Fuudo Wins EVO 2011 Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Championship

By on July 31, 2011 at 9:45 pm

Who would have thought that the loser’s finals in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition would be a fight between two Daigo-killers? The hands down favorite to win, MadCatz Daigo Umehara, announced last year that he wanted to show us what Daigo using the best character in the game (Yun) looked like. Unfortunately for him, BrokenTier Latif and TotalHeads Poongko decided for him that it was a fourth place finish here at EVO 2011.

Latif and Poongko faced off in the losers finals for the right to face Japan’s Fuudo (who wrote his name romanized as “Food”). Latif started off with a win on the board against Poongko’s insane Seth with his possibly-more-insane C.Viper. Poongko took too many of his trademark risks and Latif was waiting at the other side of each one with feint cancel combos and massive damage. He eliminated Poongko 2-0 and left cheering for the grand finals against Fuudo’s Fei Long.

With everything set, the organizers of EVO 2011 thanked all of the volunteers and sponsors for all of their support before signaling “FIGHT!” in the main event of the evening. Fuudo took the first game pretty easily, putting Fei Long’s rekka-ken punches everywhere that Latif’s Viper wanted to be. Fuudo won game two and seemed to have a read on every response that Latif had prepared. In the only grand finals set at EVO 2011 that was not reset by the losers bracket winner, Fuudo cleanly took the title of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition champion home 3-0 against Latif. Congratulations to Fuudo and all of the other top 8 finishers.

  • Supernerd

    Already had it written up, huh? xD

    • secret

      Floe’s face in the bottom picture, if looks could kill.

      • kupo36

        if salt could kill ;p

      • Rhio2k

        I’d be pissed off too, if I lost to someone who looks like a feminine knock-off of Harry Potter.

    • suprez

      There was only 1 Fei long in top 8 (fuudo) . I don’t know what the troll are talking about . In top 32 only Mago , Fuudo , Dr Ray and Truth was playing him and most of them also played other character.

  • PongBoom

    Fuck that. Latif is the best.

  • Crescent

    Poonko was insane. I wish he had styled a little less, he might have won the whole thing.

    • rick_derris

      THIS! I told the people I was watching the stream with that he was gonna lose for styling, and sure enough, part of his loss against fudo was for styling. But eh, if he likes it, and it’s part of his playstyle, then have at it! πŸ™‚

    • Spectaa

      3rd ain’t bad when you spent the whole tourney stylin’. The people’s champ.

      • x0n


  • That Akane

    Japan three-beat.

  • MrSoada

    Latif dropped Tokido, Daigo, then Poongko. wow, just wow.

    • TerraZero


    • munchkin


    • Ed_Farias

      And Justin Wong on Friday.

    • xesaie

      I’m hoping latif puts the ‘cult of krone’ down some. Real best player.

    • Deddjay

      I’ll raise my cup to that. CONVINCING wins at that.

    • El_Maiz

      Didn’t he also beat Kindevu?

  • Sinnn

    Damn…. I was really rooting for Latif.

  • Oyster

    latif did amazing

  • RagnaXBL

    Poongko is a fraud!

    • Supernerd

      You can’t perfect Daigo and be a fraud, sorry.

      • madveks

        Amen. best match of the tourney. I will be downloading it and studying it for a long time.

    • sam1456

      wow man just wow

    • TerraZero

      Since when is getting 3rd at the biggest tournament of the year mean “fraud.”

      • Taito

        because fg internet talk these days is basically trolling in 5 words or less then parroting some shit yipes said 5+ years ago

        • TooItchy

          This. So sick of stream monsters, and XBL/PSN “pros”

    • kingsharkboi

      wait, maybe red bull is to street fighter what steroids is to baseball! ahhh no wonder πŸ˜›

      • ahdonye

        So redbull leaves you starving, so emotional that you are always on the verge of crying, short tempered, reduced mental ability (with the sole exception of 11oxo), headaches but can’t take most pain medicine due to the stress on the liver if using an oral anabolic, with the only benifit being the bodys ability to process more protein and a speed up ability to heal muscle and bone damage?

        • TaeKwonFloe

          Okay dude we get it you studied Steroids you aren’t cool he was making a joke. Gtfo thanks.

          • ahdonye

            It was in return a joke, poking fun @ overused steroid jokes, not my fault if you don’t get it. I’m not surprised you don’t get it since you are using 1980″s expressions such a “dude”. So, you “gtfo” your welcome

    • MrSoada


    • Spectaa

      Why one would hate on Poongko at this point, it’s beyond me. His attitude maybe, some people are just boring.

      • SMB

        The only reason I can think of is Poongko’s stage entrance animation. I mean, tossing off a shirt, his belt, EVO badge and anything in his pockets? Really Capcom, you couldn’t have come up with anything better? LOL

        Fucking epic EVO.

  • forhekset

    Did you see when Latif exhaled and laughed after his win vs. Poongko, as if overwhelmed by everything?

    He should have held it in. His chi.

  • UTDC.Justin

    All the finals today were very convincing, but all the hype came before them.

  • TrueSephiroth

    Latif gets my absolute RESPECT. The Tokido, Daigo and Poongko Killer. Any Notion that America is “for free” can go out the window. Latif, the Mad Respect!!!

    • Acku

      Latif is not for free, for sure. But the other than that top 6 is all non-american

      • AlgeKevin

        Got one already.

      • Ouroborus

        wtf, top 6?!? evo finals isnt consisted of top 6, its top 8 and there were 2 americans in it.

        • Ed_Farias

          3 if you count Latif. Flash, Wolfcrone and Latif.

          • TooItchy

            Thanks to this, online is full of vipers today, rofl…

    • TrollThisSRK

      IDK how american you can call Latif. He’s in the USA on a travel visa and is from Saudi Arabia.

      What did the american track coach say to the Canadian track coach? “I bet my jamaicans can beat your jamaicans!” Same concept here, really.

      • Vicioushellsing

        Every American is an immigrant. Your point doesn’t stand.

        • magocyber

          actually you are wrong, LATIF is in the US with a student visa, not to be confused as if he was born in the US from Saudi parents, so no American sorry

          • fokkusuhaundo

            You mean “not to be confused with a foreign born but naturalized American citizen”, as if you only had to be born in the US to be an American citizen.

          • TrollThisSRK

            No. But you have to be a US CITIZEN to be a US CITIZEN. Latif is not.

        • TrollThisSRK

          Yea because your grandparents immigrating is the same thing as studying in a country on a student visa…….


        • PeterIvoryKing

          Even if your ancestors being immigrants implied you’re an immigrant, what about Americans of Native American ancestry?

      • fokkusuhaundo

        Latif is every bit as American as he was when he represented America at SBO 2009 for GGAC and when he was almost able to represent America at SBO 2011, regardless of the status of his nationality.

        • TrollThisSRK

          “He’s american….regardless of his nationality”

          Spoken like an american.

          • fokkusuhaundo

            Unfortunately you don’t have to be an American citizen to represent America at SBO, so it might be in your best interest to ask the Tougeki organizers or volunteer your own time to prohibit non-citizens of a country from competing in qualifiers in that country.

          • TrollThisSRK

            Nah. You just admitted he’s not american. Thats enough for me. Visiting america =/= american.

          • fokkusuhaundo

            I will say this: it’s not about Latif being an American citizen, it is about how he represents the country where he spends most of his time playing and competing in, making him very much a part of the American FGC.

          • HAV

            If your American “visit” lasts for years, then the FGC can claim you as their own. SF4 has been out since 2009 in the US.. I personally met Latif in Ohio, at least a year before that..

            He has been in the US for the entirety of SF4’s life.. so the US can definitely claim him as our own SF4 player.

            Not to mention, when he was playing, he picked up, and started waving, the American flag.. nobody forced him.

            Not that I really give a shit about the nationalist stuff, but people love to hate on Americans, even when there is zero reason. I know… we’re assholes a lot of the time, but thiis is definitely one of those times when the hate is unwarranted.

          • Raging StormX

            @ HAV – So you are telling me that the four years I spent living in the USA while I was in college made me an American? GTFO with that shit. I don’t normally agree, but Troll is on the money with this one. Latif is not American and I am glad shots out the Saudi Arabia was mentioned during his success. To know where you stand as an American citizen is easy….just commit a crime (just saying). Lets see how much of you will be shouting that he is an American citizen with rights and blah blah blah. Mentioning that he honed his skills in the US is valid, claiming this a victory for America like thats where he is a citizen….not so much. DEAL WITH IT!

          • HAV

            I’m not talking about citizenship. I’m not with the INS.

            I’m just saying… I don’t play rugby. If I moved to the UK, learned Rugby along with UK players, became one of the best rugby players in the world, I would GLADLY rep the UK in rugby. It doesn’t make me a British citizen, but you can call me a product of British rugby.

        • Spectaa

          If he is part of your community I consider him an American player. If he trains in america and represent for america, he is an american player.

        • Scaffa

          Just to clarify how people view nationality in competition;

          1st or 2nd place = “He’s from my country!”

          top 64 = “He’s from somewhere else”.

          Like when Andy Murray is doing well at Wimbledon he’s British the second he loses he’s Scottish again.

          • x0n

            This x 1000.

    • simon_

      why do you always have to start this?

      and yeah, america trying to win with cross-up burnkicks and free ultras wasnt that impressive….

