SFxT Teasers Videos for Kuma, and Possibly Ibuki

By on July 31, 2011 at 1:53 pm

At the conclusion of the Street Fighter X Tekken panel here at Evolution 2011, producer Yoshinori Ono dropped a few teaser trailers on the crowd. The first of which had the crowd shouting “Ibuki”, and the second is clearly everyone’s favorite giant brown bear, Kuma.

  • Atomsk

    now Zangief HAS to be in this

    • Tahldon

      Well played, good sir.

    • Akela

      totally agreed

    • Eternal Darkness

      I also agree. If a bear is in it, it needs a wrestler to wrestle it.

  • Latin00032

    You’re right!! Zangief has to wrestle the bear.

  • The original genocider

    It’s possible on how Guy and Cody showed up it’s going to be Ibuki and Makoto or just that other Ninja from the Tekken side. But if there’s a bear chances are Zangief will probably show up, even though there’s already King and Murdok for wrestling. It would be stupid if Blanka made it.

  • Coosco

    Still waiting on Sakura/Karin =/

  • Blacksonic21

    With Ibuki in odds for Makoto just went up. I’m pleased with this since I originally had no hope for Makoto.

    • MrSoada

      Sakura would make more sense for Ibuki’s partner. Makoto is just so burly.

      • Blacksonic21

        How does Sakura make more sense? And what does Makoto’s physical appearance have to do with anything?

        • MrSoada

          look up ibuki’s story on the street fighter wiki. She is a girly girl: wants to go shopping, meet cute boys, and have fun. Sakura is kind of the same except is obsessed with ryu. Makoto has goals and isn’t a bimbo.

          • Iron DD

            Except that Ibuki and Makoto have some sort of rivalry already going, if there 3rd Strike intro is any indication. Not only that, but I’m still not sure what there personalities have to do with anything.

          • TreFoxR3

            well…I think makoto and Ibuki would be a better Pair. Ibuki and Makoto and Friends and rivals. They both go to the same school but come from different back grounds.
            Ibuki was born into the geki ninja clan but was taken by a splinter clan so to destroy the geki’s plans for her future. She was originaly not suposed to goto school out side their ninja village but due to her past and the fact that the geki still wanted to foresee the future they laid out for her…they allowed it thus making their mission undoable.

            Makoto on the other hand was born the daughter of a Rindo-khan karate master who was defeated by Oro. She NOW holds the deed to the dojo but, all the students left do to the fact that ( i find this really sexist )…She’s a girl and thought she’d make a terrible Master. now the is challenging EVERY THING THAT CAN WIELD A FIST to a dual to promote her dojo.

            All in all…im just stating ( even though i skipped the part about their friendship )…these two would be more comfortable working together.

  • Pretty_Nate

    funniest part of the teaser was ono’s impression of Kuma

  • Trippfan

    I want to see Claw!!!!

    • JacopeX

      I SECOND THIS!!!1

      • TreFoxR3

        Boo. No Squaters aloud…

      • TreFoxR3


  • Ysent

    As much as I like Ibuki, it’s annoying that yet another character that was in the SF4 series gets ported over. Poison is the only new character so far, which kinda sucks (at least she’s also a completely new character gameplay-wise as well).

    Also lol @ trying to make a teaser out of Kuma.

    • King Rizz

      Hugo is in as well and there have been hints at Sodom; also wherever there’s Sodom, Rolento has to be nearby. =)

  • Klique

    i just want Karin…please thank you

  • GirugaMarc

    None of the characters so far have impressed me. Until they reveal Akuma (who is pretty much guaranteed I guess) and KARIN KANZUKI I’ll probably put of buying this game after release for a while.

  • sfplayboy

    Ryu vs a f*cking bear….this game will be interesting

    • janoDX

      Everyone on street fighter vs a Bear… This is awesome…

      • TreFoxR3

        I feel bad for kuma…since you put it that way.

  • Skone

    Gief, Bison and Akuma are pretty much guaranteed. I wanna see Fei and Law.

  • NeroFrost

    This is it, we finally get to see Zangief take on a frickin’ bear! YAY!!! XD

  • Hypereth

    Ibuki. You can also see honda’s face @ 0:20 in the 1st trailer.

    • Gojira

      It’s in the background of a stage which we’ve already seen (the one with all the trucks inspired by Sodom’s SFA2 background).

  • DevilJin 01

    Welp now I’m gonna HAVE to play the game now that the lady ninja is in.

  • Saiyan Mexican
  • Monicker

    I dunno, I think you guys are jumping the gun on saying that’s Kuma. Looks like it could be anyone to me.

  • ForeverZero

    No Alpha love just yet huh?

    • RaJoMu

      Cody, guy, sodom??

  • Doc Strange

    All of the clips look like Ibuki except the one with the Honda poster in the background. The only thing I can think of that the picture could be is a foot, but that’s not what Ibuki wears. Maybe she just got a gimpy hand nerf.

  • xxteefxx

    Freakin Rolento or Eagle please 🙁 come on, this is so Stupid :S……

  • Ouroborus

    this game is useless without zangief

    • MrSoada

      I don’t know of any SF game with two bulky wrestlers. Either Gief or Haggar or Hugo, never more than one, and hugo already in.

      • meninhitsu

        Third Strike has Alex and Hugo.

      • Travis Epic

        Gief and Hakan say hello…

  • xRELLIKx

    I want ALEX!

    • RaJoMu


  • Brucewest85

    blanka is gonna be in for sure now that we have one animal on the roster.

    • o0shane0o

      agree,Blanka’s pic is in the trailer.Plus you know thats Ono’s love child.

  • TheWretchedCrow

    They have to reveal Dragunov soon! argh.
    At least Poison, Hugo and Ibuki gives me new hope for him to be in it.

  • LeeRockU

    This game needs more black. Bring in Elena and Raven. Nao!!!!!!

  • Mo0N_Knight

    Where is Vega…:(