EVO 2011 Wrap Up and Thanks

By on August 2, 2011 at 4:01 pm

Well, we’ve put another Evo in the books, and I think I can say without a doubt it was our best Evo ever.
And when I say “our” I mean all of us. While Evo is about brutal tournaments, international competition, and guts, it’s the heart and bonds within the community that makes Evo special. So thanks to all of you.

First, thanks to everyone who attended Evo. The 2011 venue was our biggest ever, and you guys packed it all weekend. I know we were all floored by our ability to pack a 55,000 square foot ballroom all weekend and end to end on Sunday night. In spite of the high tension, the atmosphere at Evo was overwhelmingly friendly, accommodating, and then, when it was all on the line, raw hype. Thanks for showing the world that the passion of our Evo community is the best damned thing in competitive gaming, and a special thanks for all those who travelled from around the world to join our party. Evo 2011 attendees hailed from all 50 states and 44 different countries. It is truly a world-wide event.

Next, thanks to our exhibitors and panelists. Thanks to the game creators for showing that you truly care about the fans: Capcom, Namco-Bandai, THQ, Atlus, the Skullgirls team, and Playstation Home. You sent not only games, but the people that make the games, and they have become a part of our community. I also want to give a very heart-felt thanks to our home-grown exhibitors, founded or staffed by members of the fighting game community: MadCatz, Insert Coin(s), Focusfire, Brokentier, Galaxy4Gamers, and Meatbun. As the fighting game community grows up, it’s amazing to see players finding ways to give back to the community in their professional lives and help us all grow together.

Thanks also to the “stream-monsters” (I prefer to just say “fans”) and everyone who followed the event online. This year we invested a lot to bring you guys the best online coverage possible, with multiple streams and live bracket updates all weekend. Anyone at Evo knows the incredible hype and energy that was running through the room all weekend, but thanks to everyone’s online response you absolutely blew it up in social media. We’ll be able to tell you more later this week, but to say we shattered our stream records would be an understatement–we will have more exciting news to share about that very soon, and we hope you’ll make the decision to join us next year in person.  The online response to Evo 2011 shows beyond a doubt that fighting game broadcasts are some of the most exciting content out there.

Thanks also to the tournament organizers around the US and the world who work year round who keep the fighting game scene humming. In 2011 there has been a high quality stream nearly every week. Special thanks to the tournaments who participated in our first ever Tournament Season: West Coast Warzone, GVN Winter Brawl, Final Round XIV, PowerUp 2011, UFGT, Shadowloo Showdown, East Coast Throwdown, MAT VIII, CEO 2011 Championship, and Nor Cal Regionals. We know exactly how hard you work to put on these events. Were proud to say you are not only our friends, but also the backbone of the community that have believed in these games and these people, just like us. Thank you.

Finally, thanks to the Evo staff and volunteers for putting on our best show ever, especially our tournament judges who managed literally over 7,000 tournament matches over the course of the weekend (7000 matches means over 17,000 games played just in the tournament!!). This feat is unprecedented in the history of competitive gaming. Thanks to Iplaywinner.com, TeamSpooky, our commentators, and stage staff for putting on a great show all weekend. And finally thanks to all the other volunteers who took time away from the show to help out in all kinds of ways–as a group we really made it all work.

So there we have it, another Evo in the books. If you had your own special Evo moments, please share them in the Evo Tournament Forum. If there are some things we can do better, go ahead and share that too. We’re always looking for suggestions to improve the event.  Over the next week we’ll be sharing a lot of the content that aired this weekend in the ballroom, including the on-site interviews and a few thousand photos.

Evo has come a long way from its beginnings in a cramped California arcade, but the thing I love best about it is what hasn’t changed at all: that it’s still built straight from the community, for the community. Because of this, Evo can never be taken away from us, because Evo is all of us. To borrow a line from our 2011 program guide, “Together we are strong. Thank you.”

inkblot, MrWizard, and Ponder


[photo via Karaface]
  • redrapper



    First EVO i’ve ever watched and I gotta say. Made me more than proud to be a gamer. Stuff was ridic!

  • obey

    An amazing weekend.

  • Jedi W.

    Thanks to everyone for another fantastic Evo. See you in 2012.

  • Dr. Deelite

    Best tournament ever.

  • davidkong07

    awesome weekend, i’m still recovering hahahah going into it i couldn’t fathom it being better than last year, but somehow it was! here’s looking forward to 2012!!!

  • mjordan79

    Wondering if some DVDs will be put on sale. I personally want the Super Street Fighter IV AE tournament DVD.

    • MrSoada

      They did last year, just gotta give it some time.

  • D-Proto

    NO MENTIONS of the money given to the top8 participants make me feel there is some dirty scam on the prices.
    Also no Mentions on the number of participants in each game is pretty suspicious.
    Why hiding such data like this?

