Evo Championship Series 2011 Breaks Online Viewership Records

By on August 4, 2011 at 11:54 am

The Evo Championship Series (www.evo2k.com), the largest fighting game tournament in the world, has beaten all previous reported records for unique online viewers of a competitive gaming event. At the Evo 2011 World Finals, held in Las Vegas, NV from July 29-31, and hosted on Ustream.tv, over 2 million unique viewers tuned in to the live stream to watch thousands of the best players from 44 countries compete in the championships.

Viewers consumed over 1.9 million hours of video content, and tuned in for an average of 55 minutes each. As the tournament unfolded, Evo also exploded on social media, with top Evo players becoming globally trending topics on Twitter (and many others trending locally). During the electrifying finals on July 31st, the fate of the finalists was so popular that four of them were trending simultaneously, making Evo players 4 of the world’s top 10 trending topics on Twitter.

With over 2,400 competitors and thousands of fans in attendance, Evo 2011 was the best-attended fighting game tournament in history, as competitors battled through the double-elimination brackets for titles across Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat, Tekken 6, and BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2.

Beginning in 1998 as a small gathering of friends in an arcade, the Evo Championship Series (“Evo”) has grown to become the largest and longest running fighting game event in the world. Evo was founded with a focus on community, competition, and an providing an authentic representation of the best in the diverse and dynamic global fighting game scene.

For additional inquiries, please contact event@evo2k.com

  • Narcowski

    If anyone’s wondering, the previous record was held by the League of Legends Season 1 Championship.

    • hecta

      League of Legends’ Dreamhack event had over 200k simultaneous viewers during the finals. SF finals had a little over 80k, if I remember right.

      • Skone

        Unique Viewers………

        LoL 1 mil, EVO 2 mil

      • Necrophile

        Yup that’s a good ballpark number.

        82k on the main stream
        + 4k on the low quality stream
        + an unknown number on Playstation network. I’m curious about this number.

        In any case, 2 million unique viewers is awesome, MLG doesn’t even come close. And with how well the BB, MK9, MvC3 and AE top 8 were received, the viewer count is bound to increase again next year.

        2 millions saw a stream of exceptional quality thanks to Spooky, Iplaywinner, Offcast, FinestKO. I hope Capcom and Namco increases their financial support to Evo for next year. Even get involved with the Evo seeding tourneys which also saw a huge boom this year. CEO, Final Round, ECT were popular with the viewers and competitors.

      • PleasantPeasant

        If I remember correctly, the second you launched the LoL client to play the game, the stream was automatically started. Anyone who went on to play LoL that weekend was “forced” to watch it.

        • Narcowski

          You weren’t forced to watch the stream, but the usual splash page was replaced with a link to the stream page.

  • Sav1xx

    Well deserved, incredible show and seeing whole community come togheter was like… heartwarming. I will be there next year no matter what…

  • 3nigmat1c

    Evo 2k11 was EPIC. To those who didn’t witness it in person, you’ve got a year to start saving. $1,000 will get you there and easy. I know people who made it work on $350 though…no excuses.

    • MrSoada

      In 04 a bus ticket from LA to vegas was 22 dollars with a month’s notice. I just checked and they 39 bucks with a month’s notice. If you live on the west coast, you need to get to Evo.

  • alphazealot

    MLG Columbus
    -2.2 million hours of video consumed (versus 1.9 million at EVO)
    Other things between the articles not really comparable. (MLG says 22.5 million streams delivered at MLG Columbus, versus “over 2 million unique” viewers, hard to compare)

    MLG has not officially released numbers for MLG Anaheim, the same weekend as EVO, but according to Sundance’s twitter, it broke beat what the Columbus event was doing by Saturday night.

    • alphazealot

      Also this isn’t to knock EVO so much as to provide information. I thoroughly enjoy seeing competitive gaming/eSports explode like this. I just like “records” to be accurate.

    • AndyG

      Hey AZ, miss you man. Either way, it’s incredible that competitive gaming has come far enough that two simultaneous events can both achieve such ridiculous viewership from multiple communities at once. Plus we have SC2 people giving shoutouts to fighters and vice versa. It’s only gonna get better.

    • alphazealot

      Correction, MLG Anaheim stream numbers have been released
      -2.6 million hours of video consumed (vs 1.9 million for EVO)
      -over 3 hours of consumed per average user (vs 55 minutes for EVO)
      -35 million streams delivered (vs unknown for EVO)
      -Unknown unique viewers (vs >2 million for EVO)

      Records don’t last long.