      • ANewChallenger

        Clearly, Japan’s usual tier-whoring bullshit takes far more skill.

        • TaeKwonFloe


        • TooItchy

          When it works, it works. You really gonna try and fucking DOWNPLAY someone who took out Tokido, Daigo, and Poongko? And ya, the poongko match was sloppy, because that is how poongko forces you to play. Latif is a far more impressive player than you could ever hope to be, so continue hating from your PC, latif will continue dominating offline.

        • TooItchy

          sorry, my reply was to simon_, not ANewChallenger

  • SpiderCrawl

    Virtua Fighter is the best!

    • starmine92

      mago may be 2-d god but fuudo is the fucken fg god. is fuudo officially best fei in teh world now?

  • Falcon Combos

    I’m a bit sad that Latif lost to Fuudo after such an impressive showing, but Fuudo definitely put in work. Shoutouts to both players.

  • Diabolical B3

    Daigo got straight bodied. LOL

    • Raging StormX

      From Latif yeah…..but from Poongko? Dude got straight Face-rolled then Honky-stomped.

  • dark-hybrid

    Latif Banned from EVO 2012 lol.
    Nah being serious now, congrats to Latif for a much deserved 2nd place and fuudo for blowing up the betting shops.

  • Jakelin

    Great final 8. Considering the amount of time most US players had to play AE compared to Japan, the fact we had someone in the finals was amazing.

    • hismit

      Don’t u know Latif is Saudi Arabian not American?

      • nicanor76

        I was born in Philippines, grew up in US since I was 6 (been there for 25+ years), though currently living in Canada for school. I’m American, my ethnicity may not be. Being born somewhere else doesn’t’ mean you can’t be a nationality from somewhere else.

        • TrollThisSRK

          No, but being somewhere on a student visa doesn’t mean you’re from there either. Not technically, not legally, not actually, not anything.

          • ahdonye

            Never said he was from America, he lives here and thus “represents” america.

          • nicanor76

            It’s not like this is the Olympics. Oh wait, you can play for other countries if your wife’s family is from there and other loop holes like that. Bottom line, who cares.

          • Jakelin

            Well lets see. James and Seth referenced him as representing the US and Saudi Arabia. He travelled to all tourneys this year from where he lives in America. He has lived, played and trained SF4 in America. He waved the US flag at EVO, not the Saudi Arabian. I count that as repping the US in some part and is certainly more definitive than anything said by someone with the word “Troll” in their username.

          • TrollThisSRK

            Lol gee I wonder why he would wave an american flag at Evo in LAS VEGAS and not a saudi flag. Because he doesn’t want to get killed, perhaps?

          • TooItchy

            You’re an idiot, there were multiple flags being waved at Evo, “doesn’t want to get killed” are you fucking serious with that shit? Get a fucking life, Latif has been a part of the american FGC for a long time, before SF4, he has no problem being considered American/Saudi, why do you get to decide what country he represents? You’re a stupid troll, with nothing better to do than to troll every single post possible.

          • PlayingKarrde

            I’m from the UK but living in Canada. If I made second place at Evo I’d gladly represent both Britain and Canada. If Latif wants to represent the US then that’s his business and I don’t think anyone should really fault that. I understand why ppl are upset claiming he is from the US, but that’s just cause they don’t know is all. Latif waiving an american flag is totally fine in this context.

    • TrollThisSRK

      “We?” So are you from Saudi Arabia or Japan then? Very fascinating.

    • Gaijin87

      US top players got AE at the same time as Japan, they just have more arcades. Wolfkrone is the one that got AE late, huge props to him for getting top 8 still.

  • lilotaku

    Fuudo, big congrats to that guy. He does remind me of a Japanese Harry potter though…

    • TheWooWooKid

      I was thinking the same thing. He could use some new glasses and hairstyle.

      • mr. tibbs

        I like him how he is. All his awkward shy bowing. A very gracious winner. Go Fuudo. I’m a fan.

    • Raging StormX

      I couldn’t put my finger on it, but you are right…he does look like a japanese harry potter lol, just hope he is not a fairy like several other top SF4 players (don’t act like ya’ll don’t know them either). Congrats to Fuudo, hold your head up high boy…ya done well son.

      • TooItchy

        a fairy? Are you trying to say several top players are homosexual? If so, please list them, because I can think of one, and what the hell is the point of bringing this up? Who the hell cares, this is a community for fighting games, not a community of people who care about who other people are attracted to, even though it doesnt have any effect on us whatsoever.

  • Razing Phoenix

    Evo 2012 for ESPN coverage! Make it happen. Anyway, Latiff is the man.

  • The 4th Letter

    Shout out Fuudo on the win, but Latif & Poongko are the stars of EVO in my eyes. Just balls to the wall play.

    Daigo got put on notice… when The Beast & Murderface come stomping through the US, Latif will protect us, until Fuudo shows up.

    WHO WILL PROTECT US FROM FUUDO NOW? Latif can’t do it himself. GGs

    • dark-hybrid

      There needs to be a trailer made from this post lol.

  • skooboy74

    who the heck is Fuudo? lol… Fuudo played solid… congrats

    • HAV

      How do people not know Fuudo?

      • fokkusuhaundo

        Because they haven’t been in the scene for very long and don’t pay much attention to its players outside of the top players that show up to American tournaments, becoming fanboys of players that win with their favorite character and becoming hater of players that play their as least favorite character. Now expect to see a lot of people hate on Fuudo and discredit his win because he plays Fei.

        I remember hearing a lot about Fuudo as a Ryu player during the days of vanilla arcade.

        • Ysent

          I like how you went on this huge rant about new players right after the person who didn’t know who he was said he played solid and congratulated him. Calm down. Being new doesn’t mean you’re an idiot, being an idiot means you’re an idiot.

        • TooItchy

          Wow, you’re stupid. I’ve heard talks of this Fuudo, but I almost barely remember hearing about him, simply because I’ve never seen him play, and I have a bad memory. I was saying “who is fuudo” on friday, because I couldn’t remember who the hell he was, but his play was absolutely amazing. I remember now, but still would have never thought he would win the whole thing. Fuudo is a rather obscure Japanese player, he doesn’t travel much, and is very shy. He doesn’t make waves, or anything like that, so it has nothing to do with people being “new” as if that’s a bad thing, it has to do with the fact that Fuudo is not a very talked about player.

          • fokkusuhaundo

            Nothing wrong with being new, but if you had to ask “who the hell is Fuudo” without simply looking him up and finding old vanilla SF4 matches where he played Ryu then you probably didn’t care enough to learn about him in the first place. My post was just generalizing SRK front page posters and may not apply to you or the OP.

      • PurpleLemonadeGGPO

        You really have to ask this HAV?

        You’re talking to people who didn’t know who Ricky Ortiz was before last year.

      • SNK_Forever2001

        because, VF doesn’t have much of a solid standing outside of japan. Fuudo is a top player in VF in japan. but unknown since it doesn’t have much weight

        • HAV

          He was also a Grandmaster Ryu in SF4.. traveled to Europe and won a huge tournament out there.. He’s an Ultimate Master Fei in AE in Japan. He’s been the #2 Fei, behind Mago for pretty much the entirely of AE’s life. He’s over 100K BP… I mean… if you play SF4, how the hell do you not know Fuudo? I didn’t know him before SF4 either, but he’s been on my radar for over two years, at this point.

          Maybe SRK needs to start actually highlighting real play, instead of “Funny and Cool Moments: Part 546323” on the front page every week.

          • ailerus

            HAV, you’re the best. Unfortunately none of the new people here will listen to you.

          • TooItchy

            He is an amazing player, but you can’t fault people for not hearing about someone who flies below the radar most of the time. I’d heard his name before, but he wasn’t a lasting name for me, because of how often I’d be reminded of him. I don’t go out and research top players, I spend most of my free time playing. He just isn’t a highly talked about player, regardless of how much you know about him.

          • TooItchy

            Also, I agree, SRK should really highlight actual play, instead of the weird shit Keits has been thinking is newsworthy lately.

          • J Rekker


        • Scaffa

          Who’s Hav?

      • Ysent

        Why do people act like this is a crime or something? He hasn’t really been mentioned or seen in very many recent tournaments.

        How have people not realized that new players aren’t going to know every damn thing about the entire scene and its players immediately?

      • MrSoada

        Only reason I know fuudo is from a string of Ryu vs Ryu matches he played with Daigo way back in vanilla, and vanilla was an ass game so I didn’t follow it.

  • hellbox9

    Eh fuudo was coasting on an overpowered fei in my opinion, he did great sure, but fei has like no weaknesses. Exciting for sure, diago got blown up!

    • lilotaku

      If thats the case then why isn’t EVERYONE playing Fei then? You sound a bit on the ignorant side and a bit salty too…..

      • TrollThisSRK

        Saying “why isn’t everyone playing Fei’ When, what, roughly half of the top 32 were playing him…

        Don’t you think thats a little silly?

    • Acku

      … waiting on people to start complaining about the massive damage Viper does which blew up Poongko’s Seth

      • Eternal

        More an issue with Seths health being the lowest in the game with 800 health and 900 stun. People talk about Yun’s weakness being his “below average” health but 900health and 1000stun isn’t nearly as bad. (Actually the average health in the game is 950 and average stun is 1000)

    • dantemustdie

      Really dude? Get the fuck outta here.