    Besides that, gj evo.

    • Racketpunch

      I am also curious to know these numbers. I hope these stats are made public sometime soon.

    • ckrazy

      Evo has been going on for 10+ years, and you’re going to question its legitimacy?

      Even the biggest idiot wouldn’t say something this stupid.

      How the fuck do you get away from posting stupid shit week after week? Doesn’t anyone regulate this comment section? Also who the fuck capitalize “Mentions” when it’s the third word in a sentence? My goodness get the fuck out of here with the backhand compliment. How are you going to criticize random shit (that’s irreverent to how the tournament was run) for 3 sentence, then go on to say “besides that, gj evo?” What kind of ignorant ass shit is that.

      I give a lot of respect to Tom, Tony, and Joey on not banning your dumb ass yet. I don’t know how I would feel working my ass off for the community and then hearing stupid shit like this.

      • Racketpunch

        In no way am I questioning anyone’s integrity. Evo was a blast and I have mad respect for the people who planned the event. I just want to know what the prize was and the amount of players that signed up for each game just for curiosity. I understand if numbers for each game was not made public but prize money should be a given to let the public know.

    • scythe master

      I believe there were 91 pools in SFAE and 76 in MVC…16 people per pool

      so about 1400 in AE and 1200 in MVC
      also, it should be none of our business how much they got for the win/placing.

      • abacus

        well, it IS a public tournament so it’s not that crazy to expect to hear the pot BEFORE the tourney even begins…not that it matters to me personally

    • Wil

      lol dirty scam on the prices? EVO has been going on for years along with the other majors run throughout the world. To say it’s a dirty scam is just yet another smear campaign by you randoms.

    • Moonlight Grace

      Actually the commentators gave estimates of the number of entrants on the stream a few times and the prize structure and payout information is on the Evo2k website.

      • D-Proto

        oh really? thanks
        I would have liked to have picked up better my words, but no edit button.
        Anyway, i was just very curious, i loved this year evo and i hope i can make it to the next one

        • ihascake

          lol no edit button? i don’t think there’s a nicer way of putting “make me feel there is some dirty scam on the prices” ya think?

          and the word is PRIZE btw…

    • ihascake

      yes, that’s ’cause people like coming back to get scammed these past 10 or so years


  • Pryde

    The fighting game community has come a long way. I’ve seen it grow from 200 people participating in a tourney to 2000+ competitors. Evo is truly an amazing experience. I’m proud to say that I am a member of this awesome community! Much love <3

  • EternityInBlack

    Thank you guys for all the amazing work you put in making this an annual event. Putting on something like this isn’t easy, and I’m certain that next year’s attendance will even be bigger! Congrats to not just the winners, but the community as well for coming together!

  • SaveFighting

    Most amazing EVO hands down. Thank you to the whole FGC.

    Fighting games are the best “e-sport” ever – HOLD DAT

  • liana-c

    Unforgettable. ^_^

  • Rizhall

    I’ve made some bonds, and I’ve broken some very close ones as well… This Evo was very interesting, no doubt. Every GF was amazing, and I’m glad I was able to go. Hopefully next year’s will be even better, and those broken bonds will be mended, and we all have fun. The hype when sitting on the floor, right in front of the stage… it’s unreal. Absolutely amazing. Watching from the back seats, or watching it on stream, has NOTHING on that. Next time, I’m dragging all of my friends to the front! And hopefully, that time, I won’t bruise any knees, sprain any ankles, or lose any voices XD

  • Rampage

    You guys did a great job. Thanks for everything.

  • Zasz

    Were NetherRealms Studios in attendance?

    • Aukmaud

      At least 1 of them went up on stage.

      • tempbast

        Yeah, that MK rep, Hector, giving that MK title belt to PerfectLegend, another sick moment. I think PerfectLegend finally realized he won when he got that belt.


    This weekend was so much hype, thank you.

    Can’t wait to compete next year!

  • Blood Feast

    Thanks for another amazing weekend! MK back for 2012! We want to see this game after a year of evolving. Blood blood blood. Also shoutouts to Hector and the NRS crew. Spiked mohawks and crome domes ftw.

  • mr. tibbs

    Thanks to everyone who shelled out real $$ to participate and attend, too. Because of you, I was able to enjoy a lot of quality matches streaming live on my little computer box. I enjoyed SF and BB, cuz those are my games, but I also spent some quality time with the Marvel and MK threads. Pleasantly surprised, and thinking about picking them both up now. I hope to someday be able to give back to these events by supporting or competing.

  • CheeseCakez

    how much was the prize money for the tournaments?

    • inkblot

      Across all the games we handed out over $40,000 in prize money.

