub zero with the red accross the eye is the brother of the evil sub zero Bi han, thus this newly released unmasked subzero is supposed to be Cyber zero

    • Doc Strange

      Sub-Zero in MK1, the masked version in UMK3 and Noob Saibot are the evil brother.

      All of the others, including Cyber are the brother with the scar.

  • Ectoplasm on Toast

    Don’t like that unmasked Sub-Zero at all, it’s UMK3’s CSub unmasked rather than the actual USub.

  • ManRightChea

    Damn, diggin the UMK3 Classic ninja outfit unmasked Sub is wearing, though it is technically the wrong one as classic Sub and unmasked did not wear the same outfit. I would like to see all of the females get their classic skins back, particularly Sonya.

    Like the earlier guy said, the veteran fighters need their classics, Jax, Sonya, Kano, Robo Smoke, maybe even a backwards hat wearing Stryker lol.