      • peon

        Yeah this is interesting. MLG did say that Columbus had 450k viewers. Looks like MLG wins on hours viewed (kind of makes sense, they stream more games), but Evo wins big time on unique number of viewers. Also, MLG hasn’t released engagement numbers…would be interesting to see that as well.

        Source: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=233102&currentpage=3

      • Renegade

        MLG fucking sucks, and it always has. It’s an inferior product for spectators, too. Especially, given the format of the competition and the nature of the games themselves.
        I’d venture to say the only reason they’re still around is banking on Starcraft 2.

        Go to an MLG, and go to EVO. the difference is amazing.

        • alphazealot

          I’ve been to both. In person production value of MLG far exceeds EVO. You are probably still thinking about MLG like it is 2005. Really though this is being to critical – it is good for eSports on the whole for both MLG and EVO to succeed to the upmost, and ideally the market expansion on either side will cause some bleed over for both organizations.

      • Dragoomba

        ROFL this is literally all AZ does on SRK.

      • Necrophile

        MLG Columbus had 22.5 million viewers, and only 450k unique viewers

        If MLG Anaheim had 35 million views, then we can give a ballpark number of 675k unique viewers, roughly a 50% increase from MLG Columbus to Anaheim.

        Evo’s 2 million unique viewers is still A LOT more than MLG Anaheim’s ~675k unique viewers.

        League of Legends # of unique viewers is also far below Evo’s. On top of that, I heard that any time a player opened the LoL game, the stream opened too automatically, so naturally the numbers are inflated.

        Evo is honest and doesn’t pull those shenanigans, all the 2 million viewers tune in to watch by their own will.

        My source for numbers are from a quick google search and got a quote from the MLG vice-president
        here is the quote from MLG’s Lee Chen which can be found on TL:

        “22.5M streams served… over 450K unique stream viewers.

        We don’t break out streams by titles.”

        As reference League of Legends reported on their official website that 300k unique stream viewers (with 1 million total views) and at one point 69k simultaneous viewers watched their inaugural championship event which is “a new record high for any North American online eSports event” according to them.

        So, in terms of unique viewers:
        Evo: 2 millions
        MLG Anaheim: ~675k
        LoL: 300k with shenanigans

    • ken123103

      ok, but MLG plays many genre’s of video games, while EVO is only fighting games. Those numbers are astounding sure, but if EVO had the same publicity that MLG had for each of its events then i think we would see the same viewer numbers.

      • Mightfo

        MLG only plays 1 RTS and 2 FPSes this year. 🙁 EVO may only be one genre, but it had 5 games. I hope MLG has a more diverse lineup next year.

    • Roy0

      cant EVO and MLG just co-exist without competing with each other. Cant we all just get along…

      • two2tone

        I’ll answer your question… put it this way:
        I have a fione ass wife… would I let you just just come take her and f*ck her? Absolutely not! This is what’s going on here! Believe it or not

  • LiquidSNK

    Hi! This is my first post! I love our community. Sooo where can we watch it again?….”n.n

  • Psyclone18

    Spooky for every evo.

    • PillarOfHeaven


  • Jakelin

    There will be one less viewer next year…nothing is going to stop me from going in person.

    • MascotRay

      This was my first year attending… I can safely say you will not be disappointed. I’m already saving up for next year, literally.

      • restlessmonarch

        Totally agree. My first Evo was just a way to convince me that it needs to become a yearly thing. Our Super Bowl, our Wrestlemania, our World Series. Everybody should go. I made it on roughly $400 too. (Granted I drove from SoCal)

  • LiquidSNK

    I hope me too. And it’s a long way from Greece…

  • Ironreaver7

    HYPE at EVO > Hype at MLG……done. EVO WAS HYPE AS FUCK!!!!!

  • Zmoney2006

    Being someone so strapped with Bills and the costs of living, I was one of the many unfortunate souls who just could not make it to EVO no matter how much I tried. But I gotta say, you guys have no idea how stoked and excited and hyped I still had the privilege to be while watching the live streams you guys provided.

    Getting to witness the prodigal son Noah rip through adult contenders, James Chen + Seth Killian rocking the commentary, Perfect Legend and JOP going in on everybody in MK, Daigo and Justin Wong being bested in Marvel, Viscant (one of my FAVORITE big league players) winning the biggest major that he absolutely deserved, PRBalrog’s comback with Tron, and of course PoongKo ripping through Daigo’s psyche like swiss cheese and making him take that golden shower. Nothing can touch the anticipation and execution of the most exciting 3 day event I have ever experienced. This is the prime example of the reason why I joined the Fighting Game Community in the first place. For the challenge, the knowledge, the rivalries, and the all around HYPE factor that NO other community can stir up as proudly.

    Long Live the FGC!

