Viscant Wins EVO 2011 Marvel vs Capcom 3 Championship

By on July 31, 2011 at 7:57 pm

The two names on everyone’s lips this year for Marvel vs Capcom 3’s inaugural EVO had to be EG Justin Wong and Viscant (representing the Box Arena). Viscant’s Wesker, Haggar, Phoenix team cruised its way to the grand finals on the winners side of the bracket with a few close calls, even sending Wong’s Wolverine/Akuma centric teams to the losers side. MCZ|DMG PR Balrog surprised the crowd in the losers finals, using Dante, Wolverine, and Tron Bonne to defeat Wong and eliminate him from the tournament.

PR Balrog gave it his all, landing an amazing level 3 hyper combo with Wolverine after Viscant’s Phoenix transformed in game two. In game four, he took the fight straight to Viscant for a clean victory, and in game 5 had the Tron comeback of a lifetime (you have to see this to believe it). With the bracket reset and Viscant now sitting in losers alongside PR Balrog, the two face off in a race to three wins once again.

The final set started with a strong performance by Viscant, who landed a number of resets to build damage and meter against PR Balrog. Game two was looking really good for PR Balrog until Dark Phoenix appeared to stop him in his tracks. And finally, in game three, PR Balrog almost tragically spent his X-Factor very early, leaving him defenseless against Viscant’s evil Jean Grey. Viscant is your EVO 2011 Marvel vs Capcom 3 champion, defeating PR Balrog 3-0 in the final set.

  • Hollow

    Damn, that was fast! lol

  • Yun_the_new_god

    Dat Phoenix…

  • Kream

    Definitely deserved it 🙂

  • efex23


    • NyuBomber

      And it’s going to end in a few months, or, more likely, become reasonable (by Marvel 3 standards).

      Grats to Vicant, no matter his team.

      Rog’s Tron for MVP.

      Can’t wait for Ultimate.

    • Cillranchelllo

      Honestly Phoenix had less to do with Viscant winning and more to do with PR Rog constantly running into Mayoral aid. People automatically attribute all the wins to Phoenix, but it was Wesker and Haggar doing the majority of the work.

      • NyuBomber

        Very true, Rog was definitely not mindful of Haggar assist.

      • Eileithyia

        PR rog play this way because of Phoenix. Viscant is a great player and deserved the win. We will never know what happen if he doesn’t use Phoenix. I think it’s fair to use phoenix because she is in the game. But i hate people said characters don’t matter.

        • LoadedKlip

          Exactly. Heck Noel Brown took a game from Justin using Phoenix. And when he did you could see Noel feeling bad about the possibility of eliminating Justin with a ridiculously cheap character. Phoenix is a game changer. It gives people of slightly lesser skill a great chance of beating someone above them.

          • Tekknight

            I’m pretty sure someone playing for those stakes cared not about that it was Phoenix he was winning with. Noel was upset because even with that huge lead, he almost lost. Phoenix is a gamble.

          • Shinkada

            No it doesn’t. This is the first time Justin has ever lost to a Phoenix in a tournament, because he’s one of very few people among the otherwise let-it-happen-then-cry-about-it crowd that knows what to do against her. Against someone who snaps in and has a strong mixup game (ie anyone worth their salt) Phoenix is a HUGE gamble, and that’s why she’s so rarely in finals, even if scrubs love to blow her out of proportion because they lose to her online.

            I don’t know why he lost this time. He’s been out of it for the last ~6 months, I can’t help but wonder if something’s going on in his personal life. Either that, or Viscant was playing amazingly. In any case Justin definitely did not lose to Phoenix, he lost to Viscant or himself.

          • JAGTxelUM

            Shinkada you don’t know what you’re talking about.

            “This is the first time Justin has ever lost to a Phoenix in a tournament”???

            He lost to a Phoenix team in CEO2011 Grandfinals against Tokido.

            And once again congratulations to Viscant, he definitely deserved this.

          • TrueWu

            Yeah I did see on the player cam that he looked at Wong and said “I’m sorry”. Brown probably could have beat Wong had he stopped minding the person sitting next to him though.

        • Good Game Player

          how does phoenix force you to run into haggar assist constantly?

  • b3nz0r

    Seriously fast!

  • UTDC.Justin

    Seth Killian keeping it classy when staring at Viscant’s vest and chest

  • MrSoada

    Keits buffered the article input by writing the first two paragraphs before grand finals. It’s a tricky technique but pays off well.

    • Necrophile


  • JAGTxelUM


  • Rokmode


    • efex23

      y u sad man ?

      • Rokmode

        even though viscant is a great player, I really don’t like to see phoenix win

        • BREEExKinzoku

          I know exactly how you feel.. sigh, Next year will be different.

          • GM Dak

            I have to say it was real shameful the way the entire crowd were booing every Phoenix in the top 8. These are guys with real skill, playing a top tier character (oh my god, people playing chun in third strike?!). To hear the massive booing just made me feel like the community doesn’t welcome meta games into the tournament. Suck it up and remember you like this game because it’s insane.

          • Spectaa

            “Suck it up ”
            Mmm yeah, everyone need to suck it up here, crowds would rather not see S tiers winning tourneys, mostly because it’s predictable and less fun. Yet why wouldn’t you play a Stier if there is one, if you wanna win a tourney… there is nothing we can do about it and it will never change.

  • Sajam


    • TrueWu

      Yipes is the best

      • Tekknight


  • 9TNine

    Congrats Viscant! A long-time coming and well deserved!


  • The 4th Letter



    Stop saying “Lets Go Justin”… only bad things happen after.

    Shout out Viscant.. fella took off from SSFIV Yun Edition to train on building meter for Dark Phoenix. J/K Good SHIT Viscant. Hard work pays off.

  • EternalBlackout

    So hype. So very, very hype. So many players who really gave it their all this time–Noel Brown, Combofiend, Justin Wong. And PR Rog…my god, PR Rog. When it came down to Phoenix and Tron, I swear I said, ‘he has 3 bars, he can do this.’ And he did.

    He definitely would’ve deserved the win if he’d gotten it, but even just pulling off such great plays to reset the bracket was definitely tons of fun to watch. Mad props, Rog. Mad props.

  • Peckapowa


    • madveks

      cheapstick ;).JK congrats to viscant

  • CarnivoresUnite

    they need to nerf pheonix in UMVC3 beyond a health nerf. she needs hitbox nerfs or less damage. just the sheer amount of people who made it into top 8 because of pheonix was disgusting.

    • efex23

      wat r u smokin dude ? phoenix wasnt really dat important in this finals . hagger was an viscant’s smartness as a player

      • LoadedKlip

        You are the one smoking something if you don’t see how much Phoenix affected the game against Justin and PR Rog.

        • Tekknight

          But why spend 5 bars on a character thats useless? 50% of the times she gets snapped in, she dies. You survive snapins, deal with pitiful health Jean, you HAVE to get something worth your investment and risk.

          • janoDX

            Actually, Viscant spend that 5 bars… He didnt used a super when he didnt need it, just he stacked the 5 bars…

            Again, Phoenix is over after UMvC3… Since she can do one action on air, and the new crossover mechanics, she’s now Tier C in my mind…

      • Deddjay

        Phoenix affects quite a bit as soon as she’s picked. Everything from strategy to metagame. Snaps are a great way to create 50/50s to take her out, but lets not act as if it negates her pretty ridiculous abilities.
        I don’t think anyone is saying Viscant is a trash player, he’s smart as hell. However, I don’t think many believes he would have won without Phoenix. (we might find out with UMvC3 though)

    • dantemustdie

      Uh, Phoenix got more than a health nerf in Ultimate and is looking like she’s been completely tamed in UMVC3. Go look up a change list on SRK.

