Balance Patch for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Before Year’s End

By on July 31, 2011 at 7:08 pm

At a panel here at EVO 2011, Street Fighter 4 series producer Yoshinori Ono announced that Capcom would indeed release a free balance patch for Arcade Edition before the end of the year. What would you like to see changed? Is this the start of SSF4:BE?

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  • Dawn

    I have bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me I probably know whos getting patched and why.

    • dretheyoungMzee

      Sagat: st. short 1 hit cancelable
      basically give him back the Vanilla st.short

      • Night l Crawler

        as a sagat player the standing short really isn’t that big of a deal.. if anything with sagat they need to buff his s.fierce kick.

    • King Sky

      I think a lot of it has to do with some of the glitches and infinites that players like Desk have been able to find as well; if this were all just for one character be it Yun, Sagat, or whoever that’d be pretty ridiculous

  • kubebot

    Un-Nerf Ryu K thanks!

  • leileilol

    i’d like to see the patch frequency and disclosure changed

  • del1rium

    Cue whining and requests for changes for things that people don’t really understand.

    • del1rium

      Oh wait, that never really stopped. Carry on, then.

      • darth_nevermore

        my god,your like a wizard or something,because you predicted all the whiney requests right before it happened!

        ok,ok what number am i thinking of?

  • mcgowanshewrote

    Give Makoto full non-throwable EX Oroshi
    Take away the twins ability to juggle so many attacks
    If Yun’s Ultra one is blocked, he is pushed back too far to fully punish. Stop that!

    • King Takes Pawn

      Hit Yun between hits three and four on U1. It feels scary, but it’s really pretty simple.

    • Sinistar71

      How about projectile-invincible ex-oroshi in order to cause knockdown.
      Yang’s juggling isn’t the problem.
      King takes Pawn ninja’d.

      • Blacksonic21

        EX-oroshi already causes knockdown. And there’s no point for it to be projectile invincible because it’s too fast and used at point blank range. They couldn’t get a fireball off if they tried. Like the op said it should be throw invincible. You can’t use it as a reliable reversal since you can be thrown right out of it.

    • nyteryder357

      I agree with your first comment about Makoto. As to your last comment about Yun’s ultra 1, you can back dash before the last hit, forward dash and punish.

    • the mossad man

      I say don’t touch Makoto. If they MUST change something, I say either give forward jump Tsurugi the same hit box as Neutral jump Tsurugi or giver Giver her 3s Abara :D:D:D lol will never happen but i can dream. If they nerf either c.:lk:, EX Hayate, Fukiage, or Dash I think the Makoto Community will shrink 70% (basically back to Super’s Numbers).

    • Mana

      Agreed, it’s all that she needs

  • loutwice


  • Smoove187

    don’t listen to crybaby’s who cry about Yun and Yang just because they can’t defeat them. i don’t use them two, but it’s like damn… come on with the crying n’ stuff.

    but all i would say is to reduce Zangief’s range for his SPD’s.. put it back to how it was in Super.

  • rayplay

    Make Yun’s s.LP +15 on block, +25 on hit.

    • Genistar

      you’ve won the internet.

  • .Singe

    Fuck SF4

    Third Strike all day.

  • KGershkoff

    Who would I like to see changed?
    Take a Wild F’N Guess!!!!

    • El_Maiz


      • Darklightjg1

        Now you know the POWER of the WILD (i.e. taking wild guesses).

        • neezy

          after watching fud win with wild uppercuts i say patch all uppercut cancels! wakeup uppercuts safe…LOLOLOL. Needed a patch from day 1

  • Jubei Kibagami

    Not sure if want…

  • Randeeno_TG

    Nerf the frame advantage of Yun’s dash punch ex and make his dash punch and shoulder whiffs punishable. like -1 always ?
    && Buff some people like Guiles Ultra 1 To be comboable?
    Evil Ryu 100 More Health?
    Give Dan Faster Normals
    Give rose’s Reflect the same hitbox as the Twins palms
    Nerf Chun li’s ultra 2 and give us this patch in November Not December.

    • Logia

      Nerf Chun’s U2? LMAO. It already does horrible damage and it’s not invincible at ALL. You need to step up your game if you’re moaning about that out of all things.

    • denjinhadoken

      Guile’s Ultra I is comboable. you can combo into it after super

  • Renegade TX2000

    make gen/gouken/hakan/t.hawk/rose/blanka/juri/dan//dudley/evil ryu/oni some better some slightly better.

    • Shinkada

      Gen, Blanka, Juri, Dan, Dudley and E.Ryu don’t need to be better. They’re all very good characters, just not commonly used because of various reasons, ie difficulty to pick up. Juri is definitely above average, and I say that as a Juri user.

      The rest, yeah.

      • TooItchy

        juri is pretty awesome, sad to see practically none. But Dudley is the only one on that list I can speak on, and he needs some help. He needs better hitboxes on his normals at the least, and come on, evil ryu is a joke, the only people who use him are a few good players trying gesperately to make him work, or kids who just wanna use him cause he’s “cool”

        • xRELLIKx

          Dudles is MUCH better already.

  • xStingy

    Twins = Yun

    That is all.

  • Aloci

    Give Rose a more reliable reversal, K thanks.

  • Diernes

    Just give guile his balls back….

    • Spectaa

      I agree, I don’t care about twins, just un-nerf some of the guys.

    • Tye@l

      This. And it’d be nice if they cleaned up the character selection screen so it looks nice.

  • agent56k

    Give back Cammy’s dive kick. She isn’t even fun anymore.

    • nyteryder357

      OMG! Please give her back instant dive kicks (w/out using meter). I would rather have her new links nerfed just to get her dive kicks back.

  • SniperNightOwl

    Your time has come Yun. You will pay for murder….

  • NyuBomber

    Buff Juri.


      juris good enough the way she is now …

  • Nuts

    Don’t do anything to Makoto. She’s perfect.

    • Sorwah

      ONLY thing I would change is at least one of her Karakusa’s (Probably EX) being throw invulnerable.

  • Gelohk

    Long live the instant gratification era. Why work to figure it out when you can get someone else to fix it for you?

    • The 4th Letter

      Good luck sticking that square peg into the circle hole my friend. If you practice enough you’ll get it.

      • Super Justin

        That is fucking smart.

      • GuyWithNoHat

        Its actually pretty stupid because 4th letter is not getting the point.

