EVO 2011 Top 8 Super Street Fighter IV: AE Results

By on July 31, 2011 at 9:40 pm

Perhaps one of the greatest Top 8s of all time just happened at Evolution 2011. The Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition competition had a lot of nailbiters and surprises. Here’s the Top 8:

  • Winner: Fuudo (Fei Long)
  • 2. Latif (C.Viper)
  • 3. Poongko (Seth)
  • 4. Daigo Umheara (Yun)
  • 5. Kindevu (Yun)
  • 5. Tokido (Akuma)
  • 7. Wolfkrone (C.Viper)
  • 7. Flash Metroid (Zangief, C.Viper)
  • Lucianman

    Gratz to Fuudo for winning the ship but Major props to Latiff and Poongko

  • MuayGio

    the best match of the tournament by far was poongko demolishing daigo. it was perfect.

    • prour


    • TrueWu

      The Beast couldn’t handle the pure audacity of a Seth player not giving a damn about his life bar and just going in. GDLK

      • illness690


        • neezy


          i’d feel like quitting if i were daigo.

          ITA Poongko

          ITA = in that ass!

    • thec0re3

      omg poongko needs nickname psycho poongko or poongko the killer something he left he beasted the beast.

      • Dingo Cheetobrows

        or Poongko the Stripper

        can we please get a Poongko montage with sexy music in the back?

        3rd place is fantastic, considering his dominating performance on Daigo, but I still can’t help to feel a little salty him not making it to Grand.

        • TheWooWooKid

          Slow motion Poongko montage!

      • redmetal

        he’s “the machine”

    • nicanor76

      He played best (or at least was the funnest to watch) when he was more random and less careful. When he started losing and turned down the randomness, it wasn’t as fun to watch and seemed like he lost more doing so. Creds to him for his gamestyle though!

  • JAGTxelUM

    Where are you Yun / Yang complaining scrubs right now??? I DEMAND YOU TO SHOW YOUR SISSY FACES NOW!

    • mcknight8279109

      I still hate yun at the end of the day lol
      Fuck him and his divekick pressure

  • GamesPlayer


    read comment #38

    I’m not psychic…just observant 😛

    • Karlito504

      lol nice job….Fanatiq

    • kupo36

      u have THE GIFT!! ^_^

  • J.S.P

    Poongko and Latif are the winners imo.

    • YanDaMan

      Get out of De-Nial river and return to reality.

  • Prophestus

    Latif and Poongko made that shit gold!

  • JalenSRK

    While everyone was bitching about Yun, I knew Fei Long was the best character in the game. Props to Latif for taking out Tokido, Daigo, and Poongko on his way to second. Good shit to Poongko for bringing some of the most hype ever anywhere, and of course good shit to Fuudo for sneaking in to the top spot when most people hadn’t mentioned his name.

    • MrSoada

      we have tier list hipsters now?

  • illness690

    Poongko and Latif. Godlike. I’m STILL hype about that Poongko/Daigo match!!!!

  • RagnaXBL

    My word that poongko vs daigo match was epic

  • UTDC.Justin

    Daigo on the defensive not a pretty scene.

    Some awesome Viper representation yesterday and today.

  • upup_downdown

    seriously, who did fuudo have to beat to get to the finals?

    • OOZZY

      Fuudo beat both Poongko and Latif in the Top 8. Not sure about Top 32 etc.

      • TheWooWooKid

        Yeah, he beat Latif 2 times. Before top 8, Fuudo sent Wolfkrone, the #1 seed, to losers. It wasn’t even close.

  • Victormaru

    Fuckin’ Viper’s.

  • ahpetah

    That Poongko x Daigo match is going to be the main SF4 video just like how Daigo Parried Justin Wong in 3rd strike!

  • whodatninja

    such unpredictable and hype matches in top 8. not to take away from latif who played an amazing viper, but who else was a bit sad that we didn’t get a runback of daigo vs poongko? in the same march to the grand finals? probably too epic for one year.

  • Jsian

    Sickest EVO yet. Props to Fuudo for coming out of the blue to win (he was imo the second best Ryu in vanilla and nobody even thought about comparing his Fei to Mago’s in AE). Highlights were Poongko vs Daigo, every Latif match and Kindevu eating cookies on stage.

  • Zuranthus

    Viper, best character in the game??

    • kingsharkboi

      in terms of fighting design? yes

  • pooneega

    Justin Wong (MVC3) and Daigo (AE) getting perfected to be sent home are you kidding me???? EVO 2011 = mad hype

  • Remster

    I had no idea who to cheer for, was loving every second latif and poongko were on the stream. I know it’s really corny but they are defintely the true winners, coming to the biggest evo yet, fighting and taking out so many international players with characters they have been playing since super regardless of the coluntless yuns and feis.