    • TrollThisSRK

      The meter drain moves are a phoenix nerf. The meter drain exchanges are a phoenix nerf. The x factor nerf is a phoenix nerf, one shot in the air only is huge, etc etc. I don’t think you’ll be seeing her very much.

      • Nobus3r1 ver. 2.0

        This. A major change (nerf) to X-Factor is already a major nerf for Phoenix. Is she too good at the moment? Yup! Is it necessary to nerf-stomp her into the dirt? Not unless you base your balance chances based on personal vendettas against fictional characters. A much better approach is to just try and make bad characters better.

        • Exalted-1

          Um….but what is the nerf to X-Factor? Do you know the numbers? And if Capcom will nerf Sent and no one else on this build I don’t know how logically they are approaching the next build. They could do something crazy like Buff Dante and Nerf Tron!!

          • Shinkada

            X-Factor’s fine.

            If you think Sentinel was okay then why is he still used in the majority of competetive teams even after that nerf.

      • lojer

        I don’t think it’s as big a nerf as you want to believe. Phoenix players will counter that all day.

        • LoadedKlip

          If I read it correctly … one version of the Air Exchange is a meter drain … the other version is a meter gain … if that is the case … then Phoenix players will ALWAYS go to counter the meter drain. That part will be predictable for Phoenix players to counter. The one move in the air though … that definitely sounds like a true nerf since its her MULTIPLE air homing fireballs followed by a teleport that makes her very hard to hit for the most part.

    • Martinop

      I almost think people are in denial when it comes to making an argument pro-phoenix in this game. Looking back at Marn, who lost to two phoenix teams in a row to be out of the tournament, he DID snap phoenix in, applied mix-ups, and pwned the other two characters on Viscant and Mine’s teams…just to lose to JEEEEAAAN, lol. Marn looked so salty….and for good reason, because he basically schooled teams just to lose to the craziness of phoenix. The amount of skill/effort it takes to win with a transformed Phoenix is absurd.

  • Saikyo Mantis

    That Level 3 Tron Shakedown Mixer grab was beautiful. All hope seemed lost and then, CLAMP– those big metal hands catch the Dark Phoenix! Bracket reset! The whole auditorium went wild.

  • kali pimpin

    viscant ftw!!! so cal baybeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all that aside fuck this game ..release ultimate allready….mvc3 broken gabage.

    • GM Dak

      Negative Nancy’s salty crying corner is over there ->

  • queenoflovehd

    too bad phoenix is done in umvc3 one action in air and you can steal meter with TAC

  • FMP_rooks.

    So when’s AE gonna stream?

  • KJunk

    Great stuff Viscant, well deserved and earned

  • janoDX

    Strider will dominate UMvC3…

    Also, congratz Viscant, I would liked to used another character instead of Jean… But I dont care…

    PR Rog, PR DANTE, PR TRON, Omg more than Viscant Winning, PR Rog combeback… Was IN-FUCKING-SANE…

  • DeRezz

    Congratulations, Viscant! But I have to say PR Rog has become one of my fan favorites now after that performance. GS to everyone in Top 8.

  • deice-

    Great grand finals, great Phoenix, congratulations to Viscant!

    (nearly gave me a heart attack while rooting for you)

  • Vastago

    Phoenix winning a Tournament its always disgusting….

    I feel happy for Viscant, but the phoenix factor fucked up this game…

    • LordJim

      While a Wolverine/Dante top tier team winning would not be indicative of anything, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

      • Vastago

        Sure, thats also something to be taken into account…

        Wolverine needs to be fixed too…

        Dante is just ridiculous with all the stupid shit he can pull off and his hitboxes…

        • Shinkada

          Oh my God I wish you idiots would shut up about Dante. Phoenix, alright, I can see why you’re salty (because you’re a netplay scrub btw) but Dante isn’t even that great. You all assume he’s good because he has lots of moves, but most of them are combo filler. He has way less tools than the actual best characters, eg Zero, She-Hulk and Ammy, and he has less tools than some of the other high-tier characters, eg Wesker. He doesn’t have huge invincibility and speed like Wolvie, his teleports are punishable, his damage is only marginally above average unless you’re using his Acid Rain or Air Shot loops which are so hard to do even Richard Nguyen drops them constantly, etc.

          He’s not top tier.

          • Duck Strong

            Lol, Dante is also broken as fuck. Are you blind? Maybe not to the extent of Phoenix and Wolverine, but seriously get a clue.

  • zikade

    Phoenix won, not Viscant. The Tron LVL 3 on that unholy bitch was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

    • ahdonye

      so why wasnt the finals Viscant vs Clockwork? by you logic the top eight should have all been Phoenix. Your logic fails here 🙂
      this si the same argument over and over for more than 20 years. What people are saying abot Jean is what people said about Ryu in 1992

  • TrueSephiroth

    I’m curious, where are all those Japanese Bandwagoners who said Tokido and CO. were now going to wreck all the USA players here during Evolution? They all came out like cockroaches during the CEO11 aftermath posting up all of their hate and Anti-American nonsense. However where are they now? During the biggest fighting game tournament on the planet with the Best MvC3 competition from around the world?

    This is why I’ve always said…Don’t talk so much Trash after just one tournament win, which doesn’t prove much besides you were just simply better for that night.

    Viscant deserves mad respect, and honestly, Viscants Wesker is absolutely unbelievable, and more importantly the use of Haggar was just incredible. Haggar assist created tremendous problems to Wong and PR Rog throughout their tenure. This was a crazy MvC3 ending, PR Rog’s Reset of the match up is one for the books, hahaha.

    However again, all the <3 to Viscant, the guy deserves it, and being an OG player it just makes it even better.

    • Unable to Connect

      It’s SRK. No surprise there.

    • Airtola

      LMAO right!? Where did they all go?

    • LuMaLo

      theyre hiding just like the idiots full of shame who where shouting “phoenix is free phoenix is free phoenix is free” and trolling the Phoenix forums when Phoenix was announced and we saw her die to hulks standing C into gamma wave.
      Which makes me wonder…. how free is Phoenix again??? ^_^ I love it xD

  • JAG

    Great games, good shit.

  • Yatcho

    Tron 1v3 comeback was easily the moment of the tournament for me.

  • Power_of_Shamwow

    Congrats Viscant. And for all the phoenix haters she is getting a nerf in UMVC3 so stop complaining. Seriously #20 are you saying that the 3 phoenix teams that made top 8 didn’t deserve it? I know phoenix is powerful but thats part of the game, if a wolverine, dante or wesker won Evo everyone would be crying too. Im sure even with the nerfs jean will get in UMVC3 people will still cry about her. But anyways congrats Viscant you deserve it with all your hard work.

    • HardAppleCider

      “if a wolverine, dante or wesker won Evo”

      Um… a Wesker DID win evo!

      • b3nz0r

        So did HAGGAR! 😀

  • DiMenezes

    For the first time I watched Viscant playing in WFN I knew he was a monster! Then in that MvC3 tutorial he did for cross counter I knew he was among the best in the world. When he won Revelations I knew for sure he would win EVO.

    The fact that his play influenced my own team I can only be happy he won!
    Unlike what most people think, it takes attitude to use a glass character, even if she’s a glass cannon.

