UMvC3 – Character Trailers for Hawkeye, Firebrand, Strider, and Ghost Rider

By on July 24, 2011 at 2:31 pm

Here are the official character trailers for each of the four officially announced Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 character. Thanks to Alex_M for sending these over!

Strider –

Firebrand –

Ghost Rider –

Hawkeye –

  • iQuick

    Ouroboros does no chip damage? That’s kind of sucky.

    • Substantial

      Yeah, no chip damage is why you should overlook the fact that you’re in complete control while it’s active and can chip with other attacks/assists.

      • iQuick

        Yeah, but you can’t call assist quite like you could in Marvel 2, so it’s not going to be as powerful a tool as it was back then. Add the fact that it also costs three meters to perform. How long does it last?

        • Narcowski

          Based on what I’ve seen, it lasts for days.

        • GuyWithNoHat

          “so it’s not going to be as powerful a tool as it was back then.”
          And you can say that without having used it once, oyu msut a be a true fighting game genius good sir.

      • Raz0r

        It costs three super meters. You’re not exactly getting a free ride for it. It should totally chip.

      • xesaie

        Costs 3 meters *and* blocks meter gain for its duration.

        • iQuick

          Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Okay, that’s fucking silly.

          • Shinkada

            Ouroboros was so broken in MvC2 that it let him compete with the SSS tier, which thankfully doesn’t exist anymore. You only needed ~3 meters and a good assist to pretty much guarantee you could take out two or more characters. Worst case scenario was a 30-second lockdown and mountains of chip. Phoenix isn’t allowed to sweep with 5 meters + xf3 but Strider should be able to do it with 3 meters alone, right?

            Given its duration and his teleports it’s a VERY good super. It’s just not broken like before.

        • xesaie

          It’s still early in development though, they’re probably still working on balancing it.

    • RageQuit420

      this is just a thought, but magneto is advancing guarding the entire time. although it is sucky that you cant build meter…perhaps it does do chip damage, just advancing guard absorbs less chip than before. could be one of the changes to help people stop crying about dark phoenix…?

      • iQuick

        No, there are points in the string of projectiles where he isn’t push blocking. It just doesn’t do chip damage.

    • E C

      Wow, Ouroboros projectiles have NEVER done chip damage. Not in MvC1 nor MvC2. The chip damage comes from the actual rotating orbs physically touching the opponent.

      • Airtola

        ^^^^^^THIS THIS THIS!!! RIGHT HURRR!!^^^^

      • Doc Strange

        YES! The chip came from Doom’s rocks not the rings, those have ALWAYS been for nothing more than to keep opponents pinned down while assists chipped and ‘ports tried to open them up.

  • Robo-mitsu

    Wish I could ride a robo-tiger to work…

  • 2dfightermf

    holy balls striders voice sounds like ass.

    • MREX

      It sounds like Strider ‘s voice is dubbed over the top of the video, probably because it’s a Japanese trailer thus most likely
      not the final version you’d hear.

      • Raging StormX

        You cannot be serious….you think they are going to record two different set of english voices. What you hear here is what you are going to get in the final copy….good think I can choose who speaks english and who uses japanese in this game.

      • Doc Strange

        Also, these are definitely from the English version of the game. Akuma isn’t Gouki, Firebrand isn’t Red Arremer.

  • Jubileus

    I like Ghost Rider. Can see a lot of range/full screen harassment with him.

  • Mike Strider

    I wish they would have had his Jp voice in that trailer. =/ Maybe it’s not ready yet…

  • sparkmandrill

    about 8 seconds

  • obey


  • Thillygewth


    • Macdaddy487

      nah hell no

    • clintxcity

      Not even close. Just because you spell something wrong doesn’t make it quotable.

  • Vastago

    Im going to Troll so much people with Firebrand….

  • Nuts

    WHAT?!!!!! No 720p or 1080p for these trailers?! What’s the world coming to?

  • Shaeknbaek

    red arremer what a stupid name

    • leileilol

      Japan name only, so you don’t have to worry about your insecurity over a character name tied for a region you’re not living in.

  • NyuBomber

    Sweet themes all around, Ghost Rider’s my favorite.

    Ouroboros really should either chip or allow meter building if it’s gonna be level 3, though.

    • MasterCheeze

      Yeah, his and Hawkeye’s are my favorites.

    • Grimbear13

      Agreed I think they’re afraid of it from the MVC2 days but they’re taking too much away from it. Chip or Meter gain one or the other has to be given to it.

      • UrbaneVirtuoso

        The rotating orbs themselves are what do the chip, and Strider does in fact gain meter throughout Ouroboros.

