Pick Your Winners. EVO 2011 SSF4:AE and MvC3 Fantasy Brackets!

By on July 25, 2011 at 2:13 pm

The signup deadline has passed.  The brackets are set.  This weekend thousands of players will lay it on the line for the title of Evo 2011 Champion.  We all have our favorite players and love handicapping the most anticipated matches, right?  Well this year we’ve prepared a little something to help you in your theory-crafting, Fantasy Brackets!

We’ve taken the two largest tournaments at Evo 2011 and simulated the bracket down to the top 32 players by seed (thanks to the 2011 Tournament Season, we were able to rank over 100 players for each bracket!).  Check out the pairings, make your picks, and write in your choices, all the way to your pick for the winner of each event.  When there are upsets (when, not if!) you needn’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  We will release updated fantasy brackets throughout the weekend as the pool results are decided.

Without further ado….the brackets!

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Fantasy Bracket
Marvel vs Capcom 3, Fantasy Bracket

  • D-Proto

    any word of number total participants in each tournament?

  • Logia

    Wolfkrone vs Mike Ross? I would KILL to see that match.

    • TerraZero

      I would, also…I’m just so sad to see it happen so early.

      Those are my 2 fav players. I don’t even know which one I’d want to win.

    • TerraZero

      But this is assuming the top 32 looks like this. So it’s whatever.

      Still, wish they didn’t have to fight.

  • Sav1xx

    I dont get it. A bunch of these guys wont make it so far, so how does this work? Need example

    • inkblot

      Those are the top 32 seeded players in each tournament. So unless there is an upset, all those players will make it that far.

      But of course there are always upsets. When there is an upset that influences these brackets, we will send out new ones with corrections. For example, in the SSF4:AE bracket if #17 SNAFOO doesn’t make it out of his pool, we will replace his name with the most likely player that will make it to the top 32 players.

      • gamerkim28

        doh inkblot, you beat me to it.

      • gamerkim28

        Doh! inkblot beat me to it

    • gamerkim28

      As stated in the post, these are based on rankings (probably via seeding points tournament season). As such, it’s not an actual indication of what the top 32 will look like.

      They’ll be constantly updated until the actual brackets are finalized (Saturday Night/Sunday Morning). Then you make you predictions/bets.

  • booda

    You guys read my mind on this one.

  • Andogar

    Why are there people already in the losers bracket? I don’t really understand how this set up works, someone want to explain it a little bit?

    • Immaculate

      Read before you post.

  • Strider Hyriu

    I think it’s either gonna be Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan or Dylan. I hear he spits hot fire

    • zerojay

      So he’s a Dhalsim player then?

      • Jhericurl


        • The Hebrew Hammer

          He’ll play Ghost Rider in Ultimate.

          • frustratedsquirrel

            Not Firebrand?

          • Darklightjg1

            Marvel is a team-based game… he’ll play Ghost Rider, Firebrand AND Phoenix

    • HuffmanD

      Man, how you gonna choke a legend? You think I don’t wanna choke people? YOU CAN’T JUST CHOKE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS, IT TAKES HARD WORK MAN.

  • Demon Jim

    It’s a fantasy bracket not a real bracket.

  • PurpleLemonadeGGPO

    I bet half of either top 32 isn’t going to look like that.

    • inkblot

      It always does. This is the best we can do before any matches are played though! As tournament results come in we will update the fantasy brackets. So when the real top 32 starts you will have the full results and will be able to follow along as you watch the matches on the stream.

      • PurpleLemonadeGGPO

        Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate this a lot.

      • dommafia

        i like how the blue spills over into my post and makes me look important 😛

        Good shit evo, I’m liking everything that is new this year. EVO ON PSN HOME = FUCKING WIN! HYPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

        • ifridflame

          Yeahh!!! It feels Good XD

          • Ken34

            lmao, yall are dumb.

          • Skone

            I want some blue

          • AmigoOne

            errr body getting in on the blueee

          • Grimbear13

            Can I get some Green? I prefer Green to blue.

      • Syxx573

        Isn’t this the first year they have done the seeding like this? Or has the way it was done this year just been a facade?

  • DanDan

    Yipes is not pictured in dateru marveru. Mistake my good sir.

    • PDP

      I can’t remember the exact stream, but Yipes was remarking a few weeks ago on commentary how he didn’t have any Marvel seeding points but had AE points which he didn’t really care about. So no Marvel seeding points means he won’t be on the bracket at this stage.

