Win a Custom Skullgirls Arcade Stick in Evo’s Skullgirls Side Tournament

By on July 26, 2011 at 5:28 pm

Reverge Labs has a huge presence at Evo this year, including the latest build of the game in action and a panel in which Mike Z and the team will tell you all about the exciting new fighter. On top of that, you’ll have a chance to win one of the amazing custom arcade sticks used to demo the game by entering the Skullgirls beta side tournament!

The Skullgirls side-tournament is tentatively scheduled for 5:00 PM on Saturday. Sign up at the Skullgirls table by Saturday at 3:00 PM and be on time – no-shows will be immediately disqualified. Competing in an unreleased game will be fun enough, but we’re raising the stakes with prizes! Second and third place will be sent a Skullgirls T-shirt after the show, and the grand prize winner will receive [a] one-of-a-kind custom Skullgirls arcade stick by Arcade-in-a-Box!

  • Gill Hustle


  • Little_Goten

    AWESOME! πŸ˜€

  • DaRabidDuckie

    I keep saying this, but this is yet ANOTHER reason why I’m hating the fact that I had to miss out on EVO. Stupid summer French class…

    • imdahman

      Should’ve studied harder boy!

      LOLZ, jk πŸ˜‰

    • cheng_long

      if you need help in french….

  • Nuts

    Now THAT’s what I call an awesome collectible.

  • Sensei Rouzu

    Wish it had 8 buttons, but it’s still nice.

    • Toodles

      You go to hell. You go to hell and you DIE, and take whatever crappy game that has 8 buttons with you.

      8 button is dick.
      6 button is cooler.

      • TooItchy

        8 buttons allows you to navigate menus.

        • mr.mortified


          8 buttons is dick
          6 buttons is always cooler
          7 button is cool too as long as that 7th button is the start button

          • pootnannies

            take it easy…

          • Svenuser

            I <3 Tech Talk

        • fokkusuhaundo

          6 buttons on the face with the L buttons on the side solves that problem.

    • kubebot
    • MrSoada

      Never understood the 6-button elitism. Oh wait, it’s the same as every other kind. Boring.

      • ed1371

        its not elitism.. its a stated fact from a certain member in Tech Talk…

        8 button is dick
        6 button is cooler.

  • SmoZzLeR

    I’ll join!

  • mr. tibbs

    Wow. Sucks that I’m not at EVO and I’m terrible at fighting games. Otherwise, that stick would be mine!

  • Streye

    I guess I’ll be signing up, hopefully my pool finishes within the 2 hour period.

  • Honzogonzo

    garbage dayyyyyyyy

  • Dj Antman

    thats some nice cover art

  • scir91onYouTube

    nice design! but it’s a gumball stick πŸ™

  • Soniti

    It was just clarified that the stick is for both 360 and PS3 in the Skullgirls thread.

  • Master Chibi



    • jinsaotomex3

      You need to sneak your way into some luggage and make your way to Evo that way.


    I don’t see how this stick is anything that a fan of Skullgirls would want. Both the stick and the buttons are way too far apart from eachother. What they should’ve done is put them both on the same side right next to eachother or even position the stick just above the buttons, this way you’re able to comfortably play with only one hand which is the whole point.

  • Tim Static

    AIAB better than the rest…

  • Zero Shift

    That’s hot.
    If I won that, I wouldn’t even use it. It’d be put on display somewhere in my room πŸ™‚

  • Bob Poundmax

    I hope they release that bad boy to the general public.


    I just wanna say, if Mike Z doesn’t win, he’s gonna end up looking bad, since most people haven’t even played this game yet. My experience with it was definately fun… and new!

    • Mike_Z

      …I’m not entering, of course…

  • Ed_Farias

    I am hopeful that Reverge will allow me some rights to use Skull Girls artwork on sticks in the future, once the game is released. In the mean time, make sure to check out the Skull girls booth and play the game. Those of you familiar with AIAB sticks, these are the new slim arcade models, and this is the curved-wide layout with all Sanwa parts. Good luck at EVO everyone, maybe I will make it there someday :).

  • Phreakazoid187


  • TheZombieDeviant

    Yo, I’ll take this for free as long as keits doesnt enter. =)