    • Macdaddy487

      YESS! THIS!. I remember seeing him play in Wednesday Night Fights and I was like damn. I have high hopes for this guy.

  • Mr.Chang

    This has got to be the most upsetting Grand Finals for EVO ever. I really wish Justin had sent Viscant into the losers so, Combofiend or Noel could have dealt with him. God, Justin was really out of it. But, he made it to 3rd place at least. He dropped combos and wasn’t as careful. GAH! Yeah yeah, I’m a Justin lover but, you all know Justin has way more than enough potential to win Grand Finals.

    • GM Dak

      I’m just glad viscant sent justin to losers before winning the grand finals because if it was someone else, all the people like you would be saying “if only Justin had played viscant to take him out!”

      • Airtola

        I don’t think so..combofiend is more comfortable with the phoenix match up than anyone in top 8

    • Shinkada

      Justin’s been out of it for a long time, like 3+ months. I wonder if something’s going on at home. It’s so sad to see him go from dominating SSF4 and MvC3 and being a ridiculously close rival to Daigo, to not making finals in either game. :/

      • ahdonye

        Honestly, Wong and Daigo played too many different games, D may have won SSF4 if he wouldn’t have been training for Marval…..

  • 213372838347

    Maybe they should call him Vis-CAN 🙂

    • Tekknight


    • Travis Epic

      Great Minds think alike I posted that on his facebook lol!

  • RagnaXBL

    MAH BOI!

  • dantemustdie

    I don’t give a shit if he used Phoenix, Viscant 100% earned his victory and I have had mad respect for that dude for a long time.
    Good job, Jay.

    • sadsushi

      + 1,000,000

  • TrollThisSRK

    I like Viscant but I really feel like he was outplayed all night and won because of a stupidly overpowered character.

    Grats to PR Rog. Really man, you are the shit.

    • Gibson

      Yeah, sure.. and PR Rog was really under-doggin’ with Dante/Wolverine + Tron assist. There were dozens of Phoenix teams that didn’t crack top 8, yet Viscant made it all the way to grand finals without losing a set. He took out Rog, Marn, Justin, Clockwork, as well as Nerd Josh and Marlin Pie in the ECvWC exhibition. The man more than earned his trophy.

      • Sakura.Densetsu

        Not to mention some Clockork is definitely one of the best Mahvel players around for years and he was using Phoenix himself. Were it simply a matter of OP characters, he’d have lost to Clock.

        Truthfully, Phoenix is a huge crutch character. She is also the weakpoint on the teams of most people that use her. I even think she is the weak point on Clock’s team. She is very swingy and a lot of people do not know what to do against her, however it is clear there are already a lot of answers to her and at high level she is not very good at all. We even saw her activation countered by Weapon X and numerous times she was killed with snap backs. New tech is being found constantly that flat out makes her a wasted slot on people’s teams.

        Truthfully, nerfing her in Ultimate is a huge mistake. There already were so many tools added to the game to help counter her (meter drain for instance, and the nerf to X-Factor) that nerfing her health and her ability to spam fireballs is actually overkill. Combined with how much new stuff is being found in this game constantly, nerfing her will put her down to low tier. This is a serious waste of what was otherwise the most unique character in the game.

        She is good, but nowhere near as good as her showing so far. Viscant won in spite of her, not because of her.

        • Tekknight

          I mostly agree with you. But I would only call her a crutch at low level play. At mid level play and up, she’s a gamble. And that’s what 99.9% of marvel players are, we’re low to mid level players.

          I think the fireball/in air special was a good nerf. HP drop is not. She should be powerful, but not shut the game down powerful. The reason most hate Jean is because we can’t handle her no matter what. I think at low/midlevel nerfed Jean will still be a threat, but at high level she will officially be a risk/liability. I’d really like a regular Phoenix buff, Dark phoenix nerf.

        • TrollThisSRK

          “Viscant won in spite of phoenix not because of her” is by far the stupidest thing I’ve read on these forums for a loooooonog time.

  • Jennifer Nguyen

    Nggghhhh…so, so happy for him! <3

  • k0rr1

    I was rooting for Viscant the entire time, you really deserved it man. And who would’ve known PR Rog was the trump card to beat J Wong?

  • xesaie

    so what was the strange camera break at the start of marvel?

  • platinum_pinoy

    Viscant shows that old school can still hang. Props to OG style.

  • sadsushi

    congrats viscant! old school player who’s really stepped his game now with wesker around, doesn’t get enough credit for that..sure phoenix helps 😉

  • Proto Blues

    Made my day, even if Viscant’s win was completely Haggar. I knew as I soon as I got around to the replies and comments there’d be an ocean of salt. All I can say is thank god for the,
    >Phoenix trailer
    C-tier at best *comments
    >Having -any- contribution to winning Evo, coins the term “anti-Phoenix tech”, will be the highest nerf for UMVC3
    Eager to see who the iron-sights are switched to in November.
    ROCKET RACCOON? maybe.

    • b3nz0r

      Half of this wasn’t even in English, I swear. Not talking shit I’m just trying to read what you’re saying but it’s not registering properly.

  • tanookisuit

    “Honestly Phoenix had less to do with Viscant winning and more to do with PR Rog constantly running into Mayoral aid. People automatically attribute all the wins to Phoenix, but it was Wesker and Haggar doing the majority of the work.”-Cillranchelllo
    This about sums it up. Viscant had pr assist pattern down after the first match which is why every time tron was called the mayor was there to counter,witch in turn was hard knock down prs point when he would try to rush or even use it defensively which would cause those oh so pretty wesker resets with which he had a cavalcade of. Did phoenix close it out for him for some of those matches.Yes but his ability and the most powerful character in the game won it for him.

    • Shinkada

      Most powerful? Wesker’s definitely strong but no way he’s better than Wolvie, Zero, Ammy or She-Hulk.

      • Duck Strong

        He’s a metric fuckton better than She-Hulk and Ammy

  • secret

    A mechanic like dark phoenix should never have been put into this game, where the only legit strat known is snap back and kill before 5 bars. It is a hype killer. The rog/wong combo/wong from evo were much more fun to watch, or wong/chrisG matches from ECT3. Mashing projectile, and lights with x factor 3 is not hype.

    • GM Dak

      You’re right there was absolutely no hype when x-factor Phoenix got taken out by Tron level 3… Oh wait that was the best moment in the history of mvc3, brought to you by the Phoenix mechanic.

  • Peckapowa

    tbh im dissappointed, still feel like wong was the best player and some of the shit he was pulling against phoenix was amazing a lot of odd drops and weird shit was happenning in marvel like always coming down to the end.

  • aliasxn

    That Tron lvl3 was the most fucking epic shit I’ve seen in years. Mad props for PR Rog!!!

  • Gen2K


    Don’t care how much salt it brings, Viscant had this a long time coming. It’s kind of sad people are shitting on his victory. Hate on Capcom for such a derp character, not Viscant for picking the right cards to play.

    • Airtola

      I agree. Everyone knows Phoenix is broken, and whoever doesn’t believe that she was the biggest problem on Viscant’s team is crazy. All of the people saying that it was HAGGAR who won those battles is only part of it. Even if Phoenix isn’t doing the damage she ultimately affected PR Rog’s play style. PR Rog was losing meter snapping in PHOENIX, and if that wasn’t enough to kill her he had to decide whether or not to play lame. Just because phoenix isn’t winning the matches doesn’t mean she is not a problem. However, Viscant is a really great player who earned that trophy and should not be the target of vilification by ANYONE.

