Watch the 2011 EVO World Finals Live in PlayStation Home

By on July 25, 2011 at 1:13 pm

We are thrilled to announce that this year you’ll be able to watch all the action at Evo 2011 not only on your PC, but on your Playstation as well! Playstation Home will broadcast the entire Evo primary stream, from July 29 – July 31.  What’s more, Sony is offering unique virtual items for Playstation Home users who tune into the stream.

Visitors on Friday will receive a limited edition EVO t-shirt for their PlayStation Home avatar; on Saturday players will be rewarded with a special fighting stick companion item; and on Sun all viewers will receive a replica of the EVO trophy for their PlayStation Home personal spaces.

The Playstation Blog has the full rundown, so check it out!


  • de BLOO

    wow, this is great.

  • DaRabidDuckie

    Oh wow, there’s finally something interesting to do in Playstation Home! I might just download that again and check it out.

    *sees how long the download will take, then remembers the updates*

    … or not.

    • Narcowski

      The download is tiny (44mb).

      Doesn’t change the fact that Home is awful though.

      • Narcowski

        I’d like to add that while I do dislike Home, I also think this is a very good move on Evo’s part, and in fact I may end up using it myself so I can more easily keep both streams up at all times. That, and I suspect the quality of the Home stream will be relatively high since it’s skipping the flash encoding step.

  • Negative-Zer0

    Holy crap evo is bigger than ever

  • nothingxs


  • Rsonist

    They said E3 was gunna be broadcasted live on PS Home, but all we got was a bunch of ads and the stream never showed. my hopes arent up

  • eperelez

    EVO trophies for everyone! 😀

  • Tactics

    Wow FG community is in for another wave of new comers!

  • Cryoh

    This is great news for the two dozen people that still use Playstation Home.

  • EAA575

    EVO just got better.

    • Geese Pants

      PS home just got better…………..good stuff Sony.

  • jumpman3

    If this means I can watch Evo on my Big Screen with out having to hook up my PC then I’m in there!

    • CTG


  • Killer_Jigglypuff

    EVO is going hard this year. Getting the community more exposure is always a good thing.

  • ChibiMana

    I’d rather stream monster it up on my PC.

  • Sav1xx

    I will be watching on PC too not home but this is massive.

  • Stuart Hayden

    EVO: We can make Playstation Home relevant again.

    • Nobus3r1 ver. 2.0

      Replace ‘again’ with a question mark and I think we’d be on to something.

  • Ootori_Kyouya

    I saw this news and the first thing I did was setup PS Home. It finally has some meaning to use PS HOME.

  • teufelherz

    It looks like good news, however Home is pure crap and not even this will get me into it again. I’ll pass and watch it on PC.

  • simon_

    if its a high quality lagfree stream on pshome I’ll definitely watch it on my tv. I kinda doubt it though….

  • UCFinish

    This is awesome.

  • USMCOgre

    This is pretty fucking cool.

  • KiDIKoRuS

    Fuuuuck, I want an avatar of an evo shirt carrying a stick. COME ON XBOX D:

  • xStingy

    Should be high quality…

  • Streye

    This is actually pretty good for those folks that want to watch it on a bigger screen. Though it doesn’t beat being there <.< It's going to be fun either way.

  • MavFan619

    Before the wave of hate this should only be viewed as good for EVO’s expansion, and making Home useful.

  • the7k

    I was kinda hoping this would happen. This can only help expand the fighting game community – I’m glad to see Sony finally has our back after how they treated 2D fighters back in the PS1 and PS2 era. (Well, Sony of America, at least.)

  • envinoveritus

    Glad the community will get the exposure.

  • MechZZ

    I really hope it’s not barraged with ads.

  • SadisticIV

    Just like how they said they were going to stream the E3 Sony press conference live.. A bunch of people know how that turned out.. We sat in a room warching MK kratos and Uncharted 3 ads. The stream never came on… Sorry not going to fall for that BS again.. Ill just hook up my PC to my TV..

  • Deddjay

    Well played Sony. Well played.

  • Xisorz

    One question here, how good is supposed to be the quality ? Since I’ve never bothered to use HOME at all lol.

  • Freebyrd

    Cool concept, but Home sucks. Nice try Sony.

    • MavFan619

      But this is there attempt at making it suck less. Not saying it will work but it’s interesting to say the least.

  • deadfrog

    what is playstation home
    i have a playstation at home if that’s what this is about
    can i play in evo from my plastation
    hello please help

    • PC Jona


  • Karlito504

    Good looking out sony, looking forward to stream monstering it up on the big screen..I can only hope that it won’t be plagued by bad quality, a bunch of ads and the like.

  • Darklightjg1

    My PS3 has been broken since the beginning of the summer too…


  • kamakuras

    I got hype at first but then realised its USA only. Anyone from the uk had experience setting up a US psn account?

    • Missing Person

      I’m an American with a Japanese account, AFAIK, as long as you can make up a physical address, you’re fine.

  • kamakuras

    Thats good to know Missing Person, did you create a a new user account or new psn account? Never attempted it before!

  • Vandy

    Will we be able to maximize the stream to our TV or will we be forced to sit there with our PSN avatar in front of a virtual theater?

  • xSquatx

    Why no Xbox 360? T.T

    • Stuart Hayden

      cause xbox isn’t a sponsor. sony is.

  • Atheist way

    Dammit wish 360 could stream it… but guess I’ll be playing and watching 😀

  • IronMan42

    So are they just restreaming teamspooky? will they have their own commentary?

  • mr. tibbs

    Type your message here…

    • mr. tibbs

      Haha dammit ;(