MrWizard Talks Evo 2011 on the Original-Gamer Podcast

By on July 25, 2011 at 10:41 pm

OG from occasionally has people from the fighting game community on his podcast. With near surgical timing, his guest this week is Evo and SRK’s MrWizard. Wiz tells some really great stories from past Evo events, and talks a ton about the history of the event. This is great listening for the plane, train, or automobile you are taking to Las Vegas this week.

Head over to to listen to or download the show.

  • Dragoomba

    Oh Keits, you and your amazing pictures.

  • RenaTurnip

    I got super confused and thought that EVO was being talked about on a Nickelodeon show because of that thumbnail @_@ Man I am silly.

  • NuSix3

    I’m so dumb, I clicked on that expecting an Evo skit featuring the actual Mr. Wizard. Even though I take full responsibility for this blunder by not reading the description provided, I can’t help feeling just a little let down.

  • envinoveritus

    Great to hear it from Wiz himself how the community grew to what it is now.

  • ak1ra666

    Are those of us that know the pic reference old?

    • leileilol

      Yes, you have to be an 80’s kid to know.

  • thebigbadwolfe

    I highly recommend this podcast. Original Gamer is a great interviewer asking all the right questions, and Wizard providing all the answers about Evo, from the hype matches, the games, and the turnout. There was even an awesome story at the end that just shows you have crazy dedicated these guys are to supporting the competitive scene.

  • Narcowski

    So Arcana Heart 3 wasn’t included because it wasn’t out in time and didn’t have a proven playerbase, but when it came time to consider Mortal Kombat, a game about which the exact same statements could be made, “newer games deserve a chance”?

    Overall, the podcast was worth the listen, but that duality really struck me the wrong way. If you hate anime games and don’t want them in Evo, please just say so. Please don’t beat around the bush and attack the “problem” in sideways ways (e.g. eliminating the Player’s Choice tournament).

    • Ice1903

      You mention two reason why AH3 wasn’t included, but you only used one against MK and why it shouldn’t be at Evo. The clear difference between AH3 and MK when it comes to making Evo is the size of the player base. Last I checked, MK9 had over 500 people signed up for Evo… seems like a good reason to include it to me.

      • Narcowski

        AH3 pulled more players than MK9 at some of the majors this year that had both AH3 and MK9 tournaments (CEO, amongst others), so I don’t think you can objectively say MK9 brings “higher” turnouts than AH3. Besides that, even Mr. Wizard acknowledged that a large percentage of MK9 players are only playing the game because it’s in Evo and plan on dropping it afterwards. Presumably, there would have been a similar influx in AH3 players if it had been an Evo game. Like it or not, inclusion in Evo plays a major role in securing a game’s popularity.

        Besides that, “not out in time” makes zero since, given that AH3 was playable well before MK9 (import as of January 2011, not going to count arcade), and the two games had the exact same US release date.

        Which point didn’t I apply?

        • Narcowski

          *zero sense (I can’t believe I made that typo)

        • metaphist

          I think it’s less “hate” on AH3 and more the fact that MK is kind of a big deal (and a household name on the level of SF). I think it’s pretty clear how a franchise like MORTAL KOMBAT is going to get special treatment vs a franchise like Arcana Heart – it’s kind of a legacy thing (no pun intended). Whether or not that’s legit reasoning is another story entirely, but he said it was a gamble, didn’t he?

        • Necrophile

          Narcowski said: “AH3 pulled more players than MK9 at some of the majors this year that had both AH3 and MK9 tournaments (CEO, amongst others)”

          They had 120-160 MK9 players at CEO. And around the same numbers at ECT.

          There is NO WAY AH3 had 120-160 at any single tournament.

          • candeisis


    • Obanye

      Mortal Kombat litterally bought their way into Evo this year since they are trying to attract tournament players. Also AH 3 has far less players than mk9 but after Evo no one will be playing MK9 competitively so there’s hope for AH 3 next year.

  • ha-dou-ken

    so….there’s no Mr. Wizard…or someone trying to explain what condensation is using real world examples…? *tear*

  • King9999

    Man, Mr. Wizard…that brings me back. Bill Nye is God tier, though.

  • two2tone

    LOL @ Mr. Wizard failing to know who the blue urien @ Evo2k2 5v5 USA vs JPN 3S… Capcom exposed… EVO exposed lol

  • Razing Phoenix

    I think it’s cool that EVO got compared to the WSOP. EVO for ESPN lol. I really think that an items smash scene should develop. The only items I’m really against are smart bombs, pokeballs, hammers, and assist trophies. I really think EA is taking notes from Capcom on how to release newer versions of a game earlier 😛

  • Kapwan13

    That story about Evo East was amazing. It truly shows the dedication the staff has to running a good tournament.