      • Tekknight

        I mostly agree with you, Phoenix isn’t broken in the traditional sense where as she is so powerful that her pros completely outweigh her cons. She is extremely unique that her pros are great but they NEVER outweigh her cons, they just sometimes bypass them. And I might add; if Phoenix was truly an auto-win, EVERYONE would have played her at EVO. Truth is, High level players know she’s a gamble at their level of play. Viscant was willing to take the gamble, bet on Black Angel and he had the skill and luck for it to pay off.

  • AlphaDragoon

    Well done Viscant, played like a champ.

    LOL Jean, she’s getting mega nerfed come Ultimate.

  • Exalted-1

    I want a gif of Viscant shaking his finger lol

    • Tekknight

      LOL I thought only I noticed the Sonic the Hedgehog finger wag. Then UltraDavid mentioned it.

  • Devon

    LOL.. So the Americans take the Special Olympics… Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr MVC3.
    The Asians take Evo and SSF4AE, Asians will always dominate the real games.

    • aliasxn

      Yeah, but you still suck.

    • Tekknight

      Thats an interesting way of looking at games that both involve tapping fingers on buttons. Insulting things you don’t support to try add validation to something you do support. Timeless.

    • b3nz0r

      Weird, looked to me like Americans won at least 3 out of the 5 games there.

  • fortunado

    What was the prize money?

  • Shaeknbaek

    And the Salt Award goes to Santhrax Kelly. Noel ate him for lunch.

  • Necrophile

    MvC3 is a game where strategy has more value than execution, and strategy is where Viscant shines. He knows the game inside out and knew the best way to deal with his opponents.

    Viscant says that his reaction speed is bad, but I find his execution to be very good, he dropped very few combos. Well deserved win to Viscant, seems like a really nice guy too. He’s really the best MvC3 player hands down, and that’s definitely a huge feat.

    • Duck Strong

      Lol, a one-armed quadraplegic blind man could do Wesker’s combos. I don’t see what’s surprising there.


    in my eyes he didn’t deserve that win , i got no respect for phoenix players but at least PR rog took 1st set 2 bad he was in loser’s =(

  • UTDC.Justin

    Haggar for President

  • mega_buster

    Iam sorry not trying to bash viscant but anyone who wins with phoenix I dont call a true win PR rog is wayy better than viscant he got there legit glad umvc3 will nerf her

    • PongBoom

      So you are trying to bash him. The person who won is the person who won. Viscant won. STFU

  • Old Man Doom

    Mad props to Viscant for taking the title. And all the salt he’s getting from Phoenix just needs to get thrown right back. Wesker and Haggar were the real stars of that team. After all he had to fight his way to 5 meters against 2 teams with ridiculous mixup potential with any clean hit landed on Wesker leading to a very bad situation with Phoenix dropping down on either Wolvie/Akuma or Wolverine/Dante. Seriously great job Viscant.

    • janoDX

      I would like that Viscant win EVO without Phoenix, we can go back in time and choosed another character. What would happen, Viscant would win EVO?…

  • Ouroborus

    thats probably the best wesker i’ve seen. congratulations once again, you deserved it.

  • Taito

    san diego and oldtimer pride over here

  • DelPiero

    The others on top 8 using Phoenix flopped hard but this guy had a very solid team and strategy so he really deserved it. Still, much respect to PR Balrog perfecting the top favorite and going into grand finals and resetting the way he did the final’s bracket, he definitley made the hype go real f*kng high !!

    • LoadedKlip

      Yes but players like Marn, Chris G were beaten by lesser opponents only because they used Phoenix. Look at Noel Brown … he could not do anything against JWong … he never has and never will … oh wait … he did at Evo when he switched from his MAIN team to a Phoenix team. Phoenix INSTANTLY changes everything and even Noel Brown could take a match from Justin Wong using Phoenix. The other good buddy of Justin that can never beat Justin … Floe … he did the same thing and he TOO beat Justin with Phoenix. Phoenix is a game changer. Problem is the most skillful players in this game … JWong, Chris G, Combofiend, etc etc … they refuse to use her. That gives secondary an third level players like Clockwork, Filipino Champ, Rashaan, Viscant chances to beat their more skillful opponents. Even scrubs at times take matches against JWong at times due to the randomness that Phoenix brings.

      • Tekknight

        Aren’t you honestly just saying that any player who uses Phoenix 2nd/3rd rank players? Clockwork being 2nd rate… wow.

        • b3nz0r

          Rahsaan being second rate….lol. His Peter Parker is beyond epic.

          All of those guys being second rate is pretty lolable.

          • Tekknight

            Rashaan deverse special props in my book for showing us how godlike Spidey can be. Its amazing.

  • gottnoskill

    Why is everybody being so hard on Viscant? The real power on that team were Wesker and Haggar. The anti-Wolverine/Tronne Tech was absolutely the only way he was going to make it through all that. Otherwise there would have been so many snap backs that Viscant would have been gone so long ago. I give all the props to Viscant for actually bringing out that tech even though it was simple it was effective. Might as well get over it. Wolverine and Phoenix aren’t my cup of tea either because of their obvious advantages of the system in this game, but that is exactly what the top tier players are going to use and abuse to get that share of the EVO pot money. So enjoy it knowing you probably won’t see this again in UMvC3. Because you’ll just see the next best simple/cheap thing in next years EVO.

  • Travis Epic

    VISCANT is now VISCAN!!!!!!!!

  • RaiJinKen

    I know Viscant is a nice and respected guy, but I simply have no respect for Phoenix players, at all.

    Then again he just did what he should, he picked an unfightable character and won.

    Let’s see how far he makes next year with a nerfed Phoenix, if he actually sticks with her.

    • Shinkada

      Phoenix is fightable, it’s not Viscant’s fault nobody knows how the fuck to snap her in and mix her up. Justin does but he’s been really off his game lately.

      • DoyleBingster

        ^ This.

      • Duck Strong

        Are you really that dumb? It’s not so simple. Snapping is far from a free win.

  • exittt

    This was NOT a deserved win.
    Viscan’t wouldn’t have won anything without his Phoenix crutch.

    It doesn’t matter how much work it took him to win using phoenix (ie. none), It’s illegitimate and disgusting to see him win Evo over clearly better skilled players.

    • Shinkada

      Fuck off, Wesker and Haggar did most of the work, Viscant is an amazing player, Phoenix was – as usual – more a liability than anything else and you should go the fuck back to Xbox Live or PSN where you so clearly belong.

      • exittt

        Yeah, Wesker and Haggar did most of the work (dying) until he gets five bars and a magical comeback win.

        What fraudulent garbage.

        • Falcon Combos

          Did you even watch the matches? PR Rog spent a good portion of Grand Finals running head long into the Mayor of the Earth. Or getting reset to death by Neo. Pheonix helped close one or two matches, but you’d have to be retarded to not see what Viscant was doing both sets.

        • PongBoom

          He’s a smart enough player to use his characters the way they did that if Phoenix wasn’t even in MvC3, he would win anyways.

        • Atheist way

          You didn’t watch his matches, or just dont understand fighting games…

    • axi0m

      I guess you missed the matches he won without Phoenix even coming out. Phoenix is NOT hard to deal with if you know how to handle her.