  • BLaZiaN

    Just return everyone back to Super, keep the twins. Only buff those who TRULY needed buffs (Makato, Juri, Gen, Dee Jay, etc). Un-nerf the cast back to SUPER.



  • Neo-Tokyo Chris

    Ryu – restoration of his crouching medium kick active frames/hitbox + Corner-escape air Tatsu. Should be fine.

    Cammy – decrease the height restriction for Cannon Strike.

    • King Rizz

      I’d like to see a decrease in CS height restriction, but no instant CS. Just a bit lower then it is to give it cross-up potential.

      • Neo-Tokyo Chris

        Agreed. Glad you reminded me.

  • King Takes Pawn

    Please Ono, give Vega an extra frame of link time on all his normals! Even just one!

  • PKSkyler

    More Dan buffs please

  • The 4th Letter

    You have a select few SRK pricks who go on about people whining about OP characters… yet these people never can offer tactics or display their talents for overcoming the advantage the characters have. They always refer to matches on Xbox Live or matches that only they have seen.

    What Capcom needs to do, is leave Yun, Yang, Fei Long, Zangief and his full screen pile driver… leave it in.

    Bring back old Cammy, old Honda, old Ryu, old Sagat, old Balrog, un nerf Abel, BUFF Gen, BUFF Deejay (more), and everybody else so their advantageous tools are on par with the the OP guys.

    • Airtola


    • Travis Epic


    • Shinkada

      I agree about un-nerfing the people who didn’t need to be nerfed. But I don’t agree about not nerfing Yun/Yang/Fei. SF4 is all about footsies and punishing, and the problem with those three is that fucking everything they do is safe. Their damage, meter gain, Yun’s super, those all contribute, but at the end of the day what really turns them from high tier to stupid is how safe they are. Make their non-EX variants unsafe on block – not huge, only enough to punish with jabs – and make the Twins’ uppercuts realistically punishable, rather than the ‘you might get a poke, maybe’ status they’re in right now.

      They don’t need lower damage, they don’t need nerfed mixups, they don’t need less health – I’M GOING TO REPEAT THAT ONE, CAP’SENTINEL’S OKAY NOW’COM, THEY DON’T NEED LESS HEALTH – they just need to be less damn safe on non-EX’s.

      • Wasted

        What are you talking about? Stop assocating the term “twins” with “Yun”.

        Stop lumping Yang in with Yun when his moves are completely different.

        Yang only has one non-EX special that is safe on block, which is LP Rekka. MP and HP mantis are ALREADY jab punishable on block. Yang’s roll/upkick is punishable. MP Palm is punishable.

        Yun’s shoulders and dash punches are already unsafe.

        You really do not know what you want changed.

        • Jamrawk

          And you’re also completely ignoring that Fei’s chicken wing is safe, spammable, and the fact that his Rekka is a pseudo frame trap if spammed correctly? Come on now, everything about Fei Long is safe.

          • Wasted

            Who said anything about Fei Long? The dude is complaining about the twins.

  • Deikan

    Please make Rufus have more cancelable links (ie. Far standing medium punch and kick) and make his EX Messiah go back to its Super Street Fighter IV damage or make it 110-120.

    Give him 1000 stun and change his hitbox so that it’s hard for other characters to vortex him and that’s all I want.

  • gilbertchris123

    BUFF ROSE PLEASE. buff lowier tiers that u nerfed i feel bad for all the people that are dealing with nerfed characters =(

  • Lava Strawberry

    Gouken chain fireball from Cr.Mp

    • Lava Strawberry

      Everyone can chain a fireball from crouching medium punch apart from the man who taught them. :/

      • King Takes Pawn

        That is awesome.

      • Raz0r

        The students surpassed the master.

  • I Gotchu Twice

    Zangief needs a knock down option, a faster sweep(waaaaaaaaaay tooooooo slooooow), glove(absolutely wothless) running bear grab(worthless) and ex glove. I stopped playing SF4 cause Gief is so horrible compared to Vanilla since everyone can duck and punish the lariat so easily.

    • .Singe

      You can punish my whiffed SRK, why I can’t I punish a whiffed lariat?

      • Schweedy

        it’s called a low attack, they all hit gief on a whiffed lariet.

        • Chimpan-A

          He meant “why shouldn’t I be able to”…

    • denjinhadoken

      zangief has 2 sweeps, one is a lot quicker than the other.

  • ibeatu

    dan buffs would be nice he should suck so bad

    • GuyWithNoHat

      dan is good, you are the one who sucks.

  • alvare

    Buff everyone except the Twins and Fei, implement air combos and a burst system. Also parries, everywhere.

    • abacus

      also give Sagat AHVBx3

  • the mossad man

    So basically you wanna play SSIV:MvC3 edition

  • Blacksonic21

    Don’t fuck with Makoto, that is all.

  • Good guy

    Buff Dan ASAP

    • GuyWithNoHat

      dan is g2g

  • PC Jona

    i just think yun and yang should be nerfed slightly

    range on yangs cr. fwd decreased

    less block stun

    damage decrease on the palms

    yun goes less distance on his hk. srk

    just small stuff that makes them way too good

    a nice balance between every char would be cool

  • okoro23

    Make CODY’s HK ruffian kick hit crounching opponents.

    • denjinhadoken

      why? that would be so broken! its an anti-air!

    • Dezik

      Cody’s HK ruffian kick already hits crouched opponents mid combo. Having it hit otherwise would make it broken

  • Atomsk

    a slight nerf to the twins and maybe fei long, and an un-nerf to the super cast. if anyone needs to be buffed, its Hakan 🙂

  • Bacn

    nerf deejay and i will kill someone

  • ClubAmerican

    Enjoy your nerfs Yun/Yang/Fei players.

    • PeterIvoryKing

      I’m going to laugh when they inexplicably buff Fei for the third time in a row.

  • Dont Jump

    I can’t wait for this game to get worse. ahhhh. Another dead version of a game!

  • boyonweed



  • Reipin Pillage

    I’d like to see capcom seriously take their time.

    • MR.DoWork

      I agree. Take some time and make the game BALANCED…key word “BALANCED”. Oh, and did i mention, BALANCED.

  • OrganicAngel

    TKCS: The return

  • Leprosy Snacks

    I’d like to see Capcom just buff most characters quite a bit and then leave Yun, Fei, and Zangief alone completely.

    I use Rose and I would like her Soul Piede (f+HK) to be an overhead. That is all.

  • ibeatu

    what the :BE stand for?

