MCZ|DMG Perfect Legend Wins EVO 2011 Mortal Kombat Championship

By on July 31, 2011 at 5:11 pm

Excitement filled the room during the very first match of the top 8 in Mortal Kombat at EVO 2011. vVv REO set the mood with back to back Mileena fatalities that would lead him to the grand finals out of losers. MCZ|DMG Perfect Legend shrugged off most of his opponents today, finessing his way to the end of the winner’s bracket with his speedy and smart Kung Lao.

REO fought very closely to Perfect Legend, winning 3-2 and forcing a second three out of five set. In the second set, Legend took the first two games cleanly, at one point using the same attack string ending in a low hat six times in a row. Perhaps flustered, REO went to the character select screen and teased the crowd by hovering his cursor over Kung Lao before eventually choosing to play Cyrax. Legend’s Kung Lao did lose a round to REO’s Cyrax, but took the fight to him in the third round to become the EVO 2011 Mortal Kombat champion winning 3-0 in the final set.


    Kinda one-sided after the reset but oh well.

    • SinisterMephisto

      WTF Did you see the match? Was far from 1 sided. The match got reset with Reo winning 3 games in a row.

      • JAGTxelUM

        Wai-wai-wait. Wasn’t PerfectLegend part of the staff hired by NRS in charge of balancing MK9? If so this would be a biased championship 🙂

      • JAGTxelUM

        Wai-wai-wait. Wasn’t PerfectLegend part of the staff hired by NRS in charge of balancing MK9? If so this would be a biased championship!

        • Jaybonaut

          Are you thinking of that arrogant Tom Brady? He was hired by NRS to do that, and he didn’t even make it into finals.

        • TooItchy

          Pretty sure you’re thinking of Tom Brady, who didn’t even make it very far. If Perfect Legend was hired by NRS to balance MK9, he wouldn’t have been allowed to play in the PDP tournament, which he did. So no, this was not biased at all, PL won because he worked hard, and is goddamn good at the game (not to mention very good in other games as well, did decently in multiple games at EVO). PL earned this shit, and I’m stoked for him.

  • JPeetey

    Congratulations to Perfect Legend. The grand finals and loser’s finals were just sick.

  • BLaZiaN

    Grand Finals was crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy, wow. Props to both fighters and congrats to Perfect Legend! #evo2k

  • janoDX

    DMG is taking 2/5 EVO tournaments… Will PR Rog take Marvel 3 for a 3/5?

  • TrueWu

    Definitely washes the salty taste out of his mouth after PDP. Well played. Wear that championship belt well!

    • TooItchy

      Absolutely, I felt bad for him at PDP, because they forced everyone to use those god awful PDP sticks, had he been allowed to use pad, he would have at least been in grand finals with justin wong, if not outright taken the tournament. However, I’m betting he’d take this win over PDP, any day.

  • Karlito504

    Congrats PL. Very entertaining Top 8 for MK, I loved the character variety.

  • Tragedy

    As a former Dead or Alive master, congratulations Perfect Legend.

  • mrkareemruiz

    Perfect Legend and REO are both beast! Godlke Mk evo .

  • ChibiMana

    I loved this top 8! The character diversity in itself was amazing! High level MK is really pleasing to watch. Congrats to PL and REO for the awesome grand finals and everyone else in top 8. I’m still surprised MichaelAngelo was not in it but I guess the bracket was not on his side.

  • JAGTxelUM

    Wai-wai-wait. Wasn’t PerfectLegend part of the staff hired by NRS in charge of balancing MK9? If so this would be a biased championship 🙂

    • xStingy

      No he wasn’t and even if he was it wouldn’t be. Shut it.



  • The original genocider

    Kinda funny how that Reptile just threw away the match at the end. Only fitting for a DOA4 player to win.

  • Green

    Where’s DOA Master?

    • FADE OUT

      Working at SAM’S CLUB living up to the name of being an internet celebrity, real life nobody.

      • Zombie4u

        Seriously? YOU are calling someone a “nobody?”


        This guy works, has a hobby he excels at, and yet somehow you feel the need to try and diminish him and his victory?!


        He set out to accomplish a goal, worked towards it, faced adversity, and finally realized the goal to it’s ultimate point of success.

        That does not sound very much like a “nobody.”

        Rather, that is the type of attitude that actually yields real life RESULTS.

        Well done Perfect Legend!!

        • Kageromaru Sho

          Hmmm…I believe he was talking about DOA Master being a nobody. According to Tom Brady’s story, DOA Master was a champion by association only, who managed to keep his title and win tournaments by avoiding worthy opponents, like Perfect Legend. If you knew that story, you would see the humor in Green’s and FADE OUT’s statements. I lol’ed.