      • TrollThisSRK

        If you’re salty about Fei being called OP you clearly must play Fei.

        • ahdonye

          Or tired of crybabies who bitch and whine about game design, or people with the handle of TrollThisSRK who have refined the Hasty Generalization into a fine art πŸ˜‰

    • Necrophile
  • LordJim

    I guess Virtua Fighter Fundamentals>Guilty Gear fundamentals when you make teh transfer, hahaha.
    Best Evo ever

  • Lucianman

    Gratz to Fuudo but Latif you are a legend my friend

  • Acku

    so whats the prize money

  • TrueSephiroth

    Latif took care of Godzilla…twice!!! But the 3rd time Godzilla was too strong and finally put the Killer in place. However give RESPECT to Latif, he is my NEW HERO! SSFIV:AE was complete Hype. Latif just gave the entire USA Country an Erection with his Killer Mode Tactics!!!!!!!

  • Alegretto

    Poongko is The Machine? Daigo is The Beast? well, LATIF IS THE MOTHERFUCKING MAN.

    • Second Vision

      Trademark that shit πŸ˜›

    • d3v

      Latif is THE LEGEND!

    • Eileithyia

      Fuudo the Asian Harry Potter > all at evo.

    • redmetal

      how about the beastmaster?

    • Taito

      kindevu is fat

      • mr. tibbs


  • EcKo Zero Cool



  • jcgonzmo

    The fact that he did it with viper and not with Yun or Fei. I sometimes think that Ono does everything to favor Japanese players (no surprise). In mid tournament ,where japs are winning with Yuns or Feis, Ono says he will rebalance the game. Why not do it right away? Why was it not say before so that the tournament used SSF4 and not AE?

    • Cillranchelllo

      Because tweaking a game is so simple. Even the slightest change can have earth-shattering repercussions.

    • TrollThisSRK

      Trying not to sound like a racist prick and saying ‘japs’ must be difficult.

      • Lethal Lewis

        Just like calling Americans Yanks. Is that racist?

        • TrollThisSRK

          Yea cause thats totally the same thing…..


          • RidianFable

            It isn’t?

        • isthatall

          “japs” = a name coined/used by americans to insult people from japan. to put them down and define them as being inferior. a term still used today to exclude a group of people who, despite having every right to be called american, are denied that privlidge becase they are not white. plus, americans have a rich history of putting down/insulting/enslaving/hanging/killing a wide variety and number of non-americans. insults from americans are genuinely designed to insult and put-down people who don’t look like you.

          “yanks” = not only is it the name of one of the most dominant baseball franchises in the world, but nobody uses it and there are like 2 americans who might be *kind of * bothered by the term.

          tl:dr (b/c i’m worried that you might have had to read/think) – calling americans ‘yanks’ is as racist as calling a carrot a ‘vegetable.’

          • The 4th Letter

            “jap” was actually coined in England. It wasn’t considered a derogatory term until after Pearl Harbor. Go figure.

            Also, Yankee is a term also coined by the Brits well before the team existed. The term “yank” is considered offensive when used by an Englishman.

            As with most words it has more to do with context.

          • ahdonye

            ummmm you are sooooooooooooo wrong. Japs isn’t what we call japs when we want to insult them, we call them “gooks”

          • isthatall

            @4th letter: as an american, i had no idea those terms came from england. learn something new everyday.

            where i’m coming from is this; recent american generations (born in the late 90s/2000) were lucky enough to not have to grow up in a society where racial /ethnic epithets were shared by the older generations (not absolute, so don’t crucify me). i was born in the 80s, and it was perfectly ok to point out i was not-white, “all look alike,” accused of not knowing english, etc. the “context” in this case is history and social norms not the words/thoughts around it. if you are a white american and use the term jap, we are automatically taken back to a time where we were genuinely thought of as less than you. as far as i know, we can’t say the same for “yank,” which interestingly enough, is “offensive” from an Englishman > American. it has no power for somebody like me.

            @ahdonye: i hope you were being sarcastic. “gook” comes from “mi-gook,” which is korean for “korean.” i’m pretty sure US soldiers made that one up to take the piss out of korean during the korean war…his time i wiki’d the term πŸ™‚

            think of it this way, when japanese/koreans were being killed, put into camps, raped, tortured, starved, etc., US society coped by relegating them as sub-human= ‘japs/gooks.’ can the same be said of ‘yanks’ when used by anybody other than a colonial brit?

            ps. anybody else notice that the MC at EVO got combofiend/justin wong confused and then announced, “they all look the same?” i hope that MC was asian, but i really liked how the crowd reacted. 20 yrs ago, they all would’ve prolly laughed

          • isthatall

            @ahdonye – my bad, i just got your joke. lol…

          • TrollThisSRK

            Ahdonye therers more to trolling than just saying things that are wrong and then laughing when people correct you.

            Either than, or you’re retarded. I suspect its both.

          • ace of base

            @ isthatall

            “Migook” actually translates to “United States.” ‘Gook’ usually connotes a nation. For example : “Joong gook” – China “Han gook” – South Korea (or Dae Han Min Gook).

            People commonly use ‘jap’ or ‘jp’ (abbreviation of ‘Japanese’ ) out of convenience. Korean expats often refer to “North Koreans” as “Norko” . As an Asian I’m not too keen on racial slurs, but I can understand certain context in which they’re still utilized in everyday language.

            Engaging in heavy handed and indulgent rhetorics about past injustices is a time honored American approach to perceived bigotry, but that often fails to achieve anything. Japan angers Koreans by distorting history in their textbooks and even deny their role in certain war crimes, but Koreans do their own cause disservice by acting like morons and milking Japan’s imperial past to meet their own ends.

          • ahdonye

            @isthatall No problem πŸ™‚ I almost forgot the other mean definition of JAP and that is the Jewish American Princess

            @Troll I bet that while you talk a good game on the internet that you wouldn’t dare say anything like this to anyone’s face, least of all mine πŸ˜‰ (if you need me to spell it out for you, I am calling you a coward)

    • nicanor76

      ya because the Japanese market got players nobody else did…

  • Donutman

    Latif did awesome!
    Congrats to Fuudo as well!

  • bahn

    EVO ’11 was so hype. Can’t wait to go next year ! πŸ™‚

  • sam1456

    am so pissed god i can’t help it i wanted poongo to win then he loses to fuudo? wthhhh am so freaking pissed

  • Shaeknbaek

    Freego “The Free” Umafreea

  • b3nz0r

    Why is everyone not mentioning him beating Tokido just before that too? I know Daigo and Poongko are on that other level but Tokido is definitely pretty godlike too.

  • SonicKaos

    Super sad that Poongko didn’t make it to grand finals… He was SO close and I think just one single solid combo instead of a bit of styling costed him the chance. That said, Latif killed it… I had him down for 3rd place though. Fuudo… Never heard of him before. He was good, and I admit I thought he’d be out earlier. Wish the Poongko vs Latif match was the grand finals though. It was beast.

    • kingsharkboi

      haha i actually think styling was poongko’s most reliable way of winning. It destroys opponents mental game. Poongko got blown up by his own raw DPs and some ultra punishes though.

      • kingsharkboi

        and by blown up i meant “slight imperfection” lol

  • YahnV

    Man, Harry Potter plays a mean SF4.

  • Nuts

    lol. Fuudo looks so uncomfortable in that picture. Too bad there isn’t a picture of S-Kill during the final 8. Dood looks like he was about to have a heart attack.

    • J Rekker

      Lol yeah, Japan is not used to this much hype in tourneys overseas. I’m not sure, but I think this is Fuudo’s first tourney in the states too.

    • strizzmatik

      <– There is now

  • skipperxyz

    what did i say in yesterday salty suite, fuudo is japan secret weapon. he has no video on youtube while daigo has a gazillion’s.

    • StrtFghtrMstr

      It was an edge. But I’m sure vids of Latif everywhere and he didn’t get blown up?Unless the Japs aren’t watch the utube.

      Congrats to all top 8. Rebalanced for next Evo. Here’s hoping for Daigo maining a buffed E.Ryu lol. REVENGE!!!

    • J Rekker

      Actually, Fuudo has quite a few. During vanilla he mained Ryu, and was pretty damn good with him. Beat Daigo’s Ryu at the Cannes 2010 World Game Cup. You can find that one on youtube.

    • TrollThisSRK

      Its not like he’s breaking out secret fei tech or has a particularly unique way of playing. He used the same BnBs and option selects and turtle wiff punish as all the top feis, he just played very solidly.

    • RidianFable

      Dude probably has the 2nd best Lion if VF of all time.(Chibata #1)

  • Smorgasboard

    Congrats to Fuudo. Great showing by Latif and Poongko but Fuudo’s defence with Fei is just too good. These are best players with their respective characters in my opinion.

    • StrtFghtrMstr

      Can we finally brand Latif as the The best C. Viper, at least until next EVO?

      • Acku


        • CircularGeometry

          The Hamburgler needs to take that up with Mayor McCheese to get his position back

      • munchkin

        I approve of this message.

  • magocyber

    guys the start of this show is not Latif, we knew he had what it takes to go up against the best, but FUUDO seriously I have never heard from this guy, and he just beat everyone, again not trying to take away anything from Latif

  • KabaL

    Great stream!! Enjoyed every minute of it, thanks SRK !!!