    • MingoDynasty

      Balanced Edition?

    • Nitro263

      Balanced Edition?

      • GuyWithNoHat

        bullshit edition

  • Mindpower

    Give Rose a proper reversal with Ex Spiral. That is all.

  • MR.DoWork

    R.I.P. Yun, Yang, Seth and Fei Long.

    • Raz0r

      Seth? Really?

  • mayor mcjustin

    just make the entire game SSF again just with the twins

  • Alegretto

    Un-nerf everyone from Super, keep the buffs. DONE.

  • MingoDynasty

    Before talking about nerfs/buffs/other balance changes, can we please fix some wonky hitbox issues?

    Things like Yun’s counterhit xx lp shoulder going through certain characters, Ibuki’s ultra 2 not fully comboing all the time, tsumuji kicks not fully comboing at certain ranges, El Fuerte’s unblockable f+MK on certain characters, etc.

    Also maybe do something about the useless moves in the game, like Gief’s running bear grab, or do something about punishable moves on hit, like Blanka’s EX up ball or Ibuki’s hien. Why have moves in the game if they have close to zero utility?

    Then we can talk about nerfing/buffing characters.

  • JayMasquerade

    No more nerfs, jjust buffs to the bottom half of the cast

  • kona

    I just hope they’re careful on what they balance.

  • No Limitz

    Well here you go people! Yun didn’t even make top 3 in Evo, what more do you guys want?

    • denjinhadoken

      exactly! Took the words right from my mouth. and not a yang made it to top 8.

  • KingElric21

    I clicked the article because I saw the word free.

  • Rawr.

    balance patch: Yun now has permanent Genei Jin. you’re welcome everyone

  • Zuranthus

    Makoto desperately needs an EX move that goes through fireballs, Balrog has 3 moves that go through fireballs for fucks sake, & 2 of them are meterless, Adon also has 2 fucking moves that go through projectiles, did he really need them?? come on Capcom, fuckin hell. & thanks to all the new projectile invincible moves in the game now Gouken is downright shit, so give him some buffs too…pass that shit on to Ono

  • DelPiero

    Well I just hope they dont mess up again and screw characters who weren’t overpowered to begin with and dont overlook those who really needed the buffs like Gen in the past two iterations.
    I think most character need buffs instead of nerfing the twins and Fei, while some other characters in my opinion are pretty solid as they are. Though I hope some changes like Honda being too overpowered and Guile building meter for doing nothing are kept and they only receive slight buffs to be really “balanced”. Same for other characters, but I think a perfect balanced game is almost impossible.

  • HuffmanD

    I don’t get why people keep going like “Yun wasn’t in top 3 so he’s obvs ok”. There were still 2 Yuns in top 8, and the other characters that were in top 8 were the one that were viable in the Yun environment. Yun’s presence as he is is still a controlling force of the current metagame. He is the metagame even. And to be honest I don’t even want him nerfed. Get even 15 or so characters up to his level, and make the rest at least competetive and it’ll be a good patch.

    PS Bring back zoning characters. Ryu should never not be able to answer to rushdown focused characters. Otherwise why even have fireballs in the game =/

  • saowhit

    The game is completely fine the way it is. If anything, they need to beef everyone else up and make them better, so everyone can be used besides your basic Yun,Yang, Viper and Fei.

  • Smokin Jo

    Fill in the blank spots on the roster with Alex and Urien or Elena. Nerf Fei and Yun/Buff Rose/ Buff Ryu’s c.MK/ Give Ryu his Donkey kick/. New stages/let you hear arranged music vs cpu/better endings/more winning poses/Art Gallery/ new trial modes for the whole cast/youtube uploads/buff geifs lariat,green hand knock down!!/

    • DelPiero

      Shut the fuck off, you’re basically asking for Ultimate SSF4. There’s no way they’re adding all that content with a downloadable pacth and if they could, it would cost a good amount of money.
      Just let it go and instead rush Capcom into delivering all that content into only one edition with reasonable prices if they plan to add DLC for the game and not after 4 fking editions of the same game.

      • the mossad man

        no way he wasn’t trolling here. No fucking way. No one could ask for all of that for free lol.

        • HuffmanD

          he’s right though, most of that shit should’ve been in Super to begin with, but that’s neither here or there really

  • Dedemaru

    T.Hawk and Dee Jay buffs and I’m happy!

  • gboblyn

    As a Viper player I can’t wait to see what Capcom (doesn’t) do to the character.

    Is this going to make the arcade edition worthless or can the arcade cabs be updated? Having the arcade version and the home version being different again would be a horrible mistake.

  • Basic_Complex

    Ono please dont molest Makoto. =(

  • FrankenZtein


  • Immaculate

    Buff honda so mike ross can win evo next year =)

  • magocyber

    well 2 more characters, vanilla Ryu, super Guile, vanilla Akuma, nerf fei, yun , viper, zangief green hand knock down, 100+ health to evil ryu, ashura for Oni oh and more nerfed for honda he still does way to much damaged

  • strizzmatik

    Buff the shit characters / nerfed characters (GUILE)
    Nerf Fei’s fucking Rekkas. Way too stupid for how good they are
    Nerf Yun in general
    Pretty much all you need.

  • Shinkada

    -Make Yun, Yang and Fei’s non-EX specials unsafe to jabs on block.

    -Nerf Rekkas. It’s a cool idea, the whole each-stage-is-punishable-but-you-need-to-know-when-he’s-going-to-stop thing, but it doesn’t work as it is. Maybe make the light, medium and heavy versions 1, 2 and 3 hits respectively, and have very subtle graphics clues so with experience and great reflexes you can learn to recognize them.

    -Make Yun and Yang’s uppercuts punishable by a full combo like every fucking one else, not a quick poke if you’re lucky and have the right character.

    -Buff the lower half. I’d name names but since 80% of people play Yun, Yang or Fei I don’t know who’s still underpowered and who got the buffs they needed but haven’t been tapped yet.

    -Buff Oni so he’s viable somewhere outside Xbox Live. Those mixups don’t work in real life. At least make his uppercut FADCable, holy shit. His Ultras need work, too. I don’t know why Capcom would make two such amazingly cool-looking moves then make both of them worthless compared to the non-cutscene same-old hadouken. At least E.Ryu can combo into his uppercut’s awesome animation.

  • Richusco

    bring kens jap dp back. My whole game is ruined with out it

  • CH_Cypher

    Giving patches to the masses will only cause more and more whining. AE is fine as it is.