      • DanDan

        Awwww 🙁 Well I hope we all get to see him in action on stream 🙂

    • deisied

      “dateru”, huh

  • BigMovement

    Dylan Dylan Dylan…cause he spit hot fiya

  • Renegade

    I love, love, love this idea….

    but… with the pools as they are… is this setup even remotely possible?

    We probably need a better idea of how the 2nd round of pools are merged together after the intial pools.

    If we could have something like this up when the actual top 32 or 64 are known, this would be super fun.

    (with a prize to the winner!)

    • Ponder

      It is exactly possible, given the way the pools are setup. If these 32 people win all of their matches (losing only to each other in the round of 64), these are the exact spots people will occupy in the final 32 man bracket. This isn’t just an exercise in theory: that’s the actual bracket! So, for example, if Alex Valle and Daigo Umehara win all their SSF4AE matches, they will definitely face each other in the round of 32. Bet on it!

  • rinoH

    Interesting Xian makes it in MvC3 but not AE and some of the Japanese giants are gonna have to face each other once they get out of their pool.

  • Private Eyeball

    I’d rather not imagine that the AE brackets look like that. Part of the fun of watching fighting games is that so many big names WILL get sent to losers or even eliminated far before their time.

    As for Marvel, I imagine there will be some upsets too, but even moreso.

  • Mayho

    Eddie Mu!

  • Gimnbo

    I laughed at the Ricky Ortiz-Strider 801 fantasy runback.


    these are some dream matches lol

    i would love to see poongko the machine versus inthul the pad warrior

  • Raion

    Too bad this isn’t accurate

  • Orochi Ganon

    way to kill everyones hope of coming out of any pool by already telling people who they are going to lose to. I mean yeah there is consistency on who makes it on top but this makes it more concrete and disheartening on who will win and who will lose, in other words… “you will come and lose to this guy, neeext”

    couldnt they make this after top 32 was decided?

    • dommafia

      wow… no words can explain the FAIL in your post.

    • Nybb

      Lol, you just might have missed the whole point of this.

    • Scrixx

      Wow, learn to read you scrub.

  • P. Gorath

    Don’t forget EVO seed points are heavily biased against the one region with the most top MVC3 players – Socal

    • Sav1xx

      Lol @ this. You have more majors in your backyard than anyone but the points are “biased” against you getting seeded? Think about the millions that live far away from any qualifier then tell me u get discrimination because you cant beat the top guys in your area. Try to travel like the rest of us sometime loser.

      • Ootori_Kyouya

        Boy, you sure like to talk smack against someone who can easily body you. If that is the real P.Gorath, I suggest you shut your damn mouth because he is a respected pro gamer. He has Viewitful Joe and Shuma Gorath that can easily OCV you.

      • MrSoada

        There is no US when it comes to Marvel. It is only Socal, and parts of Socal’s hat, Norcal.

      • P. Gorath

        Umm, which is it? Are the majors in my backyard? Or do I have to travel? Do you know anything?

  • mister_mcfly

    dammit wanted to see filipino champ and daigo both go far. now they face each other in the beginning and only one can get through. should be dope.

    • mister_mcfly

      oh nvm its not even real *sigh*

  • Reinhart_x

    I hope Valle and Daigo get to fight each other, that would be an epic match. CALIPOWER!

    • CitizenCIA

      In Super, Ryu vs Ryu, it’d be an epic match. In AE, it’ll just be Yun raping. :/

  • RaHavic


  • kona

    Lucky D vs Yipes? YO ULL!

  • ChibiMana

    Hmmm this sounds like fun. So basically we wait until the actual final 32 is decided?

  • jellytooth

    I’m hoping Mago, RF, and Kindevu are spaced out more evenly throughout the pools. Right now Japan can only possibly take 2 spots in the top 8 which is unfortunate considering they have the manpower to take more (possibly). I want to see fair competition not people getting into top 8 just cause their brackets were easier.

    • Sledge

      That’s what evo points are for.

      • Eileithyia

        that’s where evo points fail. (most tournaments are on EC). Daigo and Dieminion have the same points, put Daigo on the otherside of the bracket please.
        Next year no stupid evo points please. just separate them by regions just like all the past evo.

    • futtock

      Even if the top 32 ended up looking like this and then continued going almost exactly according to the seeding, it would only take 2 upsets for there to be 3 Japanese players in top 8 (Momochi beating Valle and Dieminion). And anything could happen prior to this point in the competition anyway – the fantasy bracket is just a bit of informed speculation (as is all seeding in all competitions).