  • EDPMustang

    EVO 2011 will forever be the most important EVO tournament. I’m calling it right now. This year, fighting games are all over the place, like never before. And at EVO Finals, the U.S. actually gave Japan a serious challenge. But most importantly, the game developers themselves actually decided to come out and show that they care for the community just as much as we, the players care for the games. Hopefully Evolution doesn’t turn into something ugly and manipulative, as big things like EVO tend to do.

  • Panic Ave

    Fuck, I miss it already. Is it EVO 2012 yet?

  • deadfrog

    Thank you for being the leaders that you are to our community.

  • JohnnyChimpo

    Thank YOU, horsemen! You four men set the standards and keep the community on track and mindful of what it’s all about.

  • ultra_nYo

    Easily the most fun I’ve ever had watching/playing videogames. From me and my wife thanks to everyone for making this a weekend we’ll never forget.

  • Kingface

    It was my first time watching Evo (I was a “Stream Monster”) and it was amazing! Thanks to everyone who made it possible. There was plenty of amazing moments and history made. It’s encouraged me to look deeper into playing Fighting games competitively, as it is something I have been interested in for a few years now, but for various reasons I not been active in this sense for the past year or so. I intend for that to change.

  • HASJ

    Next year, I’ll be there with everyone!
    Fighting games forever!

    Let’s become tourney monsters people!

  • Wil

    Great tournament, great experience. I’ll definitely make it out to EVO next year. EVO 2010 was a blast and it was sad for me to miss it this year. Good job to the entire SRK staff, Team Spooky, Offcast, Iplaywinner, and of course all the participants and stream monsters out there.

    This year’s EVO is definitely a big step in the right direction for the fighting game community!

  • SheldonCooper


  • whodatninja

    nice wrap up, great event.

    on a side note, inkblot, remember when you called viscant a fossil? hehe, fossils can still play damn it!

  • Haipa Sonikku

    Obviously in addition to Ultimate Marvel 3, AE 2012, MK, and BBCSII, bring in KOF XIII and Brawl for next year and you got a deal. No Tekken 6 as I’m sure by now all the Tekken players (3D as well as Arc System Works players are the most progressive) are ready to move on to TTT2. Color that map.

    • AmishOpiate

      MK ain’t going to be there next year, and neither will Brawl. You also forgot SFxT, which looks to be huge next year. Would EVO host an SC game again? I don’t know. I think a good tournament would be SFxT, Ultimate MvC, AE2012, SCV, and Blazblue for the anime fighter fans. A lot can happen in a year, though.

      • Good guy

        Why do you say, there will be no MK in evo 2012? it made a really good exibhition this year, for me it’s very likely to return. Your opinion seems heavily biased here with the anime thing.

      • janoDX

        Next year:

        UMvC3 (Main Event)

        I dont think that SC will make it in 2012, in 2013 maybe.

        • Acku

          I think EVO was wise this year to keep SF the main event, and not go for MvC3 that generated a lot of hype in America, but failed to do so in the rest of the world.
          EVO is an international event, and it would have been an anti-climax to have a 99% American game as the main finals. Don’t know if the numbers will reflect this, but I bet that half of the audience (which is actually those who watch the stream) is non-american.

          You still can’t beat the hype you get when two or more nations face eachother, instead of two or more locals who play eachother almost every week (at WNF).

    • MrSoada

      SFxT will be out by then, TTT2 will definitely be in too. They will probably cut Tekken 6 and Blazblue. KOFXIII is probably in as well. SC5 probably will be too. I just don’t see Brawl happening, for a number of reasons. There are a lot of deserving games, but this year the schedule was already really packed, and with all these new releases… dare I say it…. EVO is going to have to be a 4 or 5 day affair.

    • Necrophile

      Brawl was at Evo in 2008 but then got removed to make room for other games. What makes you think that Evo will add Brawl again?

      Shoryuken.com is the headquarters of Evo, and there has been no news or hype concerning Brawl, unlike SF x Tekken and other upcoming games that want an Evo 2012 roster spot.

      Brawl had a chance to put itself on the map again when CEOJebailey extended his hand to the Brawl community by giving them a spot as a main game on his tourney. Seems the Brawl community gave lackluster support to CEO 2011.

      Well it turned out that CEO 2011 was the biggest and most successful event outside of Evo itself, despite having a competing event on the same week-end. If your community supported CEO 2011, that would have given Brawl a very good exposure and a more legitimate claim to an Evo spot.

      MK9 attendance at CEO was huge and showed the world that MK9 is a well-loved game deserving of an Evo spot. If Brawl’s attendance was as big as MK9 was at CEO, maybe it would have caught the eye of Evo staff for next year.

      CEO did not need huge prize money to draw the big MK9 crowd, the people who went there went to have a good time, which they certainly did. CEO is like Evo in this respect, it’s not about winning huge prize money, it’s about being part of a memorable competitive event.