  • woza1980

    invincible dragon punch for ryu and ken like bad back in the the days!

  • hismit

    Release Street Fighter V. End!

    • DelPiero

      “Release Street Fighter Alpha 4 ( preferably in 2d HD)” Fixed

  • thesecretblack

    Give Rufus back his U2. It was decent in SSF4, but it’s pointless in AE. They’ve reverted him back to vanilla Rufus.

  • t0by

    Don’t change anything!
    It’s already great as it is…no more patch please!! Juat started learning AE and now have to learn BE??

    Please let us enjoy AE longer!

    • 213372838347

      Kind of agree with this ^ it’s demoralizing to learn a character only to be paranoid that they’re going to be nerfed to shit in a patch that’s coming out (relatively) soon.

      However, as a sakura main I doubt that anybody is crying for my main chick to be nerfed LOL.

  • conchuatz

    – Buff Kens Hair like back in alpha 2.
    – Nerf Guiles voice and give him back sf2 actor voice.
    – Bring back chun li’s head stomp as it was in vanilla,
    – Give El Fuerte an, “off the wall ultra , faster pokes.
    – Get rid of her u2 and give her a kicking one. -P.S. make her legs smaller.
    – Make Sakura look cooler, (give her longer hair for my fantasies.)
    – Give Ryu an angrier vocal for hadokens and uppercuts.
    – If Cody can have a knife on the ground, let Guy have a whole chicken he can pick up & eat.

    • youknowigohoohoo

      Also make Dudley’s voice like in third strike and buff Cammy’s ass to god tier

  • SoVi3t

    Give Bison back his QCFx2 u2

  • llSilk-Cutll

    Agree with FancyPants:

    Characters that were nerfed in SSF4 unnerfed (no buffs needed), also some of the weaker characters give some buffs. Leave everything else as it is (as all the top tier in AE stand now). That should balance it fairly like SSF4 (not AE with sucks).

  • Desward

    bison needs a dragon punch and a fire ball and his taunt should cause instant dizzie

  • Smorgasboard

    The balance patch will probably apply to all platforms which arcade, console and PC. With such a short time frame for the patch though, especially with location test and submission for consoles, I don’t expect them to do a lot of balance changes. Probably more of changes that they already had in mind and also reverting stuff that didn’t work out. Yun and Fei nerf for sure.

  • bojack13

    I wonder what they’re going to do to make Cammy and El Fuerte even worse.

  • MuayGio

    It pisses me off how fashionable it seems to have become to complain that Capcom is making changes and updating the game to try to make it better. It’s not a matter of “figuring out” the twins. They’ve been figured out by abler players than you, and they are objectively unbalanced. Who wouldn’t welcome the game moving towards being more balanced, fun and interesting, as opposed to just being “You don’t main Yun/Fei? What are your strategies vs. Yun/Fei?”

    Yun should lose most of his juggling potential, notably:
    -No lunge punch or Ultra after EX lunge punch.
    -No juggles after Ultra
    -Nerf the damage of his upkicks, thereby nerfing the damage of almost all his BnBs.
    -Nerf meter gain on palm until it’s practically insignificant. No one wants to see palm spamming at fullscreen. It looks ridiculous and no one’s having fun.

    I’m fine with Yun having godlike pokes and strings, and a great divekick, and an awesome rushdown. The problem is he deals too much damage, and builds too much meter. The above changes would maintain the character’s identity and make him balanced.

    Fei needs balancing too, as everyone saw from EVO. One simple change would do it: slightly nerf Rekka’s damage (something like 10 each hit), and only the first hit is safe (except for EX, which can stay safe throughout.) A damage nerf on the blaze kick would also be welcome, but unnecessary.

  • El_Maiz

    Make Dan’s Gadouken have homing properties.
    Make Koryuken unblockable and lead into an air combo.
    Make Dan Kicks go fullscreen and cross up.

    • the mossad man

      Or remove Dan altogether and put in Second Impact Sean

  • Roid Rage Panda

    Juri: Needs buffs

    – Wider hitbox on her U2 (Hits on both sides. She does a 360 spin so why shouldn’t it hit on both sides)

    – Faster divekicks

    – Ex Pinwheel should be un-throwable

    – Lk divekick safe on block

  • DarkKai

    It’s so sad that the scrubby crybabies have actually gotten what they wanted. Instead of manning up and learning to fight against the top tiers like it Poongko and Latif did last night, they just cry and whine. It’s a really sad direction the community is going in these days.

    • zherow

      Usually I am against the “whining” bit, seeing as everyone throws the term around when people have an actual gripe about something, but I fully agree with you.

      Ono did not pull any punches or troll anyone when he said that the game is completely unbalanced and for that reason, he had no intentions of it being released in America, but no, people complained and fussed that Ono and Capcom are horrible and do not care about their fans. They buckled and then what?

      Every one and their mother BITCHED about the unbalance!

      What the fuck is that?! Seriously, no one at Capcom should do anything about balancing this game and just tell the people who bought it, “You knew EXACTLY what you were in for before you got the game. Don’t like it? Tough tit. You read about the changes to the characters, did not like it, AND STILL bought the game? Tougher tit.”

      Hope you guys bought the disc and not the DLC.

    • Soul of Ignorance

      Some of these requests are ridiculous:

      To people saying buff Makoto: that’s ridiculous. Her only “problem” is that she can’t wake up reliably. Neither can half the cast. Block. Not a hard concept.

      Nerf Fei: You don’t even know what you’re asking for. Is no one talking about his c.MP/c.MK pokes? His EX command throw range? Those need to be nerfed slightly. His Rekkas don’t make him dangerous.

      • the mossad man

        re: Makoto -Her only problem is reallly wake up? Really? How about the following:

        -Karakusa is vulnerable to throws (WTF??)
        -Forward Jump Tsurugi has a shit hit box
        -Vary short invincibility on EX Oroshi
        -3 frame normal that doesn’t combo into anything–EVEN ON COUNTER HIT
        -Sprit is fucked up. Can’t crouch under certain moves that hit high that larger characters can crouch under (e.g. Akuma s. HK)
        -Incorrect distance to enemy after a dash (Try dashing into a character, then after she stops, just hold forward. She will actually move closer, meaning she really didn’t dash all the way in)
        -NO WAY to deal with Dive kicks ever in life at all.
        -oh yeah, that wake up thing you mentioned. That’s a problem too.

