EVO 2011 Tekken 6 Top 8 Results

By on July 31, 2011 at 5:09 pm

The Top 8 in the Tekken 6 tournament at Evolution 2011 put on some tough battles. Here’s the results:

  • Winner: Kor (Bob)
  • 2. NYC Fab (Bob/Miguel)
  • 3. Rip (Law)
  • 4. JustFrameJames (Law)
  • 5. Crow (Bob)
  • 5. Mr. Naps (Bryan)
  • 7. Tokido (Bob)
  • 7. Ryan Hart (Kazuya)
  • Sensei Rouzu

    Looks like Bob got more popular this year and Law remained the same.

  • shinjiGT

    Where were all of the Koreans?

    • garyoak99

      The top Korean players are currently playing in Tekken Crash Season 8. Nin is one of the 2 commentators on the TV show so he definitely couldn’t come to defend his Evo 2010 title.

  • Eureka

    What kind of fightstick did Kor get as a prize?

  • MuayGio

    One of the most boring finals I’ve ever seen. Every match had either a Bob or a Law in it. I hope the good people at Namco enjoyed creating 40 characters irrelevant to competitive play.

    Everything else is hype though.

    • GSPFan1989

      There’s a lot or relevant characters in Tekken 6… that horrible top 8 made Tekken look like a joke…

      • MikeBreezy92

        Yeah very bad Top 8 indeed. Despite every Character (maybe except Zaf and Yoshi) you’ll still see top tiers.

    • garyoak99

      The rest of the Tekken 6 cast irrelevant?

      The winning team for SBO 2010 consisted of Marduk, Devil Jin, Lars.

      The winning team for SBO 2009 consisted of Lili, Julia, Wang.

      The winning team for Tekken Crash Season 7 consisted of Marduk, Asuka, Roger Jr.

      The winning team for Tekken Crash Season 6 consisted of Bryan, Lars and Devil Jin.

      • Diernes

        This top 8 was not a reflection of the game, it was a reflection of the lame players you guys have in the states. no korean players at all…. Bob and law are just cheese but most characters in the game are viable. See Ryan hart get in top 7 with a mid tier character at best.

        and marvel and sf werent that much better….

  • freija

    Surprised there is no Alisa, the other noob friendly mash char

  • skipperxyz

    anakin would of body everyone if he went

  • DR Jam

    I think of what made the Tekken finals forgetable is the fact that there was no hype from the audience.

    Still, Bzb didn’t have more people in the audience but it was one of the best high-level gaming I’ve seen, worthy of finals hype.

  • ekie

    Wish I could have went to Rep Raven.

  • houseofchacon

    Only 12 comments for Tekken? Makes me sad. Maybe that will change with TT2. Congrats to the top 8. How many people were in EVO for Tekken? Anyone know? And will Tekken 6 be back next year?

  • jason24cf

    Congrats to my teammate winning the Tekken 6 title at EVO.