    About the Grand Finals, maybe latif just didn’t know the matchup, or maybe his options really were very limited against fei, or maybe nerves just got to him. Either way no reason to fail bad about his great streak, too bad we won’t see him at SBO.

    • Good Game Player

      no, fuudo is the true winner, because he won.

      • kupo36

        good luck convincing teenagers ^_^

  • double F

    Kindevu stuffing chocolate chip cookies in his mouth (literally) during the awards ceremony. his parents must be so proud.

  • Second Vision

    Top 2 EVO Finals moments IMO

    2. When PR Rog Level 3 hypered Dark Phoenix with … TRON.
    1. And ofc the very dominating performance from Poongko vs Diago. Which was elevated by the strip show/ energy drink crowd pleasers before.

    EVO2011 = Across the board, a fighting game fans dream. See ya there next year!

    Oh and shout outs to Spooky/Level up for the as per usual killer stream!

    • Lethal Lewis

      i would add Combofiends Spencer comeback against Fanatiq, and the Wtf moment when that deadpool player was destroying Mike Ross and K.Os himself.

      • b3nz0r

        That was DR Ray. That was SOOO funny.

        Anyone who didn’t see it….Ray was down to only Deadpool and had to make a fairly large comeback against Mike Ross, got down to just Hulk remaining with something like 300k health left or so. DR Ray goes for a mixup that involves a teleport, teleport malfunctions. You just see a random KO and it takes a second to figure out what happened. Pretty classic.

        Those moments were amazing. How about

        PR Balrog perfecting Justin Wong

        Noel Brown BEASTING Sanford Kelly

        Stone representing Texas hard making it to about top 20. Had he not run into Mine’s Phoenix he would have probably made top 8 for sure.

        Latif of course running through Tokido, then Daigo, then Poongko.

        Of course Poongko chugging the red bull then beating the SHIT out of Daigo was way way up there.

        All in all I am just super impressed with how good PR Rog is at Marvel. I know he’s a beast in SF4 but damn.

        OH top evo moment – even though a Phoenix won, so did a HAGGAR! Also, 2nd 3rd and 4th – no Phoenix to be found.

  • double F

    Fuudo seemed to know the Viper matchup better than anyone. Seriously, Latif’s burn kick mixups just couldn’t phase him. He’d either focus the burn kick, block it correctly, neutral jump it, or just straight DP it, pretty much every time. he must have a high level Viper player as a training partner.

    i wonder if Wolfkrone vs Fuudo would have gone differently.
    I think at this point (after SBO quals and Evo just now), Latif has reached, if not exceeded, Wolfkrone’s level of Viper play. But their styles differ in several areas.
    Latif relies much more on burn kick crossups, and he likes to counter with EX Seismo, whereas Krone will bust out a fierce thunder knuckle much more often if he has meter to cancel.

    Either way, Fuudo seemed to have that viper matchup on lock.

    It was also interesting to see Yun absent from the top 3, and Yang (seemingly) absent from the entire tournament. I still think that the Yun technology has some growing to do (even for people like Daigo). I dunno, i think the top 8 we just watched kinda proves that it’s too early for another balance patch.

    • double F

      ^(in addition to above)
      If Capcom is dead set on re-balancing AE again, i wish they would just “undo” all the un-warranted nerfs to the SSF4 cast, rather than nerfing Yun/Yang. Or, if they want to save time and dev costs, just give us an “anniversary” edition that allows char selection from vanilla, super or AE. I would buy that in a New York minute.

      also, just wanna say 1 more thing:
      Last year’s stream (by Level Up or whatever), crashed in GF at 30,000 viewers and had hiccups the entire weekend.
      THIS year (with Sp00ky in charge), it hit 80,000+ viewers and was pretty much flawless.
      Sp00ky streams are S tier.

      • kraal

        Sp00ky’s streams, never fail to deliver.

        • b3nz0r

          Except the part when the hotel internet went down. But I can’t say Sp00ky could be blamed for that.

    • TheWooWooKid

      Wolfkrone and Fuudo already played. Fuudo was the one that sent Wolfkrone into the losers bracket. It was 2-0 and Wolfkrone was completely dominated. Latif put up much more of a fight against Fuudo, even though the score still wasn’t close.


    U best respect Arizona now mofos

  • Thancruz

    Daigo got served! Poongko is a beast.