        This stuff shouldn’t be fixed. I just hope they leave her alone. Characters need to have problems–challenges if you will–to overcome. But “waking up reliably” isn’t the only problem she has. But IF they have to change anything, it should be something on this list.

        Makoto is perfect as she is.

  • TrollinsHawk

    Why don’t they just get the top players (Fuudo, Daigo, Latif, Poongko, etc.) To take care of balance? Also agreeing with DarkKai.

    • arstal

      Because top players may have agendas to overpower certain characters. Hell, look at all the accusations leveled at Sirlin for HDR.

  • Amoni

    @MuayGio: Yun Juggle after his ultra is fine. A close ultra with 390 damage deserve to be juggled after. And juggling after You Hou is Yun trade mark ultra from 3s along with Genei Jin.

    His Up kick is a 120/130/140 damage DP. It is normal for a DP

    Palm meter gaining is ridiculous. Agree with the nerf. Halves the meter at least.

    What should be nerf is the armor break on Lunge punch should be on shoulder, as it is a lot slower.

    Fei is completely fine the way he is. He is not an easy mode character for srubs. it take high skills to ultilize Fei Normal and poking game to win. His DP his almost useless, it is one of the worse in the game.

    @llSilk-Cutll: So people can play turtle Guile and Turtle Honda + all the boring charge character. hell no.

    • llSilk-Cutll

      Turtle Guile & Honda are easy to beat with most characters (remember that the charge characters don’t like to be jumped into, so keep crossing them up, fake cross so they don’t know which why to block). I’m not sure if they are hard to beat turtling with charged characters though.

      Agree with you bout Fei, you need a lot of skill to use him properly (same with Guile, not cheap scrub Guile though).

    • strizzmatik

      Fine the way he is? A built-in frame trap on Rekka with + on block is fine? 500+ meterless combos is fine? GTFO kid.

      Charge characters should be just as viable as motion characters, no butts about it. Defense IS a play style too guy.

      • Wasted

        But, Fei’s rekka does not have advantage on block. At best, EX Rekka’s first hit is even. Every other version is unsafe (but may not be punishable due to distance or being -1 or -2).

  • Ultrabison

    Leave the twins (AKA yun) as they are then all these people on eher that bitch about people bitching about yun wont have anything to bitch about even tho they probebly cant beat them too but seein as how this is the internet they are basically the undiscovered daigo’s etc and can beat anything they come across even though we all know that they are more then likely crap at the game.

    And before anyone says yes i am crap at the game but atleast im man enough to admit it and not hide my crapyness behind my pc monitor.

  • .dub.

    I don’t really see that we do need a patch (yet).

    As a casual player, I haven’t really had many problems against Yun or Fei online.
    Yeah there are some real good ones, but just like there’s a bunch of other good players playing different characters. TBH I don’t run in to that many Yun and Fei Longs and when I do I don’t fear them or anything. Just another character.

    Looking at Evo AE top 8… only 2 Yuns and one Fei – yet arguably 3 Vipers and no-one seems to say anything about her.

    I’ve only had the game for a month or so… pro players aside, I doubt many people have been able to tinker with and figure out all the mechanics down to the last details yet. The characters I use have received a bunch of buffs and nerfs, but I’m OK with that and was having fun learning the new game.

  • THK

    Twins are fine. Viper is fine, if anything you could drop her damage, but I don’t know on what. I feel Ryu should get this cr forward back. Fei Long’s rekkas are a bit TOO safe. Other than that I don’t see anything that needs changing.

    Perhaps Bison’s U2 back to it’s original command.

  • Fllexo

    I normally don’t put any stock whatsoever into front-page posting, but in the interest of bringing back at least SOME former glory to my boy: GIVE SONIC HURRICANE IT’S DAMAGE BACK!!!! Also, I say give him back 20-30% of his Sonic Boom meter building ability. Guile is too defensively gifted to be doing as much damage as he did in SUPER. However, they fixed that problem. Sonic Hurricane was never a problem at all; it did not need to be nerfed. It went from a [measly] 450 damage to an utterly useless 300 damage. C’mon, Capcom…I expect better from you. -_-

  • n_nlemon

    make it so every time i press HP I win the match (whiff, block or hit)

  • Prokiller88

    @.dub. Viper takes so much execution to use, and has no good reversal. Hp thunder knuckle is there, but not that great.

    For the game to be balanced, don’t nerf the twins or fei. Revert the nerfs from super to AE and keep the buffs.
    After that change ryu’s dp back to 1 hit. Buff juri, hakan, gouken, and gen.
    Also make Oni’s srk fadc on 1st and second hit on hit or block, reduce recovery on his air dash moves and give an ex air dash where you can cancel into normals and ultra 1!(okay that last part is not really needed but if they add it that would be awesome)

  • Prokiller88

    Oh and tbh if capcom wants charge characters to be more rushdown, GIVE THEM CHARGE PARTIONING!

  • xYourMasterx

    So, if they’re already making another version of ssf4, then why the fuck should I even play this one? Sure for the everyday loser who post on this site but never ACTUALLY learns ssf4 this is great, but for someone who wants to attend majors. Why should waste my time learning this game when everything I learn is going to be different in a few months.

    It takes mid level players longer to understand a game, so this is just going to keep top player at the top and the lower players at the bottom. The players who just grind it out as soon as the game drops. I personally think AE is fine. Most of the people who complain about AE don’t even have a basic grasp of the game.

  • mosritemecha


    Ono! I will add my voice to those who want mostly buffs for weak characters and not a lot of nerfs. I will say: yes, nerf Yun and Fei, just a LITTLE, because they are characters who have zero weaknesses right now. But nothing extreme, keep their basic gameplans, just make them work a little harder! Keep them strong, just give them something that can be exploited!

    and BUFF WEAK CHARACTERS! Poor Gouken needs it bad, E.Ryu doesn’t deserve his pathetic health.

    Don’t do anything silly like nerf Seth because of Poongko, or decide you went too far with Makoto because she’s actually dangerous now. Just look at guys like T. Hawk who need help, and figure out something to give them a little more edge. 😀

    And also: thanks to Ono and Capcom for how much they listen to the competitive fan base. I know a lot of people complain endlessly when they don’t get exactly what they personally wanted but most of us know it’s impossible to please everybody.

    • Surenio

      Problem is they aren’t listening to their competitive fanbase.