    • Exalted-1

      I love how all the top players that use Phoenix would magically not be top players if they stopped using her

  • Tekknight

    If Phoenix is the most powerful character why didn’t every player use her? (Spoiler: Pro players don’t CARE about “not being ‘cheap'”. When money and “fame” and a lot more are on the line. You do WHATEVER it takes to win and you do what you feel give you the best chance to win. ) So barring the things I just said, why didn’t everyone use Phoenix?

    • exittt

      “why didn’t everyone use Phoenix?”

      Some people have dignity.

      • Tekknight

        You’re romanticizing things there. Pro players don’t think as children. If they felt Phoenix would be their best bet, they’d use her. Dignity is a silly notion when thousands of dollars are on the line. Not to insult you, but I’m sure you’re wrong.

        • urstupidcuzuare

          lol you are very ignorant

          Justin Wong at NCR:

          “I won’t use phoenix, it’s too shameless”

          blowing your whole theory up. point is you are a dumb scrub and should gtfo

          • johnnydo

            “…you are a dumb scrub and should gtfo”

            A thousand times this. I hope ends up like Sagat is now: Completly forgotten.

            Like Viscant, HATE Phoenix winning evo.

          • Tekknight

            The real reason Justin didn’t use Phoenix is… wait. Did you just randomly call me ignorant, bumb, AND curse at me over a non-heated discussion. I… I can’t deal. You might have a point but I can’t discuss things with a person who lacks composure.

        • Karas13

          There are many reasons why individual players make character and team choices. Some of the reason fall on straight up tier whoring, and some other choices don’t – but at the end of the day it’s all individualism – not just tiers.

    • PurpleLemonadeGGPO

      Because Wolverine is also cheap

  • Raiyoo

    Scrubbers gon’ scrub

  • k0rr1

    Viscant, forget all these haters. Congrats on the victory, it was well deserved. You stayed solid, anyone else would have cracked and gotten opened up with that incredibly Dante play from PR Rog.

  • Monicker

    Darn Combofiend, you cost me money…

  • dalbot

    Congrats to Viscant!!! Glad to see a Phoenix player win. For anyone who complains about Phoenix remember that Wolverine with the near invincible Tron assist is advantageous too, above all, all players choose there own teams so complaining about certain characters is dumb.

    On another note, what a lame waste of time that pointless 3rd Strike Tournament was, right before the MvC3 finals. An hour plus long pointless meaningless exhibition tournament that no one cares about. Seriously next year don’t do that and who ever thought that was a good idea, it wasn’t.

  • LuMaLo

    Just putting it out there: Viscant doesnt give a shit about you idiots saying stuff like “in my eyes he doesnt deserve the win because he plays phoenix blablabla”… He won EVO, he is the best mvc3 player in the world, he will be the best mvc3 player in the world at least until evo2k12, and he doesnt give a fuk if some random srk user thinks winning with phoenix isnt winning, or cheap, or unfair, or whatever.
    I dont understand why some people are even trying to defend him by saying haggar did the work or that wolverine is also broken or stuff like that… IT DOESNT MATTER!!! Who cares if Haggar did the work, or if wolvie/akuma is broken too, or if Phoenix is totally megabroken… it doesnt matter. Viscant won EVO2k11 fair and square, he got through his pools, he got through the whole tournament, made it to winners finals, made it to grand finals, and won. THATS IT.
    Congrats to Viscant, and everyone who had a blast on evo2k11, i hope to be there next year.

    • Karas13

      Stop getting emotional, people are just discussing something they went out of their own way to spend time and watch. Whether Viscant “gives a shit” or not people still going to talk about it.

    • secret

      He will be the only EVO MvC3 champion, next year is a new game.

    • Falcon Combos

      I know right? Viscant will be too busy counting his money to worry about all this salt.

      And yeah, that’s another thing. Viscant went undefeated, not dropping a single set and only getting reset at Grand Finals, which he then went 3-0. He deserves this win from the work he put in all weekend.

  • Din0

    Lol @ all these haters on Viscant. I’m sure he gives a shit what you scrubs think with his spankin new EVO trophy and prize money. He’s been working hard at this game and deserved this championship. Congratulations to Viscant on a great win.

    Also PR Rog uses 2 of the best point characters in the game and 1 of the 2 best assists in the game. If he won, scrubs probably would have been hating on him for Wolverine.

  • outputrotation

    Viscant is a scrub… you won’t even see him in top 32 next year in UMVC3

    • Exalted-1

      He just won two majors, has all kinds of Marvel experience, but he won’t have a scary team in ultimate? I guess you are going to take his place. Show us the way buddy!!

    • ahdonye

      and what will you place?

  • Switchdeath

    If you can block, Phoenix is amazing. If you can press buttons, Dante is amazing. If you can press one button really fast, Tron (assist) is amazing. If this does not worry you, then what does? I can go on; If you can spam launcher, Sentinel is amazing. If you can press two buttons at the same time, Magneto is amazing. What’s my point? Well, this; nothing you can do will make Captain America amazing. I would know, I play him on point as a 2nd Lord. I play him for the fun of it, but wouldn’t dream of taking him to a tournament. The same can be said for 3/4 of the cast. UMvC3 needs to either buff the hell out of the bad characters or nerf the bejeezus out of the good ones. Seems like they went with option two. I still think that doubling the health of every character in the game would fix every single problem with MvC3.

  • Dasvanu

    now lets hear the scrubs come out of the woodwork saying Phoenix never wins amything and shouldn’t be nerfed

  • axi0m

    Grand Finals was easily the best set I’ve ever watched, I was literally shaking watching it.

    Glad to see one of my three favorites take home the big win, that dude probably has the best Wesker out there. The biggest thing I like about Viscant is that his skill is all analytical, he was the dude really behind the Wolvie/Akuma shenanigans and has a playstyle that seems based around “Ok my opponent did N which means next is X, Y or Z so I’ll do Q which will beat X and Z because Y isn’t as dangerous” the dude has admitted not being the best at reaction time so he seems to play the game a lot more like chess, he’s my favorite because despite character choices he’s one of the most analytical players in the game and far better than a lot of people give him credit for.

  • Smorgasboard

    Congrats to Viscant! I think he completely deserves the win with that well played team of his. Wesker and Haggar work together as a near impregnable zoning team that beats out most aggressiveness teams that try to snap-in Phoenix. If the opponents plays a better zoning team, Wesker and Haggar has so much life, he’ll almost always build the 5 meter for Dark Phoenix, which easily blows up zoners. Too bad his entire team is nerfed in UMVC3. I hope he breaks the game again! Love it!

  • Raz0r

    What the hell happened to the competitive nature of SRK? This is a competitive scene and when someone uses the best tools allowed they’re going to cry about it?

    • Gen2K

      Apparently the Play to Win mentality is losing steam more and more every year or something.

      • The Lone Dragon


        Looks like the community is starting to respect “winning skillfully” over simply “winning” these days.

        A change I’ve been waiting for, for years.

        • PongBoom

          Wow, epitome of scrub talk. Well done.

        • b3nz0r

          lol. I used to think this way and then I kept telling myself that it’s a scrub mentality to think that way.

          Because it totally is.

  • Thrillbilly

    I’m surprised by how much support/love PR Rog gets here. Maybe you all don’t catch it because they don’t show it on the stream but Rog is one of the most cocky/arrogant/disrespectful pricks I had the displeasure to watch in person at EVO. Dude jumps up and down pounding his chest like a gorilla when he wins and pouts when he loses. He’s almost as bad as Noel Brown.