    • Falcon Combos

      Amen to that, the hype was absolutely ridiculous. houses were blown up that day.

  • LiquidSNK

    Will this be on DVD? I want to relive the HYPE!!!!

  • deadfrog

    everyone who helped run Evo should just replace their resume with this article

  • Sav1xx

    MLG numbers are notoriously bs. Nobody knows what a “stream activation” is, and everyone in online biz knows it’s uniques that count. If MLG got 22.5 mil “stream activation” with 450k uniques then 35mil of that bs number = EVO kicked their ass,

  • Karas13

    This years EVO was entertainment. I stayed up all night watching it from 12 at night to 8am in the morning, that’s how good it was.

  • Sav1xx

    If you care about how many times I had to reload my page from lag or how many times they came back from an ad, then MLG numbers are great. If you care about how many human beings watched the events, its all EVO and the fgc. Lol @ “stream activations”

  • Wil

    The fighting game community is getting up there! Next year will be the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter, so EVO should be even bigger. I’ll definitely attend next year’s EVO in person and I hope everyone including the NAH’s and stream/front page SRK monsters do the same.

  • dommafia


  • DevilJin 01

    I always thought fighting games were the most exciting types of competitive games to watch. You don’t have to know a ton to know that 2 people are trying to kick the shit each other but it’s even more interesting when you know what’s going on. Nobody doesn’t have fun watching somebody else get beat up.

  • Ellipsen

    Poongko broke a record too, for peeing on Daigo and sending him to losers.

  • ahdonye

    The need to find a way to charge $1.00 to watch the stream, or have a free lo-fi and a paid hidef. Evo could use the cash flow to expand the event and up the prize pot. Winning SSF4 should get you at least $500,000

    • envinoveritus

      What was the prize money for Evo this year?

      • Expiriment Kow

        If I remember correctly there was ~$40k given out this year across all games. Considering the GSL Code S finals just gave out ~$50k USD for a single tournament…

        • TooItchy

          LOL, the GSL is way bigger than evo.

        • Mightfo

          SC2 in Korea is like a sport. You might as well be comparing football or something to EVO.

    • Necrophile

      I think the best way to raise money is:

      -1 free main stream
      -1 free Offcast stream

      Add, for a DONATION FEE:
      a new 3rd stream that shows games that run at the same time as main stream. I think people would love to donate to see Mike Ross vs Japan’s best bison Neurosis, Arturo vs Shiro, Fuudo vs Dieminion.

      I’ve donated before, and I’m sure there are a lot of people who donates a lot more than I do.

      I saw Marn’s training stream and people were happy to donate to Marn.

      So, you can donate once friday, and that’s it, you get to see a 3rd stream for the whole week-end. Donate whatever you want, I have faith in the fighting game community.

  • shinblanka

    FGC “We da best!”

  • Panzninja

    Stupid slayer and zombie concert, i missed all the sunday goodness but atleast i caught all the prelims.

  • truendymion

    So glad I could be there for the first MK9, first and probably last MvC3, first BB, first SF4AE tournies. Hopefully I can make it next year!

  • Last Dragon

    When you look at how many games MLG has and how many genres the have and compare it to the 5 games, all in the same genre at EVO, proportionately, EVO destroys MLG. The community and excitement also shits on MLG.

  • mega_buster

    MLG IS ASS anyways omg Iam start saving for evo now need at least 1000 might split a room with someone

  • deadfrog

    In case anyone is curious, the stream’s peak (as far as I know) occurred during the AE grand finals.

    Here is the highest number of simultaneous viewers* achieved during the stream:

    81500 on the main stream
    4300 on the low qual version
    (Those counts were pulled right from the UStream in-browser interfaces.)

    TOTAL 85800


  • cliffeside

    evo stays living up to it’s name. #hype!

  • FReaKoNaLeaSH_C_

    alot of mlg bashing here, dont really get it. They are repping the same “sport” evo is. Trying to make it common place for all of us to go talk about video game tournaments at work. dunno bout alot of you but not alot of people i know think its cool to watch video games. MLG is a good orginization from what ive seen. Apparently back in the day they were horribly run but the guy in charge now seems like a cool dude. Everyone repping video games as a source of entertainment has my vote. Even the upcoming Dota2 tournament for a million dollars has me excited. Not cause i play Dota but its a video game that has a huge tournament. And that is a step in the right direction for all our communities.

    • Vicioushellsing

      Me and my friends actually were arguing over MLG and EVO. I watched evo 3 of them watched MLG. I ended the discussion by having them watch top 8 AE. The hype blows anything MLG has out of the water.

  • King9999

    A well-deserved record, this year’s Evo was so hype!

  • hlloyd

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