      • mosritemecha

        You mean they aren’t listening to just you and your buddies. Believe it or not their competitive fanbase is made up of a huge variety of individuals who have different feelings and preferences just like the casual base. Capcom actually does listen – that’s why Ono does things like asking people to tell him what they think on twitter. The problem is you cannot please everyone, so no matter what you do, the complaints will always be much louder than the people who are satisfied.

  • sphinx


  • CKZaibatsu

    Ah the magic word FREE! Never thought I’d hear that about a Street Fighter 4 patch.

  • Tebbo

    Oi Vey.

    So glad 3S has been a stable game for like 11+ years.

    • arstal

      3S needs patching/rebalancing more then even AE does. This is why 3S is going to not draw in enough new players to make competitive play viable outside of majors as a side game along with Karnov’s revenge and Arcana Heart (the only good game of the 3)

  • Dragonfall

    OK, they need to stop changing the game every year. I can barely keep up with this shit.

  • Karma3500

    pleeeeeaase, please, please, please decrease cammy’s height restriction for her canon strike. I’m not asking for tkcs back but just so I canon strike immediatly after i input a jump. That f***in height restriction fucks me over so much sometimes its incredible. But everyone else can stay the same, even the twins

  • ChampionshipEdition

    People bitching about “instant gratification” don’t know what they’re talking about.

    This isn’t 1999. Games where a 3rd of the cast are actually usable aren’t acceptable anymore. This tough guy attitude of “PLAY DA GAME EVEN IF IT ONLY HAS 2 GOOD CHARACTERS!” is dumb.

    There are more players, experts, and knowledge today than there has ever been. Simply put, games get figured out faster. A lot of people who don’t grasp this are blaming it on the games being simpler than their hazy distant memories of 1995 and being shocked when a guy showed up at a tournament and use a combo they had never seen.

    Because we have more talent and more players working at it we know today how balance shakes out a lot faster. It’s not absolute. Some things will always take a long time to figure out because they’re subtle.

    But it would be foolish to not take advantage of the modern situation and make regular balance updates to keep more people playing on average with as much variety in the cast as possible.

    If people can’t keep up with *yearly* updates to balance in games, I can’t imagine how they could ever play any other genre of competitive game. Only fighting games are stuck in the mentality of the mid 90’s.

  • Alucard_ShunGokuSatsu

    I think it would be awesome if instead of getting just another balancing patch and maybe some new chars in the next edition of IV (that is no longer just a joke topic) that they make it worth our while to come back and buy another version of the same game. if there gonna give us new balancing give us an Ultra3 and a Super2 so that they keep it fresh think of all the new potential that would give us not to mention a little more in depth personal playstyle customization also maybe some new stages or interactive stages, maybe even bring back Custom Color mode for chars i just think they could do alot more with this game to make it worth us coming back to buy it again. maybe capcom should just open an official what would you like to see forum and tally up the most asked for bells and whistles and put em in (obviously within reason tho, we dont need super buffed/nerfed shotos Ect.) if they did that i really think it would strengthen the already Juggernaut Force that is our FGC and make a product that we had a big say in cuz lets face it guys we’re the ones that should be callin the shots.

  • xxteefxx

    fuckin balance this fuckin game. YUN tone down, Fei tone down and Mak tone down..seriously the game is fucked when it’s all bout Yun, fei and viper

    • the mossad man

      really? Mak tone down? After what they did to her in super, and she STILL just B+ tier with NO appearances in top 8???

      You trollin

      • arstal

        If anything, Makoto should be the baseline character to where all other chars get balance to in overall power level. She’s good but not too good.

  • kisaku1218

    turn some bison xx into higher priority, is very punishable already if is empty jump, but we lose to any AA move in very last sec, even we know they gonna jump, bison still lose, and maybe BUFF his U1 damage to 500 or 530?
    or buff his throw damage, because if he still an defense character then he should get some trade/hit box tweak, but never give him anything so he should play feint/force, but again, there is no tool for him to play feint or just too simple in some case and he have no way to get in or punish anything that seems obvious.

    tell me how to play the character that, overall powerful, but never made in any tournament? that just give you an Jet engine on a wagon, pointless.

  • wselak

    149 comments and no one said anything about buffing guy.. just let this game die. you can try to do complex combos while have the cast mashes dp. if you play like a brainless person you should be punished not rewarded.

  • Schiff

    Call me doubtful but…. Ono says that Capcom will allow him to make a patch (which we know is expensive), not only for consoles but also for arcade cabinets. And then it will be free? No way. I’m 100% sure it will work like AE…. coming in a free (without new things) version and an expensive one…. who wanna bet?

  • And One

    Hahaha! Rebalance a game that was a rebalance?! Good stuff Capcom! Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade edition Rebalanced edition! Haha! I can’t wait for Rebalanced edition x2 Grand Masters challenge!

  • DanDan

    Make Dee Jay more like ST Dee Jay. I fucking hate St. MP hook punch! D:

  • Kony

    No nerfs. Just buffs..

    Make Akuma like ST Akuma. =)

  • GamesPlayer

    Cry harder people…buff me buff me buff me !

  • GuyWithNoHat

    SSF4:BE? Bullshit Edition ?

  • MuayGio

    @ Soul of Ignorance: His EX command throw is very rarely used in competitive play. Are you comparing that to rekkas? “His rekkas don’t make him dangerous”. Are you high? Maybe you should watch evo again. Having a built in frame trap that builds meter, causes chip, is totally safe, works your opponent into the corner, and can be combo’d into from almost anything else Fei does IS unbalanced, and simply too much. Look at how much rekka gets used in Fei matches. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be used, since it’s clearly Fei’s trademark, but it’s too much right now.

    @Amoni: The problem with You Hou is that it’s not just a close ultra. It’s ridiculously easy to get the full animation from a juggle, or as part of Genei Jin. If you nerf his juggle numbers and his meter gain such that this isn’t viable anymore, then I agree the juggle after U1 full animation can stay.

    120/130/140 is standard for standard DPs; Yun’s DPs come at the end of combos which are far more damaging, hit-confirmable, or long range than most. It should be taken into account with Yun’s design that he’s going to be hitting you a lot MORE than most other characters. That’s the point of quick rushdown characters with jump trajectory moves. Because of this, his moves should deal relatively LESS damage, to balance this fact. Consider how hard it is for Ryu or Sagat to land their DPs, compared to how often you see Yun land them. I’m not asking for big nerfs, just 10 off the top for each version. Also the crazy juggle properties of the lk upkicks needs to go. Just unnecessary.