    • Jourdal

      wasn’t everyone doing a celebration of that sort? And maybe because he eliminated wong from evo with a perfect….that sort of thing yields fans. And he doesn’t use Phoenix lololol

  • DevilJin 01

    This is what happens when you make an old man cheap game in 2011. Old cheap man wins.

    Good shit Viscant.

  • antipode

    EVO 2011: Year of the online warriors.

    • WyonEarth

      lol Viscant is a mvc2 Veteran

      • WyonEarth

        posted out of instinct. dunno if you meant Viscant had no credibility as a player. or you were referring to something else.

        • antipode

          I was referring to the fact that many successful players this year trained online. Among though include Viscant, Latiff, Wolfkrone, and Poongko. Commentators also mentioned Perfect Legend playing online because of his sparse local community.

          Well done, and it’s a nice change of pace from the pros who turn their noses up and snub online play. I’m not delusional to think that the quality of online play is anywhere as high as playing with elite friends. Still, it’s great practice and exposes the player to more variety. It’s also a great way to try “cheap” strategies/characters without worrying about losing your friend’s respect.

          Specialty breeds weakness.

          • Tekknight

            Well said.

  • SMB

    PR Balrog’s Tron come back was absolutely amazing. Congrats to Viscant! BEST EVO EVAR!

  • AdrianJNYC

    That was an amazing Grand Finals, but Phoenix is the real star of Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

  • F0xhound009

    i really ddin’t wanna see a phoenix team win unless it was this guys or clockworks. but glad viscant won. he’s put in thousands of hours into the game, the leaderboard on XBL alone shows that lol

  • WyonEarth

    Everytime PR Rog teched Viscant’s throws Haggar was there to clean up.

  • THK

    At first I never liked the fact Viscant uses Phoenix, then watching the finals I realized what it is. Phoenix was honestly a distraction. Haggar was the problem. Good call, people see Phoenix and the first thing on their game plan is to get rid of her, which is a smart idea. She’s dangerous, yeah, but if you apply your focus on her alone, you’ll lose on trying to get rid of her. Or waste meter on snap ins like many others do. I feel it’s more important to learn how to fight Phoenix rather than learning how to kill Phoenix. Ideally, they should up her health and just get rid of Dark Phoenix. I say that’d make things better.

  • Syxx573

    what a joke

    not viscant winning but the guy who got second place not able to adapt to haggar

  • Falcon Combos

    We can all agree on one thing though.

    Tron’s comeback game 5 was sick as fuck.

    • Densuo

      Indeed. that was an epic comeback

  • thearm05

    Anyone who is saying that Wesker/Haggar is how Viscant won is retarded. The reason Wesker was able to do so much is because the opponent always has the fear of DP in the back so they don’t kill Wesker to go for a snap. It was Phoenix’s mindgame not Wesker/Haggar that beat PR Rog.
    The problem with DP is that once you have her +xf3 barring any massive player error you WILL win. It isn’t a chance it isn’t a percentage literally the only way to lose with xf DP is to fuck up badly.

  • Old Man Doom

    Anyone who said Viscant didn’t earn this victory needs to get their head checked. If thats the case I could say the same thing for anyone who picked Wolverine/XX assist which nearly anyone can run without really practicing. Or do you think its that hard to throw/slide/XFactor or maybe even the harder option of Assist/Berserker Slash.

    • Duck Strong

      It is a little bittersweet though. On the one hand I think Viscant is a great player, but his victory will always be a little tainted. I still think his Wesker did most of the work, however much Phoenix’s presence affected how his opponnents played.

      Still, I’m glad that if any Phoenix player had to win, it was him. At least that insufferable dickhole FChump didn’t take it.

      • Old Man Doom

        I hear you on that one. Just trying to point out that running Phoenix is no more OP that running a Wolverine/XX assist team where you’re pretty much guaranteed at least one snap-in of Phoenix without 5 meters. Now I’m not a Phoenix player nor do I want to be. It doesn’t fit my style. I just respect the fact that Viscant won and played smart enough to survive the onslaught of Berserker Slashes and Dante theatrics to get his Phoenix to where she could finish the job when needed.

      • antipode

        Bottom line is there will be no asterisk next to Viscant’s name as an EVO winner and your opinion is not going to change that.

        In a few years, people will be complaining about the next “overpowered” character in the next “beginner-friendly” game, they’ll look back and fondly remember Viscant as a champion.

  • shiningnegro

    Wesker and Hagger the new best friends forever

  • metaphist

    How is everyone so salty? People have been wining tournaments with the best character in the game forever. How is this case any different? Saying Viscant doesn’t deserve it is to discount every top tier victory ever. If you’re not the best player in the room and you win, it’s called an UPSET not an undeserved victory.

  • jnw93

    he was using Phoenix not that impressive

  • Densuo


  • Shukuda

    Viscant doesn’t win a single match against Rog when his Phoenix gets knocked out. That pretty much says it all. Phoenix whoring for the win.

    • Raz0r

      Shut up.

  • Kynrr

    How can someone bitch about Phoenix when the other guy is using Wolverine. Big Congratulations to Viscant, i’m a huge fan of his.

    • Raz0r

      How can anyone, on a competitive gaming site, complain about any character choice? This isn’t about entertainment it’s about winning.

      • Tekknight

        The most words of the day! If you don’t bring your all you don’t get your win! This isn’t a movie, its a competition. You use the more powerful resources you’re allowed to use and all the skill you possess. Everyone picked the best teams they thought they could win with. And anyone who didn’t was a fool. And Justing Wong is no fool I’m sure. Neither is Viscant. Neither is PR Balrog.

        • Tekknight

          TRUEST WORDS, is what I meant to say.

  • Mrjoemama

    Because Phoenix is a game-changer…

    Oh and good shit to Viscant…I hate Phoenix but can respect anyone winning EVO no matter how I feel about the team!

    I’ve heard a lot of talk that people had been dropping Phoenix because of getting her snapped in and than dealing with the mix-up. Viscant was smart enough to build his team with this in mind unlike 99% of the other Phoenix teams.

    Props to PR Rog for the reset, would have liked to see him adapt to the Haggar assist a little better though.

    The salt content in this thread for Viscant is funny, don’t hate the player hate the game, or the company that thought Phoenix was good design…

  • TheMysticalNinja

    Such an amazing final, though Viscant just had to make it more challenging lol. But big props to Viscant for regaining his mental toughness and taking the victory. But big props to PR Rog for making it a helluva finals.

    Tron beating Phoenix was just a “Holy s***” moments and must be in the top 5 biggest shocks in Evo (in a event that had TONS of shocks). Also I still find it very surreal that Haggar was in the finals. On the winning team. And then there was Justin Wong not just getting eliminated but getting perfected in doing so.

    People need to stop b****ing about Phoenix, since it must have been known how cheap she could be when her gameplay trailer was revealed. Yet she’s still a high-risk, high-reward character and we’ve seen how she can be beaten easily but also turn the tables as easily.

  • Deps

    Dat Vest!. Viscant deserved it, good stuff.

  • houseofchacon

    I think Viscant will make top 32 next year if he puts in the hours he did for this year. Hopefully UMvC3 will be really diverse. But I think the damage is still way too high. Congrats Viscant and keep doing work.

  • pistolshrimp

    another scrub phoenix player

  • xesaie

    The other phoenix teams got annihilated too.. I don’t think Viscant is that much better than champ, but Haggar assist DESTROYED both Jwong and PRRog.