        • xesaie

          not in the video above he doesn’t.

          • Doc Strange

            I’ll have to re watch but iirc, he’s also not actually landing any hits besides the rings, so just because the rings don’t build meter doesn’t necessarily mean nothing does, but again I’d have to rewatch to say for sure.

  • Aloci

    Looks like we’ll have to find ways to combo into Ouroboros.

  • gaF A sI edacratS

    Beginners always wanting their chip damage. Why not just complain about Strider not having a full screen unblock-able for medium damage.

  • Gorehound

    Am I the only one not liking Strider’s theme?

    It was way better in MvC1!

  • booda

    Yes, because chip damage is how everyone wants to lose. All the people wetting their pants in frustration over Phoenix would feel much better being in the Strider/Doom trap.

  • D1_

    Where’s Hawkeye liar! LOL j/k

  • ShineErection

    Level 3 Hypers don’t scale, so any combo+Ouroboros=RAPE.

  • HASJ

    Dudes, he can attack after his teleport. Given you’re in the right spot in the screen, with Ouroboros + Wesker in B/s.Hulk in A, you get lots of chances for “unblockables” and resets, it pretty much can mean a dead character if you do it right.
    That’s 1/3 of your total health gone from your team.
    Gotta love Strider.
    Hope they don’t change Hulk’s 100% invincibility on Gamma Crush and make Sentinel’s Hard Drive hittable on the back ’cause that doesn’t make any sense to me. /sarcasm
    (Hulk’s hyper shouldn’t be changed though.)

    • Grimbear13

      sounds like a fellow Hulk player to me πŸ˜€

    • Faith From Hell

      I highly doubt they will change the invincibility on Hulk’s gamma crush as a) it’s the only thing he can do on wakeup and b) it’s punishable as soon as he comes up from hitting the ground. Hulk has so many bad matchups. I’d be upset if gamma crush lost any invincibility.

  • E C

    Ouroboros projectiles have NEVER done chip damage. NEVER. The ignorance on display is just amazing.

    • Airtola

      ^^^^^^^nufff said

  • Spook

    Here’s the Hawkeye trailer they didn’t post for whatever reason:

  • d2k

    ouroboros looks like straight ass. see that push blocking? you are NOT getting in with the mvc3 mash pushblocking compared to the timing you need on mvc2 pushblocking. as soon as one orb touches me there’s no way he’s getting in again. at least trish’s super is lvl 1 and you can tag out.

    • DMystic

      Except that he can teleport, or call an assist and teleport to the opposite side preventing your pushblock from keeping him out.

  • vinylricci

    Can wait to see how Desk breaks this game. Somethings telling me strider will be broken.

  • double F

    um… did anyone else notice Hawkeye jumping almost full screen and crossing up Ammy with a freeze arrow? (which would lead into another full combo).
    I’m calling Hawkeye for my team now. no one else is allowed to use him.

    • Wasted

      not only that, did you see how much damage that super basic binding arrow combo did to zero? nearly a third of his life from three moves…

    • Doc Strange

      I’m pretty sure that’s a special move kinda like the one Axl has in GG where he jumps over you and attacks backward. Hawkeye looks straight badass!

  • Deps

    Striders orbs are a lot faster, even if they mash pushblock it looks like you can get back in or tele even without assists.

  • NeoBlood

    Or think of this, what if he keeps his boros when tagged out and spits out a few whenever you do an assist?

  • Cyric

    Im still mad that theres no hot females in the updated roster but I have to say, Ghost Rider looks awesome. I hope he plays a bit like Omega Red used to.

  • Lvangundy

    Capcom- pls change the Dos Equis meter…

  • IBR

    Why does Strider have two lvl 3 Hypers?

  • Zmoney2006

    Hawkeye Broken. Calling it now.

  • King Sky

    Honestly, I am so glad that this game has the option for Japanese and Fnglish voice acting, because Striders English voice is awful, just awful. Anyways, I am really liking how Strider, Hawkeye, and Ghost Rider look πŸ˜€

  • Doc Strange

    All four characters are looking amazing, and I’m really relieved to see that GR can break his chain into shrapnel. It was looking like they left that trick out which would have been a huge shame.

    Also, does anyone else think they did a really crappy job showing off Firebrand? He looked a lot better in the actual gamepley demos.

  • Falcon Combos

    MvC2 Oros never did chip, aside from the satellites themselves. When people were playing at Comicon it seemed like, more often than not, Oros = dead character. 3 bars seems a bit steep (I kinda wish they made it the first lvl 2), but with the wealth of ways to build meter in this game, coupled with it’s extreme potency on activation, Strider’s still going to be a monster when he whips the boys out.