  • otakugamer223

    It seems everyone cries about yun/fei, but when it comes to balances you just want to nerf them and buff your own mains. Give Cammy instant dive kicks, give honda more damage, etc. Would really be that hard to just, fucking deal with it and learn the matchups? Otherwise, play the supposed OP characters and make top 8 next year.

  • lifefire940

    I agree just buff everyone back to their original form/best forms and leave it at that…this game needs buffs…not nerfs

  • orz

    ryu: needs link from close s.LK into LP. metsu tatsumaki ultra 3 would be nice too
    ken: bring back kens hp.srk fadc mp.srk juggle link into ultra 1 and make mp.srk fadc link into LP
    oni: fadc srk on block would be nice
    sakura: revise alternate 3 costume 10.

  • Schweedy

    Give some of the cast buffs, return the rest of the cast to their super selves. leave yang as is, and for yun, just make lp shoulder a frame or two more punishable.

  • obey

    Just put Guile to what he was in SSF4.

    • JD Hackett

      unnecessary, Guile only needs his SBF and FK damage back. Capcom can keep the meter building, that was the only thing putting Guile as high as he was in SSF4.

  • igotapwner

    give the twins an EX Divekick with armor

  • Kahmos

    Gens wall dive on startup needs invincibility frames, and needs to be much faster, and hit overhead at the right angles, and needs to be a frame trap tool in the corner. Gene roll needs to be comboable with more hitstun frames for combo ability. Gens cr.jab and st.jab need +1 frame on hit and maybe in block for his tc2, its too hard to initiate his new bnb off of jab when characters have no 1 frame links off of jab. Also gens crane normals are still unusable.

    All low tier characters with no representation needs buffs for more fun playability, I mean AE buffs are still new, and everyone loves twins, so don’t Nerf them, but buff low or unused characters in ways that even he playfield vs twins and high tiers, making them more than functional, but fun.

  • xIROCx

    Guy Buffs I would like to get;

    1. Faster Walk Speed
    2. Faster Start-up for Ultra 1 and it should do at least 60 Chip Damage!
    3. Neutral Jump Hk should have better Juggle ability
    4. Ninja Sickle should have Faster Start-up for Frame Traps
    5. Elbow Drop should be an Over Head or give it more Stun!
    6. Faster/ Better Run Stop
    7. Neck Flip should Easily Link on any Croucher

  • RoboGem II

    Hope they make updates in 3s as well! Sean for top tier!

  • Kenshiraux

    I have a bad feeling that Capcom will seriously fuck things up with this new balance patch.

  • J.S.P

    Make everyone has 1300 Health 1100 Stun, and everyone gets a fireball!!

  • Ripshawd

    Give Vegas Scarlett Terror reversal properties.Vega cornered really is a Vega dead because against pressure all he has is a backflp that can be punished easily. His ex sky high and even ultral can be jabbed and will end the move.Gosh why lol.

    Yuns priority may need to be changed some so that at least characters other then top tier will stand a chance. Lower tier character good moves have like 5 fr start up while most of yuns leaves him at 1-4 fr advantage.

    Give Yang a little more power behind his swipes.

    LOL give Akuma his godfist move .

    Give Fei Long a few less fr of recovery on Ultra 1.

    Give Honda back his hitbox on his jumping strong.

    T. Hawks condor spire should have better recovery, after all of his other moves on blk already can be punished.

  • Cammysutra

    Give Cammy her two hit spiral arrow back please that nerf was stupid


    I really dont care if anything changes at all i dont see the big fuss about the twins or Fei i use Evil Ryu and as crappy people say he is i dont give a shit i just play. I hate how a lot of gamers these days act like they got to win all the damn time and cry to capcom sorry losers but capcom cant fix your shitty skills lol play for fun whether you lose or win. Just pick a character and play if you dont like how the game is then dont play its just that simple.

    • King Sky

      Yeah, a lot of people don’t really have legitimate reasons for complaining to Capcom, their just mad because they are losing, and don’t know what the word practice means.

  • Hypn0t0ad

    I know how to fix all this in one fell swoop. It should have been done with AE from the get go. Do it Hyper SF4 style! Sure tweak some stuff if you must, like Un-rape Guile and maybe Buff Oni a little bit, But for Christs Sake, let us use the character version we want. People cant rightfully bitch if they got the buffet sitting in front of them with all the cake!

    Shouldnt be a problem at all given the overall solid balance of the series as a whole.

  • King Sky

    Gouken needs more normals that can cancel into special moves, but he has needed that since vanilla so I doubt that will change, but you can’t blame me for asking; I don’t think Yun needs much changed outside of his high damage, and the ability to dive kick pressure so easily, because he isn’t really all that scary outside of those things, as most of the complaints about Yun stem from those two things.

    I am not as technically aware about this game as some people posting are, but I just hope Capcom get’s it right this time, as this process is getting old -_-

  • And One

    Rumor has it that the next version of SF4 will nerf all the characters into babies. They won’t have much helth and they do hardly any damage since they’ll all be wearing diapers and cry when they lose. Oh yeah! I almost forgot, they’ll also be adding a couple of new characters with this update that will eventually need to be balanced. Then Capcom will need to……….

    • MrSoada

      That is not true. They will pick 1 random character and buff his bruce-lee inspired normals to godlike status.

  • xJayx

    give ken a command grab and dive kick!

  • LeeRockU

    As a Yang player I don’t see any reason to nerf him. He’s not as much of a problem as his brain dead brother. I wish ppl would stop lumping them together as though Yang shares OPness with his bro.

  • woza1980

    kens roll ryu fake fireball ken shinryuken with button drill ryu super hurricain


    Hopefully it’ll patch this game out of existence. Let’s play SFV already.

  • MuayGio

    I genuinely don’t understand why some people seem to be trolling on these comments calling for Fei and Yang buffs (@Ripshawd) and telling us to “just fucking deal with it and learn the matchups” (@Otakugamer).

    Are you functionally retarded? Do you not see the problem with having a few grossly overpowered characters in a game? If developers now have the technology to listen to what the players want, and ACT on it by releasing a patch, why shouldn’t they? Just to satisfy your aesthetic preference that gamers shouldn’t have the games they want, only the games they’re given? Or maybe it’s just that you’ve taken up Yun and have been having more success than ever before… 😛

    They ain’t releasing these games on cartridge anymore, folks. If they’ve got the ability to create a dialogue with the gaming community and come out with something that we’ll have more fun with, there’s no reason not to.