  • upup_downdown

    when or where can we see hd replays of the top 32

  • Liquidsnakez

    what a game! mad respect to all of them! definitely will have to see what Evo 2k12 will be like

  • Possum Hill Kid

    Props to all the players at this year’s EVO. What a fantastic weekend. Latif, Wolfkrone and Flash–y’all are gonna make Capcom nerf Viper. I really wanted Wolfkrone to win–he’s such a cool guy. Latif definitely could have won it all but it just wasn’t meant to be. Fuudo was on fire and would not be denied.

    Mad props to Tokido who played in just about every game at EVO and was a force to be reckoned with at all times. Daigo–you lost but you’re still a bad man. But Poongko brought the house down with Seth.

    Spooky and Haunts–the stream was on point and you guys need to be working at G4.

  • PC Jona

    never heard of fuudo before.

    honestly when i saw him in the top 8 before they played it out i could have sworn he was a scrub and got lucky.

    i was impressed by his patience, execution and confidence to flame kick when he did.

    the option select ultra against poongko was probably the most impressive thing he did.

    also blowing up latiff’s ex seizmo was amazing.

    i dont think japan has anything close to a latiff but whatever he did to prepare worked very well. props to the guy that came out of nowhere and won

    also poongko raping diago had me speechless

    i could not believe it

    and on top of that latiff beating diago as well

    evo was amazing

  • llSilk-Cutll

    What an Evo 2011. Congrats to all top 8, and Fuudo the Champion.

    Analysis Of AE at EVO 2011:

    Next year I can see Daigo switching back to Ryu (when AE is patched). Really I think he’s better with Ryu (it’s magical watching him with Ryu). Also how good is Poongko – That match against Daigo (the baiting was incredible), he absolutely destroyed him, easily the best moment and one of the moments of EVO history. Poongko is amazing to watch, a real showman (like Juicebox). When the belt comes off, money from pocket is thrown around stage, you better watch out LOL. Congrats to Latiff & Wolfkrone brilliant Viper players and Flash Metroid. Tokido IMO was not on form the whole tournament – Yes he got to top 8 but I’ve seen him many times play much better. Well played to Kindevu as well (a real surprise).

    I think next year when it’s rebalanced you will see an even better EVO 2012. AE sucks and I hope it’s rebalanced fairly like SSF4 for next years tournament.

    Favorite players of the Tournament = Alex Valle (for keeping with Ryu and just an all round legend – People’s champ), Poongko – A pure entertainer and Juciebox (the guy is brilliant to watch, what a character).

    Least Favorite = Daigo (just because you didn’t stick with Ryu and went for the “Darkside” Yun), Yun is no fun to watch like Ryu (no strategy). Tokido – Didn’t play his game to full potential.

    • Good Game Player


  • Syxx573

    lol i told u guys latif is the best american player

    • Surenio

      too bad he’s not american

      • lifefire940

        Product of American scene =’s American player

  • KaliniuS

    What an incredible event. EVO 2011 was one of the best in history. So many great moments, like the Poongko/ Daigo match, Fuudo waking up with U2 against Poongko, and Latif beating Daigo and Poongko. Epic awesomeness.

    Also, the stream was perfect. A damn well job done on that. Over 80 thousand viewers and barely a hiccup. I can’t wait to see how 2012 compares.

  • Double Reppuken

    How about we give either Latif or Poongko the Randy Orton treatment and call one or both of them the Legend Killer?

    That last round between Fuudo and Poongko broke my heart. I wanted so badly to see him win Evo. Still, that was an awesome grand finals, couldn’t believe how much more exciting it was over MvC3 grand finals. Not to say that those were horrible/boring or whatever, they were great in their own respect, but no one saw the train that was last night’s results coming.

  • yeoman

    Great playing by all these guys!

  • Schiff

    amazing amazing top8!! I just wonder why most people think Latif is American…. he’s Saudi Arabian. Otherwise can I go studying in Japan and become Japanese? 😛

    • TheWooWooKid

      If you become a Japanese citizen through naturalization, then yes.

  • Graphic

    Surprising Top 8, I had no idea Viper can be that lethal.

  • slaycruz

    Poongko should be called Beastmaster for owning the Beast LOL

    • Jagga_Toof

      Second that.

  • Jagga_Toof

    Poongko is definitely my new favorite player. The guy knows how to put on a show but still manages to acquire solid wins. He gets hyped and he plays as if damage scaling doesn’t exist in SF. He should definitely pick up MVC3, with flash fingers like his. It’s almost impossible not to like this guy.

  • Jagga_Toof

    *plays like he doesn’t give a damn about damage scaling in SF.*

  • Startricker

    Man, i can’t wait to fight in the next tourney XD

  • apex27

    Poongko should be dubbed “The Hunter” for felling the beast.