  • Tim Static

    Awesome MK9 brackets. -_-

    • Hogosha

      Were there Evo points/seeding for MK9? I don’t recall there being any.

      That said, just imagine a giant pile of names with Michaelangelo’s at the top holding a flag with a big effing green turtle shell and a yellow bandana and it’ll be accurate. PIZZA TIME BITCHES.

  • ShadowKnight28

    GREAT idea.

  • Number1ricky

    Awesome stuff inkblot!!

  • AmedoS310

    So marn is going to evo? He’s on the MVC3 bracket.

  • Ootori_Kyouya

    Too bad Viscant is not seeded. His win on MVC3 at LA Revelations was not a ‘Road to Evo’ Tournament.

    • MrSoada

      Means he will add to a pool that does have highly seeded players, resulting in a death pool.

  • rtdzign

    I’m curious about how the brackets are tracked. I know the brackets are made with software, but during the tournament Is it tracked digital where each bracket is entered into a webpage? or is it done with pen and paper? It would be cool to see how far one got into the bracket and see how everyone else did.

  • King Rizz

    I’m calling it now…
    Top 3 SF4AE- 1. Daigo, 2. Poongko, 3. Wolfkrone
    Top 3 MvC3- 1. Chris G, 2. J Wong, 3. Combofiend

    • Skone

      Way off.

      SF4: Daigo
      MVC3: Tokido

      • shadowcharlie

        but tokido sucks…………..

      • janoDX

        Way Way Off.

        SSF4AE: 1. Poongko – 2. EG Momochi – 3. MCZ Daigo – 4. PR Rog (or Wolfkrone)
        MvC3: 1.Viscant – 2. EG Justin Wong – 3. Clockw0rk – 4. MCZ Tokido

        • Skone

          Way way waaaaaaay off.

          Poongko? Hah! He’s good but he aint winning.

          Viscant? Doubt it. I’d actually take Wong over Viscant and Wong might not even win.

  • KJunk

    I scribbled down my predictions and it resulted in some epic grudge rematches between Justin and Tokido, and some Loser Bracket heroics from Filipino Champ.

    This should be fun.

    • thejohnsonrock

      dude i think floe’s gonna take it over combofiend, and i think combofiend’ll end up against Filipino Champ. pretty sure justin and floe got that new sh__. either way it’s gonna be epic. i can’t wait to see these matches

  • KJunk

    Though that kinda sucks that a bunch of Nor Cal players are next to each other in the loser’s bracket (X-Ray, Champ and Mine if he loses)

  • Obanye

    Hm, poongko vs pr Rog. Hm, that will be interesting.

  • Nagata Lock II

    Considering the location of the event and the time between the qualifiers and the semi finals, has any consideration been given to getting a sports book on the top 32?

  • Jubileus

    Predictions: Daigo wins SSF4AE and Justin Wong wins MvC3.

  • DJay_2411

    no Latif???

  • Obanye

    AE top 8 as of now(pre-final brackets)

    1. Daigo Umehara
    2. Hello Kitty Ricky
    3. Wolfkrone
    4. Poongko
    5. Momochi
    6. Mike Ross
    7. PR Balrog
    8. Air

    • King Rizz

      I might substitute Infiltration for Air, and Poongko is going top notch next to Daigo for sure. I might also put Wolf over Ricky; Ricky has a better record on Wolfkrone, but Wolfkrone is probably the most hungry player there…I got to give it to him on that match.

    • Skone

      When’s the last time Air won anything?

  • SnakeAes

    We should get an actual bracket running with a prize for whoever has the most accurate bracket! I think that would be awesome.

  • MTSL_Mantra

    I see it now. SRK Fantasy Evo League. I’d enjoy the shit out of that. I think TL does/used to do that for starcraft.

  • thejohnsonrock

    mannn this is hella fun! usually when i see something like this it’a about baseball or football and my eyes glaze over to the point that i don’t get it. but when i see those names next to eachother, it’s like i already know what’s gonna happen in MVC3. this is awesome. thanks inkblot!

  • Fivec

    Cool idea, but yeah, those seedings aren’t accurate.

  • Ronnicle

    Poongko wont be in the number 7 spot. I will be sure to knock him into losers during pool play. Sorry Inkblot.