    • Wasted

      Yes there is. Fans don’t know what they want, and would probably end up breaking the game even further. Fans aren’t designers, we can’t see how changes would impact the whole roster – all we do is look at these kinds of things on a character-by-character basis. Simply put, the majority of the fanbase isn’t good enough at the game to actually know what needs changing (myself included).

  • Hitzel

    Give Cammy her Cannon Strikes back =(

    (or make Spin Knuckle, Hooligan and/or blocked Spiral Arrow more than useless)

  • Sakurai

    Bring my Cammy back 🙁

  • jega.ix

    I’d love to have the option of choosing between Super and Arcade Edition iteration of my main. That’s it.

  • outputrotation

    Buff Gen and Gouken. Nerf Fei and Yun

  • 88Xin88

    Much love to all the guys with vaginas crying over a balance every single version.

  • Zabuza0fTheMist

    simple nerf Yun, eg take away frame advantage on lunge punch because its too much of a free get in and same goes for his shoulder, the super is ridiculas, cum on its stupid, so hit confirmable and the damage is outragous, and he has too many ways into ultra such as ex lunge. Yang is not to bad just wake up glitch. And please please give guile back his meter build on sonic booms, in what world do u go guile builds to much meter but oh lets let the twins get it free, so dumb. Make guile back in to a average character cause who ever told u he was top tier in SSF4 lied.

  • Zabuza0fTheMist

    oh yeah an nerf fei longs rekka’s

  • Zabuza0fTheMist

    oh yeah an nerf fei longs rekka

  • bigdaddy4

    Capcom is taking their time to plan which character will make everyone bitch and moan.

  • Kuma version1.0

    For us low tier Gen players I believe I speak for all of us please give Gen back hes small jump speed in mantis hes terrible trying to get in.

  • hoshi_masters

    I’m not sure what Capcom can do with just a free balance patch, but the idea to buff everyone or bring most people back to their Super status seems nice. More than anything I’d like a balance that doesn’t require any more patches or changes. 4th time’s a charm?

  • splurgendii

    please Buff T. Hawk… Change his Ultra Two input to quarter circles…. half circles is too difficult to execute in once quick swoop….

    please change t hawk’s condor spire input… t hawk’s condor dive, dp, and condor spire are all executed with punches… because of this overlap and the lineant inputs… it’s very common to put in the input for one special and accidentlally get another…

    change condor spire’s input to a normal dragon punch motion with a kick… thank you..

    Change Vega’s Ultra II to have 8 frames start up… give it a little more proj invincibility. Give vega some invincibility frames on his EX Scarlet terror… make his scarlet terror FADC able….

    I’d like abel’s ultra II to be restored to 8 frames. in exchange i think it would be fine for it to receive another damage nerf to 400 MAX.

    Nerf Chun li… Reduce her walking speed. reduce her grab range, reduce her damage… reduce her back dash distance and speed, reduce her forward dash… make it so her level one focus dash forward isn’t frame ADVANTAGE… make hesanchu -2 on block… bring her stun down to 900, she doesn’t deserve to have 1050, nerf the hitbox on her sweep, increase her super start up a couple frames

    give more recovery to akuma’s demon flip throw on whiff…. give more recovery to akuma’s demon flip palm on block and on whiff

    Yun… don’t need to go over that.

  • Half Breed

    Damn, Ono’s trollin again? Might as well go back to 3S and KOF


    My post from the “Want Arcade Edition to be Rebalanced? Tell Ono and Capcom” article on July 27th:

    “When companies do this they’re just doing it for PR reasons, they don’t actually listen to the fans. They’re going to rebalance the game whether you participate or not.

    It’s just like when Namco did that fruity little “DO YEW WNUT A NEW SAWL CALIBUR GAYME???” poll and it got like 200 piss-poor votes. And you know what happened? They made the game anyway, because that was their intention from the start (unless you actually think a major gaming company is dumb enough to produce an entire new game for only 200 people).

    5 years ago I never would’ve thought that the gaming business would become an even BIGGER industry of bullshit. When are gaming companies going to learn that desire polls/petitions are not hype at all unless it’s for Shenmue III?”

    Screw Capcom and their gimmicky Namco-style PR bullshit.

  • rocketman675

    my top 3 have to be
    fix the netcode
    fix the netcode
    fix the netcode more specifically for ppl outside of japan
    my other 2 would have to be
    buff seths health by 100 or 50
    and obviously reduce yuns power and maybe speed

  • Jberry05

    So I take it that many people are overlooking the fact that Fei is relatively unchanged from vanilla, save s.lp being +6 on hit, ex rekkas being safe up to the 2nd hit, and EX chicken wing losing some invincibility..everyone wants nerfs on his special moves when his normals are the cornerstone of his game? No one wants nerfs on his incredible corner crossover/mixup game? Get real, your characters got nerfed and now you want fei nerfed and your characters buffed

    I mean for christ sakes > c.lp > rekka is a 1 frame link…

  • Coltina

    Heres what I would like to see,

    Fix online, It seems like people with good internet can’t be connected to, but people with Bad internet connection can be connected with ease.( whats with that)

    Turbo? >:)

    Increase walk speed for Makoto

    Makotos EX Hyate absorb 1 projectile

    (Makotos Ex hyate, a fast great way to land combos. 1 annoying thing. It can be broken easy, a lp,lk, projectile break it. Feels a little unfinished, Balrogs Rush punches/kicks get absorb, why Can Makotos get that luxury?)

    Add a ground Target Combo to chun li. (seems Fair)

    Add a bit more speed to normal Kikoken (seems fair)

    Add damage to Chun li’s Hyakuretsukyaku (would be nice to see)

    Increase walk speed for Juri

    Overall I dont know why they keep patching, The game is fine, Leave it alone for a while.

  • MicroNukeX

    Ryu’s : Solar Plexus Strike + C.HP/ etc, must be easy to link cus the timing varies both on xbox360 and Ps3 (very slow). And when you move from xbox360 to PS3, every thing F**ks up. The same thing happened to me and most of the top players at EVO 2011 ….. missed links on PS3. Damm

    Evo 2012 must look for XBOX360 as default console. I think every one will agree with me.

  • Coltina

    Fuck that, its the same, Ive played them both and no difference. Thats dumb