  • janoDX

    This is not the last that we will hear from Poongko, He is now a Top player, and a showstopper.

    Latif is the new Kratos, He Killed all the GODS with Brutality. Nuff Said. If he went to SBO he would have Killed all japan except for fuudo.

    Fuudo tier whoring, but I respect him, hes a nice kid, I hope to see him more in the scene, even if he’s tier whoring, his Fei is awesome and his defense is more.

    Daigo, you just failed… And Tokido… Idk…

    My upset was Wolfkrone, he desserved to be on top 6-4, but shit happens, props to him for being TOP 8. I hope he stays and keeps fighting.

    Last thing, Kindevu is japanese Marn, Period, the same asshole that you end loving…

    • MrSoada

      you don’t deserve anything unless you earn it. In fighting games, earning it means winning. Krone did a fantastic job and deserves the spot he got. And I don’t understand how 4th place is a failure, but maybe I’m just past that age where everything is black and white.

      • janoDX

        Krone works hard son!. But he got fairly stopped.

        I repeat Daigo 4th and Tokido 6th was Upset… If you are destined to be 1 like you said, you have to work it, but Daigo just got lazy.

        Tokido, its the same case as Wolfkrone at the end… So I will change that…

        • TrollThisSRK

          I’m sorry…LAZY? You can say Daigo didn’t play his best, dropped combos, w/e but LAZY?

          So dumb.

      • Jourdal

        You know how it is, if there’s a chance to take a shot at daigo people take it, top 4 makes him free in some places lol. I’ve seen Fuudos fei and knew he was a hidden killer but not many seem to know him

    • StrtFghtrMstr

      Daigo failed? Tokido..idk? They placed top 8 in the largest tourney in the world, consistently, not much failure there. You’ll definitely see them in EVO2K12 finals if they compete next year!

    • J Rekker

      Anyone can main Fei if they want to, that doesn’t automatically give them wins are the abilities to use the character. Sure he’s a solid character with alot of tools, but it takes someone with the knowledge of the game and knowing when to use those tools in certain situations to succeed with the character.

      • janoDX

        Im joking with the Tier Whoring XD… (I need to put the :sarcasm: sign more)

    • TrollThisSRK

      Yes, fourth place at evo. WHAT A FAILURE.

    • nicanor76

      it’s Daigo fault, not because there other others that played better but because he failed. Ya, that’s it..

    • Gaijin87

      100% on Kindevu being the Japanese Marn, but I think that golden fatty’s antics are strictly to build hype (re: the bows to the audience and sharing cookies after his loss) while Marn is really that bitter. Embrace the fattiness!

  • 2-ScoopIceCream

    What was the payout?

    • StrtFghtrMstr

      Besides Immortality? $10,000.00 was mentioned on the stream. evo2k.com/live

    • MrSoada

      10 dollars of every entrance fee went to pot, winner takes 70%, if it’s like past years

  • FullMetal

    Fuudo flew under the Radar here at Evo, and absolutely deserved the win. He outsmarted Poongko and straight outplayed Latif. Best Evo ever.

  • Deikan

    Daigo did his best, his only mistake was not playing patiently, dropping his combos and mashing those freaking up kicks. If he didn’t do those up kicks constantly it really would have made a difference for him but oh well he made it to top 4 so that’s still means something despite being bodied by Poongko.

    Has one of Daigo’s biggest fans, I’m happy with his performance and It’ll be interesting to see how he will improve in the months to come and up until Evo 2012.

    GGs from Fuudo and Latif and everyone in top 8 πŸ™‚

    • Jourdal

      Its cuz poongko violated his mind lol. But eh top 4 is fine

  • ploftkaploft

    It’s nice to see Latif getting the recognition for his performance. Congratulations to Fuudo for the win, all the other players for the good matches and for everybody managing the event. It was great.

    I’m sad I didn’t get to see some of my favorite commentators on the main stream, though. Hope we’ll see most of the streamed matches uploaded to youtube later (with ads, so EVO can make some money out of it).

  • MuayGio

    much respect to Latif and Poongko for playing awesome matches. TBH, Fuudo’s Fei bored the crap outta me. He was safe enough and solid enough to weather Poongko, and just flat out better than Latif in every way, sure, and congrats to him on the wins. But I’m not leaving EVO thinking that Fuudo is now the world’s no.1 player, and I don’t think many people are. The real showcases are people like Poongko and Daigo, who before getting blown up by Poongko and edged out by Latif was thoroughly dominating the competition in straight sets. Just my impressions.

  • toge

    How can you guys not know who Fuudo is? A top VF player, one of the very best. He also played a set of AMAZING Ryu mirrors with Daigo during arcade Vanilla times.

    He plays this game casually LOLZ, got lucky he didn’t get randomed out and was on a roll throughout the tournament. Congrats to him.

    • Wasted


      A. I don’t play Virtua Fighter.
      B. I don’t play Ryu or Fei Long.

      He was just another face in the crowd before this weekend, in my eyes.

  • deice-

    While Poongko and Latif had amazing runs with their flashy styles, Fuudo was no snack either.

    Congratulations to Fuudo for stealing the 1st spot with incredibly solid no frills play!

  • UrbaneVirtuoso

    It’s been simply an honor to see Fuudo play my main so beautifully. Not to mention seeing Latif pulling back-to-back milestones.

  • JAG

    Great tourney. Latif, WOW. Great job everyone.

  • Karlito504

    Great job Latif! I feel like he and FUUDO needs an epic nickname now

    • Eileithyia

      Fuudo’s nick name is Asian Harry potter.

      • ploftkaploft

        Fuudo the Magician?

      • janoDX

        Harry “Fuudo” Potter

  • BananaWeed

    Fuudo’s been playing Ryu since SF4. He switched to Fei in AE.

  • Defective

    I’m glad a VF God blew it up. Playing VF is like eating your vegetables: it’s good for you.

    • Greent

      Im with this guy. VF background gave him the edge

  • Acku

    Rumor is out there that the foreigners agreed on dropping combos on Latif while playiing for the win against eachother so that it would become a traditional Asian-American final. Then just take it home with the best player who reached it.

    I find that hard to believe, but the matches did look weird.

    • UTDC.Justin

      Yes, you are spot on, Sherlock. I expect the EVO panel to strip medals tomorrow in an intense investigation.

    • Unable to Connect

      Whoever believes that is the most stupid, gullible person on the planet.

      • Acku

        yeah, to pull something out like that, with confidence, they would really need to be on a layer of skill nobody knows about

    • TrollThisSRK

      Also I hear the world is ending 2012

  • akumous

    The past EVO tournaments where child’s play, but this one, however, was the real deal simply because it was truly international with foreigners flying in with massive numbers instead of shy few. I am not surprised nobody came in and took the prize as the new EVO 11 champion.

    I was really rooting for Poongko since he was the most entertaining and the only player that made Daigo look like a chump. Great EVO and to all of your whiners, as you can see from the EVO results, Yun is not overpowered. Daigo, a Yun player, was taken out by Seth and Viper, two of the modest tier characters.

    • Acku

      it’s not about tiers but about matchups eventually. Seth and Viper may very well be an answer against Yun. But I bet they will have to be played at a very high level.
      Anyway, let’s not make this into another tier-discussion. The tournament proved that SF4 is still very very valid.

    • kr3wman

      seth and viper modest tier?

      huh. news to me.

  • kingedawg

    NOW are people going to start playing VF again? Jesus. Because it is lonely over here.

    • Femto

      Nope. You can blame Sega tho’.

      • kingedawg

        Yes I can.

    • J Rekker

      Lol.. you’re in America. Any game that isn’t in A major tourney is gonna make you feel pretty lonely.

  • Astrofunkula

    Evo is full of Surprises.

  • StrtFghtrMstr

    Just glad the stream had the tech. this year to not crash lol. Why no G4TV coverage this year? Kind of a step backwards, let’s shoot for ESPN2 next year!

    • Tokairu

      Because G4 is a shit channel that airs nothing but cops, cheaters, and other miscellaneous shows that would make their 2004 programming weep in shame.

  • mega_buster

    EVO needs to be on T.V next year this evo had so many upsets

  • saowhit

    I would of been completely fine with Latif or Poongko(even if he isnt american) winning, they did awesome.

  • DeathReaper47

    And this would be a perfect time for Sega to come out and say, “Wow, VF gets you good and ready for Street Fighter, huh? Well we got some good news!”

    *sigh* A man can dream, SRK. A man can dream.

  • Hadoukie

    Fuudo, Virtua Fighter master, now Street Fighter master. Good job, man

  • voodazz

    I wonder how many people would have embraced Latif as being an American if he went against an American born opponent in the finals?

    • MrSoada

      He’s always been American. Few people see him as Saudi Arabian. If you are going to do the ask-the-hard question thing, don’t ask a stupid question.

      • TrollThisSRK

        Please explain how being not born in america and here on a student visa for a little while makes him ‘always been american’

        You’re retarded.

        • TrollThisSRK

          Without a US citizenship, might I add. The defining characteristic of being american.

        • MrSoada

          His skills were developed in America, Arizona to be specific. But it’s cool that you call people retarded without backing up your stuff. You are a true life winner. If you need me to fly you out to the next Evo, drop me a message, and we can play then for money/bragging rights.