  • Haipa Sonikku

    By the way, for everyone post 2009, Melee was the most hype game at Evo ’07.

    • Haipa Sonikku

      Only second to Marvel 2.

    • MrSoada

      If they run a Brawl tournament, and that’s a big if, people will need to bring in their own Wiis. You guys would have to put in big effort to convince the EVO organizers to bring back Brawl. Right now, one of the biggest barriers to entry is the sheer number of rules that you will have to enact to make Brawl a competitive game. Not just talking about items being off and banning all but 3 stages, but the more fuzzy things like the # of edge grabs allowed by metaknight, for example.

      • truendymion

        Easy solution: fucking ban metaknight!

  • dataDave

    Great weekend. I feel lost with no stream now. 🙁

  • IronMan42

    Is someone going to post the game intros that were before each of the finals on youtube?

    • MTSL_Mantra

      I was also wondering this, I wanted to find the MvC3 intro. I’m pretty sure desk will put up the “vanilla was awesome” video on his youtube eventually, but otherwise I don’t know.

  • Smorgasboard

    Congratulation and thanks to all the participant for an awesome event!

  • xesaie

    In terms of how good the tournament made various games look:


    I should note that’s different than hype tho’, That would be AE>MVC>BB>MK>Tekken 😉

  • MTSL_Mantra

    I just wanna point out that I don’t think there was a single point in the weekend where the main stream didn’t have approximately 40k viewers. I know it reached nearly, if not more than, 80k during AE finals.

    And I think that’s a big deal because the community was split. Some people might have been watching the side stream, others might have been watching the MLG tournaments running the same day. And it still maintained 40k all weekend. We in there.

    Good job spooky, evo staff, and everyone else. I hope I make it there next year.

  • Gimnbo

    Speaking as a stream-monster, Team Spooky and iplaywinner (didn’t watch stream 2, but I’m sure Offcast and FKO got in and handled things like a boss too) have basically proven themselves beyond reproach.

  • Jim Goodin

    This was my first EVO to attend and in a word ‘killer’ just ‘killer. I came this year supporting my son’s interest. So many good memories and energy/muse felt experienced. Loved the energy and the whole vibe of the community I experienced there. Congrats to Inkblot, Mr W, Ponder and all those who made this happen. Kudos to Team Spooky on stellar production producing the stream. So good to have been part of being there.

  • explosive

    so where can i find the video on “Hype” you guys showed right after Balrog: Beyond the Glory where it was cut off. i still want to see the whole thing.

  • janoDX

    Spooky for EVO 2k12!!!…

    Spooky/iplaywinner outdone every EVO stream ever. Last year there was like 19k viewers in the finals and it blowed out. This year there was 80k and it keeped the great quality.

    Congratulations Team Spooky.

  • upup_downdown

    yes, how much?

  • upup_downdown

    oops, my q already got answered

  • KiDIKoRuS

    Hey inkblot, I was there and this event was nothing short of spectacular and one thing that puzzles me. During the Top 8 of AE one of the trailers had corrupted data and you said it would be up after the tournament. It looked like an amazing trailer you guys put together and went corrupt around the time Momochi was talking about the different experiences between the American and Japan fighting scenes. Have you put it up yet or is it not going up?

    I would REALLY love to see all of it. You guys seem to outdo yourselves each year and being part of that crowd was the highlight of my weekend.

  • PillarOfHeaven

    Went to evo and be there, it was great.
    Went back to watch evo clips with commentaries, more great.,

    awesome year.

  • Acku

    thanks for the work

  • truendymion

    For all the people watching from home, let me tell you: You have to BE there! This was my first time at EVO so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was completely blown away. Even though I lost my tournament (2 matches away from making it out of pools DAMN!) it was still a ton of fun.
    The stream doesn’t capture the energy and excitement of being in the crowd, chanting, making side bets with your buddies, seeing the top players fight it out.
    Also the game demos, the panels, the merch, its more than just a tournament!

  • Ganishka

    Much love for all the organaizers of EVO. Respect to Team Spooky, Level Up, and the commentators, they an awsome job at the stream.
    I couldn’t come there, cause I live far away from US and all the fighting game community as well, but I love fighting games.
    From Russia with love (:

  • Josh-TheFunkDOC

    Great work, guys. Even when I think the biggest games in the lineup are awful, the event still delivers on every level. Respect to the organizers, the streamers, and the killers from all over the world who make this thing work!

  • abacus

    <3 Evo and damnit I AM going next year!

  • Liverslapper

    It was truly an amazing experience to be a part of this event.

  • Ellipsen

    So cool how Capcom is giving all evo players a free copy of AE PC as well! Nice way to bring together the players on a common platform.