          Congrats to Perfect Legend. He truly shined in the Finals!

          • pzlate

            I remember DOA MASTER, NinjaCW and Perfect Legend all being on The CGS. So he was actually forced to play them and the team did draft him.

            I’d think it’d be quite funny if Jason Lake picked up PL again since it seems coL now has picked up fighting game players.

  • El Sabroso

    and with that belt He is the MK9 World Heavy Weigh Champion

  • Xechs

    Nice, congratulations!

  • Doromac

    Need a picture with that belt.

  • Eileithyia

    ohh man, madcatz got players for all the games.

  • mysticsphere

    I know SRK doesn’t give a fuck about MK, but those matches were epic. I think the contestants did a great job of showcasing the potential in MK, and hopefully it will be here next year. REO”s Mileena was fucking amazing; if you didn’ t know, the reason why it was so hype he was using her is because Mileena is considered an average, low mid character in MK. If REO beat Kung Lao, arguably one of the most op characters in the game, it would’ve been epic. Grats to both of em.


    Yeah i Think it’s a shame they don’t respect MK, that was hype, hyper than any other MK set of matches.

  • JAGTxelUM

    Anyway, congratulations to PerfectLegend, I know what it means to remove a sting that has been carried for so long. You deserved it man 🙂

  • cliffeside

    much respect to perfect legend. he really worked hard for it. and no one should have character salt cause kung lao was nerfed HARD and isn’t even the best in the game anymore.

  • King Adon

    Wow the mk9 tournament finals was so good it was way more better and entertaining then sf4 and mvc3 where we had a tier set of matches for. Mk9 show how much true skill it really takes for that game, hope there will let mk come back for evo next year so I can enter.

    • TooItchy

      Seriously? A “tier set of matches” Like who? Viper? Seth? Zangief? Ya, total tier whore top 8….. You’re an idiot. Oh, and ya, a dark phoenix player did win MVC3, but Viscant would have won it without her, the guy has worked his ass off, and played extremely well. MK is a “diverse” game because every character is almost the exact same, MVC3 and SF have hugely diverse characters, from one to the next, every single one is almost entirely different, and yet they all have strengths, and weaknesses. MK was built around the idea that instead of working hard to make each character completely unique, lets make them all just different enough, that they can have their own names/skins.

      Each game is different, and good in its own way, however to say that the MK top 8 was “way more better and entertaining than sf4 and mvc3” is just a blatant lie, MVC3 was crazy, unbelievable comebacks, upsets, etc. And don’t even get me started on SF4, that was the most insane top 8 I have ever seen in my life.

      The 90 thousand viewers for MVC3 and SSF4, to the 40k for MVC3 doesn’t lie either.

      • King Adon

        Wow your a retard, in sf almost every character has a shoryuken, the same exact hadoken, and the game has a low entry skill level. Sf4 is a game based on tiers fei long whos god tier took the tournament and a random fei long player beat gamerbee, jwong, and vangeif aswell as the top 8 having 2 mvc3 a phoenix player i’ve never heard of took the tournament proving the failure of ssf4ae and mvc3 which is why both games are getting fixed and patch.

        • rebound

          Right, because since it’s release, MK9 has never been patched or adjusted in any way, shape or form. Yep, never. At all.

    • TooItchy

      Oh, and learn some damn grammar.. “way more better”, “where we had a tier set of matches for” and “Mk9 show how much true skill it really takes for that game, hope there will let mk come back for evo next year so I can enter.”

    • TooItchy

      One last thing, there are tiers in MK, and the top tiers were very well represented in the top 8. Kung Lao? Reptile? Ya, speaks for itself.

  • JacopeX

    Watching this tournament brought a tear to my eye seeing how far MK has gone. This was a very big day for the community and I thank EVO for giving us a chance…I love SF and MK…both of my favorite fighters always.

    inb4 MKhate

  • FReaKoNaLeaSH_C_

    loved watching the MK top 8. I thought it was a huge win for MK community and netherrealms. They had to be happy with how good the games were.

  • LoadedKlip

    The best thing about Evo MK9 was how much variety there was in characters and even if they chose the same character … how many different styles they used those characters. MK9 is here to stay. Amazingly deep high level and most importantly entertaining matches at Evo.

  • Konqrr

    Congrats PL, your win was much deserved.

  • Jaybonaut

    I want to know who got something out of DDoSing MortalKombatUnited all weekend long while EVO was going on. Someone knows something or knows someone. It was such a focused attack that blocked the site only during EVO.