          • MrSoada

            Yes, I will ship your ass from Canada to Vegas. Consider it charity.

          • TrollThisSRK

            Nothing you said changes the fact that hes NOT AMERICAN. YOU are the one who needs to back up YOUR stuff considering you’re the one claiming someone who’s been in america for a very short time, doesn’t have US citizenship, is simply visiting with a STUDENT VISA, is an american. Sorry, you lose.

            As proof of your loss you did as losers usually do and challenge me to an RL match that you wouldn’t ever come through on. Pathetic.

          • MrSoada

            This is street fighter. I don’t care if you’re the cool kid who doesn’t care if everyone dislikes him.Fuck your pseudo-intellectual banter and get down to business. And by the way, actual geniuses (not just the twits that overvalue their intelligence, I mean people that are intertel qualified), are some of the most down-to-earth people I know.

            And yes, I would go through on the match. I plan on being at the next EVO and I have the means to bring you down here as well. My gf is in a grad program at McGill and I fly her out to LA regularly, it is well within my capability to get you to Vegas and back. You’d think you’d be hyped up over seeing one of the best tournaments in recent memory, but nope, you’re back to being a dipshit, just like that. Maybe experiencing EVO in person will knock that chip off your shoulder.

          • TrollThisSRK

            Umad bro?

            Why the hell are you talking about geniuses? What does that have to do with anything? I certainly never claimed I was a genius. Im just way, way smarter than YOU.

            You can’t refute anything I say and can only come back with a bunch of BS (despite accusing me of pointless banter). Just because I prove you wrong or disagree with you you think im a ‘dipshit’ and when I prove you wrong you fly off the handle completely. You’re really sad. Ad hominem more.

          • ahdonye

            I would gladly help pay for this! TrollThisSRK runs his mouth so much that i think it’s about time he backs it up. I understand that, as an average internet bully, there is a chance that Troll is about 450lbs and smells something like cheese, toe jam, and popped zits all mixed together. We mayl have to buy 3 seats on the plane and pay for the odor removal.

        • Eternal

          Did you not notice him carrying the american flag during the matches? Case closed. (And this is from an Arab.)

          • TrollThisSRK

            So if Daigo carried an american flag he’d be american at that point? Interesting logic you have there.

            Of course he carried an american flag. He’s in america. He wants that home court advantage.

          • hismit

            I remember Issei (one of the best 3rd Strike player) represented US sometimes but that can’t change the fact that he’s STILL a Japanese and just be in US for studying.

            Same case with Latif. Clear?

        • nicanor76

          he has both countries down, he never denied his Arabian side. Besides who cares, unless if you think US is better than any other country it doesn’t matter where you’re from

  • tempbast

    EVO, best event ever!

    p.s. I hope Virtua Fighter gets some more love after this. And Sega bring that new VF to consoles.

  • Resynn

    Does anyone know which type of sticks Latif and Daigo were using? can’t seem to find out anywhere.

    • TrollThisSRK

      Madcatz. Very rare, I know.

    • Resynn

      http://www.arcadeinabox.com/ I found out this is the one that Latif was using, still no clue which was the one that Daigo was using though.

      • fokkusuhaundo

        Daigo was using the SFxT prototype stick by Mad Catz. I got to play on them at Comic-Con and they are quite nice and very solid. Too bad it won’t be easy to mod the art on them as it is on the original TE sticks with plexiglass.

  • mysticsphere

    Was a great EVO. Last match was kinda boring. Can’t believe someone more boring than Daigo took EVO lmfao

    Grats to fudo

    • Skone

      Dont be mad you aint Fuudo.

    • MrSoada

      You can’t build hype as a Fei that took winner’s bracket.

  • Endscape

    Poongko vs Daigo was the most hype I’ve ever been for AE, and probably ever will be. Good showing by everyone in Top 8, but Fuudo completely dominated everyone who stood in his way. He deserved the win.

    • Eileithyia

      i don’t see any hype on Poongko vs Daigo. It’s just like Daigo vs Tokido.
      Latif vs Daigo is more hype. Fuudo vs Poongko is more hype. when Poongko’s ex srk got block, omg die seth.

      I don’t see Fuudo lose a game in the entire tournament.
      I think he won all games on top 32 Friday, then 2-0 Latif, 2-0 Poongko, 3-0 Latif. Fuudo may not be the best jp player, but he deserved the win.

  • Skone

    Fuudo played perfectly.

    Dont be mad you aint Fuudo.

  • Greent

    Number 1 vf player in the world, now Number 1 Sf player in the world. good shit fuudo

  • saowhit


  • The 4th Letter

    Kindevu is INDEED Shin Marn or Super Sayan Marn… take your pic

    • Tiger_Claw

      more like ssj4 marn. kindevu is like 10 levels above marn’s skill

      • Necrophile

        there’s Old Marn that was Daigo’s rival and there’s the new Oni Marn who mains League of Legends


    Congrats to… EVO IS RIGGED.

  • Scathe

    Fuudo was playing amazingly smart. Feels like Poongko decimated Daigos confidence and Fuudo decimated Poongkos confidence, then Latif came and picked up the remains. 100% awesome win on Tokido though!

    Screw showmanship & flashy styling, Fuudo could’ve taken on anyone, he’s the real champion of this tournament.

  • DelPiero

    Yeah Fei is top character but damn if this guy isn’t good, he read all matches perfectly, punished damn well every mistake by his oponents and end up winning fair and square.
    Real solid player, well deserved. Wonder with who he’ll be teaming on SBO.

  • RedMist

    Who cares what nationality Latif is.

    The thing I took away from it all (barring anomalies that Tokido and Poongko have always been), the strongest characters are those who can punish mistakes quickly from distance with a very fast dash punch – yun, viper, fei……yang..

  • DR Jam

    I didn’t see Daigo cheering when the Japanese player were lifting Fuudo up in the air. I saw a guy on the right side of the screen, but I’m not quite sure it was him. Even Kayo Police was there, she’s such a character.

    • Tiger_Claw


      • cjguigni

        If she wanted to be called he, she wouldn’t have gotten a sex change.

      • YanDaMan


        Stop being an ass.

        • NeoBlood

          SHE afaik hasnt had an operation yet but only takes hormones. Even still its only polite to call tg people by the gender they identify with.

          • mr. tibbs

            NeoBlood, YanDaMan, cjguigni, and the good Dr Jam have got it right. Gender is an arbitrary distinction, and Kayo Police can be whatever the hell she wants. (And she looks good doing it.)

  • Kayinleo

    I’m not even mad that Poongko lost even tho he my favorite player, because the way made Daigo look like a whooping on his baby brother, I can sleep a happy man. I don’t know about anybody else and no disrespect to Daigo but I’m tired of him being #1.

    Either way, congrats to everyone this EVO was legendary!!

  • Yun_the_new_god

    Is Fuudo sponsered?

    • Tiger_Claw

      well probably not. He didn’t have a single acronym before his name


    You bad kids need to stop focusing on where these players come from, this isn’t the god damn Olympics. Also you salty scrubs need to stop discrediting the players who won due to playing top tier characters. Hello, Daigo – EVO CHAMP the past two years – abused the most S++ tier character and what happened? He got bodied.

    So which is it, Hong Kong Fighter 4 or Seth Fighter 4: Viper Edition?

    Stay bad SRK kids.

    • Yun_the_new_god

      This game is called Fei long Fighter.. because Yun is not S tier he is A ++++ tier..seriously

      • FADE OUT


        • MrSoada

          Not to split hairs, but fei is higher than yun.

          • FADE OUT

            Only bad kids care about where the other player is from and only bad kids care about who the other player chose to play as.

            Look in the mirror and ask yourself this question: Are you a bad kid?

            Fei may be higher but it’s not by much. And it only matters if you’re a bad kid. See above.

  • Tiger_Claw

    Fuudo not only blocked everything Latif threw at him, he kept punishing neutral jumps like no one’s business.

    Still can’t believe that Latif beat Tokido, Daigo, Poongko(not to mention beat Justin also) and lost to Fuudo. It’s so anti-climactic. Although it was awesome seeing the Japanese team getting hype like that, I don’t know if they get that hype in Japan.

  • Necrophile

    Just a guess, but I heard Fuudo came to Evo with his friends Shiro, Shungoku Neurosis and other guys. They were practicing and talking strategy from the day before Evo all the way to the end. So his friends probably helped him with the match-up against Poongko’s Seth and Latif’s Viper.

    Seriously, Latif was destroying everyone at SBO and Evo, but I think Fuudo only lost 1 round vs Latif.

    So his team deserves some credit too, like how Floe and Justin helped each other prepare for Evo. A lot of guys in the scene seem like really good friends and train together and share strats. Like FChamp and Ricky too. So a super talented guy living in a small gaming community that trains mostly online might get mindfucked by a guy with friends helping him.

  • upup_downdown

    when or where can we see hd replays of the top 32

  • Shinkada

    “Daigo loses-”


    “- Fei wins.”


    • bmckay

      Lmfao. I like this post.