  • Fivec

    The Marvel one could be correct, but that would mean Jago, Josh Wong, Masta CJ, Rex0r, Mike Infinite, Demon Hyo, and, perhaps most importantly, FamilyMan didn’t enter. Which would make me sad.

    • thejohnsonrock

      i talked to rex0r at stlbarwarz and i don’t think he’s going. i think jago hasn’t been too active so we may have to wait to see how he does in ultimate if he gets back into it. he’s got a sick game though and i wouldn’t mind seeing him against mago. they both exploit openings so well and are both good at feigning

      • Fivec

        Jago was very active in the EVO tournament scene.

        • thejohnsonrock

          yeah i hear u. i think sp00ky was saying on a stream that jago was considering retiring. i want him to play but unless you’re makin big sponsorship dollars or taking first consistently, life can get in the way. hope he goes and places high though…

  • G0F0RBR0KE

    Daigo is going to win 🙂

  • G0F0RBR0KE

    Daigo is going to win.

  • PC Jona

    mike the sawz bawz rawz ross

    cc all day

  • charlie88

    COMBOFIEND VS CHRIS G mvc3 finals heard it here first

  • Peckapowa

    jwong chris g imo for mvc3 finals, i bet combofiend knocks out tokido though, tokid is bound to get randomed imo with his style of play

  • Speed 08 rACEr

    No Clakey D?

    • Speed 08 rACEr

      After reading some more, I believe he’s just not seeded that high. Right?

      • Fivec

        ClakeyD has only one lousy seeding point in AE. He’s not seeded at all in Marvel.

  • thejohnsonrock

    okay: on marvel my calls for the first round winners are: combofiend, floe, mago, tokido, marn, chris g, noel brown, justin wong, evil rahsaan, toxy, nerdjosh, r. hunter (detrimantix is soo good so it was a tough call), kth, Filipino champ, mike ross and wentinel.

    from there on it gets tricky since i don’t know what new tech daigo may have. i just don’t think it’ll work against Filipino champ for 2/3 rounds no matter how many casuals he plays or what japanese players he’s practiced with. tokido and mago would be the most likely to debut the secret techs S. Killian was talking about on WUSRK and actually win. daigo may debut it but F.Champ’s game is too solid on point to allow any upsets unless daigo busts out arthur against d. phoenix. arthur’d scrape that galactic biya for free.

    i’m thinking also kerahime will do well, but floe’s a kind of wall so kera’d end up against nerdjosh and if it’s a tron battle, nerdjosh has the advantage of mind games he’s picked up from both coasts.

    i’m gonna go ahead and assume ryan hunter will make something happen because of his bodying experience. put him against two solid players like PR Rog or Noel Brown though, and it gets iffy because they may be too aggressive on punish and mixups for him to handle.

    in general i’d say that the japanese players will have great strats that’s be good for eliminating the top west coast players, but outside of tokido they’ll never get to them since american players that fall under the international radar like ryry and s.viper will body them. i can hear a whole lot of guile themes going off against japan’s best.

    if i go off of what’s listed in the brackets here then this is okay, but people like richard nguyen and j. viscante or Genghis may route the biggest players, so we’ll just have to wait until the end of round 1 or 2 to see what’s up.

  • Matt C.

    TFA Banana Ken! Lansing love for ya baby!

  • Prophestus

    I just put Mike Ross in the champion slot for everything.

    • TerraZero


  • Marketfresh03

    I heard Sako was heading to EVO, but can anyone confirm?

    • Logia

      He’s going.

  • deadfrog

    This is so dumb and so awesome.
    I am printing off a copy of each one right now.
    I am going to have way too much fun with this.
    I am going to enjoy playing with these so much it’s embarrassing.

  • Son_Dula

    so chris g n in bracket but noel is 🙁

    • Son_Dula


  • Dedemaru

    After EVO, will there not be any big tournaments for a while?

    • Narcowski

      That is the norm, yes… not that there’s any reason it HAS to be that way, but it is.

    • Paul Soth

      Unless you count Seasons Beatings, or October as “a while.”

  • HFX

    Man, EVO gon be hype!

  • TheRetroKid

    aren’t there like 8 japanese players confirmed? so how come i don’t see 8 japanese players on there?

    seriously though, where’s mago and momochi?

    also, when are pools released?

    • TheRetroKid

      nevermind…i should have read further down.

  • Eileithyia

    do they really put all the jp players on one side the brackets?

  • Eileithyia

    Pool 13 Dieminion, Fuudo, Eita, Slash5150 ..

    Pool of death.

