fLoE’s SDCC Ultimate MvC3 Impressions and Notes

By on July 21, 2011 at 12:54 am

EG.fLoE was kind enough to send over a list of things he noticed about the San Diego Comic Con build of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 exclusively for SRK. You can read them all below, and the keep an eye on fLoE’s twitter for more.

fLoE’s Notes

General stuff – Seth said factor was weakened, but it pretty much felt the same to me. Im sure its definitely tweaked in numbers but characters still died very fast with it on. The assist character life bars are not as difficult to see as it looks like in videos. Its not as easy as regular mvc3 but the change of how xfactor looks and the main character is worth the trade off imo.

When you x-factor your character goes into like a shadow mode rather then just glowing red. Im not totally sure but the game felt a little slower. Or jumps are slower in general or something, Im not totally sure but basic Dormammu combos seemed strange for no reason (?).

It also seems like the “invisible life” is gone and the full life bar is now shown (?).

The dhc glitch is gone.

The exchange glitch is gone.

Heres what i can remember for characters i played and/or saw (if theres a (?) next to something it means its an assumption and don’t take it as fact.

Akuma – Tatsu assist doesn’t cause a soft knockdown anymore you flip out now.  Lv3 xfactor Light tatsu infinite doesn’t work anymore.

Arthur – seems like he has more life? really not sure tho (?). (Editor’s Note – Arthur’s air S makes him dive to the ground very quickly now, allowing him to combo easily)

Chun – Apparently has a new move but i didn’t see it.

Ryu – 2 new moves that i saw, a charged fireball (qcf+s hold) that you can do on the ground or in the air and it wall bounces if it hits..its also invisible and just hits the opponent no matter where they are (on the ground) and charged srk (dp+s hold). Didn’t really see much use for this.

Wesker – Seemed like he had less health (?) .

Magneto – Disruptor MUCH slower, dashes seem slower, couldn’t do the old hypergrav infinite in the corner but i might have just been bad, but it felt different for sure i think fierce is slower or hypergrav comes out slower not sure. New move, cant remember if it was dp or reverse dp with any button, its whatever ISNT the counter, he basically puts like this magnetic field around you that pushes you in a direction. A version he sucks you into him, B version pushes you away, and C version sucks you to the ground. Seems REALLY good to make up for the stuff he lost.

Phoenix – she gets 1 action in the air now then she falls to the ground. I don’t know if she cant block during this state or if she just cant press a button. I doubt she cant block but its still nice that she can only throw one fireball now and cant run away with it.

She Hulk – relaunch combo seemed harder? but again i could have just been sucking (?).

Storm – New move dp/backwards dp with S. Gust of wind goes on the screen and either pushes you away (forward dp) or towards her (backwards dp). Its like magneto’s but worse.

Taskmaster – has a new move but i didn’t see it (Editor’s Note – it is a sword stab that ends in a gun shot, that currently can be seen at the end of his sword master skill chain)

Wolverine – berserker slash now much slower and not invincible. Can be hit very easily (Editor’s Note – Wolvie’s new move is called Swiss Cheese (he actually says it) and it looks like a mash move (think lightning legs).)

Strider – at first i hated him and thought he was terrible but as i played with him more i realized he’s REALLY good with the right assists and super fun. Strider/sent is basically mvc2 strider/sent but with mvc1 strider damage. The satellite disappears if you’re hit. He can otg with the bomb satellite so you can do regular air combo,tog bomb xx ragnarok and ragnarok does a TON.

I also think his air dash thingies have some kind of invincibility but im not sure how much and where it is. His keepaway game is also very good with dog/bird/satelite. He doesn’t have his ground teleport anymore, he only has 3. One that goes in the air infront, inback, and then the divekick one. He can attack after all of these and also after the airdash ones that go down/forward/up.

Orbs seems very good too but i didn’t try it much but the discs go extremely fast and it lasts for a very substantial amount of time.

Ghost Rider – he’s really weird i didn’t really get the hang of him today besides a run away strategy. His jumping s is very good does good damage and angles down/forward and goes full screen basically. His j.c is basically like ammy’s whip mode j.c where it covers a big circle. Actually now that i think about it he plays a lot like ammy in whip mode all together because he cant combo LMH like every other character, he has to do L M S for a combo.

His ground fire assist otg’s but is kinda slow. His forward whip assist seems pretty good because its fast and full screen. He also has 3 whip moves the A verson grabs you and puts you right next to him to be otg’d but all i could do was the ground fire into nothing. Maybe with an tog assist that will help him a lot. He definitely seems like a run away character.

Firebrand – would have liked to play much more with him but i was having so much fun with strider thats like what i focussed on the most. But he seems very good. He has 3 different angles to start his fly which can lead to interesting overheads/mixups. The best one seemed to be the B version which goes up/forward right above their head so its a pretty decent crossup. He also has a divekick type move d+c, but when someone was super-jumping at me and blocking it it would just bounce me back up and i could do it again. That happened 4 times so i would say that he could do that indefinitely. It might be a decent way to run away if it has good priority.