  • brian

    I’ve never seen Daigo drop so many combos before. I said it before evo and I’ll say it again now; you play a frame precise game like this one on a platform (PS3) with several frames of input lag, and what you end up with is a fairly meaningless result. Certainly Daigo still might have lost, and certainly input lag could have affected other players as well, but at the end of the day, it’s silly as hell to put so much weight on the results of a tournament played on a non-standard platform.

    • urstupidcuzuare

      you are really stupid, even seth said daigo was sick on day 1
      he wasnt at 100%

      lol non-standard

    • nicanor76

      Everyone’s playing on the same system. It’s not like it’s programmed to drop only Daigo’s input, everyone’s on the same field. Everyone can go and play the console to practice for the input difference.

      Daigo fanboy: it wasn’t Daigo’s fault, it was because of this or that… It’s not because he does lose because he’s human, or because others played better at that time. No, it’s because Daigo is perfect every single time so there is something else wrong for him to lose.

    • DelPiero

      So now mental breakdowns are the console’s fault ? Both tournaments he won before were on PS3 too and I dont recall him dropping combos, but it seems you forget Evo is a much bigger stage than thosetournaments and the pressure is definitely not the same.
      So yeah, you’re pretty much bitter by Daigo losing because HE messed up and now you’re blaming the console…

    • MrSoada

      lol “meaningless”

    • Jourdal

      He lost fair and square…..had he been matched up with Latif first, i think the whooole thing would have been different, but speculation is pointless. he was doing great against poongko…then poongko….went poongko. Seth kills you so fast its not even funny, he got mindfucked started doing zenpo’s out of rage, so many wakeup upkicks it wasn’t even funny and by the time anyone blinked he was in losers.

  • Incursion

    Fuudo won because he played true Street Fighter. He didn’t win through tricks or gimmicks, he won through pure fundamentals and smarts. He blocked everything, he punished everything, and he read everything.

    No one who made top 32 should be discredited for anything. To make it that far in a tournament with 1500+ entrants is astounding. It’s sad to see these great players get so little respect from so many people.

    • Jourdal

      That’s the internet for you lol, the daigo “bashing” has been tamer than i expected…disappointed people aren’t giving props to Fuudo…you’d think Latif won the whole thing…you don’t see people calling PR rog MVP for knocking out Justin.

  • Blaise

    You have to know Mago & probably Kindevu (one of his alts is Seth) were grinding out that Seth match-up with Fuudo… at least that’s what I’m suspecting. Probably gave him tons of tips. Mago and Poongko have played a lot of sets online, and usually Mago is the one with more wins. Grats to Fuudo, Latif and Poongko. I would have loved to see a runback between Poongko and Fuudo in GF, but I believe Fuudo would have still been the victor. I think Poongko was very focused on Daigo and the Yun match-up, and understandably so, but he still had a killer had to defeat to seal the deal, but couldn’t do it. Anyway, good stuff to all the players.

  • mad4ra

    I love the discussions about Latif’s nationality – like it matters… hes in the street fighter family like every other player and we dont give a fuck about skin color and other irrevelant stuff :/

    • Jourdal

      Lol come on you know thats not true, the crowd was noticeably subdued when fuudo won, there’s always been a lot of patriotism involved.

      • Prophestus

        Yeah, it had nothing to do with fei being boring as fuck

  • cjguigni

    It’s so stupid so many people arguing whether he’s american or not, it was not america playing it was Latif, and the skills that he developed helped him get to where he got.

    • kof4life

      Feel like I should chime in on this one, since I’m also a Saudi and studying in the U.S. If I were to represent any region in a tourney, it would be the Midwest (I study in Indiana). I understand Latif basically repping the U.S., since he’s a product of the American scene. In the end it all doesn’t matter, really, but I thought to give my opinion on why I understand the American scene supporting Latif the way they did. Not that it matters in my case, because I suck.

  • nicanor76

    Would it be any different if Latif was representing Canada or Germany. Who cares what country people are from.

  • Liquidsnakez

    wow what a game! totally awesome fight! looking forward to next year. =)

  • kupo36

    latif: anorexia, dandruff and provocative demeanour –> ZOMG teh best, american dream, legend, ur new dad etc
    rest of top 8: decent looks, clean clothes, well composed –> FAIL, pwnd, tier whores, blah blah blah.

    u would worship bin laden if he beat daigo or any of the other players u hate. first it was justin, then ricky and now latif..next year it’ll be someone else..u keep on preaching about how people are such fans of players like daigo (who consistently outperforms the majority of players) but when someone comes along who beats them at least once, they instantly become ur “favourite”players..

    gotta love hypocrites.

    • mad4ra

      True, ricky got 2nd last year and wasnt even top 32 this year – but. Daigo is the only consistent EVO competitor. But i think Tokido gets stronger every year – i mean he took also 3rd in BB and 7. in T6 – no one else is that strong in multiple fighting games.

      • kupo36

        true true Tokido deserves a lot more credit..not winning first place should not take away from his overall abilities.

    • Gaijinblaze

      how do you even know how to operate a computer

      • MrSoada


        • kupo36

          mrs oada, u missed an “a” in the middle ^_^

      • kupo36

        u would have posed a valid question, had u used a question mark at the end of ur sentence. it’s ok though. i teach at an elementary school and have a high tolerance to poor grammar..
        i understand ur frustration though; u wanted latif to win and show japan what u’re made of..poor hygiene and teenage-like behaviour..
        keep using teh internets as ur main tool of education..u’ll achieve greatness..

        • MrSoada

          Never understood the allure of trolling.

          • kupo36

            never understood the allure of understanding

          • MrSoada

            Most people don’t. That’s why religion and community colleges exist.

          • kupo36

            i dont understand

        • Atheist way

          Joker can put caps in right places, wouldn’t have liked you to be my teacher.
          ps your grammar sycks

          • kupo36

            my grammar doesnt “syck” ^_^
            u’d love me as a teacher!!

    • Jourdal

      It just shows how good daigo is, you wouldn’t wish for someone who consistently loses to lose as much as people pray for daigo to get bodied. He’s been top 4 in evo 3 times, winning two so its w/e. No reason to shit on Latif though πŸ™

      • kupo36

        it’s just that latif has been taunting more and more lately. nobody knew who he was up until the later stages of the road to evo.
        i like emotional players on the tour but when someone is as provocative as that, he better have the physical presence to back it up.
        i’m not questioning his skill..but i find it hard to like a guy with bad personality..
        that is why i refuse to support that type of gamer..

  • AzevedoFromHell

    that grand finals were a walking in the park to fuudo serioulsy

    • MrSoada

      He wanted to get paid, and paid he did.

      • Zeromurasame

        To quote Balrog’s dad, “Always get paid first”. And he did.

  • Gojira

    I stopped playing SF4 a long long time ago but this top 8 was some exciting shit. Though Daigo and Poongko were clearly shaken from their previous matches before fighting Latif. A win is a win, but I’m not so sure that Latif could beat either of them again without them taking those serious losses in winner’s.

    Poongko flat-out pwning Daigo was awesome though. He drank that Red Bull like Popeye eats his spinach!

    • Lulu

      Epic dickriding.

      • Gojira

        Sorry, I don’t do requests.

  • Titan44

    Don’t see a point in speculating about why people lost. Ain’t no rematches around here…..

    Good shit, Latif. I knew from the first time I played you in GG that you were truly a monster, but now everybody else can see it too.

  • FrankenZtein

    HAHA this means Japan,Saudi Arabia, And South Korea rules….USA?

    • kupo36

      fuudo and poongko are american and so is latif..they all play street fighter which are english, sry AMERICAN, words and therefore indulge in american activities on american soil thus rendering them american de facto.


  • Inferno NL

    Mad props for Fuudo, his Fei is extremely solid. I was rooting for Latif as well, but there’s always next year. I’ve got a feeling he’s going to come back with a vengeance, and next year I will definitely fly out to the US to experience EVO first hand.

  • xStingy

    The same guys calling Latif American are the same guys that would turn around and say he ain’t American if he did terrible They wanna feel good about his 3(2?) Japanese killing streak. He’s not American, get over it. It has nothing to do with disliking him.

    • MrSoada

      Nationalism is stupid. But paranoid reverse-nationalism is pretty stupid too. Latif is who the crowd was rooting for, seconds before it was Poongko. And the day before it was Noah. Trust me, if Noah was some Japanese kid, we would still have cheered for him. For a fact, if wildcat or Uryo were up against Justin, the crowd would have cheered them on over our golden fatty. The crowd is always going to have a favorite. The reason the American was rooted for was because in most cases, they were the underdog. You also gotta understand, we see a lot more from Wolfkrone/Latif than we do Fuudo/Daigo.

  • Wasted

    I didn’t even know Latif was from Saudi Arabia till today, I just assumed he was American.

  • SMB

    Flat out, best damn EVO ever. Even from home I could feel the hype.

  • AdrianJNYC

    That was an amazing Evo2K and I enjoyed every last second of it. Mad props to Fuudo and Latif; the other top players did a great job as well.

  • Okieant

    As a CS 1.6 Player who’s been following the FGC for a couple years now, I always marveled at how hype the FGC gets. We get hype, but not like you guys and I’ve been waiting to see something live that would get me as hype as you guys. PR Rog perfecting Justin and perfecting Viscant to reset the match got me almost there. But when Poongko came out , threw his jacket off, pounded a Red Bull, and then absolutely bodied Daigo on a perfect no less, I had found my live moment. I went effing nuts and it was then that I was really pissed that I wasn’t in Vegas to see this live.

