EVO 2011 BlazBlue Continuum Shift II Top 8 Results

By on July 31, 2011 at 12:03 pm

As the results from the Sunday finals at Evolution 2011 are completed, they will be posted here. Be sure to check out the broadcast as well as the Twitter feed for updates.

Blazblue Continum Shift II

  • Winner: Spark (Haku-Men)
  • 2. Lord Knight (Litchi)
  • 3. Tokido (Noel)
  • 4. Zong One (Carl)
  • 5. Heart Nana (Makoto)
  • 5. Severin (A-11)
  • 7. DSmoove12 (Noel)
  • 7. Wuku (Hazana)
  • StrtFghtrMstr

    Tokido had great combacks. GGs

  • Ikagi-chan

    The Grand Finals between Spark and Lord Knight in BB:CS2 were absolutely amazing! Shoutouts to Spark for such dominating gameplay and such solid defense!

    • DR Jam

      Yeah, and it’s not like Lord Knight wasn’t trying. The funny thing is that they were both using my favorite characters. But I suck at the game so I had no idea Haku-men was supposed to be low tier or whatever.

      The defense and the burst baits were the most impressive things.

      • Mightfo

        He’s considered low B..not really bad, just not as strong as everyone else.

        But yes, spark played extremely well.

        • DR Jam

          thx for clarifying.

        • blk_mage

          Yeah, but in a game with less then 20 characters that’s pretty low. He’s considered to be about the 4th worse character in the game atm.

  • Ungesehener Zorn

    Congrats to Spark for downloading everyone

  • DrunkenSnake

    Spark vs Tokido was so hype.


  • EDPMustang

    The Haku Man stomped on everybody at Evo. GGs.

    • vinylricci

      Ur profile pic is godlike. Thought I’d let u know.

      • EDPMustang

        thanks man. I use this pic for every single website on the internet! =]

  • magocyber

    where is this guy spark from?

    • MadBater

      PNW pacific north west

  • JAGTxelUM

    Streaming from Bolivia while playing our own tournaments, SO MUCH HYPE on EVO2011!!!

  • munchkin

    SPARK FTW!!!!!! God like defense and counters!

  • ziggybgw

    Spark’s ridiculous defense and reads let him bulldoze Lord Knight. He lost that first round then just blew him up.

  • RagnaXBL

    Spark, My Hero!

  • whodatninja

    what were the prizes?

  • MadBater

    Spark’s Hakumen the low tier Knight winning evo so convincingly is so epic.

  • Mightfo

    BB top 8 was amazing. Great matches all around, especially Spark’s. The Heartnana vs Tokido match was much better than I expected, too. Fantastic finals, I hope BB is at EVO again next year!

  • DR Jam

    lol did you guys see JustFrameJames, that Tekken player, reading his note book before fighting Mr. Naps? That’s so epic.

    • DR Jam

      I guess the data download was useful. 😉

  • IrieKing

    Woa is this Tekken 6: Bob Edition?

  • No_Cigar

    Anyone know where DMG Kor is from? Like which city?

  • alvare

    I don’t even like BB, but Spark+Hakumen was fucking awesome, he dominated the whole thing, beautiful stuff.

  • DR Jam

    I’m watching the MK finals while listening to the album “Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired by the Warriors.” Pretty awesome as background music along with the stream audio.

  • whodatninja

    i don’t play mk9, but the grand finals were entertaining as hell. props to pl and reo.

  • Raging StormX

    Congrats to Spark, his Hakumen was most impressive. Anyone knows if Kaqn was at EVO….cause I would have loved to see how his Ragna would have feared at EVO.

  • Son of a Gun

    Congratulations to Spark again.
    Would’ve loved to see Sesu’s Rachel at EVO though.

    • Son of a Gun

      …Or even ANY Rachel player in top 8. Guess people gave up on her since CS first came in. And I see Wuku stuck to Noel.