  • pistolshrimp

    haggar worked cause they were trying to snap in phoenix. derp

  • deci

    viscant is the only phoenix player at evo who didn’t get booed when he won. that right there says a lot.

    fuck the haters.

    jay is gdlk!

  • outputrotation

    All I gotta say is… Viscant better have a backup plan in UMVC3. It’s gonna be a LOT harder when you actually need skill to win next year.

    • ahdonye

      Where did you place with all your skill this year at EVO?

  • cliffeside

    after the salt washed away, i gotta admit… viscant is a genius. for those who don’t understand why. lemme break it down for you.

    people wanna blame individual components on viscant’s team for his win. but in actuality, his team worked very well as a TEAM. wesker/haggar are a duo that has a better chance of being over come if you play patiently. what phoenix does to make them so much more potent is that she takes that time to play patiently away from you.

    vs this team, you have 2 choices. 1-race against the clock to try and tag phoenix before 5 bars (which makes haggar assist much more of a threat) or 2-accept her inevitability, play the match out, and deal with her when you get to that point. neither option is easy but i feel there’s a lot to say for just preparing for the inevitability instead of betting it all on black and hoping for the best.

    as i said, it wasn’t haggar assist, it wasn’t wesker, it wasn’t phoenix. it was his team. getting to sit down and really think about it, viscant really did deserve the win. congrats to him.

    ps- if pr rog put tron on point with dante, wolvie backing her up, he’d have had a better chance and better characters on anchor. dante and wolvie both have invincible moves and longer ranged level 3s. which would prove more useful for him. still that tron comeback was amazing.

  • Peckapowa

    viscant was getting opened up by rog but rog kept dropping his combos

  • pistolshrimp

    so the general consensus is ‘viscant is amazing. it has nothing to do with phoenix. i think he’ll probably make top 32 next year’

  • xesaie

    heh, the general consensus is “We’re mad about phoenix!”

    Nobody should be able to say much bad about him tho’, again there were plenty of excellent phoenix players around (Clock, FChamp), and they god destroyed.

  • exittt

    This douchebag winning Evo with Phoenix is like using a motorcycle to win the Tour de France.

    Sure, he “won”, doesn’t make him any less of a piece of shit for it.

    • k0rr1

      cry me a river will ya? Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

      • exittt

        Well yeah, Marvel 3 is ass, and Viscunt is the king of the shitpile.

        • k0rr1

          Al i see is boo hoo, marvel 3 boo hoo, boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo.

  • Cereal and Milk

    This was probably the most hyped game on EVO 11

  • TimeGem

    Congrats to Viscant for winning it all! It’ll be interesting to see if next year’s EVO will have as many Phoenix players. Only time will tell.

  • LoadedKlip

    I say congrats to Viscant as well. He was smart enough to use the best character in the game. Jwong, Combofiend, Chris G … they could have choosen Phoenix themselves and didn’t. Their fault for thinking they could actually come up with a guarantee anti-phoenix technology on a character that if activated … you need to get LUCKY to beat her.

  • The 4th Letter

    Fuck that, if you’re playing for money… Play Phoenix. Fuck all that trying to be the man shit. Money was on the line. Capcom does dumb shit like this on purpose.

    Viscant deserved to win EVO because he studied that hard for it. He dropped AE for it, and he had common sense to have Phoenix as his anchor and he won EVO.

    She’s OP, its fucked up… but so are guns. Viscant brought his gun to the gun fight.

    THE END.

  • MrSoada

    I saw the figure 50% somewhere above when it comes to how often phoenix dies on a snap-in. I just rewatched the set. PR Rog Snapped in Phoenix seven times total, and only once did that snap in lead to a jean grey death (no phoenix comes out). 1/7 = 14.3%

    Phoenix wasn’t even a liability for Viscant.

    • Tekknight

      I probably said that, and I meant for regular level players. I know Rog TRIED to kill Phoenix upon snap-in but Viscant avoided it. Should a snap-back = auto death for anyone using her? No way. But you sure better make them fight to get Phoenix back out. When someone who is at a lower level play and the snap brings her in. The more skilled player usually finds a way to kill her.

    • kupo36

      i’d say those stats are about right.
      i’ve been watching quite a few matches since the game came out and snap-ins have rarely worked against phoenix.
      she has way too much air time and she’s basically mixing up the person who snaps her in, not the other way around.

  • Monte

    as coach herm edwards once said, “you play to win the game.” well done viscant!

  • D1_

    I always knew Viscant had it, he definitely knows the ins and outs of the game and if people can’t come to realize that now. They can just keep being salty naysayers, all I’m saying is he won using what was legal. She isn’t banned so why cry?

  • SteveChiller

    I hate watching Pheonix matches, they are so predicable. lol @ Seth getting a boner over viscants vest.

  • DoyleBingster

    First of all, congrats to Viscant. Job well done.

    Im not a great player by any means, so this question is for those who have a better grasp on the situation than myself. So, Phoenix was considered to be a huge problem for some of the bigger names at EVO. I know throwing her at the ass end of a team isn’t exactly new, but was it surprising to anyone that a team featuring her would have the effect that it did. Also, if people knew that a Phoenix team would have the chance of cracking top 16 or even top 8, should it have been more of a pressing matter to focus on getting anti-Phoenix tech down to prepare for such a situation?

    Or are players just totally screwed against Phoenix until Ultimate comes out?

    Just curious.

    • Eileithyia

      Phoenix is beatable just look at tokido, clockwork and other phoenix teams.
      very good players don’t like fighting Phoenix because phoenix is kind of random. alot of time it takes the skill factor our the equation.

      at evo, most people really don’t want to money match phoenix players or Seth players.

      • Eileithyia

        can’t edit for some reason.

        i mean takes the skill factor out of the equation.

      • Eileithyia

        can’t edit for some reason. i mean it takes the skill factor out of the equation. that’s why people don’t like to fight her. It doesn’t mean, they can’t beat her. I bet J wong will run it back if they have the chance to fight again in the future.

  • Call2Arms

    Wow, theres alot of hate here saying “Phoenix won it for him.”

    But has anyone ever given thought to how easy/fast ANY character can kill while in X-Factor lvl 3? Sure, phoenix does it WAY faster than others but one hit from ANY character in lvl 3 X-factor is a guaranteed kill if your execution is even half way decent…

    All these people saying that Phoenix won it for him obviously dont know how to:

    – Snap-In and mix up properly
    – Block.
    – Find the corner to avoid her teleport crossups
    – Utilize invincibility frames/moves that go through/counter projectiles
    – Hit her on top of the head

    You let her get 5 bars and thats totally your fault.

    PR Rog had ALL of these tools with Lvl 3’s, projectile immune moves, and useful invincibility moves to hit her. HE HAD IT ALL! and he used them effectively. He played a GREAT game and did not disappoint me at all with his setups and quick thinking. (Dat Tron lvl 3) But, his execution mistakes, reckless play running into the haggar assist, and bad guesses on 50/50’s cost him more than Viscant who had some of the same faults but to a slightly lesser degree. Which won him the match.

    Im not old school, I started in Marvel 3… but the Marvel Veterans in SD told me that back in the day, they didnt pray for patches, they didnt complain like babies to developers, they didnt abandon the game cause of outrageous shit. They loved the game and dealt with what they were given.

    Viscant deserved his win, PR Rog put up a great fight. Simple. Im just tired of how dumb people can be when in reality they cant play the game as well as these two. If PR Rog won, they wouldve said something about Wolvie/Dante or the Tron assist.