    I think evo need to do something about this. haha. three top players in one pool.

  • Brucewest85

    Masta CJ should be on this list and it seems most people still underestimate him.

    • thejohnsonrock

      nah he’s got the strongest rushdown dormammu and he brings a good fight to people but if he doesn’t have seeding points he won’t be on the list. he might cause a few upsets though

      • Brucewest85

        this is gonna a though ride.

  • Immaculate

    Mike Ross for evo champion

  • Ar3s
    • thejohnsonrock

      man AE pools are FULL OF KILLERS. good calls but i’m not even gonna try to guess. or blink.

  • DTJB

    Needs more MURPHAGATOR beating Floe.

  • cheng_long

    So you didn’t put KAYANE in the fantasy bracket shame on you .

  • JAGTxelUM

    No Viscant = FAIL fantasy bracket foreal biatches

  • neezy

    after all these years you’ll think they stop making ass brackets. AE’s Top left bracket needs fixing. no ones upsetting these guys i’m sorry. Ricky vs 501 strider. . . diago near japan team hes flying with AND Poongko…

    If SRK really wants america to win…

    at least be fair about it…

    • Break Fu

      Conspiracies everywhere!

  • Sh33p

    Killers in every pool.

    • Eileithyia

      my pool has no killer. lol good luck to people who are in those pool of death. i saw couple of them. one with two jp players.

  • RayK

    So if all these players make it out of pools, this is how top 32 will look?

  • Killusion


    1. Wolfkrone
    2. Momochi
    3. Inthul
    4. Ricky
    5. Daigo
    5. Poongko
    7. Marn
    7. Ryry


    1. Kerahime
    2. Ryry
    3. Pr Rog
    4. Justin Wong
    5. Noel Brown
    5. Tokido
    7. Floe
    7. Mike Ross

    • TrollThisSRK

      ….Ricky over Daigo? PR over JWONG? Come on no one is gullible enough to think you’re even slightly serious.

    • Syxx573

      Kerahime loses to local mexicans and hmongs

  • kerano1

    This is pretty cool, gonna have people over n make a few bets when the real top 32 is set.

  • NMumw1017

    Mago is top 32 in MvC3 but not SSF4?

    • TrollThisSRK

      Actually yea…and I’m pretty sure he’s got seeding points too. Wasn’t Canada cup a “road to evo” tournament? Second place there and at revelations. Must be an oversight. Expect him top 8 for suuuure.

  • tigermouth
  • GirugaMarc
  • JAGTxelUM

    No Viscant & Genghis = FAIL fantasy brackets

  • said3s

    Wtf… Latif just raped half of those names on that bracket a couple of weeks ago to win SBO and his name isn’t up there? Lol!

    • Fivec

      Latif should have played in more EVO tournaments. He failed to make top 8 in the one tournament I know he entered.

  • Tommy Midgets


  • Gates
    • TrollThisSRK

      You’re either a total fanboy or you missed most of the season. Theres no reason to think that poongko is going to lose to both PR rog and Tokido, or that Tokido will beat momochi. Valle over momochi? lololololol. The ratio of time you spent on your writeup to its actual accuracy is over 9000.

    • TrollThisSRK

      ” However, the Japanese have historically not done well at MvC3″
      Yea. Clearly out to lunch.

      • thejohnsonrock

        okay i usually want to intervene or sugarcoat but that’s top tier trolling. a little flair but rooted in facts. plus the over 9000 reference makes me think you’re speaking in Vegeta every time you comment so…

        YOU WIN.

  • Ellipsen

    Daigo is coming for your money.

  • roq

    I’d like to see Ricky, Mike Ross, or Valle make it to the top in AE. I’d also like to see Tokido take MvC3. I’m more hyped for the 3s invitational than anything, though.

  • Remix1213

    Tokido is not beating me aslong as I have anything to say about it. Imma do it for my partner Jago who wont be attending but that win will be for you homie! Assuming everything goes good. =D
    Im looking forward to seeing everyone there!

    • thejohnsonrock

      REEEMIIIIXXXXX!!!!!!! i asume you’re not a player, you just crush a lot.
      shut ’em down with that powder smack! come to me!

  • Marketfresh03

    Anyone know if Alioune will be attending EVO?


    where is jewelman?

  • awesoman09

    Poongko is gonna be at EVO?? The winners bracket for SSFAE is looking TOO sexy! MVC3 is free for Combofiend after he beats PRBalrog..