SSF4AE – Option Selects Proof of Concept

By on July 22, 2011 at 12:11 am

The following videos are intensely difficult to follow due to the speed at which they move. That said, if you look at the reading materials meant to go along with these, you stand to learn a lot about what an Option Select technique actually is, how and why it works, and why it is important to a high level game. Here is a blurb from the author, 3nigmat1c;

An option-select is used to create a situation where you can nullify the effective options of your opponent to a 50/50 guess, force them to only take a single option or put themselves in an unfavorable situation. The most well-known option-selects are offensive option-selects, such as buffers. There are also defensive option-selects like crouch-techs and option-select blocks, which can be used while under pressure or to generally return the match to neutral.

  • Slayerslice

    Lol at the end of vid 1

  • Eternal

    Wait. Focus Taunt Cancel Dan Shenanigans? Holy crap. I’d love to see someone take this to the next level and show us the TRUE power of Saikyo!

    • Kankuri

      I just fell in love with the video for that reason.


  • obey

    Very informative. Gotta love that classy Balrog alt costume.

  • Zarro

    Now, WOULD YOU KINDLY give me an explanation of what is CH in the video?

    • branespload

      Counter Hit.

  • Iamoctopi

    Really excellent videos, very packed with info.

  • Inphinite

    Option selects make the game 2-dimensional and creates lazy players. No need to think when you can make the game do it for you.

    • Veserius

      You better not crouch tech

    • Beastfeast

      That is so fucking stupid.

    • Duck Strong

      I kinda agree to an extent. A few option selects are ok, but they really remove the mind games in something like SF4. A lot of the problem has to do with the huge input window and button priority (rapid fire jab/sweep OS’s). It also waters down the already shitty throw game.

  • alvare

    Nice O/S and beautiful music. Detroit techno? Oldschool jungle? This guys knows his tunes …

    • harleywastaken

      first vid is actually TJ Combo’s theme from Killer Instinct (i think most/all of the music is from KI)

  • BlackNoob

    good shit

  • Gandido

    Tokido paid this guy for the second bit so he would have an idea on how to beat PR Rog.

    • 3nigmat1c

      I think Four Wude introduced this to Tokido when he was in Houston, i’ve had to deal with that O/S for the past year and some change, definitely nothing new. :[ That’s probably the best example for how powerful some O/S can be.

  • Kahmos

    “And as far as overall player tools, this is a drop in the bucket and nowhere near as important as footsies or pattern recognition.”

    Play footsies characters = improves your game

  • Bagels

    This is why I call him Dr. Balrog. This guy here is the go to guy in Houston when you have questions about game mechanics.