    What Latif did was just insane. He’s now an SF Legend. Period.

    And please don’t take anything away from Tokido for finishing top 8 in 3 games.

  • Syxx573



    U MAD

    • mr. tibbs


      Fei Long wins

      I hope all the people crying for a reballance (and being humored by Capcom) feel sheepish now. The only place that tiers matter is at this level, and look what happened to S-ranked Yun. Fei is strong, sure, but that win came down to Fuudo’s smart reads.

      Good games all around–I especially like watching Poongko play. Dude is terrifying! D: (Not such a fan of the IRL antics. When his Seth is so dramatic, why does he need to dance around taking off clothes before the match?)

      Also, Chen. Please no more Chen on the stream.

  • Jandek

    wow you people are all scumbags. just the lowest form of squabbling retards

    • Spectaa

      Yeah, you’re all scumbag!! /interesting contribution

  • Lilshell43

    Great evo this year. Congratz to Fuudo.

  • Ellipsen

    Good show


    uh-oh, is Fuudo playing on an HRAP3 there?

    he’ll be sponsored by HORI within weeks. bet.

  • Suppage

    “Same countries represented top 3 spots as last year. Japan (daigo), america (Ricky), Korea (infiltration). #evo2k”

    Posted by Evo. Now shut the fuck up on the mindless patriotic banter.

    Poongko is one of my new favorite players for sure. A foreigner coming here and getting HYPE AS FUCK. More hype than any other player out there. Latif played solidly, but couldn’t hold it down in the end, possibly choking, or perhaps just had a bad matchup. But what it comes down to, either way, is that Fuudo played amazingly and took it home for Japan… what is it… 3 years in a row now? Good job, Japan, I hope to see some even more exciting matches next year, as I will be attending.


  • DR Jam

    In no particular order, but it may be assumed that it’s from the least relevant to the most relevant:
    Most Memorable People at EVO 2011:
    1) Combofiend (almost but not quite)
    2) Aris (for hitting on Kayo in plain interwebz, you’re in love with who?)
    3) Noel Brown (yesterday: Noel who? today: RRR)
    4) DR Ray (Beating JWong, putting DR on the map, for blowing himself to KO with Deadpool, only at EVO lol, M.Ross got lucky)
    5) Viscant (winning MvC3… with DP πŸ™ booo! DP sucks, but he deserves it)
    6) CJ Truth (His 13 or something like that, right? And for defeating the people’s Champ.)
    7) Wofkrone (beating Mago, mad hype! Making top8)
    8) Daigo (For losing, who knew… I guess the few youtube vids with “allegedly” Daigo playing and losing may be true after all)
    9) JWong (It’s Mahvel baby)
    10) PR Rog (Tron combeback, and beating JWong)
    11) Poongko (shutting down Daigo)
    12) Fuudo (Winning EVO with Feilong, love it!)
    13) Perfect Legend (MK Champ, first MK EVO champ)
    14) Spark (winning Bzb with uncanny defense)
    15) Lord Knight (lol maybe for being read like a book even though we know he played so well, there was nothing he could do)
    16) Tokido (making it to so many Top8)
    17) Latif (beating Tokido, Daigo, and Poongko)
    18) Broly (for being relentless, no hands, no feet, no problem!)
    19) Kayo Police (not all that glitters is gold, such a great character)
    20) Noah (He’s eight. That’s right, 8!)

    Biggest no-shows:
    1. Ryu
    2. Megaman
    3. Mike Ross
    4. Japanese players in top 32 Marvel, well… top 8
    5. SFxT

    Biggest roaches (wouldn’t go away/were everywhere)
    1) Tokido
    2) Wolverine/Akuma
    3) Madcatz gear
    4) Spanishh ads (Tide, etc…)
    5) Phoenix


    Biggest no-shows in the MvC3 tournament :
    1. Defense

  • DarklingSinx

    Shoutouts to Stream trolls crashing Chrome >.>

  • Ellipsen

    Is there a battle log anywhere? I’d like to know who the top players lost to

  • Karma3500

    I hope somebody starts uploading replays soon because, unfortunately, I was not able to witness Latif destroy Japan’s killers… Oh well thats what I get for making plans on evo weekend =(

  • Pablo_the_Mex

    Aye son this dude looks like a bitch. All smiling and shit. wtf

    • DR Jam

      So he’s not supposed to smile?

      • Gaijin87

        Hell no! You’re supposed to look like a badass! You just won a video game tournament, no smiling allowed. Only sneers and scowls allowed.

  • Ellipsen

    Sucks that Flash drew Tokido, that was the worst draw. He could have wrecked in Top 8.

    • TrollThisSRK

      This is false. It was a miracle he made it as far as he did.

      • .Singe

        I think if you’re top 8 in Evo, luck has nothing to do with it.

        He should have picked Viper from the start, he had no business playing Zangief against Akuma.

        • DR Jam

          Z vs Akuma is like giving away one match, which he could use to get data on Viper vs Akuma in case he’d lose the first match with Viper, which he did, too bad it was his second loss.

  • KillerMonkey

    shitty evo, daigo was going nuts with the wakeup upkicks against latif, poongko abused of the EX srk (in one ocasion it was SRK – FADC – SRK… come on…)
    boring final, and boring latif, i bet wolkrone would have done much better than random burning kick latif

    • Okieant

      Really bad troll attempt trollski…

      • kupo36

        i think he did ok ^_^

  • rukawa_kaede

    daigo made it 4th and people still complain?,lol

    • Okieant

      don’t feed the trolls bro.

      Everyone knows this Evo was nuts.

  • Tofu Warrior

    What’s the highest number of viewers you guys saw on the stream? I saw 85 000, I was hoping it would crack 100k.

    • Okieant

      well, with 85,000 watching the stream and another 7k+ at the event, they got pretty damn close which is pretty great for a community that just was reborn with the release of SF4 almost 3 yrs ago. Dreamhack had 100k viewers when CS 1.6 was its main game and CS 1.6 has been the main game at Dreamhack for over 5 yrs now and the competitive scene started in 2001 or so. Nothing to scoff at. Be proud of the FGC.

    • DR Jam

      It did actually crack 1.1M on Sunday and slightly less on Saturday.
      Did the PSN views accounting along with the shoryuken/GS/IGN/JustinTV/etc… streams?

      • DR Jam

        *I was referring to total views, not current*

    • Tofu Warrior

      Who said I was scoffing? I’m sorry if it came off that way, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth. I was almost moved to tears yesterday, I’ve never felt more proud of the FGC in my life.

    • MrSoada

      Maybe not on main stream, but with evo-low, PS Home and japanese restreams, you gotta figure it cracked 100k total people.

  • Terry Bogarde

    can i change the subject? this is about ZAngief. i feel Flash metroid had the best Gief in the USA. in such a short time he has mastered and developed perfect tactics against hard matches. DR Ray beat Vangief comfortably in the end althought it was close at 1st. but Flash just detroyed and mindfu*ked Dr Ray. anyone agree flash is number 1 Gief????

    • TrollThisSRK

      One match is evidence of nothing, really. Vance > Flash all day long.

    • DoomGiver

      While I do agree that Flash has a great Zangief, if you watch carefully both matches, DR Ray was actually beating Flash pretty badly in the first round, then flash pulled a Hail Mary Ultra that landed by pure luck, ray must’ve forgot he picked Ultra II and jumped back lol. In the later rounds Flash baited some Dragon kicks from Ray that cost him the match, this shows a bit of inexperience from Ray and hopefully we’ll see a much stronger showing next year, he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with but using this fight to determine which Gief is better is just not accurate.

      You can see the match here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctD9pCWOBec

  • ariez

    If you are beast at VF you are beast at every other fighter by default…..VF is TOOOO GOOD!

  • Cauptain

    USA Players lookΒ΄s like EVO below:

    2009 – JAPANESE WINNER – DaigoD Umehara
    2010 – JAPANESE WINNER – DaigoD Umehara
    2011 – OTHER JAPANESE WINNER – No DaigoD Umehara
    2012 – Something *DaigoD Umehara* ……………………*

  • Gen2K

    Fuudo: Needs moar Virtua Fighter in here, oh well I’ll just take this SFer game from you guys .

  • Kony

    some people are so retarded. Saying Daigo failed..really? You scrubs wouldn’t even get 4th in pool play. Competition is getting stronger and the household names aren’t dominating like they used to. Disappointed a Fei won as I’ve never liked Fei, but he won because he played well, not because he tier whored. While everyone else was making stupid mistakes, Fuudo played solid. Latif ftw, got a chance to play him awhile ago on the PJS stream, never been wrecked so bad in my life.

  • Ellipsen

    If you are Asian and your name ends in “o” – you are gdlk at sf by default. +3

  • two2tone

    Latif deserves A LOT of respect, that guy is not human

  • alvare

    Thanks for the low quality (and everything) stream EVO staff! All the glory to Poongko The Machine of Awesome!

  • SendMaster

    Amazing EVO, long live sf4

  • xesaie

    Gotta be thrilled, I was rooting for latif the whole time, and he massively outperformed my expectations ><

    My only regret is that he couldnt' have put wolfkrone down personally.