    • MrSoada

      Oh my god can we stop it with these “if X happened differently, this is how people would have responded.”

      Snap-ins: The best you can get in this game is a 50/50 mix-up, and not all snap in mix-ups are actual 50-50s. Without the right set-up, you will be left to gamble your meter away on how well your opponent can block.
      Block: This makes no sense, unless you mean block and use X-fac to cancel guardstun, in which case X-factor DP says hi with feathers and 1 frame normals. If you just block, you will die to chip. I think that’s been established
      Find the corner to avoid teleport: Only works in Phoenix – Phoenix mirror or if you pop x-factor in the corner and try to block high-low mixups while waiting out her x-factor… better off with a more proactive approach.
      Utilize invinicible moves- A good DP will know what invincible hypers you have at your disposal. Not every DP is going to spam fireballs and you CANNOT react to her cr LP, you can only predict it. So essentially you are, once again, gambling your meter to try and kill DP. And if you whiff a super against her… well she has a 1 million damage BnB WITHOUT x-factor that actually builds net meter.
      Hit her on top of the head: She is ALWAYS moving. REALLY FUCKING FAST.

      Also, the way viscant’s team was set up, DP was gonna get 5 meters no matter what. His team was structured to consistently get out DP. Against Justin, it came out in all but 1 games. Against rog, 7 snap-ins lead to a Jean Grey (no transformation) death ONCE. In quarterfinals, the stats are even more haunting, with only Combofiend a consistent phoenix killer. Phoenix isn’t helpless on a snap-in, often times Viscant would turn the tables and land a combo, further netting meter and letting him tag out immediately afterwards.

      Phoenix is a broken character. The thing is, I don’t give a shit how things were done in the past. I played MvC2 for 8 years, not complaining merely because I knew there was no chance for balancing. Here we have a chance for a respectable game, a discussion can and should be had.

      • MrSoada

        I am sorry for the salty language, but Phoenix is fucking stupid.

      • Call2Arms

        All your counter arguments sound like you havent put in any extensive thought into them.

        • MrSoada

          If you want to get out of an argument, don’t actually respond. I play observe weekly at WNF, and I discuss these things with other players, often times good, EVO top-8 players. But thank you for wasting my time and pussying out of an argument when 100% of what I said is both valid and arguable. But I understand where you are coming from, not having played Marvel 1/10 of the time I have.

          • Call2Arms

            Well, you have a different view. Thats ok, to each their own. If you read my post, I was stating that Jay deserved his win and that Phoenix did not win it for him alone. People are talking as if he just builds the meter then lets Wesker and Haggar die when those two characters play one hell of a role in Jay’s game. There are times where he faces top players and he takes each character out one by one with just Wesker/Haggar or Ironman. With no help from phoenix but a combo extending assist. Nowhere in my post did I say that Phoenix was not broken. I just stated that there is ways to beat out how cheap she is and how to even the odds just enough for a Phoenix kill. I know Viscant’s team can build meter super fast. Also, Shady K showed me he can build 5 meters in a single combo to aerial exchange from Mag to Sentinel. In some cases Dark Phoenix is inevitable like what was said, so combining those points I made earlier can help with odds of a successful Dark Phoenix kill and some players were prepared and some werent. You can see PR Balrog was prepared maybe not as prepared as combofiend but he had everything to get the job done but his execution drops and running into haggar cost him quite a bit…

            Its definitely a fact that we dont see eye to eye on the matter and Im not forcing everyone to agree with me, All I was saying is that Jay deserved his win and his choice of team and intentions should not tarnish what he achieved.

            I may not live in the same area you do, to be at WNF when I please, But San Diego houses some of the best and I play with them on a pretty consistent basis. I may not have as much experience as many, nor do I have the skill to run consistently with guys like Genghis, Shady, or Viscant himself, but they do share their input and knowledge with me and the community. They also have witnessed and in some cases experienced what we were discussing put into play against their own Phoenixes with pretty good results. So, I dont think me not being a veteran Marvel 2 player makes my input any less of value, when ideas and strategies are being shared and refined by veterans themselves to the new generation.

  • zikade

    Here’s the thing that pisses people off about Phoenix: it makes the game mostly about luck. It’s always a LITTLE about luck, but even with the top tier characters (Wesker, Wolvie, Akuma, Dante) you still need execution. You still need to open up the player. You still need to hit your combos. Phoenix requires none of that, and the scrubbiest players can eke out a win against the best every once in a while with her tactics.

    I’m not saying Viscant was a bad player. By all means, if you get to the top 8 with any team, you’re very good. But winning with Phoenix is like winning with a team where a character throws dice, and if it lands on evens, you die, lands on odds, he dies. It’s a hard victory to praise, winning like that.

  • AvariceX

    Congratulations Viscant!

    Viscant deserved every bit of this win. I’ve been saying for a long time that the people who work the hardest will always do the best despite anyone’s natural talent, and Viscant worked by far the hardest. I’m a little saddened that this will be the end of MvC3 at Evo since I wanted to be a top player in this game but new I couldn’t make it out to Evo this year (just finished college, got a job and have to start paying off debts), but I am now pumped and inspired for UMvC3 next year. I will 100% be at Evo next year and now that Viscant has shown not only the rewards of hard work but that an online warrior can actually come out and dominate I am 100% confident that I will do well.

    I only hope that others will see what Viscant did and step up to the plate. I hope to meet all those that do next year, and Viscant I hope you keep it up so I can see you in Grand Finals. 😉

    • AvariceX

      knew* I couldn’t make it out to Evo.

      Does the comment section really not allow edits?

    • Du Fugitive

      He’s not an online only warrior.

  • ahdonye

    Congrats to Viscant

  • pistolshrimp

    viscant never was shit and never will be shit. when he can’t use phoenix anymore he is done.

  • Atheist way

    Jealousy is a weak emotion shrimpdick…

  • kupo36

    viscant is one of the nicest guys on the scene. he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of a multitude of games and is a hard worker.
    it is a joy watching him play.
    regardless of any changes that will be made to phoenix he will still be able to find winning strategies with whatever team he may choose.

  • inzomb

    Is this the same Viscant from south hills golfland? (sorry for making it real old school) I just wanted to make sure I was rooting for who I thought I was.

    • b3nz0r


  • S0pringles

    If being a great Marvel 2 player had much to do with this, Sanford Kelly would not be getting bodied by Noel Brown. Justin and Rog are just great all around FG players… but clearly Viscant has done the best job of analyzing the game, taking it for what it is, and making the best choices possible to win. The ass-pain and salt his victories generate is just icing on the scrubby cake.

  • InjeenyusFlip

    I’d really like to see Viscant run Wesker/ Haggar/ Iron Man. Still a nice solid team fully supporting Wesker. I think if you use maximum wesker you can dhc into haggar body slam super and get fully damage off of it in the air. If wesker dies, he’ll still have haggar with iron man assist. Maybe not one of the better teams out there, but definitely not the worst and with Viscants history of these characters, I think he can do some pretty interesting and amazing things

    • InjeenyusFlip

      I’m not hating on his phoenix team, I just think he can prove how good he is to a lot of people who question his skills. I’d like to see him try it out at WNF

  • Zenrot

    I wonder if all these people bitching would’ve called Daigo a scrub had he won SF4 with Yun…

  • Densuo

    Haggar won EVO.

    • Cereal and Milk

      and capcom says Hagger is overpowered. Not Really. No one in the community said he was overpowered. So he is getting nerfed in UMvC3.