  • freakin

    Definitely a lot of hype for the sf4 finals, congrats to Fuudo. The only thing that topped the SF4 hype was the Aris and Kayo Police commentary, lol. (look that up if you haven’t already)

  • gen

    EVO 2k11 was fantastic! mad props to all the competitors this year. I really hope i can be there in person next year to see it all myself.

  • outputrotation

    Latif is good but he cracked under pressure and let Fuudo completely download and assimilate him. I think if Poonkgo played a little bit more defensively he could have figured out Latif’s patterns as well

  • TimeGem

    I just wanted to say that both Latif and Fuudo put on a great show for all of us. It doesn’t matter where they came from or who they represented, they gave us a great match for all of us to see and that’s that. Congrats to Fuudo for winning it all and much respect to Latif for going though some very serious competition to get to grand finals.

  • Stoic Samurai

    This does no justice to the amount of HYPE, SALT EMOTION and EPICness of the SSFIV: AE grand finals let alone the rest of EVO. I am overwhelmingly disappointed by this post :'(. But keep on keepin on SRK…

  • The 4th Letter

    The only problem Latif had was just like Seth said, when he’s put under pressure he has instinctual patterns that Fuudo read and punished him for.

    Fei Long can punish wiffed or blocked anything. LOL.

    If Latif keeps it up, and Ono doesn’t nerf Viper and put out SSIV For Real This Time Edition in Japan first giving them a big lead in study time, he’ll be back… and he’ll probably win Evo.

    What I’m concerned with is who from the US is going to step up for AE. Seems like everybody abandoned it for Marvel.

    • magocyber

      I wouldn’t be to sure if latif given more time will get any better, I hope am wrong about this but , there are players who always stay at a certain level, like Krone, and latif himself, and never end up winning a major, always in top 8, top 4 but always half-step behind the ones who actually win the biggest tournament.
      also Latif defeating Daigo does not mean his got his number,
      to me its all about matchups it seems Fuddo was ok facing Vipers, I mean he took down Krone and Latif with ease, and the same goes to Poongko facing Yun, about a month ago he destroyed Momochi on that Australian tournament, so is clear he loves that match up
      and I don’t think Ono is going to Nerf viper because of the fact that there were 3 Vipers on top 8, if they indeed nerf her will be because she is probably the only character that has not suffer any major changes since Vanilla,

      • Eileithyia

        i don’t think anybody said lafit got daigo’s number. Daigo can easily run it back next time. Next day, next tournament anything can happen. Last game, last round means nobody has a clear advantage.

        in the after hour stream.
        Fuudo beat Latif on Japan vs USA team money match.

        Then Latif wanted to run it back. He barely lost to Fuudo 4-3 in the runback.
        So I think Latif has the chance next time. In a 2/3 setting anything can happen.

        side note:
        I think adon owns viper too. Latif looks very free against gamerbee in money match. he lost 0-3/

  • LoadedKlip

    Even the best lose at times … Daigo played extremely well. The only matches that REMOTELY challenged him were Alex Valle, Kindevu, Latif and of course Poongko. So … thats 4 people that even came close to challenging him. All his other matches were training mode to him.

  • WarioMan


    • boogityboy

      Oooooooooo… what’s THIS button doooooooo.

  • cjguigni

    Daigo won 20K last year I believe, what was the prize this year?

  • Fenaris

    Here’s the SF Top 8 totals for 2008 to 2011:

    Daigo Umheara – 3
    Tokido – 2
    Ricky Ortiz – 2
    Justin Wong – 2
    Flash Metroid
    Mike Ross
    Gamer Bee
    Henry Cen
    Ed Ma
    Sanford Kelly
    Long Tran
    Eduardo Perez
    Takashi Hukushi
    Ryan Hart

    Lot of room for people to make a top finish and establish themselves. It’s not about getting there once. It’s about getting there consistently. As it stands, Daigo, Tokido, Ricky Ortiz, and Justin Wong have sensible claim to being the best, since they place well on the biggest stage. The rest are one shots until they start making themselves known.

    The opportunity is there, time for people to make themselves known.

  • Continuity

    lol I love how everyone were complaining about Yun and nobody really gave a crap about Fei Long before EVO, now a somewhat unknown Japanese player wins with Fei and people are getting salty and calling him tier whoring. I wonder if this will be the case if it was an American player using Fei…

    • MrSoada

      Fei has been considered higher than Yun for all of AE. If you didn’t know that I wouldn’t call out other people on something similar.

      • FADE OUT

        Since you keep pressing the fact that Fei is considered to be higher in tiers than Yun although NOT by much, I would like to say one (or two) things about it.

        According to how tiers work, if two players of equal skill pick characters on opposite sides of the tier spectrum then the player who picked the top tier character should win. Or better yet, if the matchup is in his favor let’s say 7-3 then he should by default win.

        This way of thinking discredits fighting games from being a legitimate competition. If all a player needs to do is pick a super high tier character and ONLY BE EQUAL IN SKILL (NOT BETTER THAN) AS HIS OPPONENT TO WIN then fighting games are a joke and should never be taken seriously…ever. Why? Read it again, slowly this time if you have trouble grasping what I just said. Still not clear enough for you?

        If all I ever have to be is equal to my opponent in skill and pick a near broken character to beat him then fighting games are a joke.


        Fuudo won. Who cares who he picked unless you use Fei Long and plan on stealing some of his technology. End of story.

        • MrSoada

          Read his post. He said no one cared about Fei, which clearly wasn’t true. There is no discussion to be had about this.

  • YanDaMan

    This Evo was nuts, so many upsets.

    PR Rog perfects JWong, the favorite for winning MvC3. No Justin in Grand Finals.

    Poongko perfects Daigo, the favorite for winning SSF4AE. No Daigo in Grand Finals.

    Tokido still beasting by making Top8 on multiple games, but didnt win a single one sadly.

    Events like this makes me wish Evo happened at least twice a year, hell, make it seasonal.

    People are definitely improving.

  • seaman2225

    We all Knows Real Winner of EVO is Poongko not fuudo.

    • neezy

      i agree! he made evo worth watching.

      I’m loving how ssf4 has more resets than mvc3…

    • YanDaMan

      No. Sugar-coat and lie to yourself all you want. Fuudo outplayed him and everyone else no matter how much you wanted Poongko to win, reality is Fuudo destroyed him and everyone else.

  • Jagga_Toof

    Latif is good, hands down one of the best C.Vipers I’ve seen. Really exciting to watch and he had tons of hype going for him. However, Fuudo’s grand victory to a seasoned SF spectator was none too surprising. Fuudo was the one to put him in losers. Pretty good chance that in the GF, he wouldn’t have too much of a hard time to take him out 3-0, even when Latif played safe with burning kicks. Rekkas to snuff those BKs and constant low pokes to prevent wake-up EX Seismic. Don’t get salty over Latif’s loss. He deserves major props for defeating Daigo, Tokido and Poongko. He is good but Fuudo had him read from the very get-go. If Latif changed up his style, maybe it would have been a tighter match. Plus, he did crack a few times, compared to Fuudo, who was completely focused.

    • TrueSephiroth

      One of Latif’s problems which was significant in his loss to Fuudo was too many Ex-Seismo’s which were getting punished by Fuudo for free. Whenever Latif did them, he was getting punished for them, and the other factor that made him lose it big was also random wake up Thunder Knuckles with each of them resulting in him losing a quarter+ of his life for it.

      With less risk taking, I truly believe Latif would’ve done much better, because his more aggressive play worked good up against Tokido, Daigo and Poongko, but Fuudo was simply the most patient player out of the four who really picked Latif methodically.

      Regardless, this is a strong showcasing, because we all have to remember, that USA only had TWO months to play and prep for this game, while Japan had 8 months to do it. That to me is the true measuring stick and for a US player to beat so many established players and make it to the 2nd spot in my opinion is nothing short of amazing.

      • kraal

        Risk vs reward character… Bad reads make you look inferior, good reads look dominating.
        The decision-making process can be difficult to understand if you’re not a high level player of said character.

  • X_Sword

    He called himself food? Wow, and he won lol congrats “food” Solid Fei-Long, but you are no trend setter yet

  • moonwhistle

    I missed the whole event. Is there a youtube channel or site where I can watch all of it?

    • ahdonye

      If evo was smarter they would sell HD PPV streams not only live, but keep up the streams for sale for weeks after. @ $10 if even only 10% of the fans bought the HD stream instead of watching the free low fi version, that would bring them in over a half a million dollars in income to help fund the tourneys growth.

      • xesaie

        nobody would pay and nobody would buy. They’re smart doing it the way they are.

  • EternityInBlack

    Congratulations to the Top 8 and Harry Potter, erm, Fuudo for winning πŸ™‚

  • Ouroborus

    asian harry potter / carl clover.

  • piarvi

    10 points to Gryffindor!

  • Son of a Gun

    Congratz Fuudo.

  • Zenrot

    Have you guys ever considered that you don’t get to decide Latiff’s nationality? He decides if he represents America, he decides who he plays for, not a bunch of people bitching on an SRK article.

  • Violent Ryo

    Wow, yet another KOF player (Poongko) dominating in SF. (See also past SBO events)

    Check Poongko’s matches in KOFXI.

  • reverze

    so yeah daigo won cau… wait a fei long player won…. OH SHIT!!!